Jeff Vankooten

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As much as we might wish it, our world is not getting any simpler or easier to understand. The changes are just too prolific. The stress and strain of change in business and in life can often get the upper hand.
"Jeff's training has brought back the fire in my heart to get back up and continue what I know I need to do. This was a new start to a fresh new beginning. Better than I ever expected!" -Kayla Bergholz, Actor - Writer - Model - Speaker

For over 25 years Jeff has spoken to audiences large and small in every industry to unleash their potential to lead through the changes of life. He shows how to richly relate to one another as allies, how to bounce back from challenges with mental fortitude, and the importance of potent communication and vibrant imagination in any change initiative. The founder of Mazeway, a research organization studying leadership and change, he is the author of three books, most recently Greatalk! Pithy pieces of advice for effective presentations. Jeff offers practical and inspiring talks on... • How to increase employee morale and decrease turnover • How to get your employees, co-workers and others to work with a much higher purpose • Learning to communicate effectively during conflict • How to clearly express ideas to galvanize action in others • The importance of creative thinking to move a business forward • How to relate to customers from a different age group than yourself Jeffʼs expertise comes from real world experiences as a business consultant, entrepreneur, graduate student, high school teacher, pastor, parent, and learner. Because heʼs had 25 years experience from the platform, and because heʼs just downright funny, Jeff will cause you both to laugh and to learn. “Out of a possible score of 5 in three categories, (objectives, work of presenter, & met my expectations), you scored 4.8, 4.8, and 4.7, respectively. One person even gave you 5+, 5+, and 5+!” -Lisa Mull, Conference Coordinator

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