The focal point is a girl slightly off centre, and your eye is instantly drawn to her because she

is illuminated by the light in the corner. Everyone else in the poster is half hidden in the shadows, which is intriguing because you want to know why she is so important.

The boy in the corner is slightly out of focus but also illuminated, which implies that he is linked to the girl in the storyline, but less intricately.

The environment they are in is stereotypical of many people ideas of “wild” teenagers, because of the connotations of casual sex and drug and alcohol use. The lighting is very dim, and the colours are fairly muted, which adds a sense of mystery to the poster. There are odd bits which are brightly coloured, for example the green bra and the purple titles.

The setting is quite drab and derelict, as are the few bits of costume – for example, the girl’s stockings are ripped – and the other people in the poster are in various states of undress. This implies the nature of the storyline and is likely to appeal to the target audience of teenagers and young adults, because it is shocking.

The girls nails are painted red, a colour with both sexual and violent connotations. Either can be applied to the poster, because of the obviously sexual scene and the state of the room itself.

The girl in the focal point’s makeup is running down her face as if she has been crying – her appearance can be seen as mirroring the state of the room as if her heart has been torn and neglected too.

The way the title of the show, the time and the TV channel is shown is quite unique, and because of this is likely to be remembered. It makes use of block text and the purple is one of the brightest parts of the poster, meaning attention is drawn to it. Also, the way is is crumpled and ripped fits in with the scene.

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