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07.15.2010 At 14 30, I amnved at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago. It was a humid and hot day. I called the DHL agent to find out at which time I could pick up my bike. She told me that US Customs and EPA didn’t even have alook at the bike and they needed more documents. So I ‘went to downtown Chicago, looking for something to eat and cold drinks. During the next days I will have alook around the city. Frank Dienv Germany 07.16 -07.20.2010 Sightseeing in Chicago and waiting for the ok to pick up my bike. Germany 07.21.2010 Chicago - Lincoln ‘This is the first day I can ride my motorcycle. At 9.00 am I went to DHL Cargo to pick up my motorcycle. After I fixed the connecting rod and the battery cable, I could start, First I drove over the Interstate 55 tll Joliet, then along the Interstate on old Route 66 to Bloomington and a short distance back on the Interstate up to exit McLean. Moving on along the interstate to Lincoln. A little bit before Springfield, Illinois (Abraham Lincoln s town) I changed back to Interstate 55 south. After I missed a sign, I drove miles along huge fields. Once I was back on the right track, it started raining for a litle while. At 7pm I arrived at the Hotel in Lincoln in sunny weather. Nice ride cross little towns Today, I rode 186 miles. Frank Dienv Germany