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Fred Hampton

Fred Hampton

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Published by: Timothy on Oct 05, 2010
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Fred Hampton

Fred Hampton is a real revolutionary figure. Back in the year of 2000, I've seen a documentary about Fred Hampton called “FBI‘s War on Black America.” That documented in an uncompromising fashion displayed the emotions and influences of the Black Panther Movement. Men and women in that movement were strong and stood for real causes like economic equity and liberty among the human race. In the same year, I saw the action packed movie called “Panther.” with my brothers. It certainly gave a great history lesson on Panthers. It’s a new time, but that passion for truth still remains in my heart and soul. The movie showed the Black Panther Party’s origin in Oakland, California during 1966 as a reaction to the police suppression of black people’s rights in California. Regardless of the stereotypes you hear from them mainstream media, all throughout California (then and now), there are tons of black brothers and sisters that aren’t sellouts. They like us want the best for all of humanity and are battling against oppression in forthright, honorable means. So, I want to make that clear. Just like in the South, Midwest, Northeast, etc. California has tons of vibrant black culture. The philosophy of the Black Panthers existed before 1966 in the South with adherents like Kwane Ture and Robert F. Williams. Williams lived in North Carolina and promoted self defense against the racist terrorists of the Klan, etc. I saw a PBS story on him years ago about his actions. It (or the film “Panther” and the Back Panther history in general) gave me inspiration and motivation as a black man to promote honor and strength among my people including all peoples worldwide. I knew of the Black Panthers for years since the 1990’s. Fred Hampton Jr. (or Fred Hampton‘s son) is still fighting for numerous real causes today. The video of “FBI’s War on Black America” in an unadulterated, uncompromising fashion expressed the strength and intellectual power

of Fred Hampton. Fred Hampton lived in the Chicago area all of his life. Since his youth, he worked in community organizations to express the urgent, dedicated need for liberty to existed among black people and all people. When any leader tries to attempt to institute radical, revolutionary actions to have fundamental changes within society, the establishment attempts to extinguish that movement. This is why the Black Panther Party offices and their other meeting places were raided innocent Panthers were murdered or jailed. Fred Hampton worked to create a food program, free healthcare clinics, and free education in order to improve the conditions of his own people and all people. I and others don't agree with every part of Fred Hampton's philosophies, but he was 100% right on a whole list of issues. He died in December of 1969. The tragedy of his unjustified death by the Chicago police was so unwarranted that Fred Hampton's family won a lawsuit against the city of Chicago. Fred Hampton lived from August 30, 1948 to December 4, 1969. He was an American activist. He once was the Deputy Chairman of the Illinois chapter of the BPP or the Black Panther Party. The murderers of Fred Hampton were from the tactical unit of the Cook County, Illinois State's Attorney's Office or the SAO (in conjunction of the CPD or the Chicago Police Department including the FBI). Documentaries like FBI's War on Black America, the 1971 documentary film called "The Murder of Fred Hampton" and one episode of the great documentary series Eyes on the Prize chronicle Fred Hampton's life and death. Fred Hampton was born in Chicago. He was raised in Maywood or a suburb to the west of the city. His parents came into the Chicago area from Louisiana. He graduated from high school in 1966 in Proviso East High School. He excelled in the classroom and athletics. He wanted to play center field for the New York Yankees. Hampton went into Triton Junior College in nearby River Grove, Illinois. He majored in pre-law. There, he learned about the law in order to use it as a defense against the police. He and Black Panthers would follow the police and watch out for police brutality. Later this knowledge should be used as a defense to protect people. At first, Fred Hampton was in the NAACP to assist the leadership of the Youth Council of the organization's West Suburban Branch. Since Fred Hampton was a natural leader, he worked with thousands of people. He wanted to improved the conditions of the poor black people in Maywood including its educational resources. So, Hampton wanted activism and community organization. Fred Hampton was once more non-violent. He later joined the Black Panther as an expression of solidarity with its ten point program. The program was a mix of black self determination and collectivist intentions. Its critics accused the BPP of embracing some elements of Maoism, but people know the evils of cartel-capitalism. Fred Hampton moved into downtown Chicago in November of 1968. He worked with the Illinois chapter of the BPP that was formed by SNCC organization Bob Brown in late 1967. Fred Hampton made great contributions and achievements in his community. He made a nonaggression pact among Chicago's most powerful street gangs.

