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Hall Rental Agreement

Burgy Bullets Snowmobile Club

12 Laurel Rd.

Haydenville, MA 01039

(413) 268 - 3226

Tenus and Conditions:

1) Fees
a) $50 for members with a $25 cleaning deposit.
b) $75 for nonmembers with a $25 cleaning deposit.
c) Pay the club bartender $5 per hour.

2) Supplies
a) All bar supplies provided by the club. (cups, straws, etc.)
b) All dinner supplies provide by renter. (plates, forks, etc.)

3) Clean up
a) Clean up should be completed the day of the function,
unless other arrangements are made with club steward.
b) Cleaning deposit shall be refunded upon completion
of clean up.

Date of Rental
I agree to all terms and conditions
Member ($50)

Non-member ($75) _

Deposit ($25)
Renter Date
Total Due

Club Officer Date