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official publication of The Gold Prospectors of Colorado
PO Box 1593, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901      Letter From Your President    

vol. 37 no. 10

Fellow Prospectors:    

blossom with every persons input.      The need for a committee to be formed for the Christmas Party is upon us and volunteers are needed to help in coordinating the evenings events. If you would like to volunteer for this committee please feel free to contact Bob Hale at (719)-313-3383. We have a need for people to cook turkeys and brisket, help with decorations, setup and cleanup.   continued on next page

     The Elections are this month folks,
come one come all, voice your nominations and even consider what you could volunteer for in the future to help the club to prosper. This is an opportunity to be on the Board of Directors and have a vote on every decision that comes across the table. The Board meets once a month and your volunteer time is one evening per month. This is a volunteer organization that is dependent upon volunteers to make it function and

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G LD NUGGETS is a blog for and by GPOC members. The intent of Gold Nuggets is to grow to be an informational hub for members so they may keep up to date with news and events going on with GPOC. We encourage any member to email the webmaster any news or information. You are not able to directly add information onto the blog. Information you would like to add needs to be sent to the webmaster, Stacey Smith, at www.gpoc.com



Ben Higley president@gpoc.com

Bill Smith

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for all club activities Bob Hale

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treasure@gpoc.com Webmaster

Patrick Hill
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Wayne Wittkopp


Stacey Smith webmaster@gpoc.com

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Phil Vigil
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Gary Beaderstadt
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Elise Pearce secretary@gpoc.com


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Richard Stockton

President’s letter, continued

     Amazing how much yellow gold Iʼve seen come out of the ground this month folks! I've never seen so many people in one hole at one time, but of course, this is no ordinary hole in the ground. Our New Member outing this month produced a lot of interest and unearthed a tremendous amount of precious metals. On Saturday the 11th of September 38 people worked in shifts and on teams throughout the day. On Sunday our numbers diminished slightly to a roaring earth moving 22, making the pit a little more navigable. Many of the people involved helped me with the reclamation efforts that they saw me struggling with on the previous day. My gratitude to those who so graciously took time out of their playtime to do so.  Bob Butler: From Buena Vista who so generously donated his equipment and knowledge for the weekend for our new members to use. Jerry Belver: From Breckenridge, who came out to help and setup for the weekend. Ron Novak: From La Veta, drove all that way to help setup and break down. Oscar Warner: From the Western Slope, also volunteered his equipment to our members for the weekend Joe Aldridge: From Arkansas, who helped in coordinating the event and helped everyone, member and nonmember alike, in showing where the outing was and how to get involved.           The Denver Gem and Mineral show was a lot of fun and my heart felt thanks to all who volunteered and made the show a relaxing and pleasurable experience. We made some very good friends and relationships this year and even had a group from our club after the show volunteer in helping the show committee in disassembling and packing the display cases in crates and stacking them on pallets for transport. They fed us dinner and then we helped some senior citizen vendors pack-up their store to help them on their way. Nevertheless we have sparked an interest in many other clubs as to how we have so many willing volunteers that seem to enjoy these sort of activities. The topic of our outings came up and the invites we offer to other cubs for joint ventures to different claims for various minerals

in Colorado. Not that everyone in our organization has a liking for raw gems, jewels and thousands of other minerals that riddle our majestic mountain state but it gives us a chance to learn from knowledgeable geologists and mineralogist's how our once volcanic and oceanic home has come to be what it is today.           Our New Member Outing, perhaps my last as President if someone else volunteers and is voted in, is going to be at Prospector 1 and 2 on the Arkansas River North of Howard, Colorado. Here we will expect to see our last outing of the season and unfortunately I mistakenly announced in our last meeting that we would have equipment there to run, but the motorized season ends on September 30th. We will be learning how to use long toms and rocker boxes as well as fine tuning our sluicing and panning techniques. Circulatory and electric devices are welcome and volunteers are needed to do demonstrations with those units during the nonmotorized season.          Thank you to everyone who has made this a successful year. It has been a pleasure and honor to have served you during the procession of our calendar of events. Good prospecting to you and we will see you out there on the mineral trail and in the gold belt.                                                                                Sincerely, Big Ben  

