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4 Midterms

4 Midterms

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Published by: David Polk on Oct 06, 2010
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GOAL TO GO Episode 1.

4 “Midterms” by David Polk

2. RECAP – EPISODE THREE We recap Episode Three, ending with Billy announcing Wall’s suspension and openning the press conference to questions. TEASER FADE IN: EXT. BRONCO STADIUM – NIGHT WHACK! A bone-rattling collision between middle linebacker Cole Seavers and a Boise State RECEIVER. Seavers stands over the receiver. COLE Get used to it, bitch, ‘cause it’s gonna be like that all night long! SMASH CUT TO: INT. VISITOR’S LOCKER ROOM – EARLIER Veins pop in defensive coordinator Joe Mercer’s neck as he lays into the DEFENSIVE PLAYERS gathered around him. MERCER Last year Boise State came into your house and shit all over your asses. Now it’s payback time... INTERCUT BETWEEN MERCER AND MAYHEM ON THE FIELD Pete Mitchell SACKS the Bronco QUARTERBACK, driving him into the blue Field Turf. A PENALTY FLAG flies. MERCER They rang up over 500 yards of offense on you... Dallas Morales nearly decapitates a TIGHT END going for a pass over the middle. Another PENALTY FLAG flies. MERCER They knocked you out of the Hawaii Bowl... A LINEBACKER DRILLS a Boise State TAILBACK. The ball carrier’s face explodes with blood. His facemask is cracked, his nose broken.

3. MERCER And they knocked Jake Randall unconscious! He’ll never take another snap as long as he lives! The Sea Devils GANG TACKLE a BRONCO RUNNER. The tackle quickly turns into a melee. More penalty flags. MERCER ESPN says Boise State’s the class of the WAC, so I guess that makes you the ass of the WAC! Dallas NAILS a receiver over the middle, jarring the ball lose; Cole INTERCEPTS it off the deflection and runs it back 35 yards for a touchdown. His teammates join him in the end zone for a wild celebration. Penalty flags fly all over, littering the end zone. Cole & Company could care less. INT. BROADCAST BOOTH - NIGHT Sandy Sanderson and a tipsy Skeeter Blackledge bring us up to speed. BLACKLEDGE Well, Sandy, I haven’t seen hitting like this since daddy fell off the wagon. The Devils defense has played like a pack of wild dogs all night. SANDERSON They sure have, Skeeter. They’ve absolutely dominated the best offense in the WAC tonight, limiting Boise State to a touchdown and scoring one of their own to tie the game at 21. Truth be told, the only thing that’s kept the Broncos in this one are the two Achilles Addams interceptions returned for touchdowns. BLACKLEDGE With just over 2 minutes to play in the game, if the freshman can work the clock and keep the ball out of Boise State’s hands, the Devils could be in a position to pull off the upset and give Coach Billy Donahue his first win over (MORE)

4. BLACKLEDGE (CONT’D.) the Broncos and his first one over a BCS ranked opponent since arriving in Maitland 4 years ago. EXT. BRONCO STADIUM – NIGHT Billy and Coach Garcia give Achilles last-second instructions before he takes the field. It’s intense. GARCIA They’re mixing up the coverage, Achilles, so read the mike backer and the safeties. Don’t bite on the loose coverage. They’ll jump the slants. BILLY Look, two jobs, Achilles. Protect the ball, work the clock. For the next two minutes, twenty-four seconds, Roulon’s the man. Got it? ACHILLES (cool) Got it. Achilles takes a swig of water from a SQUIRT BOTTLE, hands it back to the WATER GIRL, turns and trots onto the field. MONTAGE – JOE COOL TAKES THE BRONCOS TO SCHOOL Achilles sets behind his center. He hands off to Roulon up the gut for a few yards; pitches out to Roulon for another short gain; scrambles for a first down on a draw play. Boise State takes a time out. 1:04 left. On the next play a blitz stuffs Roulon in the backfield. Time out Boise State. Second and long. 0:52 left. Billy realizes they have to pass to keep the chains moving. He checks his LAMINATED PLAY SHEET. Achilles rolls out to his left, hits Jabari Colvin in the seam with a sweet spiral for a first down at the Bronco 45 yard line. The clock ticks down...0:47, 0:46, 0:45...The Wa Tech KICKER warms up on the sideline.

5. SKEETER (V.O.) They’ll need to get at least to the 30 to be in Perez’ range. Maybe even closer with this wind. The offense strolls to the line. Achilles comes up behind, cool as the other side of the pillow, scans the defense. He sees something. He barks out an audible, moves back and forth behind the line to make sure it’s heard. Billy and Garcia react on the sideline. “What the f-!” On the snap Achilles fakes a handoff to Roulon, sets in the pocket and arcs a beautiful pass to a wide open Burner Turner on a fade route down the sideline. TOUCHDOWN! The clock shows 0:29. The Sea Devils and their cheerleaders go crazy on the sideline. The band comes alive with the school fight song. When Achilles approaches the sideline, Billy burns holes in him with his eyes. Achilles blows him off, just walks past and takes a seat on the bench. They obviously have issues to work out. END MONTAGE END TEASER ACT ONE INT. PRISON CELL BLOCK - DAY It’s eerily quiet. There’s a haunting, institutional feel to this place. We pass cells with hardened criminals inside going about their miserable lives. One reads a comic book; another snarls at us through the bars; and another squats on the toilet taking a dump; the next is raping his cell mate. We stop at a cell. Inside, sitting on a metal cot is a man with his head bowed. When he looks up we see that it’s Achilles. SUDDENLY... INT. ACHILLES’ BEDROOM – DAY Achilles wakes up in bed, sweating. He looks over into the pretty face of Becky Van Helsing, the co-ed who drunkenly kissed him across from the Delta sorority house in Episode Three. She’s perched on her elbows, staring at him.

6. BECKY That must’ve been some dream. I hope she was at least as hot as me. Becky rolls out of bed, pulls tight jeans and a lacey camisole over her naked body. Achilles admires her, then feels a twinge of guilt. ACHILLES Look, Becks...maybe we should cool it for a while. You know, before things get complicated. BECKY (casual) Sure, Handsome, no worries. Complicated is the last thing I’m looking for. Besides, I wouldn’t want to cause any drama between you and the Ice Princess. She clocks Achilles’ surprise. BECKY (cont’d.) Oh, come on!? Don’t tell me... ACHILLES It’s not like that. Really, Becks, nothing’s going on between us. I just figured if I showed her a little extra attention she might help me out more with midterms. BECKY Whatever. You don’t owe me any explanations. But you should know half the campus already thinks you’re tapping that...the other half knows you and me hook up after games, even my boyfriend. Jesus! ACHILLES You have a boyfriend?!

BECKY (a coquettish smile) Bobby. A Sigma Chi. Really sweet. (off his confusion) Look, Handsome, what’s great about you and me is there’s none of the bullshit that comes with “relationships”. We (MORE)

7. BECKY (CONT’D.) both know why we’re here, and there aren’t any strings. You want something deeper from Her Royal Highness, go ahead, knock yourself out. She leans over, kisses him deeply, gently bites his bottom lip as she pulls away. “Always leave ‘em wanting more.” BECKY (cont’d.) I’m late for class. She leaves the room. Achilles stares after her. hear the apartment DOOR SHUT behind her. INT. DELTA HOUSE GREAT ROOM – DAY Sixty of Wah Tech’s most beautiful and priviledged CO-EDS live at Delta House. They’re gathered in the great room to listen to their president, Valerie Kim, preside over an important meeting of the sisterhood. VALERIE As the preeminent sorority on campus, Delta has been chosen by Chancellor Reed and Doctor Webb to host a Bowl Bash in January. It will be the first event of the new year and the first university sponsored Bowl Bash in over 7 years. Needless to say, it’s quite an honor for Delta to have been given the responsibility for making this event a success, so it will require our very best effort. A stir of excitement fills the room. Valerie remains poised. It’s obvious why the girls admire her. Her most adoring acolyte appears to be AUDRA LIVELY (19), a real life Barbie Doll in a pink Angora sweater. VALERIE To ensure that this is an extravaganza worthy of Delta Tau Chi, I want the planning to begin now. Of course, whether we have the bash or not dependends on whether the football team is invited to a bowl game... O.S. we

8. The any The big AUDRA way Achilles is playing is there doubt we’re going bowling? (smiling) only question is whether he’s as off the field as he is on it.

