U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 579th Engineer Detachment (FEST-M) For Immediate Release November 4, 2009 Building Strong ® Global Support Contact: Mark Abueg, Public Affairs Officer Office: (601) 631-5987 | Cell: (540) 532-7735 E-mail: mark.b.abueg@usace.army.mil

TIME DEPLOYED AND FIELD ARTILLERY PHYSICS Army Captain Discusses Military Life to Local Students
WHAT: To commemorate Veterans Day, a U.S. Army Captain stationed in Vicksburg will speak with Vicksburg High School students about the physics of field artillery and his experiences of living overseas while deployed. Media interested in attending should contact the 579th Engineer Detachment (FEST-M) PAO to meet in front of Vicksburg High School at 8:45 a.m. WHO: Capt. Willie Hutchinson, U.S. Army, 579th Engineer Detachment (FEST-M) Vicksburg High School Students WHEN: Thursday, November 5, 2009 at 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. WHERE: Vicksburg High School, 3701 Drummond St, Vicksburg, MS 39180-5299
About the 579th Engineer Detachment (FEST-M) The 579th Engineer Detachment (FEST-M) is a 36-member team capable of rapidly deploying to provide sustained U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) contract construction and engineering execution capabilities in support of Department of Defense and other Federal Agencies during war, military contingencies and disaster relief operations. Find out more about the FEST-M at www.mvd.usace.army.mil/579festm.

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U.S. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS – 579TH ENGINEER DETACHMENT (FEST-M) 4155 Clay Street, Suite 120, Vicksburg, Mississippi 39183-3435 www.mvd.usace.army.mil/579festm

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