Audience Viewing Habits

1. Are you male or female? a. Male: 6 Female: 5 2. Does whether the film is American or British affect if you watch it or not? a. Yes: 1 No: 10 3. Do you watch more American or British films? a. American:11 British: 0 4. How often do you go to the cinema? Once a year: 1 A few times a year: 5 Regularly: 4 A lot: 1 5. Why did you watch the last film you saw at the cinema? Seen prequels: 2 Advertised: 4 Boredom: 2 Orange Wednesdays: 2 Big Hype: 1 6. What genre of film do you prefer? Comedy: 5 Action: 3 Horror: 2 No preference: 1 7. Does a film being in 3d make you want to see it more? Yes: 3 Not bothered: 8. Do you watch films online? Yes: 6 Sometimes: 2 No: 3 9. If yes, do you download them or watch them on the internet? Online: 5 Download: 0 Both: 3 10.Do you buy a lot of DVD s? Yes: 6 No: 5 11.Have you ever been to an I-max cinema? Yes: 3 No: 8 12. Do you watch the trailers of films on the internet before they come? Yes: 7 No: 1 Sometimes: 3 13.Do you think 3D TV is a good idea? Yes: 5 No: 5 Not sure: 1 14.Do you follow actors/films on the internet that you re interested in? Yes: 4 No: 7

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