Audra’s in the half of the campus population who believes Valerie and Achilles are hooking up. Though her expression doesn’t change, Valerie’s eyes could draw blood. VALERIE Audra, must I remind you that idle gossip, much like the sweater you’re wearing, is unbecoming of a Delta? The Ice Princess strikes. Audra’s smile evaporates.

VALERIE (cont’d.) As chair of the social committee, Kelsey will have responsibility for planning and logistics. Of course, I will have final say on budget, location and theme... INT. VALERIE AND NINA’S ROOM - LATER NINA MILLER (20) closes the door. Valerie’s roommate is a hot black chick with a Caribbean accent. The girls plop onto beds cluttered with stuffed animals and decorative pillows. VALERIE Do you believe Audra? I swear, if that little brown noser weren’t a legacy, she’d be rooming in the dorms next to the Lamda Nus. NINA For the record, I called it the second she showed up for rush – Tracy Flick in the flesh. Seriously, Valerie, you’d need a food taster if you weren’t graduating in May. VALERIE No way the girls elect her president next year.

9. NINA Think again, Big Sis. She’ll be measuring this room for wallpaper before the doorknob hits your little Korean ass on the way out...Hmmm, come to think of it, maybe I’m the one who should get a food taster. They laugh. Beat. Nina has something to say...


VALERIE Come on, what is it?!

NINA Why haven’t you hooked up with Achilles. VALERIE (a heavy sigh) Not you too! NINA Valerie, isn’t it obvious that the brother’s totally into you? The expensive candy, calling you twice a day. Even you said he’s busting his butt to impress you in your study sessions... Nina pauses, looks up and and smiles at the mental image of Achilles’ rear end. Valerie rolls her eyes. NINA All I’m saying, sister girl, is that if I were his tutor we’d be “boning” up on anatomy every night. VALERIE Slut. NINA That’s Miss Slut to you, Honey. VALERIE And what about Richard? You know, the man I love. NINA Long distance love is bor-ring! Richard’s 800 miles away at UCLA Medical School. And at the rate you’re (MORE)

10. NINA (CONT’D.) burning through double-A’s, I’m surprised you haven’t broken something down there already. VALERIE (throwing a stuffed bear) Shut up! I can’t believe you said that...What am I saying? It’s you. Nina, it’s serious between me and Richard. We’ve been together 2 years now and I think he’s going to pop the question when he comes up for homecoming...You want me to risk that for a fling with a dumb jock who, oh by the way, happens to be a freshman? Need I remind you that Deltas have higher standards? NINA What Richard doesn’t know won’t hurt him. And as for standards, Achilles Addams isn’t just another horny, zitpopping freshman. He’s the sweetest piece of man candy on this campus. Need I remind you, Big Sis, that as president of Delta Tau Chi you’re sworn to do everything in your power to keep Delta on top of the Greek system? Think what it will do for our reputation when you walk into that Bowl Bash on his arm? (grinning) And think about what it’ll be like to have a real man between your legs instead of your battery-operated buddy. Valerie starts to protest... NINA (cont’d.) (serious) Look, you don’t want to sleep with him, fine. That’s your loss. But you know I speak the truth when I say you and Achilles together – even if it’s just for the sake of appearances - makes total sense for the house. If another one of our sisters had the opportunity you do, you’d tell her the same thing. END OF ACT ONE

11. ACT TWO INT. SOFIA D’AGOSTINO’S OFFICE – SUNSET SOFIA D’AGOSTINO (47) sits behind her perfectly appointed desk. A sultry, Mediterranean beauty, she’s an older version of her daughter, Cake, except that she’s all business. Across from her sit two DETECTIVES. Cake enters the room and immediately covers her anxiety. SOFIA Here she is now. Catherine, this is...Oh, I’m sorry... GRIGGS Detective Griggs, Ma’am, Maitland Police. And this is my partner, Detective Grimes. JEREMY GRIGGS (40) is a square-jawed, veteran cop with a crew cut and buttoned down white shirt. GREGORY GRIMES (30) has a slicked back Pat Riley hairdo. His tie’s undone. He’s going for a cool, streetwise look. Cake stands next to her mother. SOFIA The detectives are investigating the death of Mr. Kuntz. GRIGGS (to Cake) Just routine follow up, Miss D’Agostino. You know, retracing Mr. Kuntz’s steps over the last few weeks before his untimely demise. He was at your restaurant the night he died. CAKE Oh. On the news they said he had a heart attack. You don’t think someone killed him do you? SOFIA Catherine. GRIMES Thhis is just routine police work. (a practiced smile) Tedious really, but it pays the bills.

12. Cake attempts a smile. Grimes appreciates her beauty. Griggs doesn’t appreciate his partner’s attempt at humor. GRIGGS Did Mr. Kuntz come to the restaurant often? SOFIA Several times in the last year. I believe he was a real estate developer. He came most often with clients or business partners. Occassionally his wife would join him. GRIGGS What makes you think they were clients or business partners and not friends or family? SOFIA My husband is also in development, so I know the type. Also, one doesn’t spend $4,000 on dinner for family on a regular basis, Detective. GRIMES (smiling) Maybe he had a big family. (then, serious) Catherine, did you have much interaction with him in the restaurant? It’s Cake. CAKE And no, I didn’t.

Grimes clocks the girl’s tension. GRIMES Was Kuntz with his wife the night he died? At the restaurant, I mean. CAKE Uh, I don’t remember. I don’t think so. No. It was crazy that weekend, we were booked solid each night. GRIGGS Well if you should remember something – anything – please give us a call.

13. He stands up, hands his business card to Sofia. She takes it, puts it on her desk without looking at it. No need to get any more involved in this. Mrs. D’Agostino. GRIGGS Miss D’Agostino. Grimes turns in the open

The detectives start to leave. door for a last look at Cake. Ladies.


EXT. BEHIND D’AGOSTINO’S – SUNSET Cake is doubled over, vomitting on the ground. over her, rubbing her back to comfort her. CARA Calm down, Cake. If somebody had seen you at the Wildflower, don’t you think the cops would’ve asked where you were that night? It’s like the one detective said, they’re just doing routine questioning. CAKE (wiping her mouth) The one looked at me like he knew something. CARA He’s a detective, Cake. It’s his job to make people feel guilty. CAKE But I am guilty, Cat. INT. HOTEL ROOM – SUNRISE (FLASHBACK) Cake moves about the room manically, wiping every surface with a TOWEL, trying to erase any evidence that she was ever there. Suddenly she stops, touches her right ear and freaks out. “Oh my god!” She looks at Kuntz’s body, face down on the bed. Terrified, she rifles through the sheets, fishes underneath Kuntz’s corpse. Found it! She pulls out the EARRING. She wretches then rushes to the bathroom. O.S. we hear her throwing up in the toilet. Cara stands

14. BACK TO SCENE – BEHIND D’AGOSTINO’S RESTAURANT Tears are streaming down Cake’s cheeks. Cara takes her firmly by the shoulders, looks her straight in the eyes. CARA Pull it together, okay!? You didn’t do anything wrong. It was an accident... Just remember, you spent the night with me in my dorm room. If nobody saw you at the hotel, nobdoy can prove otherwise. EXT. HOSMER COMPLEX – DAY A group of mostly white DEMONSTRATORS walk in a picket line with SIGNS that read: “Rapists”, “Mysogynists” “Frats + Football = Evildoers” and “Dump Donahue Now”. Across the street from them is another group of DEMONSTRATORS, this one mostly black and Hispanic. Their SIGNS read: “Justice! Not Just Us!”, “D.A. Wants White Votes” and “WTU = White Tramp University”. Satellite trucks and crews from all the major cable news outlets are set up outside the complex. SERIES OF SHOTS – ON CAMERA INTERVIEWS WHITE WOMAN It’s awful. Coach Donahue owes every woman in this town an apology. How could he defend someone who’s done such a terrible thing? If his priorities are that far out of whack, it’s time for him to go. WHITE GUY You think if it was me who raped and beat that girl I’d still be walking around? Of course not. The only reason the guy’s not in jail today is because he’s on the football team. BLACK WOMAN I see Fox, CNN and ESPN out here. I wonder if the world would care as much if that girl was black and the boys were white?

