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(Illinois Education Association – NEA

Issue: School Funding

Sen. Bill Brady – Jason Plummer Gov. Pat Quinn – Sheila Simon
Oppose any increase in personal or
corporate income tax Support increasing state revenue
through personal and corporate income tax
Oppose “progressive” tax system
based on ability to pay Support “progressive tax system

Support tax cuts and elimination of

fees, further reducing revenue available for Support property tax relief and an
education increase in personal exemption for individuals

Issue: Pensions
Brady – Plummer Quinn – Simon

Support replacing the current pension Support full funding.

system with a defined contribution funded
ONLY by systems’ employees

Support reduced retirement benefits for Oppose any reduction of current

current employees employee retirement benefits

Support funding the five retirement Oppose a defined contribution plan for
systems but only by using current revenues state employees

Issue: Labor
Brady – Plummer Quinn – Simon

Support Illinois becoming a “right to Fully support the Collective Bargaining

work” state Act

Would bar collective bargaining and Support Illinois’ minimum wage at the
strikes current level

Support reduction of Illinois’ minimum Declared a Proclamation for Equal Pay

wage Day, April 20, 2010

Oppose law mandating equal pay for

men and women

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