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Rules #3: How to Begin Living a Karma-Free Life This Way to the Great Egress While you are on the Earth plane, you are living in the worlds of reincarnation and karma. You come back again and again strapped to the proverbial "Wheel of 84" - the wheel of births and deaths. The wheels continue to spin - around and around - until you have learned all that life has to teach you. Yet, you can step out... You can begin to live a life as free of karma as possible by following these "simple rules": 1> I LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF JUST AS I AM RIGHT NOW This Earth would be a better place if everyone could simply and truly love themselves right now just as they are. And I mean NOW not later when you would be more like one thing or less like another. The truth is you are always growing and becoming "different". So if you find it difficult to love yourself at this moment, remember that God made you and He does not make mistakes or junk. Most of the "problems" in the world are caused by those who do not and cannot love themselves. For a person can only love others to the extent that they love themselves. When a person hates themself, they hate others. It is this hatred that makes it possible for the unloved person to do violence to themselves and to others in the process creating "bad" karma. The truth is that love is always the answer for any question that is posed here on Earth. 2> I GIVE THANKS FOR ALL THE MANY BLESSINGS OF MY LIFE Everyone is blessed somehow: with compassion, wisdom, talents, health, or strength to name a few. Notice that the greatest blessings come in the form of personal attributes that God has given you "for free" right from the start. It is the attitude of gratitude that continues to cause the blessings of life to flow to you abundantly from God. Just as when you say "Thank You" to someone, it motivates them to help you even more, it causes the universe to do the same a thousandfold. 3> I TRUST IN THE PERFECTION OF THE PROCESS/FLOW OF LIFE

Life is perfect... relative to you learning the lessons you came down here to learn. Right now you are where you need to be to learn what you need to know. If you want to go to a better place, then master where you are now. For once you are complete with a lesson, an experience, or a person, the "process and flow of life" will automatically take you to the next best person, place, or thing. 4> I CREATE PEACE AND HARMONY WITHIN AND AROUND ME If you want to create peace and harmony in your world, then you must let it begin with you. If a critical mass of people just focused on creating personal peace, the world will automatically be uplifted. Just as the "journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step", world peace begins with you finding the contentment and peace inside yourself that God meant you to have. 5> I HONOR THE DIVINITY IN ALL PEOPLE AND THINGS Everyone you encounter is holy because they are a child of God. Everywhere you go is holy ground because God made it. So treat people and things accordingly and life will open up to you. Always remember that you are a child of God and are yourself holy. When you honor the sacredness of all people and things, then applying the Golden Rule - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" - works. If everyone did this, then Earth would truly be the paradise God intended. 6> I ALWAYS MY UTMOST FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL When you do "your utmost for God's Highest", you are expressing an attribute of God. When you do your best and act for the highest good of all concerned, you automatically create a karma free space for your actions. You are opening your Crown Chakra to receive Divine, pure, loving, and healing energy because you are expressing your true Divine Core Essence. 7> I ALLOW MY DIVINITY TO SURROUND AND SUPPORT ME Everyone has the same three overriding missions in life. You are opening your Third Eye Chakra once you accept this as truth. Know that you will receive all you need to know and get all you need to have to carry out these common human missions as well as your unique and special purpose on this Earth. The first mission is to seek the consciousness of God moment by moment, step by step, day by day, for God is the One from whom your Mission is derived. The second mission is to make this Earth a better place every day in every way by recognizing and following the guidance of God within and around you.

The third mission is to exercise your greatest gift (that which gives you the greatest joy) wherever and whenever God calls for the purposes that God needs to have done on the Earth. 8> I ONLY SPEAK WHAT IS TRUE, NECESSARY, AND KIND More often than not, our tongues are responsible for snaring us in the ropes of karma. When you focus on speaking only what it true, necessary, and kind you put yourself in a karma free space. You are opening your Throat Chakra to transmit only what is truest and best from your spirit. What is true is always factually correct to the best of your knowledge and totally honest to the highest standards of conduct and integrity possible. What is necessary is communicating something that "must be said" so that all concerned in the situation can clear issues and blocks so that all can move forward with their lives. What is kind is how you look, how you speak, and the words you use when you convey your message. Any message - no matter how hard or unpleasant - can be delivered and received with the spirit it is intended if it is done kindly enough. 9> I AM COMPASSIONATE & LOVING TO EVERY LIVING THING If you remember nothing else from this website, remember this. We are all Soul - from rocks, to plants, to animals, to people - here on Earth to have spiritual experiences. You are opening your Heart Chakra to the greatest joy when you learn to love all as Soul and to see God in everything. 10> I ALLOW MY LIFE TO FLOW IN JOY, BLISS, AND ABUNDANCE If you are not happy, then you are not living the life that you were meant to live. When you fully and completely connect with the truest part of yourself - your Divine Core Essence which is your Higher Self - your life will flow in joy, bliss, and abundance. You are opening your Solar Plexus Chakra when you come into total agreement to allow yourself to become the full totality of who you are. 11> I AM A COWORKER IN THE MAJESTY OF GOD'S CREATION If you think about your three missions and your special purpose in life, you realize that it all boils down to one thing: you are simply a CoWorker with God in the majesty of His Creation. You are opening your Sacral Chakra to connect with your personal power once you have accepted this fact. 12> I EXIST BECAUSE I AM DEEPLY LOVED BY GOD Karma begins and ends with love. Karma was created to propel you as Soul on a personal journey through the universe. Karma ends when you have perfected yourself in your ability to love. You are opening your Root Chakra when you receive "sex, money, and power". "Sex" gets you to connect with another in love so you can connect with God's love. "Money" is God's love in form to support you on this Earth. "Power" is the ability to carry out your mission and purpose.

Credits: from "Mahanta Transcripts" by Sri Harold Klemp, "Learning to Love the Self" by
Elsie Kerns, "How to Find Your Mission in Life" by Richard Bolles and "Reiki Principles" and channeled information

Rules #16: Your Karma Will Run Over Your Dogma: How Karma Works Sooner or Later, You're Dancin' With the Reaper We are Karma Chameleons. While on Earth, you are living in the worlds of reincarnation and karma. Believe it or not, karma begins & ends with love. Karma begins to propel you as Soul on a personal journey through the universe. Karma ends when you have perfected yourself in your ability to love. So What is Karma? As Soul you are eternal. You have past, present, and future lives. To grow in love, joy, and awareness, you reincarnate into a series of physical bodies to experience different existences. You have been or will be both sexes and all races, religions, and ethnic types throughout many lifetimes. Karma Defined: Karma means that "as you sow, so also shall you reap" in this and other lifetimes until you understand the complete consequences of all your actions. Karma is the principle of cause and effect, action and reaction, total cosmic justice and personal responsibility. The 4 Different "Flavors" of Karma: There are 4 different types of karma that you are always working on:

Sanchita Karma: the accumulated result of all your actions from all your past lifetimes. This is your total cosmic debt. Every moment of every day either you are adding to it or you are reducing this cosmic debt. Prarabdha Karma: the portion of your "sanchita" karma being worked on in the present life. If you work down your agreed upon debt in this lifetime, then more past debts surface to be worked on. Agami Karma: the portion of actions in the present life that add to your "sanchita" karma. If you fail to work off your debt, then more debts are added to "sanchita" karma and are sent to future lives.

Kriyamana Karma: daily, instant karma created in this life that is worked off immediately. These are debts that are created and worked off - ie. you do wrong, you get caught and you spend time in jail

"Resistance is Futile": As Soul, you experience a constant cycle of births and deaths into a series of bodies until you have learned all the spiritual lessons that the totality of all experiences have to teach you. Until you have learned, you will find that "resistance" to the rules of karma is "futile".

The Rules of Karma Governing Life on Earth

#1: KARMA TEACHES BY EXPERIENCE AND NOT TO PUNISH Although it may often "feel" like punishment, the purpose of karma is to teach not to punish. Often the way we learn "the best" is to endure the same type of suffering that we have inflicted on others. For example, I remember little of my life as a City Commander in ancient Constantinople where I killed many without mercy, often with little justification. Yet, I remember vividly the life where I repaid that karma by being slaughtered by an Indian during the Martin's Hundred massacre. Believe me, I learned the lesson of mercy in the final terrifying moments of the massacre. #2: WE ARE ALL HERE TO LEARN LESSONS TAUGHT BY KARMA We are all here to learn lessons as "spiritual beings in human form" (see Rules #1: For "Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience"). These lessons are designed to help us grow into greater levels of love, joy, and awareness. They teach us to "choose love at every moment", to "forgive everyone, everything", and to "live happy". Where we do not choose love, show forgiveness, teach tolerance, or display compassion, karma intervenes to put us back on the path of these lessons. Quite simply, the only way to achieve a state of karmic balance is to be love. #3: WE "FORGET" ABOUT KARMA TO SEE IF WE HAVE LEARNED Before we came, we agreed to put ourself in the path of all that is we needed to learn. Once we got here, we agreed to "forget" this. The purpose of "forgetting" is to keep us from being overwhelmed by the totality of our past while making sure that we have really learned our lessons. For example, having been a General in many lifetimes, I tended to treat others in a domineering manner. In this life, I put myself into my situations where humility would have served me better than being "the dictatorial General". Only when I overcame this "problem" and learned my lesson did I understand why I had put myself into those karmic places. #4: KARMA IS IMPERSONAL, LOGICAL, AND PREDICTABLE Karma gives you the opportunity at every moment to become open to greater levels of love and compassion. It operates impersonally: applying to everyone, all the time, no exceptions. It is very logical: what you sow is what you reap in exact and precise measure. Karma is as predictable as the laws of gravity: what is done to you is the net result of what you have done to others. #5: KARMA IS PERFECTLY FAIR AND CREATES TOTAL JUSTICE For example, there are no "innocent" people in prison, they are there for a reason. If they appear "innocent" in this life, it is because they were "guilty" in a past life and "got away with it". The "innocent" feel "cheated"

now because they cannot see the cause of this life was the effect of a past life when they were "guilty". #6: KARMA MAKES US LINK OUR ACTIONS WITH THE RESULTS The cause of this life is always the effect of a past life(s). The goal of karma is to ensure that we link our actions (the cause) with their results (the effect). "It is the loving God which helps each Soul develop it's highest spiritual potential through experience." It is our experience which teaches us the Law of Love. #7: KARMA TEACHES US TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY The goal of karma is to give you all the experiences that you need to evolve into greater levels of love, joy, awareness, and responsibility. Karma teaches that you are totally responsible for the circumstances of your life. Karma is like "training wheels". They keep you on the straight and narrow until you have mastered your vehicle and can ride freely on your own (see "Rules #14: Free Will & Karma"). #8: KARMA TEACHES US LOVE AND COMPASSION FOR ALL "See that you are at the center of the universe... Accept all things as being part of you... When you perceive that an act done to another is done to yourself... you understand the great truth." Tolerance opens the door to compassion and love. #9: KARMA DRIVES US TO WHOLENESS AND UNITY WITH LIFE Karma drives us from oneness to wholeness to unity with life. Karma forces us to look beyond ourselves (oneness) so that we can see ourselves as we truly are (wholeness or Self Realization). Once we truly understand ourselves, we can see our divinity (God Realization) and our unity with all life. #10: KARMA DRIVES US TO SERVICE AND THEN TO LOVE Karma drives us to service. Service - co-workership with God - is the ulitmate expression of love. Love means service: service is your choice. Once you accept total responsibility for your life, you see yourself as Soul in service to life. Once you do, you become a fully realized co-worker with God. #11: UNDERSTANDING KARMA IS THE KEY TO HARMONY "Belief in karma ought to make the life pure, strong, serene, and glad. Only our own deeds can hinder us; only our own will can fetter us. Once let us recognize this truth, and our liberation has struck. Nature cannot enslave the Soul that by wisdom has gained power and uses both in love." #12: FOR ANY QUESTION, LOVE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER Karma shows us that for any question love is the answer. "Love is our birthplace, our final refuge, and our reason for being. If we recognize that compassion and love are the ultimate destination of our journey, the heart of the universe responds." Credits: from "ECKANKAR: Ancient Wisdom for Today" by Harold Klemp, "Karma" by
Annie Besant, "Mantra: Sacred Words of Power" by Thomas Ashley-Farrand, and channeled information

Rules of the House #25: Top 10 Causes of Past Life Carry Overs

Believe it or not, the universe does respond to your commands. In some lifetime, your deepest dreams, desires, and wishes will be granted. Nowhere is this truer than in the case of these dreams, desires, and wishes being carried over from one lifetime to the future one(s). Problems result because people enter their present life have forgotten - on a conscious level - that they have chosen the difficulties they are experiencing now to resolve unfinished business from one or more past lives. The strongest charges from past lives usually come from these sources: 1> UNCOMPLETED DYING THOUGHTS, DESIRES, WISHES Dying thoughts usually carry the strongest charges from past lives into the present one: for the seed of this life is sown by and at the moment of death of a previous one. In most cases, dying thoughts concern unfinished business and unlearned lessons. The universe requires that we all carry everything until the business is finished, the lessons are learned, and the thoughts are played out. For example, a client who was a soldier in the Great War (now known as World War I), was killed after spending many harrowing months in a trench. This man's dying thought was that "if I ever get out of this trench, I am going to..." was played out in my client's next life. This individual pursued a very wild lifestyle: going through sex partners and money like there was no tomorrow (and for the man in the trench there was no tomorrow). Yet this hedonistic lifestyle was not serving my client. Once they could see where it was coming from, they were free to leave the man in the trench behind them. 2> SUDDEN AND/OR UNEXPECTED PHYSICAL DEATH Although everything happens by agreement in the universe, there are times that "misadventure" occurs and an individual "suddenly" or "unexpectedly" leaves a satisfying life situation behind them. Often, the individual chose the death before the life began. Yet, once fully engaged in the life, the person finds that they do not really wish to leave it. When death comes as planned, it is a "shock" to the person and embeds a strong desire in them to reincarnate. For example, it is quite common for a family member who has died suddenly or unexpectedly to come back into the next child that is born into the family. Often the child is named for the dead family member "unconsciously" by the parents as a "remembrance" but it is really to help that child get right back on the same life path.

3> TRAUMATIC AND/OR VIOLENT PHYSICAL DEATH The effect of a sudden, unexpected death is compounded when it is also traumatic or violent. The "tearing away" from life by violent death generates a huge desire in the individual to come "roaring right back" into a new body. The problem is that the person's fast return usually causes their horrific wounds to come back right along with them. For example, in a past life a client was slammed repeatedly and then drowned while their ship was caught in a freak storm at sea. This physical trauma was carried directly into their next life as severe lung congestion and chronic arm pain that could not be alleviated after years of traditional medical treatments. 4> TRAGIC SEPARATION FROM LOVED ONES BY DEATH Often dying thoughts and the desire to return immediately after unexpected and traumatic deaths are linked to the tragic separation from loved ones. For what we most regret about our leaving the world is how it will effect those we leave behind. We return, not to come back to the physical plane - a place full of tears and sorrow compared to the inner worlds -, but to be reunited with those that were the truest, tenderest, and dearest to us while we were on Earth. That is what the Buddhists mean by saying that our good karma "drags us back" as surely as our bad karma compels us to return. For example, that is the real reason why I am here: to be reunited with one who is everything to me. 5> UNRESOLVED FEELINGS OF ANGER & NEGATIVE EMOTIONS Hate will bring us back to the physical world sooner than love will. Unresolved feelings of anger, hate, fear, and other highly charged negative emotions from past lives are magnets to people, events, emotions, and situations in the life now. For example, a client who was severely abused as a child was shocked to discover they had abused their parent in a past life when the roles were reversed. 6> ANGER-HATE/DESIRE FOR VENGEANCE VS MURDERERS The strongest unresolved feelings of anger/hate usually relate to the uncompleted desire for revenge against those who murdered us in past lives. This undercurrent runs so strongly through us that it often appears in movies such as "Ghost", "Dead Again", "Stir of Echoes", "The Sixth Sense", "What Lies Beneath" and so on. These desires are literally what fuels the energy of poltergeists who perform After Life Interventions. For example, one client's desire for revenge lead them to track down their assassins through several lifetimes and violently murder each one in turn… talk about revenge! 7> GUILT/DESIRE TO COMPLETE A TASK/KEEP A PROMISE

The strongest unresolved feelings of guilt usually relate to the determination to complete a task left undone or to keep a solemn promise made to a loved one in a previous life. For example, a client met a man who literally swept her off her feet in a whirlwind romance. Before she knew it, he took over her whole life and was threatening to smother her with over protectiveness. As it turned out, his reckless actions in a previous life had "accidentally" led to his death and in this life he was "bound and determined" to keep a promise he had made long ago to return and protect her! 8> FEAR/DESIRE TO "PUT RIGHT WHAT ONCE WENT WRONG" The strongest unresolved feelings of fear almost always relate to the determination to "get it right this time - finally!" Often this springs from many failed attempts in past lives to accomplish an elusive spiritual goal. The repeated failures in the past and the fear of repeating the failure in the present life is what sets up the karma. For example, a client had a fatal attraction for an individual that was sudden, overwhelming, and inexplicable in the context of the current lifetime. As it was threatening to derail both their lives now, they needed to understand where it was coming from. It came from a past life where the people involved were executed together and vowed "in the life to come" to "put right what once had gone wrong". With the understanding that past life awareness brings, they did just that! 9> UNWANTED "HISTORICAL" DREAMS/NIGHTMARES In many respects, dreams are the easiest pathway to past life awareness and understanding. That is because when a person dreaming they are in automatically in touch with the inner realms of awareness. Dreams themselves are coded messages from your Higher Self which are meant to guide you on your journey through life. For example, to understand how dreams carry past life awareness into the current life, see a client's dream led to discovery of a past life or see how a nightmare led me to this important work. 10> UNIVERSAL ALARM CLOCK: "BAD" ANNIVERSARIES" The most striking examples of past life carryovers are those which come from the universal alarm clock. The past life alarm tends to ring on the exact date of a traumatic death in a past life or when certain life events occur by bringing up a related physical ailment. For example, a client experienced severe ankle pain when they learned to drive a car because their ankle had been crushed in a chariot racing accident. Marriage, divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job: all of these can be and often are on the schedule to the past life alarm clock. So, wake up, the

universal alarm clock may be ringing for you right now to tell you that your life is calling! Credits: adapted from channeled information. Rules #37: "Walking the Minefield": Past Life Karma & Childhood Are We Effected More by Heredity (Nature) or Environment (Nurture)? It is the age old question... what effects our journey through life more heredity (nature, genetics, etc) or environment (nurture, life experience, etc)? Or could it be... the cumulative effect of all our experiences in past lives? On the side of Heredity and Nature, modern science tells us that we all are "genetically predisposed" to think and act in predefined ways. Links between genetics, disease, and behavior are becoming more firmly established all the time. So science has us believe, the fault lies not in our stars but in our cells. And yet science fails to answer why our cells formed in one way and not another. One answer to that question is that resonances from past lives carry over and determine which way our cells have formed. On the side of Environment and Nurture, modern psychotherapy tells us that most present day problems spring from the never ending bucket of "childhood issues". So everything that "happened to you in your childhood", especially if it "gives you trouble" as an adult, is the "fault of your parents". And yet science fails to answer why given the same environment do different people react differently. One answer to that question is that Souls react to the life experiences they are presented with using the cumulative learnings gained from their own unique past life journey through the universe. Bringing the Past Forward into the Present To grow in awareness, we consciously incarnate into situations that will bring us to heal unresolved pain and issues from past lives so we can advance our spiritual growth. We set the stage for the karmic drama we choose in any given lifetime by participating in experiences where our old patterns of being will no longer serve us. This brings us to new learnings about our life in the universe so we grow in love. Although we can attach to our past life issues at any point along our journey, we tend to pick up the majority of them in our "young and impressionable" childhood. Since past life issues attach to us so firmly in

childhood, it is there that traces of our existences in past lives most strongly reveal themselves. For it is past lives - via our cellular memory - that have formed our nature. And it is past lives - via the choices about reincarnation we are entitled to make (choosing our parents, our life circumstances, our romantic partners, and so on) - that have formed our nurture. Finally, it is what we carry with us from past lives - our skills and abilities, our wisdom and instincts - that help us along our journey through life.