Fred Hampton rightfully said that poverty extended in many racial and ethnic groups (and conflict among these people are utilized by the corporate power structure in order to entrench poverty). Hampton wanted a class conscious multi-ethnic coalition among people. In May of 1969, Fred Hampton said that he created a "rainbow coalition" in a truce. You need progressive and revolutionary actions to make real reforms to benefit all of the peoples worldwide. A man or a woman had to be intelligent and a leader to make that change with power. There is nothing wrong with power. This phrase was popularized by Rev. Jesse Jackson of course in forming Rainbow PUSH. Fred Hampton was the leader of the Chicago chapter of the Black Panthers, because of his leadership skills, oratory abilities, and charisma. Hampton formed the local's People's Clinic, taught political education for children every morning at 6 am., and supervised the activities of the police. Fred Hampton said that racism is a byproduct of capitalism. Of course, the FBI's COINTELPRO program tried to stop and kill literally the BPP. COINTELPRO definitely targeted black people in America (or Africans in America. I am an African), anti-war demonstrations, and dissenters against mainstream

governmental policies. Fred Hampton was fast becoming a major leader of the Black Panthers. Eventually, Hampton was in line to be appointed to the Party's Central Committee's Chief of Staff. He would have achieved this position had it not been for his death on the morning of December 4, 1969. J. Edgar Hoover was so silly and paranoid that he believed that all revolutionary groups wanted to overthrow the U.S. government. William O'Neal was a FBI informant utilized to cause divisions and tensions. He was Hampton's bodyguard. The sellout O'Neal provoked an armed clash between the Rangers and the Panthers in April 2, 1969. O'Neal caused tensions between the SDS and the Black Panthers as well. The criminal Chicago Police Department killed people, smashed typewriters, destroyed food and medical supplies, and other illegal actions like even setting several fires. These raids occurred in July 31 and October 31, 1969. Fred Hampton's girlfriend was Deborah Johnson (now known as Akua Njeri) and his first child was Fred Hampton, Jr. The police murderers killed Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. Hampton was shot twice in the head at point blank range by the police in Chicago. FBI informant gave the FBI information about Hampton's apartment. O'Neal gave Hampton a sleeping agent to make sure that Hampton would not awake when the raid have taken place. One of the murderers is Cook County State's Attorney Edward Hanrahan (he used officers attached to his office. Fred Hampton criticized Hanrahan a lot). Fred Hampton said that Hanrahan's talk about a war on gangs is actually a war on black youth. Heavily armed police officers stormed the building in 4:45 am. Mark Clark fired a single round and he was killed instantly. Fred Hampton was fed barbiturates by the FBI infiltrator, so the police fired automatic gunfire in the apartment. He was asleep next to his pregnant girlfriend. The police arrested other Panthers and beat them while being dragged out. They were each held on $100,000 bail. The police lied and said that the Panthers acted vicious toward them and used restraint. Fred Hampton's funeral was attended by 5,000 people. He was eulogized by Ralph Abernathy (or the successor of Dr. Martin Luther King as head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference) and Jesse Jackson. In his eulogy, Jackson noted that "when Fred was shot in Chicago, black people in particular, and decent people in general, bled everywhere." William O'Neal committed suicide after admitting his involvement in setting up the killings. Roy Wilkins and Ramsey Clark wanted justice since the police that killed Fred Hampton acted in violation of the Panthers' constitutional rights (of you can't have unreasonable search and seizure). They acted in the Commission of Inquiry into the Black Panthers and the Police. The families of Hampton and Clark filed a US$47.7 million civil suit against the city, state, and federal governments. It would be a long time until the suit would be settled for $1.85 Million. The two families each shared in the settlement. In 1990, the Chicago City Council passed a resolution declaring "Fred Hampton Day" in honor of the slain leader. Fred Hampton wasn't an extremist. He was a man that wanted radical political change for his people and all people (for all power should be given unto all people).

