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Week Three Pres

Week Three Pres

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Published by Angela Rickard
Week three presentation
Week three presentation

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Published by: Angela Rickard on Oct 07, 2010
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What is it all about?

Week 3: Ed Tech


Now you·re talking!
‡ Local: PGDE
± Moodle forum

Now you·re talking!
‡ Local: PGDE
± Moodle forum

‡ National: CESI
± Mailing list ± Google groups

Now you·re talking!
‡ Local: PGDE
± Moodle forum

‡ National: CESI
± Mailing list ± Google groups

‡ Global (OMG!)
± Wider network ± Blogs, Twitter ± Databases: e.g.

TES Connect
Image © W. Geiersperger/CORBIS

Use alternative to your nuim email If you have already registered @nuim.ie .just re-register Patience: it s not instantaneous!


Challenge of teaching diverse group
while it is possible to expose students to a range of technologies, doing so in the context of a weekly one hour lecture to a large group only scratches the surface of what can be done with any of these applications. given the diversity of our students technical expertise, and again the sheer size of the cohort in front of me, I can usually only guess the level and pace at which to pitch the content. In this context students have only a very limited opportunity to explore that technology for themselves.
From a letter to Quality Promotion Office NUIM from Angela Rickard: June 2010

Wordle digression
Beautiful word clouds
Wordle suggestions: ‡ The Clever Sheep: Top 20 uses for Wordle ‡ Samantha Lunn: 23 ways to use Wordle ‡ Tom Barrett: 47 Ways with Wordle ‡ How to use Wordle?
± Go to Wordle.net it s all explained there.

Returning to the point .

A few quick questions .

Audience Response System
See wikipedia: ‡ ppvote ‡ Quizdom ‡ iClicker etc. ‡ See article (includes list of popular systems)

Audience response
A. B. C. D. E. F. Take attendance Use daily to increase engagement Give weekly quizzes Check homework Discussion starter Check if students understand key points

Now for something completely different!


How to use edu.glogster.com

Suggested tasks from week 3
1. Edit your Moodle profile 2. Register on ERC site 3. Make a word cloud (wordle.net) 4. Read about audience response systems 5. Make a poster on edu.glogster.com see:
Ted Talks for Teachers in a glog

Don t worry it s not compulsory .


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