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April 12, 1927.





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Edwin H Colpitis.


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Paten,~ed Apr. 12,1927.



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Application 1lleet l!'ebruary 1,1918. .Serial lfo.·214,9'11,

1~ is known that a" vacuum tube of the oscillations of any' frequency, depending audion ty~emay be empl<,>yedas a generator .uponthe .val~es of inductance and capacity 5S'

of oscillations of any desired frequency by -m the oscillating CIrCUlt. . ,

pr.0viding a tuned circuit sllitably asso~iated The operation of the system may be ex- .

6 WIth the tube CIrCUIts, usuallj' called input plained as follows: _

and output circuits. In previous generators Assume that a slight disturbance is im-

,the coupling between the input and output pressed upon the grid 9;. Corresponding 60 circuits has been electro-magnetic. 1nac- changes but of greater amplitude will then cordance with this invention, the eouplings occur in the output circuit current from the

10 between the input circuit and the OSCUlation source of voltage 11. Due to the mutual circuit' and between the output circuit and capacity reactance 13 between the output the oscillation circuit are made electrostatic. circuit and. the oscillating circuit,' these cur- 65 Some of the advantages of this arrangement rent changes in the output circuit will set are herein enumerated. One advantage of up oscillations in the oscillatingcireuit of

16 this form of. generator is that the gellera- a. period determined by the amount of in- . tion of oscillations' of a frequency not deter- ductance and capacity in the circuit. The mined by the period of the tuned circuit is current in the oscillating circuit will create 70 prevented. Ariother advantage is that it en- an alternating current voltage drop across ables the generator tobe-connected to an the terminals of the condenser 16, and since

, 20 antenna in a. transmitting system without this condenser is common to both the input causing a~'y part ~f the generator 'to. be circuit and the oscillating 'circuit, the altershort-circuited. TP..IS and, o~her n.ovel ad- natmg .: voltage WIll be Impressed. between 76 vantages WIll be most readily understood the grid 9 and the filament 7. ThIS voltage by reference to the following detailed de- will then cause corresponding current va ..

. 13 scription taken, in connection, with theac- riations in the output circuit as explained

. companying drawings, in which Fig. 1 rep- above, so that. the cycle of operations will ' resents one form of the generator of this be repeated and' the tube will be caused to 80 invention; Fig. 2 is a modification of Fig. 1; generate oscillations of constant amplitude and Fig. 3 Illustrates how the generator may and ofa frequency determined by the tuning

30 be associated with a' transmitting antenna. of the oscillating circuit.. . These oscillations

Referring to Fig. 1, 6 is an evacuated mav be impressed in any suitable manner, vessel of the audion type containing a fila- as by a-transformer 22, upon a work_circuit 86 ment 7, an anode 8, and a grid or im- 23, whereby the oscillations may be empedance varying element 9. In the output ployed for any of the well-known uses of

3G circuit of the vessel is included Ii source of an alternating current.

voltage 11, shunted by a condenser 13. This A choke coil may be inserted in, the output '

~urc~ of voltage, for the arrange.ment shown' circuit in series with the battery 11. topre.- 90 in this figure, should preferably be of such, vent an eXCeSSIve amount of alternating CUI"impedance for the frequencies generated rent from being shunted around the con-

40 that no appreciable short-circuiting of ca- denser 13. - The high resistance 17 is prop.aeity ~3. results therefrom. .Tn the input vided. between the grid and the filament to Clr~Ult IS mcluded. a capaCIty 16 and a high per.mIt the leakage of any excess charge ~5 resistance ,17whlCh . In the arrangement which may tend to accumulate on the grid shown is in shunt to the capacity. Suitably. and block the action . of the tube.,. '

4G connected to the input and output circuits It has been found that one of the dis-

is an. inductance 20, which cooperates with advantages to the operation of oscillation

the condensers 13 and 16to form an oscilla- generators, is that" due to -the electrostatic ,100 tory circuit.' A stoppingcondenser 21 of relation between the grid and anode. of a large capacit;y is plac~ in this circuit ~o vacuum tube, the~e, 1sa ten~en~y of the tube

