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1. What is a definition of average speed?

– Average speed is the distance covered divided by the time of travel.

2. What are the factors that affect the speed of falling dominoes?
- The spacing between the dominoes, the push added, the weight of the dominoes,
and the total length of the dominoes are all factors that affect the speed of falling

3. Why is the average speed at which dominoes fall needed, instead of

instantaneous speed? –The average speed is needed because it indicates the speed
that may have took place during most of the trip, unlike the instantaneous speed
that indicates all the variations in speed. Its not necessary to time the speed
between each spacing!

4. From your graph, what was the maximum toppling speed?

- 70 cm/s

5. Which spacing between dominoes resulted in the greatest toppling speed?

- The spacing of 2 cm resulted in my greatest toppling speed.

6. At the maximum toppling speed of the row of dominoes, what is the length of a
row of dominoes that would be required to make a string that takes 1 minute to

7. Can you explain why the curve on your graph has the shape that it does?
- The curve on my graph is not entirely rising or decreasing. I suppose that the
curve has to do with the push my partner and I forced on the dominoes. Perhaps,
we pushed a little to hard compared to the other times, which affected the time of
the falling dominoes.