Here is how we can walk through the minefield of childhood…

#1: IDENTICAL TWINS WITH VASTLY DIFFERENT LIVES If heredity and environment were the only factors influencing our lives, then identical twins who have the same genetics and were raised in the same environment, should always end up living the same lives. And yet there are many cases where identical twins raised in the same family lead diametrically opposite lives. In a dramatic case, one identical twin is a straight A student with a picture perfect life and while the other is a drug addict with a lengthy criminal record. In that case, the straight A student had a rich heritage of past life experience which "saved" him from his upbringing by toxic parents in an abusive home. While his twin, lacking the past life inner resources, was crushed under by the unrelenting hardship. #2: KARMIC RISK FACTORS: BIRTH DEFECTS The miracle of genetics is that with just two parents "infinite diversity in infinite combinations" of physical and mental gifts in a single child is possible. In any given lifetime, an individual comes into agreement with new parents whose bodies and minds are capable of producing offspring with the desired traits. For example, Leonardo DaVinci's father was an educated (presumably intelligent) nobleman but the servant girl he raped to produce Leonardo was "ignorant and stupid". How the child is actually conceived and developed is determined by their life contract. Birth defects are almost always signs of both parents and children being on the "karmic debt consolidation repayment plan." The specific birth defects always relate to the karmic and spiritual issues the "child" must work to resolve. #3: KARMIC WONDERS: CHILD PRODIGIES & IDIOT SAVANTS Extreme forms of past life manifestations in children are "child prodigies" (children who are born with extremely advanced expertize) and "idiot savants" (children who can perform complex calculations but are lacking in very basic social skills). Child prodigies have developed certain skill sets in such a high degree in past lives that they become deeply ingrained in their persona. So when that Soul reincarnates, the skills come along in the new body fully intact and a child prodigy is born.

Similarly, idiot savants reincarnate with fully developed skill sets but there is usually such a serious imbalance between their mental and emotional bodies as to put the mental body completely in control of the individual. The mind "out of control" drives the emotions and the physical body of the savant to act in ways that are considered to be socially unacceptable. The karmic goal of this existence is to "knock" the emotions back into shape and restore balance. #4: EXPERIMENTS IN ABANDONMENT: ORPHANED BABIES As those courageous and kind enough to adopt children abandoned in foreign orphanages can tell you, the neglect of early years usually leaves the orphan emotionally and mentally damaged. Often these abandoned children will develop severe attachment (bonding) and rage disorders. Common wisdom says that if a child has been abandoned in an orphanage for more than two years they become so internally damaged as to be "unfit" for adoption. And yet, there are many cases where children abandoned for four years or more emerge "unharmed" from the experience while others left in the orphanage only a few months become psychotic. Again the differences can be explained from the inside by varying strength developed in past lives. #5: KARMA OVER MIND: THE UN-MOLESTED CHILD It is a depressing statistic that sexual molesters, in any given lifetime, are unable to change their destructive pattern of behavior. Usually they attract family members around them who need to repay karma by being a sexually abused child. Yet in many families with a sexually molesting parent is one or more children are never targets for the sexual abuse. This is not strategy on the part of the abuser to divert the suspicions of others. For many abusers do try and "mend their ways" with little or no success at stopping themselves. Why this happens is that the unmolested children have not come into agreement with being abused and so they are "passed over" by the parent. Often the parent gives some reason "why" one was skipped which even they know is not the "real" (karmic) reason. #6: LONG TIME COMPANIONS: PLAYING FAVORITES As much as parents try, when there is more than one child, they will be accused of playing favorites. Often this is "imagined" by the child but very often it is quite real. When parents play favorites among their children, especially where there are no "significant reasons" for this "unequal treatment" based on personality, looks, behavior, and so on, the favoritism comes from past life karma. For example, a client was routinely ostracized from her family despite her persistent attempts to win their approval. In their most recent past life, this family had incarnated as a group in Nazi Germany and the client had been responsible for turning them all into the authorities. Not realizing it would result in their deaths, the client had died shortly afterward of a "broken heart". In this life, she is desperately trying - without much success - to make it up to them. #7: ROLE REVERSAL: CHILDREN AS PARENTS

There are many families where, as soon as the child is "old enough", they assume the role of parent. Often this is because the parent is "underfunctioning" due to prolonged illness, addiction to drugs, or extreme "immaturity". Where the child is able to function with any degree of success as a parent, it is due to inner strength they have developed over the course of many past lifetimes. Take the case of Lorna Luft, daughter of Judy Garland, who parented her through many bouts of alcoholism and drug abuse. Lorna was an old Soul who took on the role of parent out of the greatest love for her "mother". #8: CHILDREN OF THE HEART: "ADOPTED" CHILDREN There are no accidents in the universe - nowhere is this more true than in the case of adopted children. Adoptive children and parents are drawn together for the same reasons that "natural" (biological) children and parents are drawn together… the resolution of past life karma. Children become attracted - karmically - to parents having the same unresolved spiritual issues as they do. In many cases, to make that clear, the parent and adoptive child will physically resemble one another. Take the case of famous newswoman, Barbara Walters, and her daughter, Jackie. They have a striking physical resemblance and admit to sharing similar issues. Not surprisingly, there was an unconscious recognition of this by Barbara herself who said Jackie was "born to be my child". #9: STRANGERS IN A STRANGE LAND: ODD ONES OUT Although those born in the same family have karma in common, people are more like themselves as they have developed in their past lives than they are like other members of their family. This is especially true of the spiritually advanced who often feel like "strangers in a strange land" inside their own families. Very often the spiritually advanced will choose to incarnate into a family of developing souls to help them grow by being an example. Or they will incarnate into a family where, to be themselves, they must go against established "family values" and bring themselves to deeper levels of self love and self acceptance. Or they will incarnate into an extremely toxic, dysfunctional family to help them develop their "spiritual muscles" by better defining their personal boundaries and by forcing them to clarify their sense of their "true self". #10: CONTRARY TO NATURE: SKIPPING FAMILY DISEASES Disease runs in families because it's members are attracted to similar unresolved issues shared by the group rather than by "strictly biological" concerns. Meaning that it is one's past life karma that determines a person's attachment to any given disease because their karma is what has formed the cellular matrix of their body. Take the case of Huntington's Disease which is an "inherited" disorder resulting in the "irreversible" deterioration of both body and mind as the person ages. "Each child of an affected parent has a 50 % chance of

inheriting the disease." And yet, even those who have the gene, can "skip" the disease if their karma warrants it. #11: CONTRARY TO NURTURE: "STARS" & "IDIOTS" Everyone knows someone whose family has a one child who is the "shining star" and another who is the "village idiot". The most striking example of this was the Carter family which produced both a President of the United States (Jimmy Carter) and an dysfunctional alcoholic (Billy Carter). Both Carters had similar genetics, the same environment, and yet vastly different levels of personal achievement. Yet what is unexplainable by nature and nurture is perfectly explainable in the context of past lives. Jimmy Carter is an "old Soul" who has been on the path of world leadership for many incarnations while Billy Carter is a "young Soul" who is struggling to master basic life conflicts. #12: TOXIC PARENTS OF THE SPIRITUALLY ADVANCED It is very common in my work with the more spiritually advanced for them to ask me "why did they hook up with such toxic parents". The answer always comes back that the purpose of "toxic" parents is to force the spiritually advanced to love themselves at the deepest levels. They must become their own parent because they cannot receive enough love from their biological parents. For most people, this following quote sums up the results of one's walk through the minefield of childhood. "Anybody who has survived his childhood has enough information about life to last him the rest of his days" (Flannery O'Connor). More precisely, people usually emerge with all the karma they can carry for one life. To bring healing to the next level "we cannot stop the psychic archeology at childhood, or even infancy, but that past life patterns and memories also must be excavated for complete healing to occur" (Brian Weiss "Messages from Masters"). Credits: from channeled information Rules #28: "Who is The I That is Me?" - Evidence of Past Life Reversion "Remember When You Died..." Reincarnation demands of us all that one time we have been all things: famous and insignificant, rich and poor, victim and perpetrator, man and woman, all races, religions, and creeds. This teaches us respect and reverence for all ways of life… and yet, as we evolve as Soul, we still retain our own preferences for certain ways of being. "So Who Really Is The ' I ' That is ' Me '?"

When we come into greater awareness of our past lives, we understand that we are more than our current personality. We see that we are infinite beings and we connect with the truth about the totality of our existence. We ask ourselves "who really is the I that is me?" Often the answer to this question leads us to "revert to type". In other words, we return or revert to our core preferences developed over many lives... past life reversion.

Recent Cases and Evidence of Past Life Reversion
#1: TOTAL "SUDDEN" LIFESTYLE READJUSTMENT Sometimes the forces from past lives are so powerful that they cause an individual to radically uproot and transform their lives. Take the case of Cat Stevens. Born in England and making his way into rock super-stardom, he "inexplicably" abandoned his thriving musical career to pursue the path of Islam and the "simpler life of a Moslem". Looking at the trail of incarnations for this Soul over many past lifetimes, the radical change was really incarnating in England and becoming a rock musician. When Stevens "converted" to Islam, he was returning to a way of life that he had come to prefer over many incarnations. Significantly, Stevens recognized this when he said all one had to do was look at the lyrics to his songs to discern his yearning for his "new" Islamic life. There are many other instances of this in recorded history. Mother Katherine Drexel left a life as a Philadelphia debutante to found a religious order. Mother Elizabeth Seton was a widow with children who converted to Catholicism and founded religious schools around the world. The most famous reversion was Gautama Buddha who was a prince and renounced everything for his spirituality. #2: REVERSION TO "NEW" RELIGIOUS BELIEFS Conversion to "new" religious beliefs is most common type of past life reversion. Take the case of John Henry Cardinal Newman. Born in England, he was raised as a member of the Anglican faith and in his youth developed "a hatred of the Roman Catholic Church and a personal conviction that the pope was the anti-Christ." Scholarly and brilliant, Newman was ordained as a deacon in the Anglican Church and gravitated toward academic pursuits becoming a tutor at Oriel College. There he became a prominent figure in the "Oxford Movement" which was seeking to tie the Anglican (English) religion more closely to Roman Catholicism. Unable to accomplish this, Newman "decided to become a priest" and was ordained by Pope Pius IX. Later he wrote "Apologia Pro Vita Sua" - Apology for My Life - which documented his conversion. It was a

case of past life reversion for this Soul had a love for the Catholic Church deeply ingrained in him through many lifetimes. #3: REVERSION & GENDER IDENTIFICATION CONFLICTS More common - but more hidden - are the gender identification conflicts in the present life which originate in past lives. For as we reincarnate through many lifetimes, most of us become more comfortable with being one gender than the other. Gender identification conflicts arise when we incarnate against our type. In other words, if we have been predominantly female or male through many lives, we will feel very uncomfortable when we incarnate into a life of the opposite gender. Take the case of Renee Richards, formerly Dr. Richard Raskind. Renee underwent hormonal therapy and then full genital surgery (a "sex change operation") to have her outer physical appearance as a man correspond with her inner emotional reality as a woman. This Soul had developed "her" preference over many predominantly female lifetimes. Determined to continue her life in all aspects, she won the right to play professional tennis as a woman (he was formerly a tennis pro as a man). Imagine the costs involved with a sex change - physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and financially - and you will understand how strong past life pulls can be. #4: REVERSION & THE "SUDDEN" CAREER CHANGE Careers usually carry on uninterrupted from life to life. This is particularly true of those in the religious and healing professions. Most people when they connect with their past life awareness are often astonished by the "career coincidence". Take the case of Martin Luther who started out his career being a lawyer but soon found that it did not suit him. "All of a sudden" he abandoned the law to become a monk (his apocryphal story of promising his life to God if he was spared from being killed by a thunderstorm being a cover story). This Soul had been on the path of religion through most of their incarnations (and was once Pope!). And so Luther returned to the path he had walked in many lives... reverting to his past life type. #5: REVERSION & THE "SHOOTING STAR" An uncommon type of career reversion is the "shooting star" phenomenon. You know the story: a child, with an unusual talent, born into circumstances seemingly designed to crush that talent into the dust, overcomes all odds. Their talent takes them - like a shooting star - from the depths of obscurity to the heights of fame. For example, Emlyn Williams ("The Corn is Green") born into an impoverished Welsh mining town rises to become an internationally known

play and screen writer. Not surprising since he had been an acclaimed poet in many previous lives. Hollywood is full of shooting stars like Elvis Presley, Jackie Gleason, Oprah Winfrey, and so on. Each of these individuals had many past incarnations in related disciplines which laid the groundwork for their success as "shooting stars". #6: REVERSION & BIZARRE LIFESTYLE CHOICES Another uncommon form of past life reversion concerns bizarre lifestyle choices that are generally inexplicable to others around the individual making them. Take the case of Greta Garbo whose most famous line "I want to be alone" became her life. Even after spending the bulk of her life alone, there was still astonishment over her lifestyle choice as shown in this article written after her death. "Turns out that Greta Garbo did want to be alone. And that she said so not only publicly, on screen, but privately to her obsessive admirer, Mercedes de Acosta." This is less astonishing when you consider that in many past lives Garbo had been an anchorite, living alone in a single cell worshipping God and glorying in her solitary lifestyle. So when Garbo had enough money she was able to revert to type! #7: REVERSION & OBSSESIVE HOARDING Hoarding is not uncommon but obsessive hoarding is. Take the most famous recorded case: the Collier brothers who "lived in terror that they would be poor (after effect of the Great Depression), that people would steal their possessions, and so they hoarded everything" throwing nothing away. "One brother booby-trapped the house with stacks of newspapers and trip wires. Eventually, one brother became ill and was an invalid who stayed on the second floor… One day the mobile brother tripped a booby trap wire and was killed in the crush of newspapers. Bereft of his caretaker, the other brother died of starvation." Their problem started in a past life they shared, they were servants of an Egyptian Pharoah who had them both gruesomely tortured over several weeks for losing one scroll (later found) among thousands. This ingrained in them a deep fear of letting anything go which was then intensified to extremes by the Great Depression. #8: REVERSION & THE INESCAPABLE OCD PATTERN Hoarding is one of the many seemingly inescapable obsessive compulsive patterns (OCD) that can be inherited from past lives. Usually the patterns

