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Chestnut St Dover, NHO3820 4:30pm - §:00pm Dear friends, Hot Apple Cider Pumpkin Donuts Spooky Music Candy for the Kids A Dog dressed as an elephant Fun games Pumpkin Carving Raffles & Prizes in your local Republican candidate: ndly Halloween party at our off Halloween Poem As chiling a tale as ever was tld, Of the budget crisis and State property sold. While trilions of dallars were spent bythe feds, The legislators in Concord starting losing their heads. [Ghoulishly cackling, they taxed and they taxed, While thousands of workers were given the axe. Still more looked for work, with none tobe found, as Lynch and the Dems claimed an “economic rebound,” wantations designed to conceal, ‘26% increase in spending Those are your tax dollars, for reall "Bubble, bubble, tol and trouble. May they not know that next year's deficit will be double.” This (haunted) House and Senate passed 84 new taxes and fees. Sa this year atthe polls, vote GO