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2010 Colorado State G
MENS 1 2 3 Gary Beaderstadt Ben Higley Larry Weilnau OLD TIMERS 1 2 3 Gary Beaderstadt Shirley Weilnau Harry Dove TEAM 1 Shirley Weilnau Larry Weilnau Glenn Beattie

LD Panning Championship Results
LADIES Shirley Weilnau Sue Drewes Linda Jent NATIONAL STYLE Larry Weilnau Gary Beaderstadt Benjamin Higley TEAM 2 Craig Koretoff Gary Beaderstadt Wayne Wittkopp STATE Gary Beaderstadt Ben Higley Shirley Weilnau WORLD’S DRY Shirley Weilnau Glenn Beattie Robert Ogilvie TEAM 3 Bill Smith Benjamin Higley Ted Westcott JUNIOR’S Trey Dove Harry Dove Julia Davis

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Team 1st

Ladies Team 2nd World’s Dry

Team 3rd



Harry Dove

GOLD PROSPECTORS OF COLORADO GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING MINUTES 08 SEP 10 7:13 p.m. 7:15 p.m. 7:23 p.m. 7:24 p.m. 7:26 p.m. Meeting called to order by President Ben Higley with the Pledge of Allegiance. President Ben Higley welcomed all new members, and asked that they introduce themselves. Seven new members welcomed to the club. Gold closing price for today was $1,255.20 per oz. President Ben Higley announced that effective tonight, the resignation of Treasurer Helen Bennett & 3rd year Trustee Robert Bennett. President Ben Higley announced that nominations are open for 2011 board positions. Next month’s meeting will be conducted by Patrick Hill & Gary Beaderstadt. Voting will be conducted by secret ballot. If you wish to nominate anyone, including yourself please see Trustee Gary Beaderstadt. President Ben Higley with the assistance of Webmaster Stacey Smith discussed nomination & voting of new interim treasurer. Nominees will give brief statement before break and voting will take place after break. Nominees from the floor are: Richard Richards & Bill Smith. President Ben Higley announced that the BLM has requested GPOC remove claim markers on “Prospector 3”, but prospecting is still allowed. He also reiterated that the “Toby’s Hope” claim to the North is still a private claim, and to make sure members are aware of where they are prospecting. The board members have voted to table (place on hold) the updates to the Constitution & By-laws until next year. The board has also requested that the Quill Editor, Linda Smith secure a new printing facility closer to Colorado Springs for GPOC printing requirements. Volunteers are needed for the Denver Gem & Mineral Show on September 17-19, sign-up lists are up front. President Ben Higley introduced the new Claims Committee Chairman, Richard Stockton. Richard announced the next Claims Committee meeting will be on October 2nd at 10:00 a.m. at WMMI, Colorado Springs. New member outing will be this weekend at Cache Creek. High-Banking will be the primary equipment being used. Volunteers are needed for the Christmas Party Committee. Please see Elise to sign up. Webmaster Stacey Smith discussed the activity on the website. 150 viewers of the “Quill”, 500 viewers of our map sites. Webmaster Stacey Smith discussed the voting for “Frank Burns” award. This award is for outstanding sportsmanship at the Colorado State Gold Panning Championships. Nominees are anyone who attended the championship; voter’s are anyone that attended the championship. Nominees for interim treasurer came forward and gave brief remarks. Nominee Richard Richards rescinded his nomination. Break for 15 minutes. Voting for Interim Treasurer. Bill Smith elected by vote of 60 yea, 1 nay. Bill Smith conducted door prize drawing. Voting results for “Frank Burns” Award, and the winner is Mr. Big Ben Higley. President Ben Higley introduced the guest speaker for the meeting. Mr. Ben Higley spoke about “High-Banking”. Thank you! Meeting closed.

Frank Burns Memorial Sportsmanship Award 2010 Ben Higley
Frank Burns was a founding member and the first Secretary of the GPOC. In 1978 Frank contracted cancer. He told his brother about the club and his joy of being a member. After his death his brother sent the club money and asked the club to do something with it in Frank’s name. The club purchased a plaque which is given to a deserving member each year after the Gold Panning Championships. To receive the plaque a member must attend the Championships and be selected by a majority vote of the other attending members. Voter’s select the member who displays the most sportsmanship during the Championships. Their name is placed on the plaque and they keep it until the next voting.
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7:43 p.m. 7:46 p.m.