are very specific and relate very closely to a specific past life incident. For example, a man who is currently compelled to straighten the fringe on his carpets was a servant who had been regularly and severely beaten (eventually to death) for failing to do so by his cruel master in a past life. Luckily, there is present day help available (see "The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Washing: Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder" by Judith Rapoport). #9: REVERSION & THE MUNCHAUSEN SYNDROME You have probably seen them on TV: the "Munchausen" mothers who are addicted to the attention that their sick children bring them and so secretly and deliberately work to keep their illnesses going. Before you judge them too harshly, consider that their condition may be an occupational hazard that is inherited from past lives. Many of them were former "court fools" whose job it was to attract attention of their kings anyway they could. Failure was often fatal: lots of kings loved to see the fools tossed out of castle windows to their death. When these people reincarnate, they bring with them the craving for large scale and continuous attention that can tragically lead to the torture and even death of their own children. #10: REVERSION & ANOREXIA NERVOSA - SELF MUTILATION Anorexia nervosa (people who starve themselves) and self mutilation (people who inflict wounds on themselves) can also be occupational hazards inherited from past lives. In medieval times, those in religious orders expressed devoted to Christ through an ascetic lifestyle that included starvation ("fasting"), self-inflicted torture ("mortification of the flesh"), and sensory deprivation ("self-denial"). These behaviors were applauded and those "successful" in taming their flesh to death were revered as holy martyrs. That is why these behaviors are so hard to break because of deep seated unconscious beliefs that this self destruction is "good for the soul" (see "Holy Anorexia" by Rudolph Bell). That is what contributed to depriving us all of the gentle voice and amazing talent of Karen Carpenter. #11: REVERSION: BULIMIA (BINGE-PURGE EATERS) Past lives can also be the source of another eating disorder: bulimia (people who binge eat and then purge the food so that they will not gain weight). Take the most famous bulimic: Diana, Princess of Wales. Certainly her life in the media spotlight was cause enough for her bulimia but it also had past life origins. In Roman times, she was married to a very strict, unloving husband who looked upon her as a trophy wife. Whenever she would gain any weight, he

would demand that she go on a program of purging until she "came back into line" which was a socially acceptable custom in that era. So it was not surprising that Diana would unconsciously revert to the past life pattern of bingeing and purging when once again finding herself as a trophy wife in an unloving marriage. #12: RARE "DEVOLUTION" TO AN UNHEALED STATE In rare cases, past life reversion can take a devastating and fatal turn. Take the case of Howard Hughes Jr. He created a billion dollar empire from his relatively modest inheritance of the Hughes Tool Company. For many years, Hughes enjoyed a life of amazing accomplishment. He was a famous aviator, breaking the record for an around-the-world flight and designing unusual airplanes. He dabbled in the movies and meddled in politics: the prototype of the modern entrepreneur. After being injured in an airplane crash, Hughes began the descent into reversion and madness that would find him dying in filthy rags with his body ravaged by scars and infection. This was considered odd because Hughes' problems started with an obsession with cleanliness, a compulsive need to protect himself, and a horror of germs. The contradiction is easily explainable in the context of past lives. In an extremely painful incarnation, Hughes had been a leper who was repeatedly stoned as he made his way to the leper colony. People were free to hurt him because lepers (called the "unclean") were not under the protection of the law. This left him with strong past life charges: one to be clean (unlike a germ ridden leper) and two to provide his own security (protecting himself and not relying on others). Hughes reacted to the symptoms of the pain without healing the causes of it. It was so deep that it overtook him in the end. He died as dirty and ravaged as a leper. Fortunately, such cases of fatal past life reversion are very rare. Most are led to the help they need to resolve their past life problems before they reach such extremes. Credits: from channeled information

Rules #26: "You'll Be Back: The Principles of Reincarnation Reincarnation is Making a Comeback While on Earth, you are living in the worlds of karma and reincarnation. Believe it or not, both karma and reincarnation begin and end with love. "The World Goes 'Round in Circles": As Soul, you experience a constant cycle of births and deaths into a series of bodies (better known

as reincarnation) until you have learned all the spiritual lessons that the totality of all experiences have to teach you. Until you have learned all that you need to know, you will find "the wheels of reincarnation" will continue to spin around you.

The Rules of Reincarnation Governing Life on Earth
#1: REINCARNATION: A JOURNEY THRU THE HEART OF GOD At some point in our journey as Soul, we ask ourselves "why am I here?" For those of us who have asked that question many times, it changes into "why did I come back here?" The answers to both questions are one in the same. You are here - you came back here - to grow in your ability to love. What we learn through our wanderings in the universe is simply this. Life is a choice: learn to choose love in every moment. This is far easier said than done. Think about what it means to choose love in every moment. It means "don't cut that car off in traffic", "don't scream at your kids when you've had a rotten day", "don't gossip about your boss behind their back when they've 'screwed you'", etc. Love at every moment means greeting the world with a smile when your heart is breaking, forgiving those who trespass against you, and being happy when there is every reason to be sad. For love is the very Heart of God Itself and reincarnation is the journey that takes you through it. Love is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end of everything - more than learning to be loving, reincarnation teaches us all to become the very essence of love itself. For what is God but love? #2: GOAL #1: BEING A COWORKER WITH GOD "So now what?" you may ask. "If I travel through the heart of God and 'get to the end', what more is there left for me?" The answer is "even more love". For once you have learned all you need to know about love, the journey begins anew as you help to guide others along their journey. This is what it means to "be a coworker with God" in the majesty of His Creation. Although everyone is always working with God along the way, for one to become a fully realized coworker with God, all "individual imperfections" must be shed. Reincarnation and karma are the processes that ensure this "purification" happens for the highest good of the universe. #3: GOAL #2: GETTING A 360° VIEWPOINT ON LIFE To serve God, one first must understand the universe. Imagine the vastness of the small part of the universe we can see from Earth and you will see understanding it is a very great task indeed. To begin to understand the universe, one must have experience of it from all angles so that one emerges with a 360° viewpoint on life.

This means a person, through the trail of many lifetimes, will be all things. They will be famous and insignificant, rich and poor, victim and perpetrator, woman and man, all races, religions, and creeds. They will see life from every vantage point so that they can come to a correct understanding of it. The more they can understand, the more they can see love in every situation, the better they are qualified to be a fully realized coworker with God in the unfolding majesty of His creation. #4: GOAL #3: BECOMING TOLERANCE & COMPASSION "The highest result of education is tolerance." (Helen Keller) Teaching tolerance and compassion is the purpose of the cycle of reincarnation and the laws of karma. For what you cannot tolerate, what you have no compassion for, what you resist or hate, persists until the wheels of karma and reincarnation grind it out of you. You have come into the present life as something you resisted or hated in a past life. What you resist or hate now, you will reincarnate into in a future life. For example, the Women's Movement today is populated with former Victorian men who thought that "barefoot and pregnant" was good enough for women. #5: WORKS #1: WHAT YOU LEARN IS WHAT YOU LIVE There is only one way for anyone to truly understand what it is to be man or woman, rich or poor, in sickness or in health, and so on. That is for someone to live through that experience for a lifetime having forgotten that they agreed to do it in the first place. That just makes it more real because they are that person - for better or worse - and it is a life sentence with no possibility of parole. So we all must accept the consequences of our place in life and work to create /manifest better ones - if that is even possible. So that "what you live becomes what you learn"... literally getting it into your body by recording it indelibly over the course of lifetime after lifetime into your cellular memory. Eventually you will have lived enough lifetimes to know that you have been here before. Then you will come to the place of really knowing that each way of life contains within it a unique and special gift of experience. In this way, you gradually develop the 360° viewpoint on life that is necessary for you to become a fully realized coworker with God in the unfolding majesty of His Creation. #6: WORKS #2: LESSONS ARE TAUGHT ONE AT A TIME There are so many ways of beingness in the universe that it is not possible to experience them all in one lifetime. That is why reincarnation is necessary: it gives you a body through which to experience a manageable

slice of lessons in each lifetime. Although the progress of spiritual advancement looks like a wildly fluctuating stock chart, still there is always an overall upward trend. Even after a life where one has taken a sharp downturn, the drop was agreed to so that in future lives the rise in spiritual advancement could be even greater. Yet there are always lessons in every life at every moment no matter what the level of spiritual advancement one achieves. And still the lessons are taught day by day, life by life, so that they can be mastered and the way made for more learning. #7: WORKS #3: LEARNING CAUSE AND EFFECT (KARMA) There is no better or fairer way to learn lessons than for you to experience the direct effects of the causes you have set in motion. In other words, what you have done to others ("as you sow") in this or past lives, you will have done to you ("you reap") in this or future lives. When viewed in the context of a string of lifetimes, what happens to us all is always totally fair and completely just. For example, there are no innocent people in prison. If they "did not do it" in this life, they were sure to have "done it" in another life where it seemed that they "got away with it". Yet the Lords of Karma are totally patient time being nothing to them - and eventually those who have sown the wind will reap the whirlwind. This is not to punish but to teach them the laws of life and the laws of love. For a loving and compassionate God treats all His children equally. He does not give some a life of ease and others a life of sorrow in just one lifetime. He lets each live according to their own state of consciousness in many lifetimes and allows each to have the experiences which will benefit them the most karmically. If this means a life of ease in one incarnation, it also means a life of sorrow in a past or future one. Again the point is to give everyone what they need to become a fully realized coworker with God. If some achieve this "sooner" in linear time, all will achieve it eventually and it will unfold for each Soul in divine timing. #8: RESULT #1: DEVELOPING DISCERNMENT Discernment is the art of having learned what love is and what it is not. As we go through our many incarnations, we explore love in all it's aspects so that we can develop discernment and understand what it means to love like God. Loving like God means loving another for all that they are - the good and the bad - and standing back to allow them to have their own experience. It is so easy to want to reach out to another and say to them "do this, don't do that because...". It makes us feel better but it does not help the person

as much as we think. For when we are gone and we can no longer steer loved ones through the pitfalls of life, we have left them ill equipped to handle life on their own without us. It is much harder to stand back and to watch them stumble and fall, knowing that they must learn the lessons of life as we have done... by true experience. The simple fact is that each soul must learn to stand on their own and to develop their discernment the only way they can - through success and failure, tragedy and triumph, mistakes and miracles. Think of how much love God has for all His children to stand back and watch everyone make their own way through life. #9: RESULT #2: DEVELOPING DISCIPLINE Part of the development of discernment is the development of discipline. For discipline is the art of doing what you have to, especially when you do not want to. For when you think about it, the central problem of human existence is laziness and the only way to overcome it is discipline. For example, if not for the pleasures of sex, people would not make the effort to procreate - it would be too much trouble. If not for the need to eat and to shelter our bodies, we would not be motivated to work - it would be too much trouble. In the process of meeting our basic needs, we must learn some discipline even if it is as little as applying for welfare. As we go through many lives, we soon see that our success in any area of life is directly linked to our discipline in pursuing it. Try running a winning army without the discipline of academic and field training. Try running a prosperous business without employee policies to enforce the disciplines of daily attendance and the minimum achievement of work objectives. Try developing spiritual discernment without discipline and see how soon the "Dark Night of Soul" will stop you. Do any of those things as you will soon see how necessary the development of discipline is. #10: RESULT #3: DEVELOPING DETACHMENT Part of the development of discipline is the development of detachment. For both discernment and detachment are necessary for keeping discipline in balance. Too little discipline, and the achievement of discernment is unlikely. Too much discipline, and it is impossible to achieve the balance which is an integral part of detachment. For detachment is the art of letting the will of God ("Thy Will") become your own ("my will"). Which only make sense: for if the ultimate goal is to become a coworker with God, that implies complete acceptance of and surrender to His Will. Accepting His Will is only possible when one detaches from their own finite expectations to participate in the infinite manifestation of the Divine Plan.

#11: REINCARNATION IS "THE MEANS" OF SOUL EVOLUTION When a Soul has mastered the "three D's" - discernment, discipline, and detachment.- it then that the individual realizes they are spirit having a human experience and not a human being having a spiritual experience. Reincarnation works to strip them of false illusions so that they can see the perfection of their own creation by God ("Self Realization") and how they have served/serve/will serve the Divine Plan ("God Realization"). For the evolved Soul knows that there is no "we" and "they", no "friend" and "foe". There are only Divine sparks of God all connected together and all separate at the same time. There are only those who serve God and those who know His love. And "We" are "they". #12: REINCARNATION IS "THE END" OF SOUL AWARENESS "We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started... and know the place for the first time." (T. S. Eliot) This is what Soul awareness is... to really understand all that we encounter in all it's aspects all the time. It is like looking down the hall of mirrors to see ourselves looking at ourselves farther than the eye can see, more precisely than the mind can know, more compassionately than the heart can feel. It is approaches - but never reaches - knowing what God knows. It is something that can be better imagined than described by those of us still wandering around the earthly realms. As Henry Ward Beecher said, "and now the mystery..." Credits: from channeled information

Rules #39: "Hardwired into the Human Consciousness": Skepticism About Past Lives and Reincarnation
According to Tom Shroder ("Old Souls") Paul Edwards in his book "Reincarnation: A Critical Examination" tries "to make (Ian) Stevenson (author of "Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation") look absurd for even raising the possibility that he may have uncovered evidence for reincarnation… Edwards says 'Stevenson will no doubt claim… (that he has) much better cases now. They do not even begin to overthrow what I call the formidable initial presumption against reincarnation.' What Edwards is really saying (here) was this: because something challenges the accepted understanding of the world, it obviously cannot be true, and therefore is unworthy of consideration. That is the position of dogma, not science…" - Tom Shroder (from his book "Old Souls")

WHY? Why Is It That People Cannot Accept the Evidence for Reincarnation? After more than 40 years and 3,000 cases "suggestive of reincarnation", Ian Stevenson asked Tom Shroder, the journalist who followed him on three research trips, "why is it that people cannot accept this evidence (of reincarnation)?" The answer is because the process of reincarnation works to "hard wire" the "formidable initial presumption against reincarnation" deeply into the human consciousness. Bleeding on the Edge of Ockham's Razor We are born forgetting the long trail of our past lives and with a resilient skepticism that keeps us from wanting to explore them. In people where the skepticism has an exceptionally strong hold, it will prompt them to believe the most elaborate set of explanations that are "anything but reincarnation." Even scientists would rather bleed to death on one of their own most cherished principles, Ockham's Razor, than let go "the formidable initial presumption against reincarnation". For you non scientists, Ockham's Razor is a principle of philosophy which - interpreted from the original Latin - means all other things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. The Powerful Force of Reincarnation Skepticism Tom Shroder (from his book "Old Souls") described this "powerful force" best:
"It felt as though some force hovered above us, seeding these cases with just enough compelling evidence to make them impossible to dismiss but never quite enough for them to be proven beyond doubt. Still the logical gymnastics required to explain 'normally' any single case were enough to give pause. And going through those same gymnastics in case after case after case… Pretty soon, reincarnation began to seem like a less fantastic alternative." "If I accepted even one of these cases as genuine, I had to accept many, if not most of them. If reincarnation were possible, even once, then it became a far simpler explanation for (what Shroder had seen on Stevenson's field trips) than was the strained chain of conspiracy and coincidence that I had to cook up to explain them all away. And I asked myself clearly… given all that I'd seen and heard, why couldn't I simply accept reincarnation as real? There was something stopping me, some factor that I could sense but not quite grasp."

That factor is the resilient, inborn, "hard wired" skepticism which creates "the formidable initial presumption against reincarnation". Reincarnation is it's own worst enemy. For reincarnation to work to set the stage for life after life of karmic lessons it, by necessity, it must work to obliterate any evidence of itself. For the small percentage of the population who are ready for greater awareness at any given time, it must open the door to past life knowledge for their greater spiritual unfoldment. So only where the door swings open a hair for such individuals do the reality of past lives open themselves to examiners like Ian Stevenson. Why and How Reincarnation Works to Regulate Human Awareness How reincarnation works is best summed up by this poem written by Sir Walter Raleigh: "Even such is Time which takes all in trust: Our youth, our joys, our all we have, And pays us but with age and dust. Who in the dark and silent grave, When we have wandered all our ways, shuts up the story of our days. But from this Earth, this grave, this dust, The Lord shall raise me up, I trust." So when we have exited one life we are "raised up" in a new one, leaving the "story of our days" behind us in the past where it belongs. We come into a new life with new challenges, taking what we have learned with us in our subconscious mind to improve upon ourselves as "works in progress". As Gandhi said, "it is nature's kindness that we do not remember past (existences). Life would be a burden if we carried such a tremendous load of memories." So we reincarnate forgetting via enzymes released in the brain as we are born (which science is only starting to become aware of). Thus is our human awareness of past lives regulated.