15. BLACK MAN We shouldn’t jump to conclusions until we have all the facts. All we know for sure is that that girl deserves justice and those young men deserve their fair day in court. EXT. CIRCLE K GAS STATION – DAY A BLACK RANGE ROVER pulls into the station. Billy gets out, sticks the pump in the tank, heads to the Mini Mart. INT. CIRCLE K MINI MART – DAY Madhu, who we met in Episode Two, is behind the counter. MADHU (broken English) Coach D! Great win the other night! That last pass to beat Boise State – totally awesome play calling! Billy acknowledges him with a nod and a smile and heads straight for the Self-Serve Coffee station. He gets a few appreciative “Hey Coaches” from customers. EXT. CIRCLE K GAS STATION – DAY Billy comes out of the store with a CUP OF COFFEE and stops in his tracks. We don’t see what he sees, but his surprise quickly turns to quiet anger. THE RANGE ROVER Has been splattered with red paint. painted across the windshield. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM – DAY Six UPTIGHT MEN AND WOMEN sit around a conference table weathering the verbal storm hurled at them by Chancellor Sebastian Reed. REED They’ve been out there ever since Donahue held that ridiculous press conference! A press conference that was called without my authorization! The word “Rapist” is

16. He looks directly at Charlotte Webb when he says this. Billy’s boss, she’s the target of Reed’s fury. CHARLOTTE (calm, cool, collected) Sebastian, I agree that Billy should have consulted with us before staging a press conference. But we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that he may actually have helped the Institute’s credibility by addressing the issue right away and head on. PR man Jim Flynn timidly clears his throat. FLYNN Dr. Webb may have a point, Chancellor. The perception of a cover up can lead to a crisis spiraling out of control. REED Are you kidding! Have you read those signs out there!? They tell me this crisis has already spiraled out of control, Jim! And we have Coach Donahue to thank for it! CHARLOTTE Sabastian, Billy made a call based on his personal belief that Walter didn’t commit the crimes he’s accused of... REED There’s the rub, Charlotte. The D.A. hasn’t formally charged anyone. Yet because of Donahue’s ill-advised PR stunt people actually believe the Insitute is protecting a rapist. IRIS My guess is the D.A.’s just letting the drama build for a few days before formally indicting Walter and the other two suspects. With the election less than a month away, he’ll milk this case for all it’s worth. Iris Cross is Washington Tech’s sharp-as-a-tack lawyer. As

17. IRIS (cont’d.) The latest polls show it’s a close race between Fisk and his opponent, Beaverton. Given Fisk’s reputation, I expect he’ll use this case to show conservatives that he’s not soft on crime, which is why we... REED Which is why we need to fire Coach Donahue. Off Charlotte’s surprise... EXT. HOSMER COMPLEX – DAY The vandalized Range Rover sits parked in Billy’s reserved parking spot. INT. BILLY’S OUTTER OFFICE – DAY Billy’s secretary, DONNA DIXON (50), types away on her computer. She’s a crisply dressed, beautifully coiffed black woman. She looks up when Billy comes in. DONNA Good morning, Coach. BILLY Not really. Without stopping, he walks past her desk and into his office. She gathers her things and follows him inside. INT. BILLY’S OFFICE - DAY Billy sits behind his desk, Donna sits across from him. DONNA A lot of messages already this morning, but nothing we haven’t gotten used to this week. Dr. Webb wants to see you this morning, 9:30 in her office. Mr. Flynn called to tell you he’s declined another interview with that reporter, Gabrielle Woods, on your behalf. She also called your direct line here and (MORE)

18. DONNA (CONT’D.) left a message. Said you’d want to call her back. I swear that woman’s like a dog with a bone. And Headmaster Stevens at J.R.’s school called again. Beat. They exchange a look. BILLY Thanks, Donna. Can you get Headmaster Stevens on the line for me? DONNA (standing to leave) Of course. BILLY And, Donna. Call D’Agostino Motors and tell them I’m gonna need a loaner. END OF ACT TWO

19. ACT THREE INT. CHARLOTTE WEBB’S OFFICE – DAY Billy is beside himself. Charlotte keeps her cool.

BILLY That sniveling, uptight bastard! He can’t be serious! Fire me!? For holding a press conference! CHARLOTTE He was being dramatic, Billy. It’s a stressful time for all of us. Sebastian’s never been under this kind of media scrutiny before. BILLY Jesus, Charlotte! You know as well as I do that we’ll have to deal with this in the press eventually. Anybody with a lick of sense knows it’s better to get out in front of it rather than wait to get steamrolled by the media. CHARLOTTE I don’t disagree with you on that, Billy. But from now on, no more random audibles. (off his reaction) I’ve never poked my nose in how you run the team. That’s always been our deal. But this is much bigger than the team, Billy. I talked Sebatian off the ledge, for now. But any more Lone Ranger stunts like that press conference and he’s likely to go right over the edge, and take you and me with him. EXT. HOSMER COMPLEX – DAY Achilles walks past boistrous DEMONSTRATORS under the watchful eyes of local POLICE OFFICERS working crowd control. SUDDENLY... DEMONSTRATOR Achilles...Great pass man! Demonstators on both sides of the street WHOOP and HOLLER their approval and give the team cry in unison. WHOOOAAAH! Achilles enters the building shaking his head. “Weird.”

20. INT. DR. FIORENZA’S OFFICE – DAY STAN FIORENZA (38) whistles appreciatively at a PHOTO of Megan Fox in MAXIM MAGAZINE. A KNOCK on the half-open door and he quickly turns the magazine over on his desk. FIORENZA Oh, come on in, Achilles. Achilles closes the door behind him. ACHILLES Hey, Doc. FIORENZA (smiling) Let me guess, you need something to help pull Coach’s foot out of your ass. Achilles just stares at him blankly. FIORENZA (cont’d.) I heard Coach tore into you pretty good after the game. That was a great pass to win it, but the two pick sixes had him almost appoplectic. ACHILLES Oh, yeah...Well...That’s not why I’m here, Doc. Fiorenza motions for him to sit. Oh. FIORENZA So why are you here?

ACHILLES I haven’t been able to sleep through the night since I got to campus. I thought you might be able to give me something...you know to help. FIORENZA You mean sleeping pills? Yeah. ACHILLES Or something. Whatever works.

21. FIORENZA Achilles, sleeping pills – any kind of sedative – can be highly addictive. They’re not something I’d presribe lightly...Look, I know you’ve been under a lot of pressure since you got here, that’s only natural. You’re far from your home and your family, and a ton of responsibility’s been placed on your shoulders. For what it’s worth, I think you’re doing a terrific job keeping it all together. ACHILLES Thanks. I’m not trying to kill myself because Coach reemed me out, if that’s what you’re worried about. Fiorenza laughs. He likes the kid, even though he’s managed to stay on the boss’s bad side since Day One. FIORENZA Anyone who’s seen you play knows you’re not a wuss. (beat) Achilles, we all know your privacy is important to you, so I’m not going to pry. But you understand I can’t write a scrip for a sedative without having some idea what’s going on with you. Achilles considers this. ACHILLES I have dreams, I guess you could call them nightmares, almost every night. FIORENZA Have you considered talking to someone about them? A psychologist? ACHILLES I’m not crazy, Doc. I just need to get some sleep is all. FIORENZA And you don’t think it would be helpful to understand if these dreams have a deeper meaning?

