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The Once and Future King- A Continuation of the Story of Gawaine

When Gawaine and his brothers went to England with their mother that yea
r, only one of them would return home with her, Gareth. Morgause, their mother,
had thrown a fit over them all wanting to stay at court and study to become knig
hts for Arthur, but had eventually gave in to letting them all stay but Gareth.
She could not give up her baby just yet.
Gawaine was the oldest of the three who stayed at court as a page, and t
herefore he was bunked apart from the other two. He missed staying up late and t
elling stories with his brothers, but he enjoyed the other young pages company a
s well. They would stay up as long as their weary selves could manage and compar
e the days injuries.
Days as a page were fun, but he would soon become a squire. He quickly l
earned that being a page was easy, but as a squire you no longer were in control
of what you wanted to do. He could not run off and talk to his brothers or diss
apear into the town for a while to talk to all of the interesting pople there. O
verall, being a squire wasn't too bad. It only meant he was one step closer to b
eing a knight; therefore, he was one step closer to being able to exact revenge
upon Arthur Pendragon for all of his mother's worries.
Of course, that was how all of this had started. The minute Gawaine had
arrived in court, he had wanted nothing but to get at Arthur. Unfortunatly, as K
ing, Arthur was always being guarded by some knight or another. The only way one
seemed to be able to get at him was by issuing a personal challenge, but only a
full fledged knight could issue a personal challenge. That's when the plan to b
ecome a knight himself formulated in his little mind. He would only have to be p
atient for a few years.....
Those few years lasted over 7 years, and during that time, Gawaine learn
ed a lot. He eventually deduced from Merlin that the entire story he had come to
believe about his grand-mother wasn't completely true. He also learned a lot mo
re about Arthur and his efforts of the round table. Though Gawaine didn't agree
with all of the methods Arthur wanted to introduce, he had trouble maintaining h
is original grudge against Arthur.