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4 OCTOBER 2010

.-.-.-Differences between animal and human being.-.-.-

We all know that man is an animal, but it is a rational animal, this is the feature
that distinguishes us from mere animals.

Animals can have a great memory, is the ability to remember the past. Also, of
course, can think about the present. As one of the features that distinguishes us
from mere animals is that we have the ability to think in the future.

Moreover, the animals think of their own welfare, it is true that mammals
develop a feeling for the same species, but another feature that sets us apart
from the simple to encourage is that we can put ourselves in another person, ie
if a person feels sad that reflected in his body, we can think about his situation
and yet we can agree we do not feel bad.

Well, definitely the property of rationalizing, know what is right what is wrong,
we do not move by simple intuition, pleasure or instinct. Which animals you do.

For all these reasons we say that man is different from mere animal, but can
also say that it seems.

Because man is sometimes moved by emotions (anger, revenge, love,

peace ,...). Therefore we say that man is a rational animal.