22. ACHILLES I know exactly what they mean, Doc, and they’re not that deep. A long beat. Fiorenza reaches into his desk, pulls out a pad and scribbles a prescription. INT. STUDY ROOM – NIGHT Valerie stands behind Achilles, who is sitting at the table typing on his LAPTOP COMPUTER. She glances at the wall clock. 7:45. VALERIE Time. Achilles continues to type. Valerie reaches over his shoulder and snaps the laptop cover down hard. ACHILLES Ow! Hey! VALERIE Time’s up, Achilles. ACHILLES It’s a mock test. You think it’s worth breaking my fingers over a mock test? I can’t throw with broken fingers. VALERIE You can’t play at all if you get less than a 90 on Nelson’s midterm. She takes the laptop, sits across from him and begins going over the exam. Achilles admires her as she does. She’s a cold bitch, but a damn pretty one. ACHILLES So did you watch any of the game on Saturday? VALERIE (eyes on screen) I told you, I don’t care for football. ACHILLES Yeah, I remember. I just figured with you being my tutor and all, you know, you might be a little interested in seeing me play.

23. VALERIE (eyes on screen) No. ACHILLES No what? VALERIE (eyes on screen) No I’m not interested in seeing you play. ACHILLES Not even a little? Feeling his gaze, she finally looks up and is hit by his adorable smile. VALERIE I’m not halfway through this and already you’ve got 3 wrong. ACHILLES No way! Are you serious!? I studied the chapters. I had that stuff down. VALERIE Apparently not down enough. ACHILLES (wounded) Why do you have to be so cold? trying as hard as I can. VALERIE (coldly) Try harder. Achilles sits back in his chair, sighs in frustration. INT. STUDY ROOM – LATER Achilles and Valerie are studying. pokes her head in. The door opens and Nina


NINA I thought I’d find you here. She smiles at Achilles. He’s one fine ass brother.

24. VALERIE We’re almost done, Nina. NINA So are half-priced Ritas at Helo’s. You two should get over there before the Lamda Nus suck them all down. Achilles closes his book, begins packing up. ACHILLES I’m going to grab something to eat at the Hoz and head back to my apartment. I’ll e-mail you my chapter summaries later. Okay? Nina shoots Valerie a look: “What are you waiting for?!” VALERIE (shut. up.) Nina, I’ll catch up with you later. NINA (getting the hint) Bye, Achilles. Hope to see you ACHILLES Bye. She leaves. Achilles zips up his backpack, ready to go.

Okay. later.

VALERIE So you haven’t eaten yet? ACHILLES No. I came straight here after practice. VALERIE I haven’t eaten all day either. Beat. She waits for him to ask. Delta’s have standards.

ACHILLES So...do you want to get something to eat? Together.

25. EXT. JOSEPHINE’S PIZZERIA – CONTINUOUS - NIGHT A popular hangout buzzing with townies and Wa Tech students. GRUNGE MUSIC plays in the b.g. We follow a WAITRESS (35) in jeans and a “Josephine’s” tshirt, carrying a heavy TRAY OF FOOD. She stops at a booth where Cara, Cake, Lindsay and Sonny are seated, begins serving their plates. She puts Cara’s down last. WAITRESS (to Cara) Plain Fetuccini drizzled with lemon juice. I had them sprinkle the parsley on top just for looks. I hope that’s okay. CARA Thanks. WAITRESS Would it kill you to eat like a normal girl once in a while, Cat? A little clam sauce on top of that wouldn’t be the end of the world you know. CARA At least I’m not throwing up rice cakes like some girls. She winks at Cake, who returns a wicked smirk. LINDSAY Just keep doing what you’re doing, Baby. Daddy likes. CAKE Okay. Now I am going to throw up. They laugh as the Waitress walks away. GAME ROOM Across the restaurant, in the game room, Dallas and Cole are shooting pool, downing a couple of beers. Dallas catches Cara laughing in the booth. Daddy likes. COLE Forget it, Chico. Her folks own half the town. Word is they’re “connected”, so you don’t want to get mixed up with that. At. All.

26. DALLAS Connected? COLE You watch the Sapranos, right? I don’t care how nice those tits are, they ain’t worth losing your balls for. DALLAS What?! Not the Italian chick, the redhead. Cole checks out Cara, shrugs. FRONT OF THE RESTAURANT Achilles and Valerie enter. Right away heads turn and tongues begin to wag. The Waitress approaches them. WAITRESS (beaming) Achilles! How are you, honey? (warmly to Valerie) Hello. Val, right? Valerie. Yes. VALERIE Hi. “To each his own.”

WAITRESS Thanks for sticking it to Boise State, Achilles. We’ve been waiting 6 years for that. Just give me a minute and I’ll have a nice booth for you two. The stolen glances from around the restaurant confirm to Valerie that her status has instantly improved. IN THE BOOTH Cake clocks Valerie and Achilles as they wait to be seated. She gets Cara’s attention. CAKE So your roommate’s got himself a new girlfriend, huh, Lindsay? LINDSAY Far as I know she’s just tutoring him.

27. CAKE Ahhh. Making it with the tutor. Every schoolboy’s fantasy. Pretty good one for the tutor too in this case. Sonny’s disapproval is apparent. SONNY Why do you care who that guy’s screwing, Cake? CARA On campus they call her the Ice Princess. If she’s as frigid as they say, he’s lucky his dick doesn’t freeze and break off inside her. Only Sonny doesn’t laugh. SONNY (to Lindsay) How can you kiss a girl with a mouth like that? Lindsay takes Cara’s face and kisses her. making out passionately to annoy him. Now Sonny’s the one who’s going to be sick. VALERIE AND ACHILLES Are in a booth, looking over their menus. ACHILLES So this isn’t so bad is it? VALERIE I haven’t been here in a while but sure, it’s fine. ACHILLES Not the restaurant. Being seen in public with a football player. VALERIE I thought we covered this already. I don’t have anything against football players. They start

28. ACHILLES (charming smile) I forgot, it’s just me you

Right. hate.

Then, something he hasn’t seen from her before: a smile. ACHILLES What! Is that a dimple? You have dimples?! VALERIE Still think I’m a racist? ACHILLES You know, you could have told me your roommate and best friend is black. VALERIE Yeah, because “Some of my best friends are black people” sounds so real when you’re being accusing of being a bigot. The look they exchange tells us they’ve gotten past their heated row of a few weeks earlier. The Waitress stops by to take their order. INT. DONAHUE GREAT ROOM – NIGHT Billy looks exhausted sitting in a plush leather chair. Gale walks over, hands him a GLASS OF WHISKEY on the rocks. She sits on the arm of the chair, runs her fingers through his hair and along the nape of his neck. He takes a sip of whiskey. BILLY Reed’s head’s so far up his Ivory Tower ass he doesn’t have a clue what it’s like to deal in the real world. He actually believed he could keep something like this from going public. Wanted me to act like it never happened and keep my mouth shut. Ask for his “permission” before saying a word. GALE At least Charlotte was able to talk some sense into him. I never really liked her, but after today I suppose I should reconsider my opinion.

