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Occhipinti For Council October 1,2010 Dear Neighbor, My name is Tim Occhipinti.'m writing you today because I want to introduce myself. 'm a graduate of the University of Virginia, where I was actively involved with Habitat for Humanity. In 2009, | founded Hoboken Volunteers, a non-profit organization providing an ‘online clearinghouse where local residents can connect with organizations, foundations, and groups who require the assistance of volunteers. Through this organization, my goal is to strengthen the community of Hoboken by making it easier for residents to donate their valuable time to worthwhile organizations. Currently, | work in information technology for an asset management company. Additionally, | am an active member of the Hoboken Boys & Girls Club Advisory Board. ‘Two summers ago, | helped lead the charge to open the only outdoor public pool when ‘ity funds-had-eliminated the program. Through fundraising and actively engaging the City Council, the Advisory Board was successful in opening the pool for the summer program for the children, But most importantly, ike you, I'm a concerned resident of the 4th Ward. Politically speaking, 'm an outsider | have no prior experience as an elected official, nor have | ever worked in government. However, | cannot idly stand-by while our representative in City Hall speaks for the other parts of the city, and not us. t'm running for council because I have the commiement, the energy, and the skils to improve Hoboken. My campaign is based on lowering taxes, keeping our ward safe, and providing family friendly services to our community. | have detailed my vision for Hoboken on my campaign blog, Most importantly, I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you to discuss how I can best serve your needs. Over the course of my life and career, | have learned a commitment to excellence, a willingness to listen to differing opinions to achieve a common goal, and have learned to ‘make the right decisions in the face of adversity.| believe our ward needs more attention from City Hall and more action and accountability from our representatives. Results ‘count in the private sector: Not excuses.The same should ring true for City Hall. ‘Tm an independent candidate committed to all residents of the 4th Ward. | intend wo ‘uphold all my duties as an elected official and put our ward first I believe the greatest reward one can hope to achieve is to serve public office with honor and integrity . By combining balance, progress, and innovation we can meet the challenges and needs of all 4th Ward constituents, ‘As you think about this election on November 2nd, | encourage you to visit my website and | hope you will consider lending me your vote and allowing me to serve as your next 4th Ward Councilman. ae al Tim Occhipinti Your IndependentVoice for the 4th Ward