7:53 p.m. 7:55 p.m. 8:07 p.m. 8:09 p.m.

If you are interested in saving costs for publishing The Prospector’s Quill you can access it online in full color at www.gpoc.com. You just need to email membership@gpoc.com and let them know that you will no longer need to have The Prospector’s Quill mailed to you.

8:09 p.m. 8:15 p.m. 8:35 p.m. 8:37 p.m. 8:54 p.m. 8:55 p.m. 8:40 p.m.

CONTACT OVER 2,000 GPOC MEMBERS quill@gpoc.com Allow for a 3/8” margin on all sides of your advertisement. Payment must be received before placement. Send advertisement with check to: GPOC Quill Editor, PO Box 1593, CS, CO 80901 Deadline for placement 20th of the month Sizes are approximate Prices Per Issue Business Card Size $ 6.00 4” x 5” (1/4 page) $12.00 5” x 8” (half page) $24.00

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meetings october calendar
For further information contact:

Haunted Mines
Western Mining Museum 7 PM 225 North Gate Rd. CS, CO

Family Exploration
Western Mining Museum

New Member Outing Prospector 1 & 2 8AM Long Tom’s & Rocker Boxes Bob Hale (719) 213-3383

Board Meeting
7:00 PM 4125 Center Park Drive CS, CO

Bob Hale
(719) 213-3383

225 North Gate Rd. CS, CO





Elections This Month
General Membership Meeting
7:00 PM 3400 N.Nevada CS, CO

Claims Committee
Western Mining Museum

Field Trip
Niobrara Formation Trinidad Rest Area 9:00 AM “Yam” Yamiolkoski (719) 488-5526 www.gpoc.com for form to register

Bob Hale (719) 213-3383

10:00 AM 225 North Gate Rd. You must bring your membership card!


Richard Stockton (719) 213-3383

Sept. Oct. 30th 1st 2nd 7th 9th 13th 16th-17th Nov. 4th 4th 10th 27th 30th Dec. 2nd 8th Motorized Season Ends Haunted Mines Claims Committee Board Meeting Family Exploration Day GPOC General Meeting New Member Outing Board Meeting Reclamation, ranching, mining GPOC General Meeting Gold Assay Class Cache Creek Board Meeting GPOC General Meeting
4125 Center Pk. Dr., CS, CO

No notice level operations are authorized to help protect brown trout during the fish spawning period (October 1 to March 31) on the Arkansas River
225 N. Gate Rd., CS, CO 7PM (719)488-0880 225 N. Gate Rd., CS, CO 10AM Richard Stockton
4125 Center Pk. Dr. CS, CO

www.wmmi.org/ 719-233-0098 Sand Creek Police Station www.wmmi.org/ BOARD ELECTIONS Non-motorized equipment Sand Creek Police Station www.wmmi.org/ reservations required Silent Auction www.wmmi.org/ reservations required

7PM president@gpoc.com

225 N. Gate Rd., CS, CO 10-3 (719)488-0880
3400 N. Nevada, CS, CO


Bob Hale (719) 213-3383 Bob Hale (719) 213-3383

Prospector 1 & 2
4125 Center Pk. Dr., CS, CO

7PM president@gpoc.com (719)488-0880 7PM Bob Hale (719) 213-3383 (719)488-0880 closed for season 7PM president@gpoc.com Bob Hale (719) 213-3383

225 N. Gate Rd., CS, CO
3400 N. Nevada, CS, CO

225 N. Gate Rd., CS, CO

Sand Creek Police Station Christmas Dinner Toyʼs For Totʼs

3400 N. Nevada, CS, CO 7PM

Characteristics of Dredges

Nozzle Cubic Size Engine Size Yards Dredge Size & inches Horsepower per Type inside Hour diameter Tons per Hour Dredge Pros 10-30 14.8-44.5 2,500 70 feet Good size for commercial operations. It is capable of processing a fair amount of material in a short period of time. Dredge Cons

Location, size of gravels, altitude, temperature, amount of rock that must be moved by hand, depth one is working at, size of motor & pump combination, additional equipment (such as compressor size) & accessories, are the pumps belt driven or shaft mounted, are the pumps “free standing” or “centrifugal” Weight Depth jetting pumps, manufactures intended design, size and type of engine, temperature of the area, clogs, & mechanical breakdowns, operators skill, knowledge and stamina, accessibility, material density, soil pounds capability conditions, geology, amount of water, cost of replacement parts and reliability, all can influence performance and recovery.