29. He looks up at her. She smiles at him reassuringly, gently kisses his forehead. BILLY (a deep sigh) I don’t know, Babe. You know that at this level coaching is a lot more than X’s and O’s, but this whole thing is such a fucking mess...Sometimes I wonder how Wolf would handle it all. Beat. GALE This would’ve been hard for Daddy, too, Honey. Billy senses an uneasiness about her. BILLY You do think I’m handling this the right way, don’t you? Beat. GALE I think calling the press conference was the right thing to do, Honey. You had to show the team that you’re there for them. And you had to show everyone that you’re a man of principal who can see beyond the football field. BILLY But? Beat. GALE I know you recruited Wall, Honey, and you really want to believe him. But what he and those boys did to that girl was vile and disgusting...It doesn’t matter if they didn’t hurt her the way she says they did, or if a judge says that because she asked for it, it was consentual. As far as most women are concerned, that girl was raped, Billy. I wish you hadn’t stood up for Wall in front of all those people. END OF ACT THREE

30. ACT FOUR INT. JOSEPHINE’S PIZZERIA – CONTINUOUS - NIGHT GAME ROOM Dallas is about to make a tough shot. CARA (O.S.) Ten bucks says you choke. Dallas and Cole turn to find Cara standing behind them, hands on her hips. Her usual “challenging” pose. DALLAS Only 10? You stop a man’s shot with that kind of sass you gotta put more than a few bucks where your mouth is. CARA Don’t worry about what I do with my mouth. Want the bet or not? DALLAS But it’s such a sexy mouth. (a sexy smile) Okay. 10 bucks. Dallas sizes up the shot, leans over the table with his POOL CUE. Then he turns to face her again. DALLAS You got a name to go with that mouth? CARA Make the shot, maybe you’ll find out. Dallas takes the shot. And misses. Cole grimaces. Cara flashes that impish grin of hers. Dallas pulls a $10 from his pocket, holds it out in front of her. She tries to take it but he won’t let go. DALLAS I make that shot 99 out of 100 times. CARA You’ll never make it on that table. (off his reaction) There’s a divit just to the right and in front of the pocket. It’s been there since I was 12 years old.

31. DALLAS See, in the pool halls where I learned to play that’d be cheating, Red. CARA See, in this game room, where I learned to play, you’re expected to figure some things out on your own. And call me “Red” again and I’ll show you what else I can do with a pool cue. She snatches the bill from his fingers. DALLAS Do I get a chance to win my money back? She looks him over. There’s a definite vibe between them. THE BOOTH Lindsay doesn’t know what’s going down in the Game Room, but he’s pretty sure he doesn’t like what he sees. GAME ROOM Cara’s bent over the table, sizing up a shot. Dallas and Cole check out the thong peeking out from her low riders and exchange a look. “Nice.” She’s just about to take the shot when... DALLAS You miss, Red, I get the $20 and your phone number. She shrugs, coolly makes the shot. People around the table react. Dallas smiles and good naturedly hands over 2 $10s. Cara pockets the cash, smiles at him invitingly. CARA Too bad. No name, no number. Guess you’ll never get to know what I can do with my mouth. VALERIE AND ACHILLES Have just finished dinner.

32. ACHILLES That new movie with Nicole Kidman is playing at the Halsted. I heard it got good reviews. We could catch the last show tonight. Beat. She stares at him with those inscrutable eyes. VALERIE What happened to e-mailing me those chapter summaries? ACHILLES Yeah, right. How about tomorrow night? Are you serious? VALERIE You’re asking me out?

ACHILLES Well, it didn’t sound that crazy in my head. But since it’s out there now, yeah, I am. VALERIE Achilles, you do know I have a boyfriend right? ACHILLES (grinning) My spies tell me everything. She cuts him a disapproving look. VALERIE I thought we agreed you were going to stop the creepy stalker stuff. ACHILLES Information acquired before the aforementioned ban on creepy stalker stuff. Anyway, he’s at some school in California. And it’s just a movie. VALERIE It’s UCLA Medical School...I suppose your spies told you I like Nicole Kidman movies? ACHILLES (smiling) Again, before the ban went into effect.

33. They look into each other’s eyes. She tries not to smile...but he’s so damn charming. And good looking. We hear RAISED VOICES O.S. Achilles turns around to see Lindsay in a faceoff with Dallas in the Game Room. ACHILLES Shit. GAME ROOM Cara is trying to keep Lindsay from getting his ass kicked by Dallas when Achilles steps up. ACHILLES What up guys? LINDSAY (tough guy) I got it, Roomy. This dude was pushing up on Cat and I was just about to explain to him that he’s out of line. Dallas and Cole exchange a look – “Is he fucking kidding?” – then bust up laughing. COLE This faggot’s your roommate? LINDSAY Faggot? What is this, 1985? Nobody says “faggot” anymore, dickhead! Cole moves toward Lindsay. Cara gets between them. wouldn’t be a fight if Cole got hold of him. CARA Come on boys. How about we take the testsosterone down a notch? (to Lindsay) We were just talking, Baby, that’s all. Nobody’s pushing up on anybody, okay? DALLAS If you can’t handle your girlfriend talking to other guys, maybe you should get one whose fat and ugly. LINDSAY Maybe you should mind your own fucking business and keep your hands to yourself. It

34. Dallas grabs Lindsay’s shoulder, is about to clock him. Achilles quickly steps in to break them apart. ACHILLES Guys! The Lesbot’s right. You all need to chill. (a wise ass grin at Cara) Trust me, Lindsay, nobody wants what she’s got except you and the women’s track team. CARA Fuck you, Einstein. But she’s glad he showed up. ACHILLES (to Cole and Dallas) We’re already getting too much attention for what happens off the field. We don’t need any more. The guys come back from the brink. Dallas takes his BEER BOTTLE from the pool table, stares at Lindsay for a long beat then looks at Cara. DALLAS See you around, Red. He and Cole walk away. We hear their laughter O.S.

Cake and Sonny come up as onnlookers disperse. CAKE What was that all about? CARA My man was just defending my honor. SONNY What honor? ACHILLES Look Lindsay, I can’t handle the rent on my own, so the next time you feel like “defending your girlfriend’s honor”, do us both a favor and don’t pick a guy who just gave an AllAmerican tight end a concussion.

35. INT. D.A.’S OFFICE – DAY CALVIN FISK (35) is serious about his appearance. The district attorney’s tailored Armani suit and imported silk tie testify that he believes “Clothes make the man.” He drums perfectly manicured fingers on his desktop, looks impassively at the TWO WOMEN sitting on the other side of his desk. SHELLEY GERTZ (19) is the stripper who claims she was raped and beaten by Wall Henderson and two other black studens at a frat party. She might be pretty if her face weren’t black and blue. Wearing a dowdy black dress, she looks more like a young schoolmarm than a $500-an-hour exotic dancer. Her lawyer, GRETA FREDRICKSON (44), is doing all the talking. GRETA I’m not sure who these “people” are that you’ve spoken to, Mr. Fisk, but I can assure you my client is more interested in justice than in being paid off. No amount of money can restore her dignity or erase the pain and suffering she’s endured at the hands of those animals...What you’ve heard is nothing more than an obvious attempt by the university’s highpowered public relations machine to discredit my client by casting spurious accusations about her character and motives. I’m sure you’ve seen this dozens if not hundred of times since you’ve been in office. Fisk leans forward and clasps his fingers together. FISK Again, Miss Gertz, I apologize if my questions seem...insensitive. Unfortunately, as Ms. Fredrickson so astutely points out, in cases like this the defense will almost certainly attempt to paint a negative picture of the victim. It’s distasteful, I know. But in order for my staff and I to do our jobs, we have to feel confident that all of our questions have been answered fully. Even those that are very difficult, even unfair, for the victim to address.