'10 prevent the. Ro~ . of direct current. ThIS to generate undesirable oscillations C!f ,a fre~ o~illatin.g Clrc~t l~ coupled to ~oth the out- qu~ncy .deter!D. in~dby the tuning cO.l1. III the P'9t~nd mput CIrCUltS. of the vessel, where~y oscl~latIllg clrcUltand. by the efIecbve ca- 101 the v~l may function as a generator. of paCIty between tpegrld and anode. Such

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undesirable oscillations are prevented in an ment for controlling the current between the oscillator of the type embodied in this in- electrodes. The circuit arrangements shown vention, since oscillations that would tend and described are merely by way of example to be set up by the circuit composed of the and are not intended to limit the invention,

G inductance 20 and. of the electrostatic ca- which is defined in the claims, nor is the 70 pacity between the· anode 8 .and grid 9 illustration of one form of signaling system' would be short-circuited by the capacities intended to suggest- any limitation as to the

13 and 16 which are very much larger in field of utility of the invention, which is value than the effective capacity between the capable of various applications.

10 grid and anode. .: .. What is claimed is: '111

Fig. 2 is a modification of Fig. 1 in which 1. Means for generating oscillations and'

the circnit arrangement is such that the transmitting them to a work circuit, comprisstopping condenser 21 and the resistance 17 ing an evacuated vessel having an input may be omitted. This· is accomplished by circuit and an output circuit, and an oseillat-

15 placing the battery 11 between the junction ing circuit including separate means for. as- 80 point .of branches 24 and 25 and the anode. sociating said oscillating circuit electrostatThe presence of resistance 17 is unnecessary ically separately with said input and outbecause there is a direct current path from put circuits.

the grid to the filament through inductance 2. Iii. combination, a work circuit, means _.

20 20 and choke coil 12. for generating oscillations and transmitting 8"

Fig. 3 illustrates how the capacity of a. the generated oscillations to said work cirtransmitting antenna may be substituted. for cuit, comprising an evacuated vessel havone of the condensers of the oscillator sys- ing an input and an output circuit,and an tem without in anywise interfering with the oscillating circuit, said input arid output cir-

25 operation or efficiency of the oscillator by cuits each having a capacity common thereto 00 short-circuiting any part of the appara- and to said oscillating circuit.

tus, as would be the case in oscillators of 3. A generating system comprising a disother types. Herein the antenna capacity, as charge device having an input circuit, an shown, has been substituted for the con- output circuit and an oscillation circuit con-

3(1 denser 13 ofFig, 1. This is accomplished by" nected thereto, said oscillation circuit in- f& grounding filament 7 at the point 27 and by eluding separate means for connecting said connecting the antenna 28 to the anode 8. oscillation circuit electrostatically separately The antenna is shown to be composed of a with saidinput and output circuits.

plurality of parts, 33, 34 and 35, either or 4. A system for convertinz electrjcal)(lo

35 all of which may be connected to the sys- energy into the energy of oscUlating curtem by the switch 36, thereby providing rents comprising an oscillatory circuit in means whereby the capacity of the antenna which oscillations are to be produced, an with respect to earth may be varied. Or. electron discharge device having input and

the veriod of oscillation may be varied by output circuits, said input and output cir- 10$

(II varymg the amount of effective inductance cuits each including in common WIth said in coil 20, the other coil of transformer 30 oscillatory circuit a capacity external to said

being simultaneously varied if desired. The device. . .

system oscillates in the same manner as de- 5. Means for generating oscillations, com-

45 scribed. above' and oscillations of a prede- prising' an evacuated vessel containing a 110 termined frequency are radiated by the cathode, an anode and a third electrode, and antenna. The amplitude of the oscillations an oscillating circuit having a capacitatively

of the antenna may be varied in any well- reactive path between said third electrode known manner in accordance with signals and said cathode and a separate capacita-

60 that are to be transmitted. One way of ac- tively reactive path between said anode and 115 complishing this is to employ the inductance said cathode.