Commercial Dredge


36 or 2x18

Heavy unit. Manning the hose and moving the rocks will need at least two people to make productive use.Legally limited in which waters they can be used. Substantial investment. Logistics and transportation of material from remote areas. Need proper depth of water in order to float and maneuver, may not be able to use in shallow waters. Expensive to run motor.

Dredge Pros

Dredge Cons
Use of diver needed in hard packed areas of large rocks The intake size is the diameter of the inside of the nozzle, which feeds into the hose. Be familiar with your state laws as some states define the size of the dredge to be the diameter of the restricting ring on the nozzle tip, hence a manufacturers 5 inch gold dredge is considered a 4 inch gold dredge by DFG (Department of Fish and Game) regulations (2008). Heavier than underwater dredge so not as portable. If not diving cannot see material as well. Requires more fuel to operate. Awkward to handle when submerged. Must be held rigid & level when underwater. They can’t reach hard to get at places. Diving experience needed. May fall over. Gold in the riffle tray may be lost. Must be submerged to work. Limited because primarily used for sampling. The operator is closer to the point of discharge. The need to re-dredge in heavier over burdened areas may occur. Their recovery systems must be smaller resulting in poorer gold recovery. If adding diving equipment higher cost & requiring more knowledge, experience & physical stamina. More equipment=more things to go wrong or wear out. Partner needs to be well trained in rescue and safety. Water undercurrent must be moving slowly or not at all. A fast current can pull on the sluice box dumping your gold. The water must be deep enough so that the sluice can be suspended under the floatation platform. Because the sluice is underwater it can bump against rocks or debris, become off balance and dump your gold. Not as efficient for prospecting as it may miss the fine gold. If you lift the nozzle out of the water the blast may “blow” your gold out of the sluice. Tailings buildup quicker than with a surface dredge. You have to keep moving the dredge to prevent buildup of tailings or they jam the sluice box. Its easy to slip on a rock or have the current trip you up when removing the sluice box.

Surface Dredge

Sluice is above the water and can be located on the river bank or on the water. More stable if on the bank. Most popular, versatile and efficient. Can be used with or without diving equipment. This can be a cost savings. Diving experience is not a requirement. Use of a three-stage sluice box aids in the recovery of very fine gold and black sands. The power jet is located closer to the sluice box creating a stronger flow. The tailings can be deposited further away from the unit so the need to redredge not as great as in underwater dredge. Riffle tray (sluice box) is larger so more gold is recovered than with an underwater dredge. Reasonably priced. Can be used with or without diving equipment & diving knowledge is not necessary saving costs.

Underwater Dredge (Submersible)

Can be simpler to work for a longer time due to the fact that only the suction hose needs to be handled and not the entire sluice box. Because the unit is submerged the material is not sent to the surface and more material can be processed. Designed for compactness and portability, making it easier to pack into a remote area. Can pump a greater amount of material using less power than the surface dredge. Used to sample more than actual recovery. Good for removing large amounts of overburden. If you are operating (diving) underwater your vision of the location may be better helping you to spot hot spots, dangers such as loose boulders or submerged logs , etc. Popular for deeper diving.

Subsurface Dredge

Water and material is pumped into a sluice box which is underwater. Their recovery systems can be larger than those in an underwater dredge of the same hose diameter. Can pump about twice as much material as a surface dredge. Gold recovery is better than in an underwater dredge. Good to use when there is a lot of overburden. Less fuel is required to power than the surface dredge which may make it more portable. When the sluice sits below the surface of the water, it reduces lift, increasing the suction power. Can be lighter than a surface dredge so easier to transport. More effective than the surface dredge in recovering coarser gold. Ease in moving because you only have to move the hose, this may allow you to work for longer periods because you won’t tire so easily. Gives you the advantages of the surface and underwater dredge by having good gold recovery and the large capacity of the underwater dredge. Has a longer sluice box than the underwater dredge.