36. Shelley, looking vulnerable, nods her understanding. FISK So forgive me, but I’ll have to ask this question of you directly. Did you – or anyone on your behalf – at any time, communicate with any official of the university about settling your allegations out of court? SHELLEY No, Mr. Fisk, I didn’t. No one did. FISK There was never any talk of a settlement to make your claims “disappear?” GRETA Mr. Fisk! Please... He cuts her off with a stern look. Shelley. SHELLEY Never. INT. D.A.’S OFFICE – LATER Fisk and his top lieutenants, deputy district attorneys LANCE MICHAELSON (40) and OLIVIA PRITCHARD (32) sit around the conference table in his office. LANCE Local media got a heads up about the press conference about a half hour ago. Once the wires catch on the big boys at Fox and CNN will want in. FISK Have we set up studio time for the SMT? LANCE You drive to Seattle this afternoon, do the national cables from there. Nancy Grace, Larry King, Forrest Cooper. Olivia is conspicuously quiet. FISK What’s on your mind, Olivia? Returns his eyes to

37. OLIVIA She’s lying, Cal. Three people, all of them credible, told me the same thing. Shelley Gertz offered to go away if Wa Tech paid her $5 million. LANCE Come on, ‘Liv, we’ve been over this a hundred times. You’ve seen the medical report. It confirms sexual trauma. OLIVIA She had sex with 3 men at the same time, Lance. Examine any porn star after a 3 way and you’d get a similar report. LANCE And the beating? She didn’t just fall down the stairs or walk into a door. Somebody cracked open a serious can of whoop ass on that girl. OLIVIA Why would she lie about the deal? She’s a stripper. Who’s going to be shocked that a teenaged stripper tried to shake down a rich university? Nobody. So why not fess up to it when the D.A. asks? It doesn’t make sense. LANCE We’ve run this one through the ringer and it’s done like dinner. All of the evidence lines up. The indictments will stick. We’ll convict all 3 of those bastards. OLIVIA (ignoring Lance) Look, Cal, I’ve got a bad feeling about this girl. And this case. There’s something we don’t know, and between the political maneuvering and the PR spin game, I’m afraid we’re missing something important.

38. FISK You don’t think this payoff story is just a plant? Washington Tech’s PR guy, Jim Flynn, came from General Defense Aeronautics. I wouldn’t put it past him to gin up a smear campaign to protect their boy. END OF ACT FOUR

39. ACT FIVE INT. PRESS CONFERENCE – SUNSET Reporters, photographers and camera crews jam the room. Bright television lights glare, throwing shadows on every wall. Jim Flynn stands at the podium, poised, confident, in his element. FLYNN The Institute will continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies and the D.A.’s office throughout their investigation. We have the same interest in seeing that those responsible for these horrible acts are brought to justice. CARL After the Louisiana Tech game last week, Coach Donahue said he believed Wall Henderson wasn’t guilty of beating and raping that young woman. Now that the D.A.’s provided details of what happened that night at the frat house in his indictment, does the Coach stand by what he said or does he have a different opinion of what happened? FLYNN First of all let me remind all of you that Coach Donahue never commented on Wall’s guilt or innocence. What he said is that he’d wait until all the facts were known before passing any judgments. Which, I’m sure you know, is how our justice system works... CARL Wait a minute, Jim, he did say... FLYNN And secondly, the D.A.’s indictment provided no more details than were known when Coach Donahue suspended Wall for violating both the Institute’s and the team’s Codes of Conduct. So the Coach really won’t have any more to say about this matter until all the facts are known and the justice system takes its course. Next question.

40. PENNY Does that mean Coach Donahue won’t be holding his weekly press conferences until this case is resolved? FLYNN Of course he will, Penny. It will be business as usual, as much as possible under the circumstances, for the remainder of the season. Coaches, players and staff will continue their regular routines – practices, meetings, media interviews and press briefings. The Sea Devils have 3 conference games at New Mexico State, San Jose State and Hawai’i, then a bye week before UCLA comes to town for homecoming. What happened three weeks ago is a reminder that our campus is a microcosm of the world around us, where awful things can and do happen. But we’ll try to stay focused on the normal aspects of campus life to get through this. Next question... INT. DONAHUE GREAT ROOM – NIGHT ON A LARGE TELEVISION SCREEN, a local station’s replay of Flynn’s press conference is playing. Gale and Mathilda are on the sofa. Gale takes a sip from a GLASS OF RED WINE then points the REMOTE CONTROL at the screen, changes the channel. LARRY KING appears and next to him is Calvin Fisk, ready for Prime Time, in a different tailored suit and tie than he had on earlier that day. ON TELEVISION SCREEN LARRY (V.O.) This case has drawn an incredible amount of media attention. Are you surprised by that, Mr. Fisk? FISK (V.O.) Not really, Larry. When something like this happens, in a way it affects all of us, not just people who are closest to it.

41. LARRY (V.O.) Already, focus has turned to the racial undertones of this case. Do you think that will have any effect on your prosecution? FISK (V.O.) I sure hope not. I still believe that justice is blind, even though we sometimes have to work hard to remind ourselves of that fact. Gale takes another sip of wine. Switches the channel. NANCY GRACE appears on the screen. As she’s rambling we CUT TO: INT. DELTA HOUSE GREAT ROOM – NIGHT Deltas are gathered around the television, watching Nancy Grace’s report on the “Washington Tech Stripper Rape Case.” Valerie sits in the middle of the sofa. She’s dressed in black, hair down around her shoulders. Nina comes in, goes to Valerie and whispers in her ear. INT. DELTA HOUSE FOYER Achilles stands in the foyer, waiting. Valerie comes in from the living room. Hey. Yeah. ACHILLES Ready to go? VALERIE Are you? He looks at her. She looks at him, waiting for something. ACHILLES What? VALERIE Alright, look. I thought we had a deal. You do the work, we go out. summaries, no date. He smiles when She’s fine.


ACHILLES You mean you were serious about that? Her dark eyes burn into his.

42. He grins, reaches into his back pocket and pulls out several sheets of folded paper. She takes the paper and shakes her head as if to say, “What a brat!” EXT. DELTA HOUSE - LATER Valerie and Achilles walk down the long walkway. VALERIE Where are you parked? ACHILLES Um, I thought you’d be driving. They stop. She faces him. VALERIE You don’t have a car. He’s mildly embarrassed. VALERIE I thought they gave you “blue chip” athletes everything. Room and board. Video games. Cheerleaders. Tutors. ACHILLES Really? Video games? You think I can get the new Madden for my X-Box... She rolls her eyes. He is a brat.

ACHILLES We don’t get cars, Valerie. That’s against the rules. We get room and board, tuition and a stipened for living expenses. That’s it. She sighs loudly and starts walking back to the house. ACHILLES Are you serious? You’re blowing me off because I don’t have a car?! She smiles to herself (“I can be a brat too”), takes a few more steps before turning to face him. VALERIE I left my keys inside.

43. ACHILLES (relieved) Oh. Okay. VALERIE And, Achilles, I don’t go dutch, so that stipend had better cover the rest of tonight. EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM (PRACTICE) – DAY A hard hitting scrimmage. Achilles has the offense humming – hitting pass after pass. Cole, Dallas, lineman Pete Mitchell and the defense pop everything that moves, except Achilles, whose red jersey makes him off limits. ANGLE ON Billy’s intense face. WIDEN as he moves back and forth along the sideline, shouting instructions and criticism. After Burner Turner drops a pass... BILLY Goddammit Burner, stay sharp! We’ve got 3 more conference games on the road, so you’ve got to be focused! You won’t get that back at Aggie Stadium! MONTAGE #1 – ROAD WARRIORS Set to HIP-HOP MUSIC EXT. AGGIE STADIUM – DAY ANGLE ON Billy’s intense face, HEADSET on, watching the play unfold on the field, where... Burner catches a pass in stride and sprints to the end zone. Billy pumps his fist, “YES!”, and the Sea Devils celebrate around him. Achilles walks to the sideline. Coach Garcia greets him with a slap on the helmet. GARCIA Great pass, Achilles! You read the zone perfectly!