Below are the reasons why we variously forget and remember our past lives. As you will notice below, there are far

more reasons to keep the door to past lives closed than to keep it open. And the reasons for allowing the door to be open often result in it being open for a short time to resolve issues before it is shut again for good. Proof that reincarnation is extremely effective at it's job is that after millenia of reusing the stage of Earth, the very reality of reincarnation is not accepted and there is more of a "formidable presumption" against it than ever. #1: CLOSING THE DOOR: ENSURING LESSONS ARE LEARNED The Earth is nothing more than a gigantic schoolroom for learning the lessons of karma. Logically, if we are here to learn lessons - particularly if we are trying to correct past mistakes - it would seem to be easier if we remembered our past lives. That way we could "remember" what went wrong last time so we could do it right this time around. And yet the vast majority of people come to Earth agreeing not to remember their past

lives at all (for more see "Rules of Life Contracts"). For only when we undergo our tests without the knowledge of where and why we have failed them in the past, can we honestly pass them in the present. We will continue to receive these tests until our lessons are fully learned. The lessons, the tests, and even what the answers are and how we have consistently failed those tests can all be discerned by looking back over the panorama of our past lives. Since the primary purpose of reincarnation is the working out of past life karma, we are kept from past life knowledge so that we cannot "cheat" on present life "tests" by looking in the back of our book for the answers from prior incarnations. #2: CLOSING THE DOOR: PROVING LESSONS ARE LEARNED Getting a fresh start is vital to learning our lessons. It is one thing for us to say to our guides when we are "between lives" that we have "learned our lessons and do not need to repeat them". It is quite another to "prove it". Before we came into this life, we agreed to walk along the path of all we needed to learn and to "forget" we did so. We "forget" to keep from "cheating" and from being overwhelmed by the totality of our past while making sure that we have really learned our lessons. When you forget who you were and carry your character forward into a new life to meet new challenges, that is when you receive the truest test. What you have learned - or not learned - becomes painfully apparent. For example, having been a General in many lifetimes, I tended to treat others in a domineering manner. In this life, I put myself into my situations where humility would have served me better than being "the dictatorial General". Only when I finally overcame my "problem" and learned my lesson did I understand why I had put myself into those karmic places. #3: CLOSING THE DOOR: STARTING FREE OF BAGGAGE In any lifetime, it is easy to become "stuck in the past". Reincarnation ensures that we are constantly moving forward in our journey as Soul through the universe by putting an end to "dead men walking" and "dead men sitting" mired in the past. "Dead men walking" are those people who cannot forgive themselves for what happened - what they did or did not do - in the past. They mourn a past event for the rest of their lives and become frozen at the stuck point unable to move forward. "Dead men sitting" are those who "have achieved their dreams" and decide to "rest on their laurels" for the rest of their lives. From a reincarnation standpoint, both "dead men" have stopped their karmic evolution because they are stuck in the past. Their stuckness dies with them: having forgotten about it, they become free of past baggage. So, in new lives, the tides of karma once again get them to

stop mourning or rejoicing in the past… by fully engaging them in new experiences, so that they can move forward karmically. #4: CLOSING THE DOOR: PREVENTING PAST LIFE REVERSION Past life reversion occurs when people overcome the tides of karma to "revert" to comfortable patterns from past lives (for more see "Rules of Past Life Reversion"). Left to themselves, people will naturally gravitate towards "doing what they have always done". Reincarnation will eventually work to put them in situations and places "where they have not gone before". The most essential part of countering past life reversion is to implant unusually strong past life skepticism inside them along with a strong and overwhelming desire to go out and master the unknown. #5: CLOSING THE DOOR: CREATING NEW CHALLENGES One of the primary reasons that people agree to reincarnate is to see how they would react under ever more challenging circumstances. When we look back on our old lives to create new one, we wonder "was my success a fluke or could I do it again under even harder conditions?" An integral part of doing that is coming back as an "unknown quantity" and building your success all over again… without others or yourself relying on your past track record of success. For example, in all my many military incarnations, my most satisfying victories were those where the odds were the most stacked against me. In other words, those where I was severely outnumbered, was terribly lacking in supplies, was outclassed by superior technology, or was caught in a situation that seemed "utterly desperate and hopeless" to others (but not to me - I never give up!). To snatch a victory from the jaws of certain defeat is the greatest thrill a leader can experience because it is the ultimate test of courage, discipline, and leadership. It would have been less thrilling if I had known this was not the first life where I had meet and mastered such situations… it would have taken the challenge out of it! #6: CLOSING THE DOOR: DERAILING PRESENT EXPERIENCES The most important thing to remember about the past life exploration is that NOW - the present - is the point of all power. The central tenet of past life healing is to help one to be all they can be - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - now by healing blocks from past lives. Yet, in most lives, people do not spend their time looking back at past lives but instead they focus on living in the now. To focus on now, it is utterly essential to wear the "veil of unknowingness". Simply put, if we knew the precise relationship that we have had with everyone we love, feel friendship for, work with, or meet even casually, we would live in a state of constant information overload. We would spend so much time trying to separate the past from the present that we would could not experience the true power of living in the here and now (see "Healing Past Lives" for more about this). #7: CLOSING THE DOOR: DERAILING PRESENT RELATIONSHIPS Before we go on the adventure of our lives, we agree to come into certain relationships with others. These relationships are designed to help us

resolve our problems with these people while at the same time helping us to work through our own issues. The primary goal of reincarnation is to open us to greater levels of love (see "Rules of Reincarnation"). This becomes both easier and harder when we reincarnate with the same group of people over time. Easier when we meet those we already love. Harder when we meet those we already hate. It is our enforced forgetfulness that frees us to make different choices now. We can quite literally start over in our relationships with others because we are not carrying any past baggage. For example, if you had married someone in a past life, you or your former spouse might feel as if you had to do it again because you were "still married". Being clear of such previous associations, you are free to do what best makes sense for the person you are today (and not for your past self). #8: CLOSING THE DOOR: ACTING ON IMPERFECT KNOWLEDGE The ultimate baggage from past relationships are "grudges". For example, if you knew someone had killed you in a past life, you might not be able to forgive them or allow them to make it up to you. You might find yourself overwhelmed by revenge (as in "you killed me so now I am going to get even!"). Yet past lives are like the hall of mirrors. To understand why you agreed to be killed in one life, you would have to look back at another, back and back through the corridors of time. Since you cannot possibly grasp the whole totality of all your relationships with all others throughout time and space, you need to trust that the scales between you and others will be fairly balanced by the time all your experiences together are done (for more see the "Rules of Free Will and Karma"). That is why "a little (past life) knowledge is a dangerous thing". For if you saw only a "piece of the past life puzzle", you might take actions that you yourself would label as being unfair if only you had seen the total past life picture. And so you agree to forget and to roll along the train tracks of karma that were laid out for you before you were born. Particularly if a person has been famous or infamous throughout history, they would never be free to live another life unless they were freed of the past life baggage by escaping into a new life and another identity. #9: CLOSING THE DOOR: INSIDER KARMIC KNOWLEDGE One of the greatest paradoxes of reincarnation is this one. As Tom Shroder ("Old Souls") quotes researcher, Ian Stevenson as saying: "In the West, people say 'Why are you spending money to study reincarnation when we know it's impossible?' In the East, they say 'Why are you spending money to study reincarnation when we know it's a fact?'" And the paradox continues when you realize that knowing about the reality of reincarnation in the East has done little, if anything, to lessen the violence and misery which breeds bad karma there like it is going out of style! Unfortunately, karmic knowledge has instilled in Easterners a paralyzing fatalism: since they know that their past misdeeds have caused their present repayment, they are demotivated to change. They throw up their

hands and say "it's my karma, what can I do?" Since they make no effort to learn their lessons, they cannot escape the inevitable karmic consequences of repeating past mistakes. Yet this is all proof of why past life forgetting is so essential to the process of present life learning. #10: OPENING THE DOOR: RESOLVING PRIOR ATTACHMENTS And yet, the door to past life knowledge does swing open when there is no other way to break the past life attachment except by confronting it in the present life. If you notice, the majority of the cases that researcher Ian Stevenson encounters are those involving past lives cut short by tragedy where the person involved had a compelling reason to reconnect with family or friends of their "prior personality". Often that is the only way to bring needed healing to the person's life now as well as assuaging the grief of family members who are comforted that their loved one was not lost. See the "Rules of Past Life Carryovers" for the "Top 10 Reasons" of why past lives break through into the present and require healing. #11: OPENING THE DOOR: RESOLVING TOXIC PAST LIFE PAIN When we reach a certain point in our spiritual evolution, we come to the place where we must come to total peace with ourselves… all who we have been through the trail of many incarnations. In the last few lifetimes on Earth, before we leave the cycle of reincarnation for good, we must "wrap up" the "odd bits" of karma that remain seeded in our consciousness. Often this means contracting certain rare diseases to force us to break through long standing, unresolved toxic past life pain. For a listing of the "diseases of the evolved" and advice on how to handle them from a spiritual standpoint - see the Karmic Dictionary. #12: OPENING THE DOOR: ACCELERATING PRESENT GROWTH When we have truly connected with the greater totality of ourselves, can we accelerate our spiritual growth ending the cycle of reincarnation in that lifetime. For experience is the best teacher of truth. The purpose of all experience - human and spiritual - in all lives - past, present, and future is to refine our character so that we may become better CoWorkers with God. The ultimate lesson that reincarnation teaches us is all that we do at every moment is a choice - is our choice. Once we accept total responsibility for who we are, for what we have done or will do, for all our choices at every moment, only then do see through reincarnation and realize it has lead us to the heart of God: LOVE! Credits: from channeled information and inspired by Tom Shroder's book "Old Souls" Rules #36: "Inbetween Times": The Rules of Life Between Lives The Cycles of Soul Existence As Soul, we are eternal. Most of us go through cycles of existence in the universe that can be termed as "Before

Life", "Lives", "Inter Life", and "After Life". All of these cycles of Soul Existence effect us profoundly. "Before Life": Our existence began as pure, unmanifested consciousness in the Ocean of Love and Mercy from which all life springs. Most chose to accelerate their advancement as Soul by leaving the Ocean to journey through the universe. Some chose to remain "pure" by staying fully connected to the Ocean and offering assistance to those who left to experience life disconnected from their true selves. Most angels exist in the "before life" state, never having known a physical life. "Lives": Our intermittent existence as physical beings - for discrete units of time where we are born, age, and die to gain experience from different viewpoints - are the lives we lead. We forget about those lives we have lived before (our past lives), are disconnected from those we will live (our future lives), so that we can focus our attention on the experience we have chosen for ourselves in our life now, today. "Inter-Life": Our existence between two physical incarnations - where we leave the last one and prepare for the next one - is the Inter-Life state. In the Inter-Life, we are concerned with our own development as Soul into greater states of love. As a result, we are confined to the areas in the inner worlds which we will use to help us prepare for our next life. In the InterLife, we grow as we prepare to live again in another physical body (which is usually referred to as the bardo state). "After Life": Our existence after the cycle of our physical lives is completed is the After Life state. In the After Life, we are concerned with assisting others in their development as Soul into greater levels of love and awareness. As a result, we expand our knowledge of the inner worlds, going wherever needed to help others along their personal journey. In the After Life, we grow as those we help grow. The Inter Life and the Need for Past Life Healing Those in the "Before Life" and "After Life" stages of their existence are clear of their past lives. Those in the "Before Life" state have no past lives. Part of the mastership process that is necessary for the achievement of the "After Life" state is coming to terms with past lives by settling all their causes and effects. Those in the "Inter Life" state and those in "Life" are not clear of their past lives. In the "Inter Life" state, a new life gets "formed" from the "failed lessons" from past lives. While "physically alive", an individual is in the process of clearing past life karma or adding to future life karma until they reach their last physical incarnation. So most of the time we are either living or between lives. Although some past life karma can be and is worked off during the Inter-Life, the majority

of issues that we have had from past lives carry over from one life to the next. How the Inter-Life Helps and Does Not Help in Playing the Game of Life This can best be explained by an example. Life is like a football game and the Inter-Life is like the time between games when the team reviews their mistakes from the last game, lays out strategies for the next game, and heals wounds gotten along the way. All that matters to the fans (your guides and the Lords of Karma) is how you do once you are out on the field of Life. And although what you do in the Inter-Life is helpful, it somewhat "goes out the window" when you take the field again and become caught up in the passion and the intensity of your Life's drama. Like the football game, once the game of your life starts again, you remember the times when the other team burned you. Maybe you chose to avenge the wrong and maybe you chose to forgive it. Whatever you decide, those choices must be made in a split second while you are on the field of Life with emotions surging through you and onlookers screaming for blood. You do not get the luxury of quiet time in the locker room of the Inter-Life with your team of coaches and trainers to decide what may be in your best interest in the long run - karmically speaking.

Here is how you get from one life to the next…
#1: DETACHMENT FROM THE CURRENT PHYSICAL BODY Leaving the physical body is a normal part of life. Often when we sleep we are out of the physical body having other experiences in the inner worlds of God. By pursuing meditation and spiritual exercise, some chose to leave their bodies and visit the inner worlds of God in full consciousness ("Out of Body Experiences"). When the physical body is at a point near death, the consciousness of the individual will detach from the body. The person will see their own body as if "floating above it" and be able to "perceive" more than usual. They may hear the thoughts of others or know everything happening around them down to the smallest detail. #2: CONTACT WITH PERSONAL GUIDES & GUARDIANS Once detached from the physical body, most will know that something is "not normal" and they will "wander around" trying to "make sense" of what is happening to them. Often it is this sense of confusion and desperation that prompts these guides to manifest their presence. Usually the guides will appear in the form of one of the person's religious icons (ie. Christians may see Jesus and Moslems may see Mohammed, etc). The guides appear to comfort and reassure the person that all is well and to gently guide them into realizing the "seriousness" of their situation. #3: DETACHMENT FROM THE CURRENT PERSONALITY

The guides' first job is to get the individual to detach from their current personality. When one comes to Earth they agree to forget that they are a Soul who takes on a body and mind to have certain experiences for their greater growth and spiritual advancement. The individual is gently brought to reconnect with their own awareness of their greater totality and identity as Soul. #4: TOTAL REVIEW OF CURRENT INCARNATION Dannion Brinkley ("Saved by the Light"), who recovered from being struck by lightning, best described this process: "As my body lay dead on that stretcher, I was reliving every moment of my life, including my emotions, motivations, and attitudes. The depth of emotion I experienced during this life review was amazing. Not only could I feel the way both I and the other person had felt when an incident took place, I could also feel the feelings of the next person they reacted to. I was in a chain reaction of emotion, one that showed how deeply we affect one another." #5: DETACHMENT FROM THE CURRENT INCARNATION As far as the "current" life is concerned, this is the point of no return. Those having Near Death Experiences (NDEs) must turn back at this point and return to their physical body. Those who move on to the inner realms must fully detach from their physical body. Often when the death is very sudden or traumatic, the individual will leave a "fear imprint" behind them (more often known as ghosts). And/or they will attempt to resolve the pain of their passing with some form of "After Life Intervention" to assist loved ones with moving forward in life without them. #6: OPTIONAL EXCURSION #1: TRANSPERSONAL EXPERIENCES Ever wanted to meet Jesus, Abraham, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Lao Tse, Confucius, or any other historical figure that you are attracted to? Now is your chance. Or have a fantasy that was never fulfilled in life? Here is the place to realize it. In the inner worlds, all your dreams can come true even if they are "not real". Many times, Souls will elect to "take some time off" from their journey of personal unfoldment and have these kinds of "transpersonal" experiences in the inner realms. #7: ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION OF SOUL PROGRESS The individual's team of guides and guardians will work with them to determine where they are in the greater scheme of their evolution as Soul. Agreement will be reached as to what was successfully accomplished in the last incarnation and what still needs to be improved. Sometimes this agreement will come down from the Lords of Karma as a decree that the individual has little choice but to accept. As the individual advances in Soul awareness, they will play a greater role in assessing their Soul progress and in evaluating what will need to be done in the next life.

#8: OPTIONAL EXCURSION #2: REMEDIAL INNER EDUCATION Sometimes everyone will agree that it is in the individual's best interests to work through certain issues in the schoolhouses of karma in the inner worlds before returning to a physical body. This kind of "remedial inner education" is often very unpleasant much like summer school where the person would rather be playing on Earth instead of serving time in Heaven (or in what appears to them to be Hell). Usually this kind of remedial education helps the individual work off heavy karma without drastically upsetting the stage or the players in the physical realm. #9: HEAL & REBUILD SUBTLE, INNER BODY ENERGY FIELDS Often an individual's inner bodies take quite a beating before they leave the physical realm. Most sensible Souls take the time that is needed between incarnations for their energy fields to be healed and rebuilt in the inner worlds. Those who do not will often manifest birthmarks and/or birth defects which directly relate to the unhealed wounds from past lives. For more on how this process works, see Ian Stevenson's article and book entitled "Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect: Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons". #10: REVIEW GOALS AND PLAN FOR NEXT INCARNATION At some point, the individual will "tire" of the inner worlds and feel the call of Soul urging them to once again return to physical existence. The time between lives varies widely among Souls. Some chose to return to the physical world right away while others will "take their time" before coming back. When the decision has been made to return, the team of guides in conjunction with the Lords of Karma will determine what is best for the Soul to tackle in their next life. The more advanced the Soul, the greater the number of issues that are usually selected. Broad goals and plans are then formed until a consensus is reached among all the parties involved. #11: FORMULATE LIFE CONTRACT FOR NEXT INCARNATION Based upon the broad goals and plans, a specific life contract is then agreed upon which works out the "details". This Life Contract covers such items as where and how the person will be born, what resonances from past lives will be embedded in their body-mind creating birth conditions, and what major life events will be presented to the individual for their growth as they work through their resonances. It will also touch on which significant people they will encounter during their new life such as their birth family, friends, romantic partners, children, coworkers, etc. #12: IMPLEMENTATION OF LIFE CONTRACT INTO BODY-MIND Just before the individual is about to be reborn into a new body, they are taken to a special area in the inner worlds to prepare for their new life. In this chamber, they are shown the various potentials that their new life

holds for them. They are also embedded with the necessary unconscious data that will allow them to recognize significant others they will encounter on their life's journey. After last minute advice from their team of guides, they are sent off into the adventure of their new life. Credits: from channeled information

Rules #35: "You Asked For It, You Got It": The Rules of Life Contracts Life's Most Terrible Truth The most terrible truth that anyone will ever learn while they are on Earth is… that they agreed to come here and to experience all that has, is, and will happen to them. The universe operates under this simple rule: "all that happens is by prior agreement". Whose Life Is It Anyway? So if your life is not as you would wish it to be, you will want to know just who it was that agreed and why "they did it". The "who it was" that entered into this agreement - your life contract - was you in the "between life" state before your entered into this lifetime. As to "why" you did it, the answer is always the same… to promote your spiritual advancement. About Your Life Contract: Your Life Sentence to "School House Earth" Sometimes these "life sentences" are decided upon by the Lords of Karma… and you have no choice but to agree with them. More often, you the you in the "between life" state - is the one who selected the adventure known as your life. Before you conclude that you may have done a lousy job there and want a change, consider that the view from the "inside" (the inner God worlds) is vastly different than the "outside" view (the Earth "reality"). On the inside, you were more concerned with settling karmic debts, with getting certain spiritual lessons right, and with growing closer to God. Once you arrive on the outside, the nature of your perspective always shifts and you become more concerned with living each day. In the Perfectly Unfolding Universe…

