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90’s Kansas City Chiefs 34 DEFENSIVE TERMINOLOGY DEFENSIVE TERMINOLOGY Z vers comp. ‘TERMINOLOGY TERM. "A" (A-BACK) ~ The back lined up AWAY from the strength. / ACE (DEUCE) — A comer to each side of formation on original side. ACROSS ~ Any defensive back going across formation when ©.0.S. occurs. ANGLE (SLANT) ~A(S) = A stunt where all linemen charge AWAY from: the TE (closed side). J BACKER = Coordinated end run support where the BACKER IS THE PRIMARY SUPPORT MAN. v BANJO ("BJ") ~ Inaide/outside coverage on two offensive receivers by two defenders. BEAR -B = ABear alignment with four defensive tine— men, three linebackers and four backs. BLAST 3B ~ All out pass rush by defensive line. xBLITZ - A penetrating type of rush utilizing line- backers and an occasional defensive back to disrupt a run scheme or add pressure to the QB attempting to throw the ball. \/ BOOT (WAGGLE) is =BS(BW) ~~ QB runs away from flow of backs pulling up BEHIND tackle. ¢ BRACKET ~ A general term for inside/outside coverage ‘on one receiver by two pass defenders. J sUNP ~ Defensive back aligns tight on receiver on DvERieg - Zane eos. ¥ Buzz = RB (Rush LB) drop in coverage.