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Install Steps Ghost Script Local

Install Steps Ghost Script Local

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Published by Carol Howell Dahlin

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Published by: Carol Howell Dahlin on Oct 05, 2010
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Steps to install Ghostscript on your local machine to view pdf files.

Installation of Ghostscript is necessary to allow the viewing of pdf version of Perkins MPN from self-service 8.9.
Necessary files located at http://www.ghostscript.com
GhostScript 8.14 Ghostview Command file that converts a postscript file to a PDF file. gs814w32.exe gsv46w32.exe psps2pdf.cmd psps2pdf_ghost.cmd Copy to local and run exe. Follow default installation settings. End result c:\gs\gs814. Copy to local and run exe. Follow default installation settings. End result c:\program files\Ghostgum\gsview\. Actual file that should reside in %ps_home%\scripts. And a sample GhostScript version of cmd file.

1. Install GhostScript and Ghostview applications on local machine. 2. Since we are using GhostScript, copy psps2pdf_ghost.cmd to scripts folder. Rename existing psps2pdf.com to psps2pdf_old.cmd. Rename psps2pdf_ghost.cmd to psps2pdf.cmd. 3. The system environment variable “ghost_home” will need to be set only once on each application server (local machine if running a local version of 8.9), and it should point to the location where GhostScript was installed (e.g. C:\GS\GS8.14). Use the ‘short name’ of folders for folders with spaces in their names. The value in the environment variable cannot have a space in the name. a. To create system environment variable, right click the MyComputer icon from desktop b. Select Properties, click the Advanced tab, click [Environment Variables] button. c. Click the [New] button under the System variables section. d. Enter the following Variable Name and Variable Value, click [ok] when complete:

4. It will be necessary to reboot machine to allow machine to recognize new system variables. You should be able to view the Perkins pdf in self service.

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