The good news is that "you are where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing, and contributing to the perfection of the universe." At times, that knowledge alone can make a difficult life easier to bear. The bad news is that "you are probably firmly tied to the train tracks of karma, are likely to stay there for the rest of your natural life, and should just stay the course to avoid getting a worse ride next life." Yet there is a shining ray of hope: for if you learn your lessons, if you accomplish your spiritual objectives, and if you settle your debts, the train tracks of karma can be switched to give you a more pleasant ride. It is a compassionate universe: no one wants to punish you, they only want to see you learn. How Agreement Works in the Universe. Here is how it unfolds: 1> GOD ALLOWS EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE Whenever I find myself "going into judgment" about something, I get right out of it by remembering two things. One, that if it is allowed to exist, it exists because God allows it and, if God allows it, it is for some good reason that I am either not capable of knowing or am not privileged to know. Two, that is world is a stage of karma, and that, eventually, "what goes around, comes around". The beauty of past life work is the constant reaffirmation that it is a just universe. For someone might succeed in delaying the hand of justice, but, given enough time, they never succeed in denying it. So, if there is something in your life that has "happened to you", remember that God has allowed it and that the reason for it will be revealed to you at some point on your journey through the universe. 2> ALL THAT HAPPENS IS ALWAYS BY AGREEMENT For universal justice to be perfect and absolute, then everything must happen by prior agreement. Even experiences that are imposed by the Lords of Karma upon any given individual always contain an element of negotiation which implies a measure of consent. So when we come into the adventure of our lives, we are much like actors who are handed a series of roles. Unlike actors, we are free to change the script within the confines of the role we are assigned to play. For those of us that transcend our parts by playing them to perfection, we move onto better, more challenging roles. And the others we were originally signed to play against are assigned to other actors. So when it comes to organizing and administering all the agreements, it becomes apparent that God really is in the details. 3> THERE IS NO GOOD OR EVIL - ONLY EXPERIENCE

It frequently surprises clients when I tell them that I outrank them on the Sin-oMeter (as in "I was a way worse sinner that you were in past lives!"). The truth is that not many have had past lives that were and still are labeled as "AntiChrist" like I have had. Yet if I could go back in time and undo those "evil" lives, I would not, because I had gained too much from them. My resourcefulness, courage, resilience, toughness, and so on came from my so-called "evil" lifetimes. Now I have certainly paid karmically for all the harm I inflicted during them, and I have no desire to pursue the "dark path" any longer, but I have lost my "moralizing judgment" of it. Even I accept what is called "the universal viewpoint". That there is no good and no evil, no reward and no punishment, no high and no low. All there is are experiences designed to help you grow as Soul in love, joy, and awareness. You learn as Soul what works and what does not. In the end you find that for any question, love is the answer. 4> "DEPTHS OF DARKNESS" LEAD TO "HEIGHTS OF LIGHT" Since we live in the world of duality - day and night, winter and summer, man and woman - we learn to look at the world "from both sides now". We discover that one is not better than another, only different. And so it is with the paths of darkness and light: to understand one path, we must have experienced the other. And the more we wish to experience one path, the more we must embrace the other. For we can only reach the "heights of light" by experiencing the "depths of darkness". So the "higher" we wish to go into the "light" means the "lower" we must journey in the "darkness". What we come to is a true understanding of the ancient Chinese symbol of "Yin and Yang". For there is not darkness in which there is no light, and no light in which there is not darkness. 5> PROBLEMS ARE BLESSINGS, WOUNDS BECOME GIFTS Most people are incapable of believing that they are the source of their own problems. It is so much easier to "blame it" on bad luck, misfortune, and random circumstances than to accept total and complete karmic responsibility for their lives. And yet before we incarnate we agree to take on all our problems for the lessons they bring us. Simply put, our wounds become our gifts, and the greater the wounds, the greater the gifts. I have yet to meet a great healer that did not go through their own cycle of serious problems before connecting with their gifts. The truth is that you cannot heal someone unless you can first understand their pain. And you cannot understand their pain without having gone through it yourself. For experience is the best and the only teacher.

6> THE "WHO" BEHIND THE AGREEMENT So "who" was it that agreed to your life contract anyway? The "you" who is down here on Earth is not the one who agreed to it, you are just the one who lives with it (as in example: being a "crack whore"). The "you" who is up there in the inner worlds of God is the one who has agreed to your life contract "on behalf" of the "you" down here. This "you on high", your Higher Self, is the Soul part of you that is behind everything that happens to you and everything you do. So, literally, you only have yourself to blame for "your problems". 7> THE "WHY" BEHIND THE AGREEMENT Before you start beating yourself up for making your life too hard, keep in mind that the "you on high" is only following the rules that are laid out by "management": God/Goddess/All That Is. There are many rules governing agreements that everyone is expected to follow, most of them boil down to this one simple rule. That what you have done to others will be done to you in life after life until you learn to value and love all life unconditionally so that you can become an "independent" CoWorker with God… independent in the sense that you can be trusted to lead others wisely. And where you lead them is along their own path to total love, joy, and awareness. 8> YOUR BODY'S ROLE IN ENFORCING AGREEMENTS In the between life state, when people choose parents and bodies for their next Earth life, that choice always involves genetics. The genetics driving an individual's birth condition(s) is a choice made consciously by the Soul and/or the Lords of Karma before the Soul reincarnates. So severe physical birth "defects" - such as Down's Syndrome, improperly functioning/deformed body parts, learning disabilities, etc - ensure that the "life sentence" imposed by these conditions will be carried out. That is how a human body functions like a "prison without walls" - it traps the individual inside a prison of flesh that largely determines what they can and cannot do in any given lifetime. 9> YOUR MIND'S ROLE IN ENFORCING AGREEMENTS In the between life state, when people choose parents and bodies for their next life, that choice always involves mental preconditioning. This mental preconditioning consists of embedding "internal triggers" in an individual's consciousness that will be activated when they encounter the "pre-planned" events called for in their life contract. Dr. Morris Netherton best explained how this process begins: "The unborn child, awaiting their new life, is profoundly affected by prenatal awareness.

With no conscious mind to discern or interpret, the unconscious plays back any past life incidents triggered by events in the mother's life. These incidents shape the behavior patterns of the child. At birth, the infant will begin a life of trying to resolve those past life events without ever knowing what they are." As a person continues through the "minefield" of their life, they continue to stumble across the "unexploded bombs" of these triggers which then continue to compel them to take the action that is necessary to resolve the past life karma. 10> YOUR EMOTIONS' ROLE IN ENFORCING AGREEMENTS The word "emotion" means "energy in motion" and is energy that must be resolved as a person's life unfolds. Emotion, when linked to both physical birth conditions and mental preconditioning, is an especially powerful force in the unfoldment of karma. Take the case of transsexuals. When born, they receive the brain structure of one gender, but have the flesh of the opposite gender, which sets up an extremely compelling karmic conflict. Literally, their biology drives their emotional reality - like it or not - and practically forces them to experience the alternative lifestyle. In other words, body, mind, and emotions are so tightly aligned that there is no backing out of the alternative lifestyle simply because parents do not approve of it, friends cannot accept it, strangers hate and hurt them, etc. So if you "feel" that you are being driven by your emotions, then very likely you are exactly right! 11> WHEN THE UNIVERSE MUST ENFORCE AGREEMENTS Despite the mighty forces of body, mind, and spirit arrayed against them, some individuals still manage to "beat the system" by powerfully imposing their will and their manifesting intentions upon the universe. Since we are here to learn to become the creators of our lives, we are expected to manifest our desires and to transcend our circumstances. If this is inconsistent with our karma and our life path, the universe will step in to "redress the balance". So an "accident" will "happen" to transform either the circumstances the present life or a future one. 12> AGREEMENTS WERE MADE TO BE CHANGED Life contracts are not "set in stone". In an ever evolving universe of "infinite possibilities" and under the watchful eye of a compassionate God, those who have earned the right by their actions in this life can change their life contract. Such changes are rare but can be made. Often they are not made because the individual, for most of their lifetimes, is on the path of karma to advance their spiritual growth.

In the last life that the person has physically, they are taken - in the inner worlds - to the Cave of Purification where the karmic residue is burned from their energy field. If this did not happen, people would spin around on the "Wheel of 84" and reincarnate forever. Credits: adapted from channeled information and inspired by Madeleine. Rules #22: Living the Way of Dharma in Coworkership with God From Karma to Dharma... Karma is designed to bring us all onto the way of Dharma, the path of CoWorkership with God. The "pain and suffering" of karma are designed to teach us how to live within the laws of karma. Learning to live a karma free life ingrains in us a deep and abiding respect for the law so that we always stay within it's bounds. For only by staying inside it's bounds can we become free of it. Once we can handle this freedom responsibly, do we get off the road of karma and move onto the path of Dharma. The way of Dharma is the way of CoWorkership with God in loving service to and respect for all life. Here is how it unfolds: 1> DHARMA MEANS ACTING FROM SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS Similar to the Buddhist principle of Right Concentration, we enter the way of Dharma by becoming fully in balance with our Soul Body. This happens when an individual becomes completely absorbed in the NOW, accepting the complete perfection of each moment. Free from mourning the past and from worrying about the future, those on the path of Dharma experience each moment in it's full totality and beauty because they know NOW is the only time any of us really has. For mourning the past happens because we did not live fully in that NOW as it was happening. While worrying about the future means our fears are blocking the present NOW experience. Yet when we are fully present in NOW, our Soul and Causal (Karmic) Body becomes one when karma transmutes to Dharma. 2> DHARMA MEANS ACTING FROM SOUL'S PURPOSE Similar to the Buddhist truth regarding Suffering, we enter the way of Dharma by becoming fully in balance with our Etheric (Intuitive) Body. Suffering comes from and individual's refusal to embrace their role in the Divine Plan.

Suffering ends when the individual accepts that it is "Thy will" and "not my will" that must be done. Although embracing one's role in the Divine Plan can be painful at times (example, "who wants to be crack whore?"), it ultimately leads over the course of many lifetimes to the greatest joy: becoming a full co-worker with God in the majesty of his creation. 3> DHARMA MEANS BECOMING ONE WITH LIFE Similar to the Buddhist truth regarding Attachment, we enter the way of Dharma by becoming fully in balance with our Mental (Thought) Body. Clinging to base desires, prejudices, familiar ways of life, and other such attachments keeps us small and bound by karmic chains to the wheel of rebirth. It is only by embracing the process, flow, and perfection of life that we break the attachments which cause our pain and keep us from becoming a fully realized co-worker with God. 4> DHARMA MEANS CREATING HARMONY FOR OTHERS Similar to the Buddhist truth regarding Detachment, we enter the way of Dharma by becoming fully in balance with our Astral (Emotional) Body. Detachment means letting go and letting God move through our life so that we can accomplish his work in the world. Often this requires little more than becoming a center of peace and harmony which others rely on and draw comfort from. 5> DHARMA MEANS HONORING THE DIVINITY OF ALL Similar to the Buddhist truth regarding Evolution, we enter the way of Dharma by becoming fully in balance with our Physical (Matter) Body. Those on the path of Dharma recognize that how they treat their body mirrors their treatment of all life. The physical body is a gift given by God to accomplish Soul's purpose in this life - by honoring it, they honor their Creator. As they honor the body, they connect with and honor the divinity and the perfection of all God's creations. 6> DHARMA MEANS ACTING FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL Similar to the Buddhist principle of Right Understanding/Right View, those on the path of Dharma have opened their Crown Chakra to express their Divine Essence. Acting for the highest good of all frees one of expectations. They do not have hopes about how things should be or fears about how things might be. They accept things as they are: trusting that "all things work together for good for those that love God" and that they will unfold for the highest good of all. 7> DHARMA MEANS TRUSTING SUPPORT OF HIGHEST GOOD Similar to the Buddhist principle of Right Thought/Right Intention, those on the path of Dharma have opened their Third Eye Chakra to receive all they

need to know to carry out their Soul's purpose. Abandoning expectations, hopes, and fears, they are free to work with what is. This brings a purity to their thoughts and actions that attracts support from the universe needed to accomplish God's work in the world whether it be ideas, people, money, or other resources. 8> DHARMA MEANS SPEAKING ONLY WHAT IS TRUE Similar to the Buddhist principle of Right Speech, those on the path of Dharma have opened their Throat Chakra to communicate only what is truest and best from their spirit. Since their intentions are pure, they will naturally speak from the heart. This heart centered speech always contains the three essential karma-free components: it is true, it is necessary, and it is kind. Notice that these are also the essential qualities of all Divine Guidance "spoken" to the clairaudient. 9> DHARMA MEANS ACTING WITH LOVE FOR ALL LIFE Similar to the Buddhist principle of Right Action/Right Discipline, those on the path of Dharma have opened their Heart Chakra to their greatest joy because they have learned to love all as Soul and to see God in everything. Their love for all life embraces everything and everyone: from the mass murderer to the saint. Those on the path of Dharma are able to love and cherish all because all are loved and cherished by God - equally - for all are His much loved children. 10> DHARMA MEANS ALLOWING LIFE TO FLOW IN JOY Similar to the Buddhist principle of Right Livelihood, those on the path of Dharma have opened their Solar Plexus Chakra to the full totality of who they are. Service is the deepest expression of love for as we serve we put the needs of others ahead of our own. Dharmic work is that which empowers and uplifts others as it feeds and nurtures us. All work can be dharmic if we form a simple relationship with it by to performing it properly with loving attention to detail. 11> DHARMA MEANS BEING A COWORKER WITH GOD Similar to the Buddhist principle of Right Effort, those on the path of Dharma have opened their Sacral Chakra to connect with their personal power as a CoWorker with God. Power is a tool: it is neither good nor bad in and of itself. When one uses their personal power to achieve the loving purposes of Dharma, one always works with it gently, without any aggression or manipulation. 12> DHARMA MEANS LIVING LOVE IN EVERY MOMENT Similar to the Buddhist principle of Right Mindfulness, those on the path of Dharma have opened their Root Chakra to the Earthly tools of "sex, money, and power" in a balanced, helpful way. They are mindful of the tiniest details of their experience - the way they perform their job, spend their money, and

treat their love partner, family, friends, and coworkers - at every moment of every day. Credits: adapted from the Buddhist Principles of the Eightfold Path and the Four Noble
Truths and from the "Mahanta Transcripts" by Sri Harold Klemp.

Rules #18: Life Goes On and On - Evidence of Life After Death Is There Life After Death... "Do we pass from being into nothingness and find there is no exit - or - is there more?" has been asked from the beginning of time. Many in our electronic age believe that we have moved beyond the need for God and have abandoned the quest for finding Him/ Her and answering this age old question. And yet, ironically, it is the electronic age which has managed to give us some of the most compelling proof of life after death. And now the "Case for the After Life"! 1> ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENA (EVP) ....."SOUND" COMMUNICATION Victor Zammit has the best description of this phenomena: Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is "objective communication between those... physically on Earth with those who passed on, those who physically died but are now living in a different dimension. For more than 50 years experimenters all over the world have been tape recording 'paranormal voices'- voices which cannot be heard when a tape recorder is playing but which can be heard when the tape is played back." "Many of the very short messages claim to be from loved ones who have passed on. They are responsive, use the experimenter's name, and answer questions." I myself did not believe in this phenomena until it happened in a session and a client called me back to ask how "I did it". I thought it was a flaw in the tape at first but was surprised to find it was not (see "Phone Calls from the Dead" by Scott Rogo). 2> INSTRUMENTAL TRANSCOMMUNICATION (ITC) ....."LIGHT" COMMUNICATION Again Victor Zammit describes this Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) as "contact with people who have died via radio, over telephones, on television, on answering machines and on faxes and computers... This is

highly evidential in that the contact is repeatable, is occurring in laboratories throughout the world, and is being subjected to scientific scrutiny." ITC is the modern equivalent of the better known "automatic writing" phenomena. In automatic writing, an individual serves as the conduit through which the thoughts of others flow. They write words on paper without consciously directing them while in an altered state of consciousness. It is this super conscious state that allows them to contact beings in non-physical planes of existence (see "How to Do Automatic Writing" by Edain McCoy, Llewelyn Publication). 3> NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES (NDE) Near Death Experience (NDE) from Victor Zammit: "is a powerful argument for the existence of the afterlife. As medical resuscitation techniques are being improved more and more people are being brought back from the border of clinical death. A number of them recount an intense profoundly meaningful experience in which they seem to be alive and functioning outside their body." Most Near Death Experiences (NDE) go like something this: "'I had a floating sensation ... and I looked back and I could see myself on the bed below. I went through this dark black tunnel at super speed. I saw a light coming toward me. From the moment I heard a voice in the light speaking to me, I felt really good -- secure and loved. I heard the voice telling me what I had to do - go back - and I felt no fear. My NDE opened up a whole new world for me -- I kept thinking, 'There's so much I've got to find out.'" Dr. Raymond Moody ("Life After Life") studied "more than one hundred people who experienced 'clinical death' and were revived. Their amazing testimonies and surprising descriptions of 'death' and 'beyond' were so strikingly similar, so vivid and so overwhelmingly positive that they have changed the way many view life, death, and the spiritual hereafter." Proof positive that life goes on and on. For the earliest recorded instance of the Near Death Experience (731 AD), click here! 4> OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES (OBE) Out of Body Experiences (OBE) from Victor Zammit: "happen when a person's duplicate invisible body" (which are the four inner bodies: Astral, Causal, Mental, and Etheric) "is able to move out of the physical body with full consciousness. A person who experiences an OBE does not have to be ill or near death." They just need to have earned the right to get this kind of experience." "Those who have had an out of body experience usually accept that they survive physical death. They know that the reason why they return to their physical body is because their invisible duplicate body is still connected to