44. MONTAGE #1 – INT. GYM – CONTINUOUS - DAY ON A PIXELATED TELEVISION SCREEN, Achilles is being congratuated on the sideline by Coach Garcia. Then a replay of the touchdown pass to Burner. People in the gym watch the replay on wall-mounted screens and high five each other. Valerie and Nina are on treadmills, glistening with sweat, earbuds in, iPods on. Nina checks out the replay, reaches over and taps Valerie’s arm. Her smile says, “There’s your man.” Valerie doesn’t even glance at the screen. Just turns up the volume on her iPod. Nina smirks at her. MONTAGE #1 – EXT. AGGIE STADIUM – CONTINUOUS - DAY As the MUSIC CONTINUES, the ball spirals toward a receiver. Dallas flies into the frame, INTERCEPTS it, weaves through would be tacklers for a 30-yard touchdown. The Sea Devils defense celebrates in the end zone. MONTAGE #1 – INT. HELO’S BAR – CONTINUOUS - DAY The CROWD is on their feet cheering Dallas’ pick six. Among them we find Cara. Her smile tells us she’s impressed – and not just with Dallas’ football prowess. MONTAGE #1 – INT. RESTAURANT – CONTINUOUS – NIGHT Achilles and Valerie are at dinner. She’s reading the chapter summaries that are a prerequisite to their date. An attractive FEMALE FAN (20s) stops at their table. She’s practically gushing. FEMALE FAN Great game at New Mexico State Achilles! Keep it going, okay! After she leaves, Valerie rolls her eyes at Achilles. MONTAGE #1 – EXT. SPARTAN STADIUM – CONTINUOUS - DAY As the HIP-HOP MUSIC CONTINUES, Achilles hands the ball off to tailback Roulon Jones, who cuts and jukes past San Jose State defenders for a long gain. On another play he plows through the line and into the end zone. Touchdown!

45. MONTAGE #1 – INT. CAMPUS BOOKSTORE – CONTINUOUS – DAY Dallas is browsing through a STUDY GUIDE when he’s BUMPED from behind. He turns just as Cara walks by. She looks back at him and grins. MONTAGE #1 – EXT. SPARTAN STADIUM – CONTINUOUS – DAY Billy is livid. He rips off his headset, steps a few feet onto the field and shouts at the REFEREE. BILLY Christ! You gotta make that holding call sometime today, Sam! Number 70’s been practically tearing my man’s jersey off his pads! REFEREE/SAM Calm down, Coach. It’s part of the game. Billy returns to the sideline and puts his headset back on. BILLY (winking at Garcia) That oughta get us something later. MONTAGE #1 – INT. PENNEBAKER FAMILY ROOM – CONTINUOUS – DAY Gale watches Billy’s rant on a BIG SCREEN TELEVISION along with Maria and Harold Pennebaker and a crowd of guests. GALE You tell ‘em, Coach! He’s been tearing Pete’s jersey off him the whole game! Harold smiles at her. She smiles back. A big part of her job as a coach’s wife is to keep Booster Number 1 smiling. MONTAGE #1 – INT. MAZDA MIATA X-7 – MOVING – SUNSET Cake’s stereo is tuned to the same HIP HOP SONG that runs through our montage. She looks through her REARVIEW MIRROR, spies headlights. A look of concern crosses her pretty face. Is she being followed? She passes the Hosmer Complex where... MONTAGE #1 – EXT. HOSMER COMPLEX – CONTINUOUS – SUNSET Demonstrators huddle around a TELEVISION watching the San Jose State game. They erupt with CHEERS as...

46. MONTAGE #1 – EXT. SPARTAN FIELD – CONTINUOUS – DAY Pete Mitchell comes off the edge and SACKS the QUARTERBACK. ANGLE ON a PENALTY FLAG on the turf. The referee hits his microphone to make the call over the P.A. system. REFEREE/SAM Holding. Number 70. It’s fourth down! MONTAGE #1 – PENNEBAKER FAMILY ROOM – CONTINUOUS – DAY ON THE TELEVISION SCREEN the referee makes the call. Then the camera switches to Billy on the sideline, clapping his approval. TELEVISION ANNOUNCER (V.O.) And so the 7 yard sack by Mitchell coupled with the holding penalty effectively takes the Spartans out of field goal range. Gale smiles at the image of her husband on the screen. MONTAGE #1 – EXT. CARNIVAL – CONTINUOUS – NIGHT Cake and Cara are screaming their heads off on the WHIP ride... Later, they exit the ride and pass Dallas and Cole, each with a pretty co-ed on his arm, waiting to get on. Dallas and Cara exchange a look and a smile. Across from the Whip, Achilles and Valerie leave a concession stand, walking close enough that an onlooker would assume they’re a couple. She’s eating COTTON CANDY. VALERIE You’ll like Hawai’i. It’s beautiful all year round. ACHILLES I doubt I’ll see more than the hotel and the stadium. You’ve been there before? VALERIE A few times, yeah. ACHILLES Figures.

47. She looks at him. “What’s that supposed to mean?” at her and makes a face. Then he smiles. VALERIE What? A glob of cotton candy is stuck to her cheek. candy from her face and eats it. Mmmm. ACHILLES I knew you’d taste good. He picks the He looks

She blushes and smiles, showing off her dimples. MONTAGE #1 – EXT. ALOHA STADIUM – CONTINUOUS – NIGHT The ball spirals through the night sky in SLOW MOTION, comes down into Burner’s hands. He streaks down the field at NORMAL SPEED, high-stepping to the end zone. On the sideline the Sea Devils go crazy. SKEETER BLACKLEDGE (V.O.) OH-MY-GOODNESS! The shootout in Paradise continues! That 54-yard touchdown strike from Addams to Turner puts the Sea Devils ahead 45-43 with 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter! MONTAGE #1 – INT. MALL – CONTINUOUS – NIGHT Cake’s in front of Hollister admiring an outfit through the window. She thinks she sees someone looking at her in the window’s reflection. She turns around. Just the normal mall riff-raff. Or is it? Valerie, Nina and Candice, another Delta, exit the Hollister and walk past Cake. We follow them down the escalator. As they glide down, we notice a CROWD gathered in front of an electronics store. Suddenly they CHEER. As the Deltas walk past we see what all the excitement is about. Every TELEVISION SCREEN in the electronics store is replaying the Addams-to-Turner touchdown. ON THE TELEVISION SCREENS Achilles is being interviewed by ESPN’s Gabrielle Woods.

48. GABRIELLE (V.O.) Achilles, you were pretty cool for a freshman, throwing for 420 yards and 4 touchdowns in a wild one. Did you think coming in that you’d have to pass so much? ACHILLES (V.O.) I guess we knew we’d have to match them offensively somehow. Whether that meant passing or running, we just wanted to stay with them. Valerie stops in front of the store and regards Achilles on one of the big screens. Nina smiles: “There’s your man.” MONTAGE #1 – EXT. ALOHA STADIUM – CONTINUOUS – NIGHT Where the interview continues. GABRIELLE Achilles, the Sea Devils are closing in on their first bowl game in 7 years. As the quarterback of this team, do you feel any more pressure because of what that means for the school, for Coach Donahue and for the people in Maitland? ACHILLES Coach tells me to just stay focused, make the right reads and to play good football. That’s all I’m thinking about out here. None of those other things. GABRIELLE (to camera) Well guys, I guess that’s why the Messiah’s got a new nickname in Maitland these days. They’re calling him the “Ice Man” because he’s cool as ice when the pressure’s on... As the MUSIC and MONTAGE #1 END at...


49. ACT SIX INT. CLASSROOM – DAY Seventy students are taking an exam on laptop computers. Professor Greg Norris paces at the front of the theater style classroom. We find Cara confidently typing away. A few rows back, Achilles is typing too. ON HIS SCREEN he erases a whole paragraph and starts again. NORRIS Five minutes. If you haven’t saved your work, now would be a good time. ON CARA’S SCREEN, she moves the cursor to the “Save” icon and saves her exam. Achilles types furiously, pauses to think, then starts again... Time. NORRIS Computer’s down. Norris scans the room.

Students close their laptops.

NORRIS That includes you too, Mr. Addams. Achilles hits “Save”. INT. CHARLOTTE WEBB’S OFFICE – DAY Charlotte and Billy sit comfortably on a sofa and a chair. CHARLOTTE How does it feel to be 5-0 in the conference for the first time since you got here? BILLY I’m not having Donna make room in the display case for any trophies just yet. CHARLOTTE Considering what you and the team have been through this season, I think a small pat on the back is appropriate. Thanks. BILLY I appreciate that Charlotte.

