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Burgy Bullets Membership Application

Fill out form and mail to: Burgy Bullets Snowmobile Club
P.O. Box 294, Haydenville, MA. 01039
NAME(please include all members)______________________________________________________________________
MAILING ADDRESS___________________________________________________________________________________
PHONE (___)_______________ E-MAIL ADDRESS_________________________________________________________

Please fill out the following information for each snowmobile that requires a trail pass.
YEAR, MAKE, MODEL, SERIAL # 1.) _________________________________________________________________________

2.) _________________________________________________________________________
3.) _________________________________________________________________________
State Registration #’s 1.) ________________________2.) _________________________3.) _______________________

Would you like to receive the S.A.M. Newspaper? (circle one) YES/NO


Individual membership $20 per person $____________ ($5 discount if purchased before Jan. 1ST)
Family membership $30 $____________ ($5 discount if purchased before Jan. 1ST)
(includes up to 1 married couple and 1 child under 18 yrs. of age)
Associate membership $10 per person $____________ ($5 discount if purchased before Jan. 1ST)
(non snowmobiling membership)
S.A.M. Trail Passes $30 per snowmobile $____________ (limit of one trail pass per paid member)
Grooming fund donation $____________ (THANK YOU)

TOTAL $____________

I, the undersigned, waive all rights from accident or injury while riding on trails, or participating in any activities involving the Snowmobile
Association of Massachusetts (S.A.M.), local snowmobile clubs, private landowners, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or individual townships
of Massachusetts. I fully understand that the sport of snowmobiling involves risk of accident or even death.

Signature:_______________________________________ Date:_________________________

17 Years of Age or Younger

I, the undersigned, as parent or legal guardian, assume the responsibility for the minor holding this trail pass under the regulations the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts and M.G.L. chap. 90B regulating the use of snowmobiles.

Signature:_______________________________________ Date:_________________________

Club use: Received by:___________________________________ Trail pass #_____________________