28-September28-September-2010 Statement from FWUBC concern about arriving of Burmese refugees in Japan (1) First of all, we would

like to thank Japanese government and Japanese people for accepting refugees from Burma (Myanmar) under the military junta. (2)We welcome our brothers and sisters refugees from Burma (Myanmar). We will help them by any means. (3)We want to explain that without solving problems inside Burma politically, refugee problems in Burma will not end .It is already two millions internally displaced people inside Burma , if we cannot solve the problem immediately, Burma will become the biggest exporter of refugee in the world in near future. (4)We also believe that Japan is sending the message to Burma military regime without telling any word that Japan does not believe that coming 7 November elections is the answer to the political and ethnic problems in Burma under current conditions by accepting Burmese refugees in this particular time. (5)We also want to explain that coming 7 November elections based on 2008 constitution (This is written single handedly by military junta’s cronies to form puppet civilian government under military control) is not the answer to Burmese people’s desire for democracy, peace and equality among ethnic nationalities. (6)Burmese military regime has been committing (a)Human rights violations (b)War (b)War crimes (c)Genocides (c)Genocides systematically ,brutally and ruthlessly for a long times. (7)So we would like to ask Japanese government Burma, to accept more refugees form Burma, pressure the Burmese regime more( including selected sanctions) support to form the committee in United Nations violations in Burma. do not accept the 7 November election results. FWUBC Federation of Workers’ Union of Burmese Citizens(in Japan) Contacts- Phone Hlaing-vice president-FWUBC-662-90-5318-5054 Myint Swe -General Secretary-FWUBC-662-80-4005-7098 to investigate human rights

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