*The fascists and reactionaries today are very slick. Recently, I found out that FOX supported a propaganda pro-Hitler film back in 1932. FOX back then was more Nazi than I have realized. FOX News Channel is owned by the Knight of St. Gregory Rupert Murdoch. They promote the GOP-back Tea Party people like Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Sean Hannity, and others. I'm more disappointed in Huckabee since he had some reasonable policies and then he went off into the deep end under peer pressure. FOX News has been caught being under a political group's payroll. In 1932, the German newsreel subsidiary of FOX News Channel's ancestor FOX Films worked in the national elections in Germany. They supported Adolf Hitler as the candidate. This was proven by the German historian Hans Mommsen’s authoritative study entitled The Rise and Fall of Weimar Democracy, which is translated into English and widely available in over five hundred libraries in this country. Mommsen is an expert. He is now Professor Emeritus of History in the University of Bochum. He is one of the most distinguished postwar German historians. He said that the Nazis used film under Goebbels' influence to promote political power. It was unprecedented in that time. The Nazis or the NSDAP worked with the American company Twentieth Century FOX. Scholar William G. Chrystal confirms this account and provides further important details in his 1975 article on “Nazi Party Election Films, 1927-1938.” He wrote that the German-based subsidiary of Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Tönende Wochenschau (Fox Weekly Sound Newsreel [i.e., Fox Movietone News]) promoted pro-Hitler films in the 1932 election. Their names were Der Führer (The Leader), and Hitlers Kampf um Deutschland (Hitler’s Struggle for Germany). FOX's helped the Nazis out. FOX used sound films to show Hitler's voice in April 13, 1932. Hitler was once defeated in the election during April 10, 1932 to von Hindenburg. The Nazis though were the biggest single party in Germany. The Nazis used mass organization to get voices and they held rallies. Robert Edwin Herzstein, in his article entitled “Movietone News and the Rise of Fascism in Europe, 1930-1935,” explored the partial archive of Fox Movietone News for these years now at the Thomas Cooper Library at the University of South Carolina. Fox Movietone promoted fascist ideology. Benito Mussolini loved FOX Movietone News. The fascists forget that it was public minimum water quality standards that give drinking water to people. There are objects labeled with ingredients that are sent to protect people. The air people breathe has improved because of laws that prevented industries from polluting our air. There are public transportation that gives everyone affordable ways to travel. See, fascists want to prevent legitimate protections in our country in our to create some totally privatized fairy tale society. Fred Hampton predicted in 1969 that fascists will use puppet people to control the masses. Even Karl Rove claim that he is on the Barack Obama enemies list. Which is silly. Palandino’s controversial actions and words don’t move me to support him at all.

UCLA is to unveil plaques that show honor to the memory of 2 murdered Black Panthers in Los Angeles, California. They were murdered in January 17, 1969. Their names are Alprentice “Bunchy” Carter and John Jerome Huggins Jr. The deal was
that the 1975 Church Committee hearing found out that the FBI fueled tensions between the Panthers and Organization US in order to undermine the Black Panthers. Both men were shot by Claude Hubert. Daniel Johnson, founder of High Potential, believed that the FBI was involved in the deaths of both men. The shooting took place in room 1201, which was a small cafeteria back then. Today, the place is now home to an Academic Advancement Program’s math and science tutorial. 16 students have a seminar about 1960’s activism. They will have the Memory Project seminar that will unveil 2 plaques in memoriam of Carter and Huggins. One will hang outside room 102A. The other will exist outside of Campbell Hall after the UCLA administration ensures the plaque adheres to its architectural standards. Some students taking the seminar are unsure when the plaque will go up. People who will speak at the ceremony are the former Panthers Elaine Brown, Ericka Huggins, and Roland Freeman (others speaking in the ceremony include UCLA history professor Scot Brown and filmmaker Gregory Everett). One thing is precisely certain. Both men desired that unquestionable truth police brutality is immoral and human rights are paramount in developing a just societal atmosphere.

