Commercial License Also known as a propriety license, the commercial license involves an agreement of script usage under the

settlement of a fee. Each commercial licenses will differ depending th e author in terms of usage and redistribution rights, and as a buyer, it is important that you rea d and understand the commercial license prior to purchasing the script. Some commercial licenses will restrict usage of scripts per number of users or per servers and usually include well-defined and restricted user rights for the end-users. EULA (End-User License Agreement) The PHP/MySQL code associated with GiftApp is under the copyright of MPORGsoft. By using the GiftApp script in part or in whole, you are bound by the terms within this a greement. Your violation of this agreement is subject to legal action. You are licensed for single use of the script. To create additional applications using the script you must contact for information on additional uses. When using this script, you must: - abide by Facebook policies. - only use this script within Facebook. - never redistribute or sell this script. All PHP/MySQL code, altered or original, belongs to MPORGsoft and is subject to the copyright mentioned above.

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