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Pataki for Altschuler

Pataki for Altschuler

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Published by Celeste Katz

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Published by: Celeste Katz on Oct 06, 2010
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PATAKI ENDORSES RANDY ALTSCHULER Pataki: Altschuler is the Type of Leader that Our State and Nation Need Randy Altschuler, an independent, self-made businessman and the Republican/Conservative nominee for Congress (NY-1), was endorsed today by former New York State Governor George E. Pataki, who served three terms as governor. Governor Pataki said, "As a successful private citizen who is stepping up to help our state and nation overcome significant challenges, Randy Altschuler is the type of leader that we need and I am proud to support him. Randy's experience in the private sector has taught him that the only way to jump-start our economy is to rein in spending and cut taxes, regulations and redtape so that businesses large and small can reinvest, expand and create good paying jobs for hardworking Americans. He understands that the big spending, high taxing policies of Obama, Pelosi and Reid are failing our nation. "Randy Altschuler is not a career politician. He's a private citizen who, like millions of Americans across our country, has had enough of the big government agenda in Washington. In Congress, Randy will fight to cut the deficit, end out-of-control spending, repeal Obama-care and support a strong national defense and a Homeland Security Department with the resources it takes to protect New Yorkers in this age of global terror. Randy Altschuler will be a great Congressman for Suffolk County and the State of New York." Randy Altschuler said, "It's a great honor to be endorsed by Governor Pataki. His leadership in Albany is sorely missed. Governor Pataki and I share a firm belief in the Republican principles of lower taxes, less spending and less debt. We also share a belief that New York is the Empire State, where we all can truly achieve the American Dream. His endorsement means a great deal to me and he has my word that I will fight tirelessly in Washington for the people of the 1st Congressional District and the State of New York." ###

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