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579th Engineer Detachment (FEST-M) Global Support

FEST-M comes together during the holidays

by Mark Abueg
VICKSBURG, Miss. (Dec. 17, 2009) – The 579th Engineer Detachment
(FEST-M) and its family members took a break from daily operations and held
their holiday luncheon yesterday here at the unit office inside the Vicksburg
District building. This was the first unit function since the unit’s reactivation in
late 2007.

“I’m happy to see us all together during this time of the year, especially when
we have all the training to prepare for our upcoming overseas contingency
operation,” said Lt. Col. Sam Jaynes, commander of the 579th Engineer
Detachment (FEST-M). “It takes a special kind of person to get ready and go do
what we’re going to do. Not everyone can do it.” Unit personnel and family members of the 579th Engineer
Detachment (FEST-M) enjoy the holidays with a lineup of
appetizers, entrees and desserts. (Photo by Mark Abueg)
According to Jaynes, 23 of the authorized 27 civilian slots have been committed
to within the last 90 days.

“That’s been done by a lot of hard work by the team,” Jaynes added. “It’s an extraordinary effort.”

Along with the dedication made by current and future FEST-M employees, Jaynes is quick to point out that the
family members are an integral component of the FEST-M unit.

“I want to thank all the families for letting their members be a part of the team and giving them a home to come back
to when our mission is complete,” Jaynes included. “Their support and dedication have been influential in making
the FEST-M possible.”


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