FOX News is FOX News. That is why I criticize certain parts of American culture. That is why I don’t support illegal, immoral wars. That is why I reject fake religions. That is why I am what I am. They support a wicked nefarious revisionist history. They support robber barons stealing land from Native Americans then expect us to believe in some 90210 fantasy land mess. America is very much a hypocritical nation. It pains me to write stuff like this, but it’s the truth. America is sick, materialistic, and twisted country in many respect (I can write these words, because I live here and know how it‘s like for real), but real people still live in the United States of America. They or those from FOX News (also reactionaries, pop culture puppets, corrupt politicians, etc.) can lecture about the Father God and Jesus all they want, but they don’t follow the words of Jesus. Jesus Christ said to support the poor, support the immigrant, and love your neighbor as yourself. Even the OT says that: “…And oppress not the widow, nor the fatherless, the stranger, nor the poor; and let none of you imagine evil against his brother in your heart…” (Zechariah 7:10). In fact, the Beatitudes are more pro-peace than the platform of mainstream news (not just FOX since other networks of apart of this ineptitude). These robber barons of the 21st century witness record economic inequality then they have some nerve to reject unemployment benefits and refuse to pay taxes to assist human beings that financially struggling literally to survive in the world. In other words, trickled

down economics (as Reagan adhered to) didn’t work. Their embrace of a sort of social Darwinism (or the survival of fittest) is a moral tragedy. This wicked society wants to bash men and definitely bash women, but people are waking up. The same lying tricksters proclaim their supposed love of freedom, but they don’t practice what they preach. They don’t preach a real Gospel anyway. Their Gospel is filled with materialism, hatred, stereotypes, peer pressure, and political expediency. A real Gospel is filled with love, truth, tolerance, and liberty. That is why I reject their false gods and their false views. Sorry, I live in the real world. People of every stripe (know matter what you look like or your class) have the right to fight for truth, fight for liberty, and stand up against propaganda plus lies. The revolutionaries of old were right that destroying the present, wicked system and creating a better system to benefit humanity is better than token so-called “reforms.” The freedom to not be ashamed of what you are and the freedom to pursue happiness and show Godgiven righteousness are blessings in the world. Even some in the Tea Party movement embrace contradictions. The Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul called Medicaid welfare, but he supports Medicare payments to doctors, because he’s an ophthalmologist. I’m not selling out for political expediency or social acceptance. These Tea Party candidate rail against government spending, yet in many instances they are direct beneficiaries of government spending. The concept Privatization goes back even before the economist Peter Drucker back in the late 1960’s. Some accuse the Nazis of having a similar policy, because they gave some power to transfer government power to some select, private interests. German privatization
of the 1930s was intended to benefit the wealthiest sectors and enhance the economic position and political support of the elite. It’s ironic that in early October of 2010 that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (the son of a Nazi) terminates a bill that just seeks to expose companies’ Nazi collaborating roles (before companies get a $45 billion high speed rail contracts. If companies have such involvement in the Holocaust in concentration camps, prisoner of war, labor, extermination of people, etc. then they must paid restitution to victims). The French national railway company SNCF claimed that they were forced by the Nazis to send people to concentration camps. Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield (DWoodland Hills and he’s the bill’s author) wants SNCF to pay restitution to survivors. Despite Schwarzenegger’s veto of AB619, SNCF said it intended to fully comply with the measure’s intent. Arnold that he sympathized with the victims of the Holocaust, but the bill needlessly places the state in a position of acknowledging the activities of companies during that time. Yet, justice isn’t time restrictive. Exposure is fine with me.

People already realize that Governor Chris Christie is an extremist. He’s from New Jersey. He tried to cut libraries, and other services. Now, he gutted much of the infrastructure in New Jersey since he’s a deficit hawk. The $8.7 billion project is the second rail tunnel under the Hudson. This is one of the worst decisions that he made.