20 as the secondary of a transformer 30, the 6. Means for generating oscillations, comprimary coil of which is associated with a prising ,an evacuated vessel containing a transmitting device 32. With this arrange- cathoJe, an anode and a third electrode; and

65 ment the amplitude of the oscillations in an oscillating 'circuit containing a capacity 126 the antenna will be varied in accordance with between said third electrode and said oath-

. the movements of the diaphragm-of trans- ode, and a capacity between said anode.and mittel' 32. The system will then act as a 1said cathode, and a shunt around said caradiating system for the signals it is desiredpacities including an inductance.

60 to transmit. .. 7. Means for generating oscillations, com- 126

This invention is not limited to use with prising a discharge device having a cathode, any particular kind of discharge device, it an anode and an impedance varying r elemerely being essential that a discharge de-· ment ; an oscillating CIrcuit having the two vice be. used which has a cathode, an anode said electrodes and the impedance varying

... and some kind ofan impedance-varying ele- element connected each to a. different poi_nt 110

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thereof a source of voltage and a path from to said coupling reactance, a second reactsaid cathode to said anode for the direct ance opposite in kind, to said coupling reactcurrent therefrom, exclusive of said oscil- ance and in effective shunt to at least a porlatory circuit. ' tion of said coupling reactance, and a radiat-

'5 ,8. Means for generating oscillations and ing .element, said coupling, react!ln~e com- 70 transmitting them toa work prlsmg the reactance of said radiating ele-:

prising a discharge device having a cathode, ment. .,'

an anode and an impedance varying ele- 14. A,n oscillation generator comprising ment, and a, path between said impedance an o*cillation circuit and a discharge device

10 varying element and said anode having two having an anode, a cathode and an imped- 75 portions, the reactance of each portion ofance varying element; a path between .said ' which decreases with increase in the fre- anode and said cathode, a capacity reactquency, each of said portions being included ancecommon to said path and said circuit, between the cathode and a different one ofa second path between said impedancevary-

, Hi the other mentioned electrodes, said path as ing element and said cathode, a second ca- ~ a whole, forming part-of a closed oscillatolY pacity reactance common to said second path circuit. and said circuit, a third path between said

9. An oscillation generator comprising an impedance varying element and said anode, evacuated vessel containing it cathode, an, and an inductive reactance common to said

20 anode and a third electrode, a source of volt- third path and said circuit., 85

age, a path between said cathode and said 15. A system comprising an electron disanode for the direct current therefrom; a charge device, an electron emittingcathode, circuit composed substantially entirely of all 'anode and an impedance varying means inductive reactance connected between said constituting elements of said device; a.cir-

:!;) third electrode and said anode, and a ca- cuit in which oscillations are to be generated 90 pacitatively reactive path between said third comprising an inductance and a plurality of electrode and said anode to whjoh thecath- condensers, in series included in a circuit ode is connected at an intermediate point. between two of said elements, and a separate

10. An oscillation generator comprising a connection' from a point intermediate said

30 discharge device having a cathode, an anode condensers to the other of said elements, 95

and an impedance varying' element..a source . 16. A signal transmission system comvri~ ..

of voltage and a path between saidcathode mg an antenna circuit havmg a thermionic and said anode for the direct current there-discharge device connected thereto, ail anode, from, and an impedance' path between said an electron emitting cathode and a control

:;;) anode and said impedance varying element element for said device'; an inductance and ,100 the impedance of whieh idecreases ~th in-a capacity in said antenna circuit; leads from crease m frequency, said .eathodebeing con- said anode, cathode and control element renected to an electrically intermediate point spectively to said antenna circuit" at least

of said path, said path as a whole forming a portion of said inductance being included

41) part of a series oscillating circuit. between said anode and control-element 105

11. An oscillation generator comprising, a leads, and said capacity being included bedischarge device having an input and an' tween said cathode and . control element output cireuit, an oscillating circuit com- leads.

prising a cap~city which is common thereto 17. A signal transmitting systenicompris-

