WORK WITH A PARTNER 1. What do they mean?

Match these cooking verbs with the correct definition: The Verb (infinitive form) To bake To boil To chop To cook To cut To dice To feed To fry To grill/broil To roast To stew To toast To peel To prepare To skin To slice The Meaning 1. To provide food for eating 2. To cut something into pieces. 3. To cook something in an oven or over a fire, on a spit 4. To divide or cut something into slivers. 5. To cook something slowly in liquid 6. To cook something on a metal frame with bars across it, above strong direct heat. 7. To cut something into cubes. 8. To cook something in very hot water. 9. To divide food with a sharp instrument 10. To cook by dry heat in an oven or similar. 11. To remove the skin/rind/outer covering of fruit/vegetables etc 12. To cook food in fat/oil over a direct heat. 13. To remove the outer covering from fruit/meat/fish etc. 14. To prepare food for eating by the use of heat. 15. To make food ready in advance of eating or cooking it. 16. To make bread or other food brown by placing it close to heat

2. Are they regular or irregular verbs? 3. Match the photos with some of the meanings in ex. 1.













LISTENING 1. Go to listen and answer the questions: a) Steph´s recipe is for ___________. b) Steph cooks __________. c) The oil that Steph uses is __________. d) How many eggs are in Steph´s tortilla? __________ e) Steph cooks the tortilla until it is __________.

2. Now order the sentences, following Stephanie´s recipe. a) Take the potatoes and the onions from the frying pan and mix them in with the eggs. b) Put them back in the frying pan under a low heat. c) Cook it until it is thoroughly brown. d) Break four eggs, put in some salt and pepper, beat them up. - We're back with Stephanie on cooking. Stephanie, can you recommend a typical Spanish __________ that you cook at home. e) Put them in a frying pan with some but will tell Well, I like cooking tortilla. Obviously everyone has their own __________,oliveI oil, and you how I cook it. some onions. f) Take up very small, put I take some potatoes and __________ them, then __________ them some potatoes and them in water, and __________ them up until they are soft. peel them. them in a Then I put __________ with some olive oil, and some onions which I've also __________. And then I __________ these over until they're cooked. 3. Filling the gaps with the correct word: In another bowl, I __________ four eggs, put in some salt and pepper, __________ them up. Then I take the potatoes and the onions from the frying pan and __________ them in with the eggs. I then put them back in the __________ under a low __________, and cook until It is thoroughly brown. Thank you

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