50. CHARLOTTE Billy, you know I’ve never been one to make projections, but things look pretty good for a bowl bid right now. BILLY We’re playing well, I know. But again, I’m not having Donna make any hotel reservations in Honolulu or Boise. CHARLOTTE (smiling) You’re an even bigger cynic than me, Billy. Look, you control your own destiny. Regardless of what happens with UCLA, you have two very winnable conference matchups against Nevada and Fresno State. Two out of your last three clinches a bowl. BILLY And saves my job. Charlotte eyes him seriously. Nothing’s changed.

CHARLOTTE And saves your job. INT. DORM ROOM – DAY Cara is on her back, making sweet love to a dark haired man who we can’t make out just yet. She climaxes hard, arching her back and clutching the man’s muscular back... Later they both lay on the bed, sweaty, spent, satisfied. CARA (winded) I needed that. MAN (winded) Anytime, Red. Dallas rolls off of her. CARA I told you not to call me that.

51. DALLAS (smiling) It’s my pet name for you. CARA It’s the pet name for every redhead since the dawn of time. And we all hate it. He looks into her eyes with genuine affection, touches the tip of her nose with his finger. DALLAS It’s my pet name for you. She gets his meaning. She’s special to him.


CARA (suddenly remembering) I’ve got to go!

She bolts out of his bed, gathers her clothes. DALLAS What? Wait a minute. She quickly gets dressed and kisses him. At the door...

CARA Let’s do this again sometime, okay? She’s out the door before he can answer. EXT. DAIRY QUEEN PATIO – DAY Cara comes in winded and looking a bit harried. who she’s looking for and collects herself. Hi. CARA Sorry I’m late. She spots

Detective Grimes and Cake, sitting at a table, look up at her. He’s surprised to see her. Cake is relieved. GRIMES Miss... Cat. CARA Umm, I mean Cara Trzcinski.

She sits next to Cake.

52. CAKE You’re late. GRIMES Well, Miss Trzcinski... Cat. CARA Everybody calls me Cat.

GRIMES Alright, Cat, I’m not quite sure why you’re here but I was just asking Miss D’Agostino a few follow up questions for our Kuntz investigation. CARA Oh. Well me and Cake planned on meeting here before hitting the mall. GRIMES (not buying it) Is that right? CAKE Yes. I’m sorry, Detective, but when you said it was just routine business I figured you wouldn’t mind if Cat were here too. GRIMES Of course. Right. Well we were just about done anyway. I only have one or two more questions. CAKE Okay. GRIMES Several people we questioned said they noticed that you and Mr. Kuntz had spent time talking during his last two visits to the restaurant. CAKE I’m the hostess. It’s my job to be nice to everyone who comes in. GRIMES Yes, of course. Look, Miss D’Agostino, there’s really no elegant way for me to (MORE)

53. GRIMES (CONT’D.) say this so, please forgive me. We understand that you’ve had “relations” with one or two of the men who’ve dined at your family’s restaurant. Cake reacts. Under the table, Cara squeezes her thigh.

CAKE Well...Yes...maybe once or twice. GRIMES Was Peter Kuntz one of those men? Beat. CAKE (starting to crack) It was only once, I swear. GRIMES Did you meet him at the Wildflower Inn? CARA She was with me that night. Grimes looks at Cara. GRIMES I’m sorry, Miss – Cat – but my questions are for Cake. CARA You want to know whether she was with him at the Wildflower Inn when he died, right? Well, she wasn’t. She was with me. We spent the night in my dorm. GRIMES Is that right? Yes. CAKE Yeah, I was with Cat.

GRIMES There are people who can verify that? CAKE Uh, well... No. CARA But that’s because...

54. She stops abruptly. GRIMES Because what, Cat? Cara takes a deep breath. CARA Because if her parents found out about us they’d kill us. Cake whips her head around toward Cara. GRIMES Found out what about you? CARA (fake tears coming) It was just something that happened when we were 15 and, well, we can’t stop. We love each other, Detective. Really love each other. We’ve kept it a secret because Cake’s family is, well, you know, very Italian. Very traditional. CAKE (mortified) Cat! CARA (stroking Cake’s hair) It’s okay, Baby, Detective Grimes doesn’t care about a couple of dikes. Right, Dectective? But it would just be horrible for our folks to find out like this. GRIMES Is this true, Cake? You and Cat are lovers? Cake looks at Cara, sickened by what she’s going to say. Yes. It’s true. CAKE We’re...lovers. “WHAT!?”

GRIMES And what about the hook up with Kuntz?

55. CARA (water works on full) I begged her not to have sex with him! She only did it to hurt me! (to Cake) You wanted me to catch you in the backseat of his car in the restaurant parking lot the week before he died, didn’t you? (to Grimes) She thinks if she does it enough times with a man some switch will just “flip” on and she’ll be “normal”. She doesn’t even like men, really. Off Grimes’ baffled expression... EXT. MAITLAND STREET – NIGHT Cara is leaning against her piece of shit Mustang. paces in front of her, pissed off. CAKE Jesus, Cat! Now he thinks I’m a lesbian! What were you thinking!? CARA That it’s better for you to be a pretend dike than a real one in the Big Doll House. I just hope he bought it. I think he did. CAKE Seriously? I don’t think so. Come on, me, a lesbo? He can’t believe that! CARA But me, that’s believable? Cake stops pacing, looks into Cara’s eyes. CAKE You hot for me? Yeah, I’d buy that...I bet he’s beating off right now thinking about us together. They smile at each other. Beat. Then embrace and hold on like there’s no tomorrow. As tears stream down Cake’s cheeks Cake


CAKE (softly in Cara’s ear) I love you. CARA (grinning) I know you do...lezzie. INT. VALERIE’S ROOM – NIGHT Valerie’s lying on her bed doe-eyed, CELL PHONE stuck to her ear, smiling up at the ceiling like a girl in love. VALERIE I miss you so much. I can hardly wait to see you next week. You might be surprised at how much. RICHARD (V.O.) Same here, Babe. And I’ve got a surprise for you, too. Really? might be? VALERIE Do I get any hints of what it

RICHARD (V.O.) Well, it’s smaller than a breadbasket. VALERIE That could be a lot of things. RICHARD (V.O.) Much smaller... CLICK. Another call. Valerie checks caller I.D.

VALERIE Richard, Sweetheart, can you hold for just a sec? She connects the other caller. VALERIE Hi. ACHILLES (V.O.) Hey. Guess what?

57. There’s silence on the line as he waits for her to guess. VALERIE Well are you going to tell me or what? I’m on another call. ACHILLES (V.O.) Oh...sorry. I aced Norris’ Western Civ exam. Got a 97. Highest grade in the class. I thought you’d want to know. She feels a twinge of guilt for being short with him. VALERIE That’s really great, Achilles. Congratulations. ACHILLES (V.O.) Thanks. I couldn’t have done it without you, Valerie. So, what do you say we go out to celebrate? Beat. We read in her eyes that she’s conflicted. VALERIE Look, Achilles, we need to talk, but not right now. Can I call you later? Yeah, sure. ACHILLES (V.O.) I’m around.

She hangs up with Achilles, reconnects Richard. VALERIE Sorry, Sweetheart. RICHARD (V.O.) Who was that? Beat. VALERIE Nobody. INT. CHARLOTTE WEBB’S OFFICE – NIGHT The DESK LAMP is the only light in the room. Charlotte sits behind her desk reading a REPORT. The cover reads: “Nick Pryce Private Investigations – Report of Findings – Achilles Antony Addams”. Charlotte takes off her reading

58. glasses, rubs her tired eyes. The look on her face tells us she doesn’t like what she’s read. FADE OUT. END OF EPISODE

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