If this policy exists, New Jersey will lose huge matching funds from the Port Authority and the Feds delay indefinitely a project NJ needs desperately ASAP. The project will connect New Jersey to Manhattan. Potentially 6,000 new construction jobs will now vanish. Christie said that the state couldn’t afford its share of the project’s rising cost. Chris Christie has a slavish devotion to cutting spending, even if that spending is not wasteful and will pay for itself in economic activity several times over. The non-partisan Regional Plan Association said that Christie’s actions were wrong for many reason. They say that New Jersey will lose out in $6 billion matching contributions form the federal government and Port Authority. The tunnel would open markets in Manhattan and raised tax revenues for state and local government (It can have a faster commute to New Jersey drivers and commuters) It was the largest public transit project underway in the nation. The tunnel can boost property values. Governor Chris Christie supported the tunnel on the campaign trial. Now, he loves job killing proposals. He could avoid these consequences by raising gasoline taxes. Ironically, we live in a time when we should invest in infrastructure development since our roads and bridges in numerous instances are out of date. You can’t live in the 20th century anymore. We are in the 21st century.

European Neo-liberals still want austerity inside of Europe. People are valiantly opposing that agenda. There are demonstrations and strikes occurring in Europe. Unemployment and recession exist worldwide. Now, some people want to make antilabor proposals in Europe to change the market system. This is how serious the financial coup d'etat has become. And it is going to get much worse - quickly. As John Monks, head of the European Trade Union Confederation, put it: "This is the start of the fight, not the end." That is why people in Spain have been protesting austerity measure (when the bank crisis there was caused by bad real estate loans and negative mortgage equity not high labor costs). Some in Spain want to change laws to allow companies and the government to fire workers at will, cut pensions, cut public social spending, etc. in order to benefit the banks more. Portugal and Ireland are trying austerity when their banks have been irresponsible lenders. The bankers want to have their loan reserves at labor's expense. The European Commission or EC wants a war on labor. The IMF and the World Bank have made austerity programs in the Third World for numerous years. It's like reincarnating Margaret Thatcher's views of being no alternative but neoliberalism. Smaller Baltic nations want to break banks, have labor rights, even withdraw from the Euro, and repeal the debts. Latvia will have its national parliamentary elections. the EC wants the government to borrow money and sent it to banks instead of taxing them to raise revenues. The neoliberals want to lower salaries even in the private crowd too. They want to tax labor not finance. Totalitarian economic rule is not the way to go. You will shrink the economy if you cut spending, cut wages have sales taxes, and refuse to tax the super wealthy. The ECB don't want to take on monopolies or fight privatization. This economically destructive policy has been tested above all in the Baltics, using countries such as Latvia as guinea pigs to see

how far labor can be depressed before it reacts politically. Latvia gave free reign to neoliberal policies by imposing flat taxes of 51% on employees, while real estate is taxed at only 1%. Public-sector wages have been reduced by 30%. Labor of working age (20 to 35 year-olds) are emigrating in droves. Life spans are shortening. Disease rates are rising. The internal market is shrinking, and so is Europe's population - as it did in the 1930s, when the "population problem" was a plunge in fertility and birth rates (above all in France). That is what happens in economic depressions. Neoliberalism doesn't work.

There is also one big lie commonly promoted by even Left Gatekeepers. They say that since people like me expose the new world order agenda, so we don’t care about the environment or we’re allied with reactionaries. That’s a lie since I do expose the new world order agenda. Still, I believe in environmental protection, war mongering isn’t my forte, I don’t agree with trickle down economics, I respect human rights, I always believe in civil rights, and I believe in religious freedom. You can’t discuss solutions in American society without addressing the poverty in America (in having economic justice). I’m the type that loves to invoke controversy in life. That’s just me. Anything else would be uncivilized.

There is nothing wrong with expressing soul, rhythm, humor, and fun too at times. Life is about a mixture of having joy and learning about issues too. I’m going out and speaking my mind and express my words with the pen to
promote righteousness. That’s the human way. Even Marcus Garvey (when he was in Nova Scotia, Canada) told the truth in his own words before he died that:
“…We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind. Mind is your only ruler, sovereign. The man who is not able to develop and use his mind is bound to be the slave of the other man who uses his mind…” -Black Man magazine, Vol. 3, no. 10 (July 1938), pp. 7-11; quoted in The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers, Vol. VII: November 1927-August 1940

The human way also isn’t to embrace fear mongering.

It’s embracing tolerance, human understanding, compassion, active lives to help other people. Since we believe that every human being are created equal in God’s image then all human beings should be given equal treatment and equal rights without exceptions. Also, we should repent to the Lord before we die.
By Timothy

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