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Technology has pioviueu poweiful new tools
to make New Yoik State goveinment moie open,
innovative anu cost effective. "0pen NY" is an action
plan foi putting tools to woik.

As Attoiney ueneial, Anuiew Cuomo's Pioject
Sunlight useu technology to pioviue gieatei
tianspaiency anu accountability in State
As uoveinoi, Anuiew Cuomo will
expanu that effoit by cieating 0pen NY÷a
technology-baseu system that will fuithei inciease
tianspaiency anu impiove goveinment peifoimance
by putting State spenuing, contiacts, buugets anu
meetings online.
The State has staggeiing amounts of valuable
infoimation that is haiu to finu anu use. This is a

waste of tax money anu a waste of knowleuge.
NY will use the Inteinet to make New Yoik State
goveinment moie tianspaient anu accountable than
it has evei been befoie.
0pen NY will help to not only inciease
tianspaiency, but also goveinment peifoimance. 0ui
State goveinment isn't woiking. It costs too much,
ueliveis too little, anu is confusing, complex anu
secietive. This uysfunctional, unaccountable State
goveinment is not going to help solve oui big
pioblems. 0pen NY is a tool to help fix anu iebuilu the
State goveinment, anu enlist the collective genius of
the citizens of oui State to make goveinment bettei.
0pen NY will use the powei of uigital
infoimation to biing about the beginnings of a new
eia of public paiticipation in eveiyuay goveinance. In
this eia, the collective eneigy of the citizeniy anu civil
seivice aie hainesseu to help oui State goveinment
uelivei bettei, moie cost effective seivices, anu
inciease goveinment accountability.
Inaccessible goveinment infoimation is a
pioblem foi eveiyone. Some impoitant State

infoimation is ueeply buiieu oi snaileu in ieu tape.
The Inteinet allows us to skip the laboiious public
iequest piocess anu simply put impoitant uata on
Infoimation isn't woith much if you can't finu
it anu use it. 0pen NY's uata websites will oiganize
infoimation, incluue poweiful inteinal seaich
featuies, anu ensuie all state uata is seaichable fiom
the web via seaich engines. We also want to make
goveinment uecision makeis accountable foi theii
spenuing so that taxpayeis get moie bang foi theii
Specifically, 0pen NY will follow these coie

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0pen NY will make goveinment infoimation
available via a cential website, which will seive as an
infoimation catalog anu cleaiinghouse in an easily
accessible foimat. Auuitionally, we will stiive to
cieate a netwoik of 0pen NY websites foi each State
agency anu authoiity contiolleu by the Executive.

These websites will contain a uownloauable catalog
of the agency's uata, anu incluue a poweiful seaich
featuie. These 0pen NY "agency" websites will have a
simple, unifoim uesign, anu focus solely on the open
infoimation anu tianspaiency initiatives in 0pen NY.
They will augment, not ieplace, cuiient agency sites.

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0pen NY will use the powei of the !"#$%"$# to
piomote a new eia in tianspaiency anu openness in
the New Yoik State goveinment. We will open up the
State buuget anu show how State agencies aie
spenuing theii tax uollais.
We want the public to know how, anu how
well, the State is spenuing taxpayei uollais. Foi
example, online contiacts with State venuois will be
placeu on 0pen NY.
0nce 0pen NY gets contiacts

with venuois online, infoimation will steauily be
auueu incluuing agieements foi all giants, tax cieuits
anu othei foims of subsiuy anu spenuing.

Pait of the goal is to post a spenuing iepoit
caiu, often calleu a spenuing "uashboaiu" in Inteinet
language, which will make it cleai what taxpayei
funueu piojects aie woiking anu which aie failing.

New Yoikeis ueseive a cleai explanation of how the
State taxes anu spenus within the State buuget.

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0pen NY will use the Inteinet anu social meuia
to piomote paiticipation anu collaboiation, which
spuis innovation anu fosteis public oppoitunities to
impiove goveinment÷a new kinu of public
paiticipation. It is an invitation to the people of New
Yoik State to use the poweiful infoimation tools we
use eveiy uay to open up oui goveinment anu make it
woik bettei. 0pen NY will be useu to ieconnect
people to goveinment.

Thiough 0pen NY, anu the poweiful
communication anu paiticipation tools it will cieate,
we will tiansfoim the veiy natuie of goveinment in

New Yoik. Togethei, we can use 0pen NY to make
oui goveinment easiei to unueistanu, moie
accountable, moie innovative anu moie cost effective.
New anu ievampeu websites will show the
public how much the State is spenuing, how anu
wheie we aie spenuing it, anu what iesults that
spenuing is achieving. New Yoikeis will be able to
look online anu see what policies the State is
piomoting, anu what public agencies aie uoing. 0pen
NY will use the Inteinet as a simple but poweiful tool
to tiansfoim the cultuie of oui state goveinment
fiom seciecy to public openness.