the physical body by a silver cord. When the silver cord is irretrievably severed, the invisible body continues to survive" in the inner worlds. OBEs are well documented throughout history: by the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Greeks (Plato, Socrates, and Plutarch), the ancient Romans (Pliny and Plotonius), and the ancient Chinese. OBEs are also practiced by tribes in Africa, by North American Indians, by Buddhists and Hindus. The Emperor Napoleon was said to have credited his success on the battlefield by his ability to perform OBEs at will. He would rise above his body, get an overview of the battle, and make on the spot adjustments to his troop movements accordingly. 5> DISCARNATE MATERIALIZATION (DM) Discarnate Materialization (DM) from Victor Zammit: "cases involve a person who has recently died appearing to loved ones to announce the fact of their death. In many such cases the death was unexpected and was later confirmed to have occurred immediately before the apparition." Like "phone calls from the dead", numerous and well documented cases of discarnate materialization exist. A typical case of discarnate materialization is the case of a Mrs. Pacquet reported by Scott Rogo. Her "brother Edmund appeared to her six hours after he had drowned at sea." He "acted out how he had been caught around the legs by a rope and dragged overboard" - later verified to be true. Discarnate materializations, more popularly known as ghosts or apparitions, have been successfully photographed in conjunction with research into long term paranormal activity (haunted homes, etc). 6> AFTER LIFE INTERVENTIONS (AI) & 7> DISTURBED POLTERGEISTS After Life Interventions (AI) are interventions in the physical world caused by beings existing in the non-physical realms. Usually these interventions are termed 'poltergeists' which comes "from German and literally means 'noisy spirit'". "Thousands of poltergeist incidents" have been "recorded around the world". They include such physical interventions as "clothing (being) set on fire, human voices being heard from unknown sources, solid objects (being sent) flying through the air, vases being and smashed on the floor or walls." These after life interventions can be as graphic and as threatening as "matches being lit in the eyes of witnesses, stones being thrown (at them), and other material things being moved" despite pleas of those present to stop the activity. After life interventions from Victor Zammit "are usually related to some serious unfinished business. Sometimes serious crimes such as murder, rape, torture and some other form injustice motivates the (discarnate spirit) to seek revenge... If a person is extremely disturbed at the time of

death, there is a likelihood that the person will continue to be disturbed in the next world" for "some time to come." The manifestation of this disturbed energy will continue to be played out until the cause that set it in motion is addressed by "some resolution" to the cause. Often discarnates intervene in the physical world with the purpose of motivating someone else to discover their remains. Often when the bodies are unearthed, it initiates a sequence of events leading to the arrest of the murderer. More often, discarnates simply wish to put an end to the suffering of loved ones who miss them. 8> PRE-DEATH CROSSOVERS (PDC) Pre-Death Crossovers (PDC) is from Victor Zammit: the phenomena of those close to dying having "visions tak(ing) the form of apparitional visits of loved ones, glimpses of the next world... (The) dying would tell of visions of God and of seeing those who had died before them." This is a form of discarnate materialization. It happens because the dying person is in the process of becoming ready - vibrationally - for their entry into the next non-physical plane of existence. 9> MEDIUMSHIP #1: DISCARNATE CHANNELING (DC) Discarnate Channeling (DC), better known as "mediumship", is the ability of a person to channel information directly from "dead people". From Victor Zammit, when famous American medium, George Anderson gave New York TV host and paranormal debunker, Joel Martin a short reading, Martin was "shocked." "'George had been accurate about everything. He had not generalized, there was no ambiguity. He knew things - names, details, events, opinions, even gestures - that no one else could have known... I relived the reading time and again, searching my memory for evidence of tricks. George had worked in a fully lighted room, did not go into a trance state and seemed so matter-of-fact about it all... I had to admit that there was something going on. It flew in the face of everything I'd learned to believe about science and religion, the nature of life itself.'" 10> MEDIUMSHIP #2: BRAIN PATTERN LIGHT OVERLAYS (BPLO) Brain Pattern Overlays (BPLO) from "non-physical" entities onto the physical medium are what allow the transmission of "inner information" to the medium to occur. From Victor Zammit: "American Professor Charles Hapgood... tested the electroencephalograph (EEG) of the medium Elwood Babbitt... while three different intelligences were allegedly in control of the medium." "The EEGs of each of the three were found to be completely different from each other and from the EEG of Babbitt (while) not in trance. An EEG

expert, Dr Bridge, noticed that the EEGs were characteristic of people of different physical ages and could not belong to the one person." 11> MEDIUMSHIP #3: VOICE PATTERN SOUND OVERLAYS (VPSO) Voice Pattern Overlays (VPSO) from "non-physical" entities onto the physical medium also allow transmission of "inner information" to occur. From Victor Zammit: "Voices of three intelligences which regularly manifest through... medium, Shirley Bray... were tape recorded. These taped voices were then put through a very high tech voice machine... (which) can measure variables such as pace, rhythm, accents etc. The machine showed that all taped voices from the medium Shirley Bray were those of totally different individuals... (Since) the machine registers... breathing pattern(s) while speaking it would not have been possible for one person to produce the three voices on the tape. This is because the voice pattern vibration for each individual is... different from person to person". 12> MEDIUMSHIP #4: MERGING OF CONSCIOUSNESS (MMC) Merging Of Multiple Consciousness (MMC) is essentially what allows the mediumship to function. From Victor Zammit, a word association test was given to a medium "Mrs Garrett... when NOT in trance and to give her control, Urvani, a word association test when Mrs Garrett WAS in trance." "Professional psychologists and psychiatrists attest that the subject cannot maintain fraud for any length of time using a word association test of 100 words where the response time to a word is measured in tenths of a second. Any inconsistency and hesitation is noticed immediately." "The results showed conclusively that the word associations of Mrs Garrett... and of Urvani... were all radically different and that it was not possible for the information transmitted to have come from one person, from one mind. These results correspond with the argument that we survive physical death and that our personality, our mind, our character survive (along) with us." Credits: based on Victor Zammit's "A Lawyer Argues the Case for the AfterLife:
Irrefutable Objective Evidence", Raymond Moody's "Life After Life", and channeled information

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Rules #17: Hide in Plain Sight - Evidence of Past Lives in Everyday Life The Past is Still Present When most people look for evidence of their past lives, they usually overlook evidence that is "hiding in plain sight". Seeing the World With New Eyes

Looking at the present day world through past life eyeglasses can give one a whole new perspective on and an explanation for certain phenomena that has been and is present in "real life". Here is some evidence of past life carryovers that explain several observable present day situations and phenomena. 1> GENDER IDENTIFICATION CONFLICTS The most common and most overlooked impact of past lives on the present is in the area of gender identification. Past lives contribute the most to an individual "feeling like" a man or a woman "on the inside". Consider the lengths - physically, socially, and financially - that some (commonly called transsexuals) go to in changing their outer gender appearance to correspond to their inner emotional reality. It is then you will gain an appreciation for how compelling the drive toward correct gender identification is and how deeply such conflicts can run in an individual. This is an outgrowth of that person having incarnations that are predominantly of one gender. For example, in my case, having been a General in many lifetimes, my incarnations have been predominantly male. Although I am a female now and I do embrace this gender, if given a "free" choice, I would choose to be male. I would choose that simply because it is more comfortable for me as an expression of my life path. 2> DEJA VU EXPERIENCES The "deja vu" experience is the feeling that we have been somewhere or done something before when we could not possibly "have been there or done that". For example, Peter Ramster investigated Cynthia Henderson who "remembered a life during the French Revolution. When under trance, she spoke in French without any trace of an accent, understood and answered questions put to her in French, used dialect of the time, and knew the names of streets which had changed and were only discoverable on old maps". A more compelling case of deja vu is the "800 Year Old Case of Synchronicity" reported by Dr. Bruce Goldberg who had two clients unknown to one another who shared the same lifetime. In different sessions years apart, they reported identical events from the opposing viewpoints of their past life personalities. Only Dr. Goldberg knew of this synchronicity (for more see Ramster "In Search of Lives Past" and Goldberg "Past Lives, Future Lives"). 3> CHILDREN WITH ADULT MEMORIES

Children who claim to remember a previous life have been found in many parts of the world, particularly in areas where the concept of reincarnation is accepted "as in the Buddhist and Hindu countries of South Asia". There are also cases "among the Shiite peoples of Lebanon and Turkey, the tribes of West Africa, and the American Northwest. Stevenson has collected over 2,600 reported cases of past life memories of which 65 detailed reports have been published. Specific information from the children's memories has been collected and matched with the data of their former identity, family, residence, and manner of death." Many believe that children's past life memories are among the most compelling because, given the level and complexity of detail "remembered", it would be almost impossible to fake this information by coaching. (For more see Ian Stevenson's "Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation", "Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect", "Children Who Remember Previous Lives", "Unlearned Language: New Studies in Xenoglossy" and Carol Bowman's "Children's Past Life Memories"). 4> CHILD PRODIGIES & IDIOT SAVANTS Extreme forms of past life manifestations in children are the phenomena of "child prodigies" (children who are born with extremely advanced expertize) and "idiot savants" (children who can perform complex mathematical or scientific calculations but are lacking in very basic social skills). Child prodigies have developed certain skill sets in such a high degree in past lives that they become deeply ingrained in their persona. So when that Soul reincarnates, the skills come along in the new body fully intact and a child prodigy is born. For example, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart believed that he had been a musician in many past lives where he had developed his amazing technical skills. Similarly, idiot savants reincarnate with fully developed skill sets but there is usually such a serious imbalance between their mental and emotional bodies as to put the mental body completely in control of the individual. The mind "out of control" drives the emotions and the physical body of the savant to act in ways that are considered to be socially unacceptable. The karmic goal of this existence is to "knock" the emotions back into shape and restore balance. 5> UNLEARNED LANGUAGE (XENOGLOSSY) Xenoglossy is someone's "ability to speak or write in a language that has not been learned". Cases of xenoglossy are the hardest to explain - other than in the context of past lives - where the individual involved "spontaneously" can write in languages long extinct and known only to a handful of research scholars.

For example, "Dr Morris Netherton reports one case of a blond, blue-eyed eleven year old boy who under hypnosis was taped for eleven minutes as he spoke in an ancient Chinese dialect. When the tape (recording) was taken to a professor at the Department of Oriental Studies at the University of California it turned out to be a recitation from a forbidden religion of Ancient China" (see Ian Stevenson's work "Unlearned Language: Xenoglossy" for more). 6> MULTIPLE BIRTH DEFECTS & DISTINCTIVE BIRTHMARKS Multiple or severe birth defects are usually the result of an individual being on the spiritual "debt consolidation karmic payment plan". Since birth conditions can never be ignored and usually last for the entire lifetime, they become the perfect vehicles for the working off of serious and complex karmic conditions arising from past lives. It is as if all the individual's problems have been rolled into one big, gigantic ball that the individual will be dragging around for "the rest of their life". "Birthmarks or other physiological manifestations have been found to relate to experiences of past lives, particularly violent death. Writing as a specialist in psychiatry and as a world-renowned scientific investigator of paranormal events, Ian Stevenson asks us to suspend our tendencies to disbelieve in reincarnation." Consider the reality of the burgeoning record of cases now available detailed in his book "Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect: Birthmarks and Birth Defects". 7> LOVE OR HATE AT FIRST SIGHT Many people dream about looking across a crowded room and seeing the love of their life. "Love at First Sight" is a well documented historical phenomenon. Caesar and Cleopatra acted as man and wife from almost the first moment they met one another. Once Czar Nicholas met Lady Alexandra, he - in an uncharacteristic act of stubbornness - refused to consider marrying anyone else. After Queen Victoria met Albert, she became determined to marry him. The same with King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and the list goes on. 8> OBSESSIONS & COMPULSIONS Every attitude and belief you have comes from somewhere. Obsessions and compulsions in this lifetime are usually directly traceable back to a past life where they originated. If the traits or the behaviors are disempowering enough in one's life today, then it becomes a Obssesive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The spiritual purpose of OCD is force the individual to seek the answer to why they are now being "plagued" with thoughts and behaviors that they have "no control over". When the life lesson associated with OCD has been fully learned and "absorbed" into the individual's body-mind, the

"disempowering" trait or behavior will fall away. Often all that is needed is for the individual to confront the past life(s) where the OCD originated and integrate the necessary learning. 9> MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES & SCHIZOPHRENICS Multiple personality disorders (MPD) and/or Schizophrenia (SCH) can be caused by the emergence of past life personalities that arise to help the present day person solve problem(s). The trouble comes when these past life personalities are not properly reintegrated back into the present day person's memory. What normally happens is, that when an individual is in crisis, they access the "unused" part of their brain where their past life personalities are stored to help them overcome it. When the crisis is averted, the pathway to that part of their brain is automatically shut off (see also Top Ten Serious Past Life Problems). In cases of MPD or SCH, the crises are so severe or so chronic that this shut down mechanism can no longer function properly. The mind then has difficulty distinguishing between the current and all prior personalities. In a sense, the prior personalities come back to life and fight for the attention of the current body-mind. In SCH, there is a dominant prior personality which drives out all others except themselves and the current day personality. In MPD, a host of prior personalities jockey for position at the forefront of the person's awareness and end up "taking turns". 10> JINXES & HARD LUCK CASES Ever met someone whose life was a "bad news buffet"? Ever met someone whose life - if put on a television soap opera - would be just too tragic to be believed? Ever met someone who never seems to get ahead and is the classic case of "when bad things happen to good people"? Most people have. It raises the classic problem of "evil": for how does a truly loving God let "bad things" happen to some of His children and not others? The answer is: "as one has sown, so also shall one reap" and those who "sow the wind" will "harvest the whirlwind". In the context of present lives being the working out of past life causes, there is no hard luck... there are only experiences one has chosen. Often those experiences are to suffer for ourselves what we have caused others to suffer. 11> INFANT ADDICTS & DOWN'S SYNDROME CASES The encounter with the "problem of evil" is greater nowhere than in cases of infants born addicted to drugs or severely compromised mentally and physically as in Down's Syndrome cases. If a person only "got only one shot at life" and it was with extreme birth defects like these, then how could belief in a loving, just, and merciful God be possible? I think it could not be.

When it becomes clear that these situations were chosen by returning suicides, Nazi medical experimenters, serial killers, and the like to understand the effects of their brutality, then the role of cosmic justice becomes clear. 12> UNEARTHING BURIED TREASURES A tangible form of the "deja vu" experience is what I call "unearthing buried treasure". There have been documented cases of individuals retrieving things in a later life that they had stashed away in a previous one. Take the case of Shanti Devi from New Delhi, India "who at the age of four began to mention certain details about clothes, food, people, incidents, places which surprised her parents. Briefly, Shanti mentioned the following which were later verified to be true. She identified herself as Lugdi and used to live in Muttra, 128 kilometres away... She knew in her former life where she had hidden 150 rupees in an underground corner of a room for safe keeping in the house. The husband of the previous life, Kedar Nath, confirmed that although the money was not there (when the case was investigated) he was responsible for (finding it) and taking it himself." For more see Victor Zammit's "A Lawyer Argues the Case for the AfterLife: Irrefutable Objective Evidence". Credits: based on Ian Stevenson's works and channeled information "As Fragile as Gossamer" Memories are much like spider webs: sturdy but fragile, interconnected but reduced to bare essentials, full of actual materials but woven by our own hand. As any reputable historian will tell you, sorting "fact" from "fiction" is not as easy as it appears. For example, ask all the people in a car accident to describe it to you and you will have as many stories as you will people. Investigate it closer and you will uncover even more theories on "how it really happened" from onlookers. Now imagine that instead of a car accident, it is an important historical event you wish to discern the "truth" about, and the "truths" will multiply at an alarming rate. What Are We to Ourselves But Our Memories? So for those having dreams about past lives or for those consciously connecting with past life memories, the question becomes "how do I know if these are real?" In other words, "what is the difference between past life memories and dreams, imagination, and other 'intangible mental' processes?" The good news is that there are several clear signs indicating that memories originate from past lives. The bad news is that, unless are you totally and brutally honest with yourself about your experience, these signs may not help you. They are:

