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A Introduction
i Soil phases ii Properties of rocks iii Origin of soil  Organic/inorganic
(1) Organic soil (2) Properties of organic soil (3) Inorganic soil Deposition method iv Index properties of soil

D Stresses in soil
i Types of stresses  Geostatic stress  Induced stress  Vertical stress  Horizontal stress Influence factors for vertical displacement under flexible area Consolidation  One dimensional consolidation (1) Assumption for onedimension consolidation (2) Oedometer test (3) Compressibility characteristics  Compressibility coefficient of volume  Compression index  Consolidation settlement (1) Skempton Bjerrum method

E Settlements
i ii

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Range of particle sizes and distribution of sizes Atterberg’s limits (1) Shrinkage limit (2) Plastic limit (3) Liquid limit Plasticity index Consistency Vane shear test Relation between unconfined compression test and shear strength Thixotropy Presence & type of clay Activity Swell potential Liquidity index

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F Shear strength
i Effects of compression  Volume change  Plastic flow  Shear failure ii Types of shear strength  Internal friction  Cohesion iii Coulumbs’s equation: failure theory iv Shear tests  Shear box (direct shear) test  Unconfined compression test  Vane shear test  Internal compression test v Mohs’s circle

B Composition & Physical properties
i ii iii iv v i Volume of voids Moisture content Void ratio Degree of saturation Porosity

C Soil compaction
Method to find out soil density  Sand cone method ii Specification of field compaction iii Factors affecting compaction

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G Clay minerals
i Shapes  Silicon-oxygen tetrahedron  Aluminium-magnesium octahedron Three layer minerals  illite  Montmorillonite  Vermicite  Table: Clay mineral-specific surface-cation exchange Classification conditions (3) Triangular classification soil Classification table Field identification  Particle size  Amount of fines  Consistency  Dry strength  Penetration resistance  Structure of soil Ground water investigation


H Soil classification systems
i ii iii iv

I Water in soil

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