Vice chancellor G c university, Faisalabad.

Subject: Re-enrollment in 3rd semester Sir, It is stated that I am the student of telecom eng.(2007-11)and also the goal keeper of university hockey team . During 5th semester I remain involved in intervasty hockey championship and my final exams were going on those days .sir I am i am goal keeper of hockey team and due to my efforts GC university came 2nd in all Pakistan intervasity championship.Due to a lot of pratice of hockey matches I could not study well for my final exams and unforunately I failed in one subject EMT .As my CGPA was 2.16 and due to failing in this subject I dropped out from my respective degree. Sir ,it is there requested that kindely give me one more chance by re-enroll me in 3rd semester .so that i can improve my CGPA and also could continue my studies. I will remain thankful to you for my whole life for this act of kindness.

Yours Obiediently,

Atif iqbal Roll# 1928 Bs(Telecom eng.)5th semester Reg.#2007-gcuf-1481-522