#1: PAST LIFE MEMORIES HAVE DEPTH & DETAIL Critics of past life work are quick to point numerous documented cases of where hypnotists have been able to "induce past life memories" in their subjects by "suggesting" that the subject lived a past life in a certain place or time. The mind will then oblige the hypnotist by obediently constructing a "story" of a past life based on what the subject "knows" about the particular time and place suggested. These researchers then often conclude that past life memories are just the activity of a hyper-active and/or deluded mind that randomly selects events and calls them past lives. Looking closer, these "induced" or "suggested" memories all have one thing in common: they lack the depth and detail common to true past life memories. Those experiencing true past life memories are able to recall details about their past lives that are as "wide and deep" as details they would be able to recall about their life today. These would include such things as: the names of loved ones, family, friends, neighbors, and employers; who they loved or hated and why; who owed them money; their health problems; where they lived, hid things, and so on. Especially when those details can be verified by researchers and when there was no way the person involved could have gotten the information from another source, the truth of past lives becomes hard to deny. Past life researcher Ian Stevenson has spent a lifetime in amassing scientific evidence of reincarnation (see "Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation" for "in depth" documented case histories). #2: PAST LIFE MEMORIES HAVE CLARITY & CERTAINTY Another common failing of "induced" or "suggested" memories is that they lack clarity and certainty. Since they are based on "nothing", it becomes easy for a researcher to lead a subject "by the nose" and get them to contradict previous statements made about the "suggested" past life. Not so with real past life memories because they are based on "something" that has already happened in the sequence of "linear time". Usually in channeled readings, the most significant single event of the individual's past life is shown first and then past life unfolds in sequence beginning with childhood. Even when it seems like there is no way the "significant" event could happen to the person given their beginnings, it always unfolds with great certainty to that ultimate moment. Many times as the life is unfolding the individual will begin to "remember" these past events. Often they will start to fill in some details about the past life or they will point out parallels between the past and their life now. Invariably, this leaves the person clearer about what they need to do now to avoid the mistakes of the past. Almost always, a significant personal

detail - known only to the client - will emerge to satisfy them the past life being channeled is most certainly theirs. #3: PAST LIFE MEMORIES HAVE INTERNAL CONSISTENCY Those getting past life information through their dreams or by doing self guided regression work will probably find that their memories will come out of sequence. In other words, memories of events later in a past life may be revealed before memories of earlier events in that life. This happens because our unconscious mind presents us with information in the order of importance to our evolution as Soul. Often that is not in the order in which the events actually happened to us. If these are true past life memories, then the memories will automatically have internal consistency. In other words, the memories will be like pieces in a puzzle. When all the puzzle pieces are neatly fit together, a clear, consistent picture will appear. That only works if each piece of the puzzle was "good" in the first place. It can only be good, if it comes from a slice of that was actually lived. If the pieces do not fit, then it cannot be a memory and is more likely a dream or an imagination. #4: PAST LIFE MEMORIES CONTAIN UNLEARNED KNOWLEDGE There is so much in the universe to learn that it is impossible to master everything in the space of a single lifetime. And so we come into each life to take on a certain set of series and challenges. Yet what we have learned in past lives is always available to us. When we need to use this knowledge, it will always come back to us. Often this surfacing of past life wisdom is so natural and subtle that most do not recognize it. Or if they do, they are likely to attribute it to a "God given gift". All knowledge must be earned. Anything you "know" that you have "not learned" in this life, you have mastered in previous incarnations. Often, unlearned knowledge manifests itself in the sudden emergence of "core survival skills" to cope with life threatening situations. There have been many news stories of people who saved their own lives because "somehow they knew just what to do". #5: PAST LIFE MEMORIES CONTAIN UNLEARNED WISDOM "Unlearned knowledge" relates to the "remembering" of specific skills and abilities while "unlearned wisdom" relates to the "connection" to the understanding that comes only with time and experience and only after a base of knowledge is amassed. Those who possess such "wisdom beyond their years" - child prodigies, savants, and geniuses - have carried it with them from past lives. The phenomena of "unlearned wisdom" is most readily observed in the

case of children's past lives. When children can relate stories of "the time before when I was big", which are full of details that are clearly beyond their experience, they are most likely reconnecting with their past lives. Since children have come from the inner worlds more recently, they are better able to connect with the greater totality of themselves which includes past life awareness. For how children are able to demonstrate "unlearned wisdom", see Carol Bowman's "Children's Past Lives". #6: PAST LIFE MEMORIES EXPLAIN UNUSUAL BEHAVIORS Many psychologists will tell you that "from the inside, all attitudes and behaviors make sense." This flows from the idea that, at some point in the past, mostly in childhood, specific incidents created all of the behaviors and/or attitudes a person possesses. Where a specific incident cannot be found, it is generally attributed to repressed memory. Often, it should be attributed to past lives, especially if the behavior or attitude is "unusual" given the context of the person's life now. Most obsessive compulsive behaviors are carryovers from past lives that are crying out to be healed. As in those who must obsessively hoard everything now - no matter how trivial - generally suffered and died horribly for having let food or money slip through their fingers. Or as in those who are now compulsive control freaks are now "making up" for past lives when they were powerless. #7: PAST LIFE MEMORIES CORRESPOND TO STRANGE HABITS Like unusual behaviors/attitudes and strange habits/manners often originate in past lives. This is especially true of "fear based" habits that cannot be explained by present life events. For example, those who fear heights often have past lives where they fell to their death from a great height. Or those who fear confined spaces may be "reacting" to having been buried alive in past lives. As Johannes Kepler asked, "why are things as they are and not otherwise?" In the case of "strange habits", the answer to this question is almost always "past lives". #8: PAST LIFE MEMORIES CORRESPOND TO SKILLS & TALENTS Skills and talents developed in past lives carry over into your present life just like your issues and problems do. Everyone has something that they do especially well, something that comes easily and naturally to them. Past life memories often reveal that what work you are doing now you have done before in many, many past lives. Many doctors and nurses had past incarnations as healers. Many psychiatrists and counselors have had past lives as priests, ministers, or monks/nuns. Many writers, musicians, and artists have perfected their respective crafts over numerous lifetimes.

#9: PAST LIFE MEMORIES HAVE PHYSICAL TRACES Traces of past life memories often lie just on the surface… of your skin. The marks - moles, warts, discolorations, and other "imperfections" - you were born with on your skin are often the roadmap to your past lives. These "birthmarks" are the cellular memory of past life wounds imprinted on your present day body. They are carried forward because the past life "trauma" associated with them (mostly from violent death) has not been resolved. Until it is resolved, the body will continue to carry the birthmark and it's resonance to future lives (for painstaking details, see "Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect" by Ian Stevenson). #10: PAST LIFE MEMORIES HAVE EMOTIONAL TRACES Emotional traces from past lives are usually the most recognizable to others… because they are on the receiving end of our emotional responses. Paying close attention to those comments consistently made by a wide variety of others about one's emotional behavior will give important clues to the nature of past lives. This is especially true if the emotions "make no sense" in the context of the present life. Those who are naturally dictatorial may have had many lifetimes in command. Those who are naturally jealous may have been betrayed by lovers in past lives. #11: PAST LIFE MEMORIES HAVE MENTAL TRACES Mental traces from past lives are usually the most recognizable to ourselves…. because only we are totally familiar with the inner workings of our own minds. Such mental traces usually manifest as our own internal questions such as "why do I think this way when my… thinks so much differently?" Or "why does this… stay 'stuck' in my mind?" Or "why can't I get over…?" All these are mental traces from past lives. As in "you think differently because you are more like yourself as you grow over many past lives then you are like…" Or "you are stuck/can't get over…" due to unhealed past life issues. #12: PAST LIFE MEMORIES HAVE SPIRITUAL TRACES Spiritual traces of past lives are generally the most recognizable to others who have already been to the same place on the spiritual path where you are. Yet you can discern them for yourself by looking at what primarily interests you and how this corresponds to your chakras (for more on chakras, click here). If you are totally into the "sex, money, and power" bag, then you are

operating from your Root Chakra and have lots of rich life experience before you. Yet if you are primarily into the "spirituality and God" bag, then you are operating from your Crown Chakra and have a rich tapestry of past life experience behind you. Credits: inspired by Carol Bowman's "Children's Past Lives" and from channeled

Rules #45: "Living Another Life": Unique Qualities of Past Life Dreams
"These dreams that sleep when I close my eyes… every second of the night I live another life…" - (lyrics from a popular song)

"To Sleep, Perchance to Dream" One of the tragedies of modern life is that sleep is often regarded as unproductive down time… an annoying habit that cannot be broken. Since sleep cannot be avoided, it is often minimized, to "get it over with" and to get on with life. And yet, from a spiritual standpoint, sleep is incredibly productive. For while our body sleeps and our mind rests, they and "we" are put in touch with the healing and regulating currents of the universe. It is the longest part of the day that we - all of us - spend in touch with the inner worlds of God. If you think nothing happens while we are sleeping, why is it that we can go to sleep upset about a problem and wake up feeling better about it? Nothing in our situation has changed… so if nothing had gone on while sleeping, how could this happen? Yet, it is dreams that are the real evidence "something is going on" while we sleep. And part of what dreams are used for is to work through past life karma. Dreams and the Burn Off of Past Life Karma How it works is that - relative to the working through of karma - there is no difference between what is "real" (happening in waking life on the physical plane) and what is "imagined" (happening in sleeping life in the inner worlds of God). As long as you can feel it, whether in a dream or in "real" life, you can heal it. Why it happens depends on your level of spiritual evolution. If you are "just getting into" greater awareness of spirituality, then "karmic dreams" are a safe way of introducing you to the greater totality

of yourself… to your past lives. In other words, you can relive a traumatic past life event even if your "waking" belief system does not support belief in the "reality" of past lives. If you are "already on the path", then "karmic dreams" are a more harmonious way to work off karma. In other words, if you have past life "robbery" karma to work off, then experiencing getting your house vandalized in the dream state… is much less disruptive to your life in the future than if it had "actually" happened to you in "real life" (ie. healing a broken house, etc). Remember that karma is more about teaching than punishing… and, if you can learn lessons less painfully in the dream state, that is the surest sign of the working of a loving and compassionate universe. So here is how to tell if your dream has "past life origins"... #1: PAST LIFE DREAMS HAVE HISTORICAL DETAIL Regardless of your level of spiritual advancement, the primary purpose of your dreams is to give you "coaching" about your life now. Therefore, most dreams will be filled with people, places, and things that are familiar to you in your life today. When you find yourself dreaming about "historical" people, places, and things that is the surest sign you are in the process of tapping into your past lives. In other words, if you find yourself dressed in "period clothing" or in "historical settings", or if you see yourself living through "significant events" from times that could only have been experienced in past lives… you are having a "karmic dream". Most often, the strongest indicator of "karmic dreams" are when we see ourselves as "other than" we are today. Meaning that in dreams we see someone who "we know to be ourselves" that is clearly of the opposite gender or from a different race, religion, ethnic group, nation, etc than we are today. #2: PAST LIFE DREAMS HAVE UNCHANGING EVENTS In our dreaming life, just as in waking life, we are "in charge" of what goes on there. If we do not like what happens, all we need to do is simply decide that we want to change it and it will transform in response to our wishes. Yet, in "karmic dreams", especially those that are recurring nightmares, we are not able to change the sequences of events no matter how hard we try. Just as the events in the past life cannot be changed, neither can the replay of those events in the dream state be changed. Those events will just replay again in dreaming life until they get our attention and cause us to take action on them in waking life.

Often recurring nightmares start out as recurring dreams… and if we had taken care of the recurring dream by exploring and healing it, then it would not have turned into a nightmare. Nightmares are usually a last ditch effort to get the person to heal their life before the problems manifest into "physical, waking reality" where they can be no longer denied (see "Discovering Past Lives Through Dreams"). #3: PAST LIFE DREAMS HAVE A SEQUENCE OF EVENTS "Regular" dreams are meant to give the individual a variety of experiences in the inner worlds. Often this means that "dream events" happen rapidly and in a seemingly random, chaotic order. This is designed to bypass our linear, logical minds which are barriers to our pure experience from the source. Meaning that because our minds cannot keep up or make sense of what happens in the dream state, they stop filtering the "dream garbage" and let it flow through uninterrupted. Yet, in "karmic dreams", our minds do register the logical sequence of events in our dreams but are unable to alter them because they are replays of past events… and not current creations of our egos. The struggle that our minds undergo in the effort to "clean up karmic dreams" is often what brings them to our attention. They tend to "stand out" relative to the normal stream of dreams that are quickly forgotten. Since "karmic dreams" are designed to bring unhealed past life issues to the forefront of our awareness, this is a good thing... especially if we have requested a change in the circumstances of our present life that to happen require healing of "past life blocks" (see "How I Discovered My Work Through Dreams"). #4: PAST LIFE DREAMS ARE OUTSIDE OF OUR LEARNING "Karmic dreams" especially attract our attention, if inside them, our "past life personality" displays learning, talents, skills, and abilities that we have not acquired in our life now. In other words, in a "karmic dream" we might have the ability to speak and understand a foreign language we do not know now. Or, in dreams, we may understand complex medical procedures but, in waking life, we are not trained as doctors. Or, in dreams, we may have detailed knowledge of the law but, in waking life, we are not trained as attorneys. Or, in dreams, we have artistic talents that we lack in "real life". One of the surest signs of a "karmic dream" is, once we have had one, we begin to spontaneously use those dreamed talents in our waking lives. In fact, when we "just know how" to do things we have never been formally taught, we are "remembering" what we have already learned in one or more past lives. If we have already studied and mastered a talent it is

ours. If you wish to reconnect with previously learned skills from past lives, try the "Unleashing Past Life Talents" exercise. #5: PAST LIFE DREAMS ARE OUTSIDE OF OUR EXPERIENCE Throughout our journey through the universe, we will be all things - saint and sinner, hero and villain, good and evil - so that we can gain a complete understanding or life. Often, "karmic dreams" will try to show us the past life "shadow side" of our present life selves. In other words, past lives where we racked up "bad karma". For example, if our house was robbed, we might have a "karmic dream" showing us a past life where we "made our living" by thievery. Or if we are "powerless" now, we might dream of past lives of abusing power which created our life now. In another example, a very talented, energetic African American woman had found herself repeatedly drawn into situations where others "put her down" and were constantly using "racial slurs" against her. She wanted to know why this seemed to follow her no matter where she went. So one night in a "karmic dream", she was shown a past life in the South where she had been a slave owner. Although she had not been physically cruel to those slaves she "owned", she had been very verbally abusive… and now she was experiencing the other side of the coin in this lifetime. #6: PAST LIFE DREAMS CORRESPOND TO STRANGE BELIEFS Strange beliefs and thoughts are very often carryovers of disempowering behavior patterns from previous lives. "Karmic dreams" often work to reveal how past life tragedies have carried over and have created our present day beliefs… beliefs which may seem strange now but made "perfect sense" to us in the past. There are many such belief systems which are quite recognizable in modern day life. For example, the "I gotta live hard because I'm gonna die young" syndrome is a belief system carried over from past lives cut short by unexpected illness or tragedy as a present day defense mechanism. The "push it to the edge extreme risk taking" syndrome is also a belief system often carried over from past lives as mercenaries who lived for the action packed thrills of a dangerous "short but sweet" life. The "I am just an abuse magnet" is a thoughtform carried over from many past lives as a battered spouse that only serves to attract abusive partners into the present lifetime. #7: PAST LIFE DREAMS EXPLAIN UNUSUAL BEHAVIORS It is a maxim of psychology that "all behavior makes sense on the inside". So when the origins of unusual behaviors or attitudes are sought, an explanation is usually traceable back to some childhood experience. Yet if the answer is not to be found there, then the "psychological archeaology"

needs to be extended to look for the answer in one of more past lives. Often, the explanations for unusual behaviors or attitudes in the present life are revealed by "karmic dreams" about past lives. For example, I always have to sit along the aisle in a movie theatre (I cannot sit anywhere else without experiencing extreme discomfort). This phobia resulted from one past life where I was burned to death in a theatre. I died because I had been sitting in the center seat and could not get out in time. My body "remembered" that trauma (burning to death is THE WORST way to go) and was protecting me by making sure it would not happen again. Since this death was so painful, I was shown the origin of this otherwise "inexplicable habit" inside a "karmic dream". This was a relief because I could at least explain myself to my long suffering family! #8: PAST LIFE DREAMS CORRESPOND TO STRANGE HABITS "Strange" habits and manners are those which are "out of place" or "out of character" considering how a particular individual usually acts. Often the individual is able to recognize the inconsistency without being able to explain to themselves or others why they always act as strangely as they do. And yet the answer may be revealed to them inside a "karmic dream" from their past lives. For example, a woman who otherwise liked to wear the most revealing clothes was always careful to wear a scarf around her neck. She felt very nervous in taking it off no matter how uncomfortable and hot it got. Then this woman had a "karmic dream" where she has been branded with a convict's mark that had been burned into her flesh. With help from friends, she had escaped being hung but always had to wear a scarf around her neck to hide her guilty secret. Later in that life, the convict's mark was discovered on her and she was executed in a very painful manner. Once she had a "karmic dream" and understood the origin of her need to wear scarves, she no longer had to wear them… unless she decided to do so and was choosing to wear scarves out of fashion and not fear. #9: PAST LIFE DREAMS SHOW ORIGINS OF PHYSICAL ISSUES Birthmarks would be marks appearing on infants - that were not caused during delivery - are often indicative of past life wounds. Ian Stevenson, reincarnation researcher, notes that where "a deceased person (past life) was identified and the details of whose (past) life unmistakably matched the child's (present life) statements, a close correspondence was nearly always found between the birthmarks on the (present) child and the wounds on the (past) deceased person." How those birthmarks were created are often revealed inside "karmic dreams". For example, a woman with a birthmark in the shape of a stylized letter dreamed about being branded as a slave. In the dream, she saw the

same stylized letter on the end of a branding iron before it was seared into her flesh in that past life… in the exact same spot where the present life birthmark was located. #10: PAST LIFE DREAMS SHOW ORIGINS OF EMOTIONAL ISSUES The origins of highly charged sexual functioning (like sexual functioning) and the root causes of sexual dysfunctions (like male impotence or female frigidity) are often deeply rooted in past lives. Take this example of "karmic daydreaming" as recounted by a woman in Nancy Friday's book "Forbidden Flowers". "I had slipped into my fantasy and actually became that slave girl I had fantasized about… It was as though I had been transported back across the ages to ancient Rome…"The woman goes onto recount how her past life fantasy became her present day reality when she was briefly sexually "enslaved" for a period of time by strangers in the same manner she had always dreamed about. Yet her abductors were not true strangers in the karmic sense: they were old "friends" from a Roman past life returned to relive a highly pleasurable past life sexual encounter. #11: PAST LIFE DREAMS SHOW ORIGINS OF MENTAL ISSUES Poverty or prosperity consciousness is usually deeply rooted in past lives. Money habits are often the most persistent - and hardest to change - in any lifetime. That is because if you have a relationship with nothing else in the physical world, you will have a relationship with money. Since money is everywhere you want to be, past lives usually have strongly dominated your attitudes toward it. Worse, because you might have died traumatically because of money or the lack of it, disempowering attitudes toward it will most likely require patient and persistent healing to "correct". For example, a client who died in the Black Plague was a compulsive spender in this life because they were continuing to live as if there were "no tomorrow". Before that past life block was cleared with the help of a "karmic dream", their "eat, drink, and be merry" attitude ruined their credit in this life. #12: PAST LIFE DREAMS SHOW ORIGINS OF SPIRITUAL ISSUES The weight of tragedies from many past lives can manifest in the present as the "everything is just fine in my life so why is it that I just can't be happy?" syndrome. If nothing from your life now can account for your present depression/anxiety, it may well be coming from the past. Often "karmic dreams" will hold the clues to why, try as one might, a person just cannot be happy. For example, for as long as one client could remember, they found themselves being periodically overcome by bouts of uncontrollable

weeping. There was no pattern to the weeping except one… they only cried when they were alone or when others would have no chance of discovering it. As the cycle of crying got worse, the client prayed constantly to be shown the true source of their grief. Then one night, the client had a "karmic dream" where they say themselves dying and leaving a much loved spouse behind… and they knew it was past life tears that they had been crying all along. And it was this "karmic dream" that set them on a long path of healing this very traumatic lifetime. Credits: from channeled information.

