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Published by: namnp2007 on Oct 07, 2010
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In the case of tools with more than one cutting edge, a separate set of
offset data is assigned to each cutting edge. You can set up a total of
9 edges for each tool.

Operating sequence

Follow the instructions given above to set up tools with more than one
edge in the tool list and enter the offset data for the 1st edge.


...New edge

• Then select the "Edges" and "New edge" softkeys.

Instead of the input fields for the first cutting edge, the offset data
input fields for the second cutting edge are displayed.

• Select another cutting edge position if appropriate.

• Enter the offset data for the second cutting edge.

• Repeat this process if you wish to create more tool edge offset


• Select the "Delete edge" softkey if you want to delete the tool
edge offset data for an edge.
You can only delete the data for the edge with the highest edge

D No +

...D No -

By selecting softkey "D No. +" or "D No. –", you can display the
offset data for the edge with the next higher or next lower edge
number respectively.

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