Gold Panning And Prospecting for Fun
GPOC Meets the 2nd Wednesday of Every Month at the Elk’s Club 3400 N. Nevada Colorado Springs, Colorado

HOOKED ON GOLD FREE Gold Panning Tips and Information! Read our equipment reviews and Prospectors Blog Finding Gold, Metal Detecting, Dredging Site changes weekly! Visit often!


Name of Field Trip

FOSSIL COLLECTING IN THE NIOBRARA FORMATION This Field Trip is an invitation from GPOC Member Diana Anderson and Kathryn Osborn, both longtime members of GPOC. For the complete form go to www.gpoc.com
Oct 9, 2010 We will meet our hosts Kathryn Osborn and Dianna Anderson at the State of Colorado Trinidad Rest Area just north of Trinidad. 9:00 AM Ronald “Yam” Yamiolkoski (719)488-5526 (719) 351-5548 Don’t use except on the day of the Field Trip yamofthewest@gmail.com Near Delhi, CO This Field Trip is limited to 15 Vehicles (Approx. 30 people) (Junior members and anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult - not recommended for children). NOTE: SIGNUP FOR THIS FIELD TRIP WILL BE CLOSED AT 12:00 NOON ON FRIDAY, October 8TH. We will be visiting private property for the purpose of collecting primarily marine fossils from the Niobrara Formation. Reportedly, we will be able to collect baculites, ammonites, belemnites, and "clams". The property owner reserves the right to keep any find or release it for compensation. Possible cost associated with acquiring a specimen from the owner. Reportedly, we will be able to collect baculites, ammonites, belemnites, and "clams". The property owner reserves the right to keep any find or release it for compensation. A PU or 4WD vehicle is required. We will be traveling some distance on dirt roads. If they are wet, the FT may need to be postponed.

Date of Trip Meeting Place Time to Meet Field Trip Leader Telephone Number Cell Phone Number E-mail Address Location of Field Trip Limitation on Number or Participants or Other Issues

Brief Description of Field Trip Are there any Special Costs such as Admission Charge Collectible Materials, if any: NOTE: SPECIFY IF COLLECTING CANNOT BE DONE Vehicle Requirements

Physical Limitation Concerns, Including No special limitations, but not recommended for anyone requiring assistance in walking. Accessibility to Handicapped The weather could be hot at this time of the year. Individuals: PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR (SAFETY GLASSES) and Sun Screen are strongly recommended.. Removal of fossils can require, chisels, hammers, crowbars, picks and shovels. Some fossils may require a rock hammer, smaller chisels, brushes and of course wrapping material. In addition to wearing long heavy duty pants, it is recommended that you bring: a hat, work gloves, knee pads, collecting container, and boxes for storage and to prevent damaging of specimens in transit. The area is quite remote and we will not be in proximity of water or sanitary facilities after we leave the rest area. The nearest commercial facilities are in Trinidad, LaJunta, or Walsenburg, Colorado. It can (and probably will) be hot even in October. Make sure you bring adequate liquids. Sun screen is strongly recommended. Layered clothes work well as it warms during the day. Remember to bring food. Control your trash. Do not wander off and follow all instructions. You will be required to sign a release form prior to departing the rest area. Also, don't forget to thank our hosts - Kathryn Osborn (owner) and Diana Anderson. There are critters in the area including rattle snakes and scorpions, so be extra careful - we are a long way from a doctor.

Equipment or Tools Recommended or Required:

Availability of Water and Sanitary Facilities:

Additional Comments


Gold Panning & Prospecting For Fun label. Please look at your Prospector’s Quill mailing
GPOC Meets the 2nd Wednesday of every Month at the Elk’s Club 3400 N. Nevada Colorado Springs, Colorado


) INDIVIDUAL $25 (18 years and over)


) FAMILY $30 (Includes members under age 18)

The month and year on it tells you when you need to renew FREE Gold Panning Tips Informative! your membership dues Read our equipment reviews and Prospectors Blog. Answers to your questions: Finding Gold, Metal Detecting, Dredging. Site changes weekly! Visit often!


Mail Application to: GPOC Membership, PO Box 1593, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901



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