An Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications

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Inc..Sales Promotion Tools Coupons Samples Premiums Contests/Sweepstakes Trade Allowances POP Displays Training Programs Trade Shows Coop Advertising Refunds/Rebates Bonus Packs Loyalty Programs Events ‡ Consumeroriented ‡ [For end-users] ‡ Trade-oriented ‡ [For resellers] © 2003 McGraw-Hill Companies. McGraw-Hill/Irwin .

Various Uses of Sales Promotion Introduce New Products Get Existing Customers to Buy More Combat Competition Attract New Customers Sales Promotion Enhance Personal Selling Maintain Sales In Off Season Tie In Advertising & Personal Selling Increase Retail Inventories © 2003 McGraw-Hill Companies. McGraw-Hill/Irwin . Inc..

Advertising Versus Publicity Factor Control Credibility Reach Frequency Cost Flexibility Timing Advertising Great Lower Measurable Schedulable High/Specific High Specifiable © 2003 McGraw-Hill Companies. Inc.. McGraw-Hill/Irwin Publicity Little Higher Undetermined Uncontrollable Low/Unspecified Low Tentative .

Inc. McGraw-Hill/Irwin ..Publicity Vehicles Feature Articles News Releases Publicity Vehicles Interviews Press Conferences Special Events © 2003 McGraw-Hill Companies.

Evaluate & Control Promotional Program © 2003 McGraw-Hill Companies. McGraw-Hill/Irwin .Integrated Marketing Communications Planning Model Review of Marketing Plan Promotional Program Situation Analysis Analysis of the Communications Process Budget Determination Develop Integrated Marketing Communications Programs Advertising Advertising Objectives Message Strategy Sales Promotion Sales Promotion Objectives Sales Promotion Strategy PR/ Publicity PR/ Publicity Objectives PR/ Publicity Strategy Personal Selling Personal Selling Objectives Personal Selling Strategy Direct Marketing Direct Marketing Objectives Direct Marketing Strategy Internet/ Interactive Internet/ Interactive Objectives Internet/ Interactive Strategy Integration & Implementation of Marketing Communications Strategies Monitor.. Inc.

A process for monitoring and evaluating performance © 2003 McGraw-Hill Companies. A detailed situation analysis 2.. McGraw-Hill/Irwin . A marketing strategy and program 4. A program for implementing the strategy 5. Specific marketing objectives 3.The Marketing Plan 1. Inc.

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