Physical Quantities N.T.S.


Physical Quantities

• The quantities which are used in Physics and have some measurement are called as Physical Quantities. • Types of Physical quantities
1. Fundamental / Basic Physical Quantities 2. Derived Physical Quantities 3. Supplementary Physical Quantities

• Fundamental Physical Quantities These Physical Quantities are 7 in number. 1. Mass (Kilogram) 2. Length (meter) 3. Time (seconds) 4. Temperature (Kelvin) 5. Electric Current (Ampere) 6. Luminous Intensity (Candela) 7. Amount of Substance (Mole) • Derived Physical Quantities They are the quantities that have been derived from Fundamental Physical Quantities.
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Physical Quantities N.T.S.E

For Example 1. Area = Length * Breadth 2. Speed = Distance (Length) /Time 3. Acceleration = (Speed) Velocity/Time 4. Force = Mass * Acceleration 5. Work = Force * Displacement (Distance)

• SYSTEM OF UNITS 1. C.G.S. System (Centimeter, Gram, Second) 2. F.P.S. System (Foot, Pound, Second)
3. M.F.S. (Meter, Kilogram , Second)

4. S.I. System or the International System of Units (System De’ International) is also known as the rationalized M.K.S. System.

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