Rules #19: Smoke & Mirrors Top 10 Myths Against Past Life Exploration Died and Prejudice... Ask any past life worker... there is a strong prejudice in society (even ones with belief systems that support the concepts of karma and reincarnation) against doing past life exploration. The myths and "urban legends" about past life exploration are hard wired into the human consciousness for a reason. The reason is that this Earth is a giant schoolhouse and we are all here to learn lessons that we "got wrong" in past lives. All that really matters is where we are now and what we are learning now. Being free from the knowledge of our past lives relieves us from the baggage of our past mistakes as well as from "cheat codes" that could advance us more quickly. So we agree to "forget" and we agree to resist the knowledge and the freedom past life exploration could bring us. So here are the "Top Ten Myths AGAINST Past Life Exploration"... 1> "WHAT I DON'T KNOW CAN'T HURT ME" This belief - "what I don't know can't hurt me" - is the single most powerful force that keeps an individual riding along the "train tracks of karma". If one has chosen a path of heavy karmic atonement, maybe the best strategy is to cover one's eyes, grit one's teeth, and hope for the best. Yet, just like the person, who ignores the unexplainable lump in their body, does not stop the cancer from growing inside them, those ignoring their karma do not stop it from working. In fact, the only thing that provides "relief" from karma is to understand how it works, to confront and resolve the issues it raises, and to live going

forward in harmony with it. The terrible truth is the only thing that CAN hurt you is what "you do not see coming" and what you take no steps to "prevent". 2> "THAT WAS IN THE PAST: NOT RELEVANT TO MY LIFE NOW" If the above statement keeps you riding along the train tracks of karma, this statement is the safety belt that keeps you fastened firmly to your seat. For the most relevant thing to your life today is that past life karma that you are presently working off. The hardest thing to accept about life is that you are completely responsible for it - past, present, and future. As you have sown, so shall you reap. What you have done to others, you have - are - will have done to you. That is the law of the universe. It is a law of perfect justice and complete accountability. It is the only explanation of how a loving God could permit each of His beloved children to be so vastly different in health, wealth, and happiness in any one life. 3> "IT WILL BE TOO SCARY -- I'M WAY TOO AFRAID TO LOOK" The above statement was made by a person who had lived through the horror of the Nazi Holocaust. This person had "lived" in a concentration camp for nearly four years when death put an end to that lifetime of suffering. If they could endure the horror of that life living it 7 days a week 24 hours a day for 1,400+ days, then hearing about snippets of it for an hour or so is surely mild by comparison. In fact, it is what is not known that is ALWAYS more frightening than what is (ask any master of the horror film). Time after time, when the darkness of a past life is brought to light, the person involved invariably remarks "that was not so bad" and feels instantly lighter. The truth is that you have already done the hard part: you lived through it and came back to hear the tale. 4> "IT WILL DESTROY MY PERFECT PICTURE OF MYSELF" Many times, the fear associated with past life exploration is that it will "destroy the picture that I have of myself now by making me think worse of myself". In fact, 99 times out of 100, when a person looks back on themselves in past lives they instantly connect with the emotional reality of who they had been. This invariably makes them feel better about themselves - not worse. For they learn about their own power, about how they turned tragedy to triumph, and/or about the special gifts they have inside themselves just waiting to be discovered. And yes, people do learn about "bad" lifetimes. For example, in one of my lives as an avenging, brutal medieval warlord, I did many "bad" things,

killing some with little cause and inflicting horrible suffering on many others. And yet, from that life, I developed unmatched strength, resourcefulness, cleverness, and many other skills I have today while the mills of karma have ground the "Death Knight's" brutality out of me... and my self image is no worse for it. 5> "A PAST LIFE IS A STORY... THAT DOES NOT RELATE TO ME" Often when someone makes a statement like this, it is because they fear that it's opposite is the truth. The client, who first raised this as an objection to me, was stunned by the truths that were revealed to them about their life now that had originated in a past life (in fact, those truths hit a little too close to home). More often, I hear things like "so it looks like I have been growing herbs for centuries now" (in a past life, this person had been a nun who grew herbs for her convent). Or "how did you know that I love to go around barefoot you're scaring me!" (in a past life, this person had been a shoeless gypsy). Or "how did you know that I cannot stand to wear anything around my neck" (in a past life, this person was strangled to death). The truth of our past always emerges to us in ways that just cannot be denied.... always. 6> "IT'S AGAINST MY RELIGION TO BELIEVE IN PAST LIVES" I have respect for all religious paths... for in my stream of past incarnations, I have experienced all of the major religions of the Earth. And in fact, almost all paths recognize the validity of the concepts of karma and reincarnation (see the Quotes on Karma and Reincarnation for instances of this in world scripture). The scripture of most religions always contains the seeds of these truths. Often, the seeds of reincarnation and karma have been systematically ripped out by the various interpreters of religions in an effort to promote the organization of the church at the expense of the original teachings. Ultimately, it comes down to you and your experience... for experience teaches you what is true or false. If you are healed by past life work, if your life is made better by it, does it matter what religion says? Consider that religion is supposed to be about helping you... where it fails you, is it worth it? Only you can decide! 7> "I JUST DON'T BELIEVE IN PAST LIVES - PERIOD!" That's fine. Two centuries ago, people did not believe in germs ("how could something so much smaller than me that I cannot even see hurt me?") and went right on dying from diseases caused by lethal germs. Today, people suffer needlessly from karma that could be transmuted if only they believed it possible.

It is not my job to convince you one way or the other. Again, it comes down to your experience. People can be - and have been - healed by past lives without totally believing in them (see the Testimonials for how Past Life Healing works). 8> "THERE IS NO PROOF OF PAST LIVES... I NEED PROOF!" One of the benefits of "our fast moving computer age" is that evidence proving the case for reincarnation is piling up all the time. Consult "Rules #17: Evidence of Past Lives in Everyday Life" and "Rules #18: Evidence for the Continuation of Life After Death" for full details... and decide for yourself. 9> "MY KARMA IS SO BURDENSOME... WHY TRY TO FIX IT?" This is the same type of thinking as "you are just going to get dirty every day so why bother taking a bath?" The sad truth is that some people just love to wallow in the mud of their own problems. Yet that is how the wheel of karma works: people like this will just come back again and again and again until they are "sick and tired of being sick and tired". Sometimes people who believe too much in past lives are the least motivated to do something about them. They go around whining "It's my karma". My answer to them is "as long as you have that attitude, it will be!" 10> "I AM FREE OF MY PAST LIVES & BEYOND KARMA" If you are on the Earth, you are not free of karma EVER. Perhaps that karma has transmuted into dharma (the way of service) but you are still bound by the laws of karma. Even if you are Christ or Buddha or an ascended master, if you are here, you have something to work out that originated in past lives. Even if that something is to refine your skills, you are doing so while on the path of karma. Beware the person who claims to be free of karma "for they know not what they do!" Credits: from channeled information

Rules #38: "Empiricism vs Stubbornness": Debunking the Debunkers
"We seem to have here (with reincarnation) one of those problems wherein people readily agree on what it would take to establish something they very much do not want to believe - and then when, contrary to anyone's expectations, the evidence actually emerges strongly supportive of the belief, they return (for no persuasive reason) to add more conditions to what it would take to establish what they very much do not want to accept. And they continue to do so until it is virtually impossible that any such evidence should ever emerge." - Robert Almeder, Department of Philosophy, GSU

"There is a fine line, Doctor, between stubbornness and empiricism." - Spock to McCoy ("Star Trek Classic")

The Case Against Reincarnation When it comes to reincarnation, people can quite stubbornly ignore the growing body of empirical evidence supporting the reality of reincarnation. There is a simple reason for this: when an individual accepts the facts of reincarnation and karma, they must accept full and complete responsibility for their life. Yet it is much easier to believe that karma falls down on us like rain for then "no one is at fault". In fact, it is one of the jobs of the ego to convince us that "the fault lies in our stars and not in ourselves" (Shakespeare). It is interesting that the reincarnation debunkers rarely address the strongest proofs of the evidence of past lives (click here). They tend to dismiss déjà vu experiences as daydreams even though recorded cases continue to be verified by subsequent discovery of little known, impossible to fake details. Or they say that spontaneous memories in children must be coached by parents. Or they say xenoglossy is noise that just happens to emulate long, extinct languages known only to a few research scholars. They offer no explanations for the origins of child prodigies, idiot savants, OCD, etc which are easily explainable in the context of past lives.

Here are the "best" of the cases against reincarnation. Watch as we "debunk the reincarnation debunkers".
#1: CON ARTISTS: WILLFUL & INTENTIONAL FRAUD Like any other branch of healing, past life therapy will attract it's share of con artists who willfully, intentionally, and, at times, fraudulently distort the truth to bolster the case for reincarnation. When these "frauds" are exposed, the debunkers want to "throw the baby out with the bath water" through a wholesale condemnation of past life healing. Yet like chiropractic, aromatherapy, and herbalism, past life healing has survived it's critics because there are too many cases where it has alleviated otherwise intractable present life problems "unsolvable" by modern medicine. When someone is hurting, all they care about is ending their pain. If the problem does originate in the past then it will not go away until it is healed at it's source: the past life. Just as we live with the wounds of our childhood, we live with the wounds of our past live(s). The only difference is in the present we can see the linkage between the cause of the wound and it's effect: in past lives we cannot.

#2: FANTASIZING: DAYDREAMS & DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR Critics claim that past life therapy succeeds because it feeds the ego of it's clientele by telling them that, in a past life, they had been someone famous. And yet there was only one Caesar, only one Cleopatra: only one of each person who had lives well documented by history (otherwise known as "historical personalities"). They ignore that fact that past life work reveals that only a handful of people have had historical personalities with the vast majority having led "ordinary past lives". And they do not account for the reactions of those with historical personalities. Often the person cannot believe it is true because their life is not "as large" now. Or the person often has attitudes about their prior selves because these "personalities" hold up a mirror of what is "worst" about themselves and not just what is "best". Of course, that is not to say people do not daydream or fantasize about themselves in past lives: they do. Those who have "delusions of grandeur" are no different than those who always imagine themselves to be sick. People will be people after all. #3: PARAMNESIA: EMBELLISHING TRUTH WITH FICTION Close cousins to the con artists and fantasizers are the paramnesiacs are those who get glimpses into their past lives via regression and choose to embellish on the remembered details through subsequent research. Like old war stories, the past lives become richer in detail and scope with each retelling of the tale. Paramnesiacs are the first to abandon the truth when it "conflicts" with the documented "facts". And yet one of the strongest proofs of the validity of past life memories is the later verification of remembered past life details that at first somehow conflicted with published historical opinion. As every scholar of history knows, what is published as history is only the current "thinking" about the past as skewed by interpretations made where facts are lacking and as filtered through the prejudices, values, and beliefs of the society writing the history. Of course, critics usually ignore the cases where reincarnation fact precedes published, historical fact. #4: CRYPTOMNESIA: UNCONSCIOUS FORGOTTEN INFLUENCES Crytomnesiacs are the "unintentional" kind of paramnesiac. They claim to have lived past lives that bear a striking resemblance to the plots of books or movies. This is because they have unconsciously absorbed the information, forgotten where it came from, and then "remembered" it claiming it to be their own past life memory. If it is cryptomnesia, when the person is confronted with the "facts" about the source of the "memories", they will disappear. Of course, those critics who use cryptomnesia as the reason to reject all past life memories fail to explain why they exist in individuals who cannot read or have had no

exposure to books or movies, like very young children and those in "illiterate" cultures. #5: CHANNELING DISCARNATES: "GHOSTS OF THE PAST" Known as the Swedenborg argument, those who do not deny the existence of past life memories claim that "memories of what is now called 'past lives' are the simply memories of those who have gone before us." Swedenborg believed that the "past life was lived, but not by the person claiming more than one life." In essence, he believed that each person only had one life and that memories seeming to be from past lives would actually memories from discarnates (dead people). Of course, followers of Swedenborg cannot explain the tangible therapeutic results achieved by past life healing. For if past life memories are unrelated to the person experiencing them, there should be no therapeutic result from past life healing… and yet the results from reincarnation therapy are "scientifically" well documented. #6: CHANNELING ENTITIES: "ATTACHED ENERGIES / ENTITIES" From time to time, individuals will connect with past life memories that are not their own but are part of the soul history of another discarnate being. This happens because the individuals involved have agreed to co-create the resolution of that past lifetime. For those who believe that all past life memories are just those that are induced by "attached entities", there are several ways to tell the difference between the two (see the "Unique Qualities of Past Life Memories"). Again, the final resolution of the discarnate's past life issues do not heal the past lives of the living being. The main impact on the living is to have finally put the "unquiet dead" spirit to rest, not to heal past lives. #7: MINORITY BELIEF SYSTEM: "KARMIC URBAN LEGENDS" These critics will tell you that "reincarnation is incompatible with many well established facts such as population increases, the recency of life in the universe, and the transformation of species." Of course, such "facts" are in the eye of the beholder. The increased frequency of reincarnation and the decreased time between incarnations can explain "population increases". Life is not so recent in the universe as to preclude the possibility of many past lives. Finally, learning through the cycle of many lives is what the "transformation of the species" is all about. For it is impossible to experience life from every angle and viewpoint in one life spent enmeshed in a single angle and a limited viewpoint. #8: MASS CONSCIOUSNESS BELIEFS: "OPIATE OF THE MASSES"

Critics argue that reincarnation is just another 'belief' we have created in the 'mass consciousness'. Since reincarnation is no more than a 'belief', information gotten in past life therapy is not actually a memory of past lives but simply a means of getting information needed for healing from the mass consciousness. Yet those who believe this cannot explain why each individual gets different "past life information from the mass consciousness" precisely mirroring their own present day issues. Karma explains this for as each person sows so do they reap. The "rap" on karma is that it is "the opiate of the masses" as in "it's OK to screw up because you will just come back, so why bother?" We bother to avoid the karma of reincarnating into painful future lives we have created by just such attitudes. #9: SHARED MEMORIES: THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS Other critics of reincarnation believe it is not a consciously created belief system so much as it is one prevalent in the "collective unconscious". Although there are many definitions of the "collective unconscious", here it means that because we are all connected at the level of Soul, there is no such thing as "individual experience". If there is no individual experience, there can be no such thing as karma where a "single Soul" goes through cycles of reincarnation. Instead, we all have "shared memories" which appear to us as being our own past lives. Like the "Swedenborg" argument, shared memories cannot explain why past life healing achieves results. #10: INHERITED MEMORIES: FROM ANCESTORS & CELLS Inherited memories work like shared memories except that the "past life memories" are passed on through genetics via the cellular memory inherited from biologically related ancestors. If that were true, past life memories should always be coming from earlier generations of the same family. While this does happen occasionally, it does not do so with the frequency needed to justify that belief that all past life memories are inherited. Edgar Cayce said it best: "Family is but a river through which Soul flows". Time and again, past life work shows that people owe more to who they were in past lives than to either the heredity or the environment of the family unit of their current incarnation. #11: INDUCED MEMORIES: FROM HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION Many critics believe past life memories are just the activity of a hyperactive and/or deluded mind that randomly selects common events and calls them past lives. Hypnotists have "successfully" demonstrated how they can "induce reincarnation memories" by telling their subjects that they had a past life as "y" at "x" time.

In looking closer at these inductions, "induced" or "suggested" memories all have one thing in common: they lack the depth and detail common to past life memories. Those being induced will respond to questions asked in a tentative, hesitant way and are clearly "making it up as they go along". This is not so with past life memories: often in regressions and channelings, the subject will be astounded at how quickly the details have unfolded. They will be surprised by their emotional reactions to a "past life tale" and to the parallels between the past and present. #12: IMPLANTED MEMORIES: THE GREATEST ILLUSION OF ALL Since all time is now, healing can flow both backward and forward through time. Critics use this fact to argue that there is no such thing as past lives because past life memories have just been implanted in us by the creative force. If that is true, then past memories from the present life could have been implanted as well making them just as unreal as past life memories. Yet, no one doubts the reality of their present life memories. Just as no one, who has connected with the reality of past life memories and has been healed by them, doubts their reality either. The greatest illusion of all is that we are not the creators of our life and that we are not fully at cause for the consequences of all our actions. For healing only really begins when we can dispel this illusion and take total responsibility for our lives. Credits: from channeled information.

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