4:) and to said input' circuit, a capacity which ing an antenna circuit having a thermionic 110 is common thereto and to said output cir- discharge device connected thereto, .~ anode, cuit, and an inductance shunting said ca-a cathode and a control element ror said pacities, one of said capacities consisting of device; an inductance and a capacity in said

the capacity of a radiating antenna. antenna circuit; leads' from said anode,

50 12. An oscillation generator comprising a cathode and control element respectively to 111

discharge device.having a cathode, an anode said antenna circuit, at least a portion of and .an impedance varying element, a ca- said inductance being included between said pacity between said cathode and anode com- anode and control element leads, said caprising a radiating antenna, a capacity be- pacity being included between said cathode

55 tween said impedance varying element and and control element . leads, . and the capaGity 120 " said cathode, and an oscillatory circuit, said in said . antenna being included between said :capacities constituting elements of said os- anode'and cathode .Ieads,

cillating circuit.' .~' , -, 18., An oscillation 'generator comprising

13. An'oscilllltion generatorcomprising a. an oscillating circuit and a discharge device (lOdischarg~ device' having .an .anode, a cathode ,hilviIig. a cathode, an. anode and animped- 121 , 'and an IJ.)1~dancevIlrYlllg element, a cou- ancevarym~ element, Impedance pathS bepIing r:e!l;c~ance1 a lead. from said cathode t,,:een said IJ.)1pedancevani~g element and

to a POlJ').tJ,llSald couplmgreactance, a.lead said cathode and between said cathode and

es from said.ailo~e~o saidcoupling reactance, said anode therellctance of each of which is = • • lead fro~ saidimpedance vurymgelementcapacltatlve at the freq~ency generated by

. . ~ '. '. .

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said generator, each of said paths forming . said device, one of said capacities being 80 35 a different part of the same series oscillating connected to a circuit between said anode and circuit. cathode as to introduce capacitative reae-

19. AIl oscillation generator comprising tance tnereinto, and another of said capaci-

I a. discharge device, elements of said device ties being so related to the circuit ,between being an anode, a cathode, and an impedance said impeusnce varying element and said 40 varymg means, a branched path between two cathode so .as to introduce capacitative re-

of said elements, one branch of said path actance thereinto.

being inductively reactive at the generated 22 . .An oscillation ~enerator comprising

lOfrequency, another branch, and a connection a discharge device having an anode, a csth-

· between said third element and an interme- ode and-an impedance varying element, a 46, diatepoint of said other branch, the por- circuit arrangement including a plurality of / tiona of said other branch between said in- capacities coupled to said device for detertermediate point arid said two of said ele- mining the frequency of oscillations and

11 ments each being capacitatively reactive at . wherein oscillations are to be produced, one

the generatedfrequency, of said capacities being included-in a circuit GO

20. .An oscillation generator comprising between said cathode and impedance varying

a. discharge device, an anode, a cathode, and element, and the other of said capacities bean impedance varying element for said de- ing effectively in series with respect to the

• vice, a circuit comprising an inductance and circuit between said anode and said cathode.

R plurality of capacities, a connection from 23. In an electrical signaling system, an H

a point in said circuit between two of said evacuated ve.:sel containing two cold and capacities to said cathode, a connection from one hot electrode, an oscillating circuit comthe opposite terminal of one of said ca- prising an inductance and a plurality of con-

• pacities to said element, and a conductive densers in series connected across- the termiconnection from said anode to said cathode, nals thereof, connected across said cold elec- 80 said connection including a source of elec- trodes, and a separate connection between tromotive force.,· all of said condensers and said hot elee-

, . 21. An oscillation generator comprising trode.

• a discharge device, an anode, a cathode, and In witness whereof,! hereunto subscribe

anImpedance varying element for said de- my name this 18th day of January, A. D. 6a

vice, and a circuit arrangement coupled to 1918. .

S!liddevice. inclu~i~ a plurality of capaci-

ties wherein oscillations are generated by EDWIN H. COLPI'ITS.

Digitized by Coogle