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Fresco, Jacque - Designing the Future

Fresco, Jacque - Designing the Future

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Published by: Vanho on Oct 07, 2010
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  • Chapter One
  • From Yesterday to Tomorrow
  • A Crisis That Needs to be Addressed
  • Chapter Two
  • All Things Change
  • Chapter Three
  • Using the Scientific Method
  • What Have We Here
  • The Language of Science
  • Can we apply the Methods of Science to how we Design our Society?
  • Chapter Four
  • The Rule of Law
  • Examining the Conditions that Cause the Problems
  • Next Phase in Social Development
  • Chapter Five
  • From one System to Another
  • The Transition - Signs of the Times
  • Chapter Six
  • Future By Design
  • Emerging Into a Saner Future
  • Harnessing the Gulf Stream
  • Bering Strait Dam
  • Chapter Seven
  • Total Enclosure Cities
  • International Shipping Systems
  • Center For Dialogue
  • Mega-Excavation Machines
  • Automated Tunnel Assembling Machine
  • The Construction of Towers
  • Lift and Positioning Crane
  • Automated Construction Systems
  • Chapter Eight
  • Chapter Nine
  • The Ocean Frontiers
  • Past Abuses of the Ocean Environment
  • New Respect of the Web of Life
  • Life Styles on the Sea Cities
  • Artificial Islands in the Sea
  • Ocean Mining Mega-Structures
  • Construction of a Floating Mega-Structure
  • Floating Sea Domes
  • Solar Panels at Sea
  • Chapter Ten
  • Decision Making and Laws
  • Similar Laws Apply to Human Behavior
  • Chapter Eleven
  • What Do People Do?
  • Alleviating Human Pressures
  • How Resources are Distributed Equitably

Construction of these industrial and
research complexes is carried out
by robotic equipment that receives
instructions via satellite. The
construction crews consist of
automated cranes that travel
along the buildings' length installing

floors, windows, curtain-walls,
roofing, and other components
from the ground up, entirely free
from human intervention. These
devices contain self-monitoring
sensors to minimize industrial
accidents or collisions with other
devices or living beings.

they are a modular design of such
diversity as to allow maximum
individual expression in interior
design and décor.


Desalinization Plant

This mega-machine is transporting a transparent enclosure used for
evaporative condensation. It is placed over canals, some of them
containing salt water, and serves as an evaporative desalinization plant to
supply clean water for drinking, irrigation, and other needs. This is
accomplished by harnessing the power of the sun and helps eliminate
water shortages throughout the world.

Shipping Systems

These ships are
floating automated
plants, capable of
processing raw
materials into finished
products while en
route to their
destinations. Some serve as industrial fish processing plants and canneries,
while others are equipped with multi-cellular compartments capable of
transporting a wide variety of products.


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