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In order to assist you in writing a

meaningful letter of recommendation, this
student has been asked to provide you with:

A completed student information worksheet

Requesting a
An addressed, stamped envelop Letter of
The following is a list of criteria you may Recommendation
wish to consider in your evaluation:

Scholastic ability
Reaction to Criticism
Emotional Stability
Leadership Qualities

You may also wish to include:

The reason why this particular school, job,

scholarship is a match for this student.

Input from other faculty members.

Your phone number for further information

Westminster High School

It may be beneficial to keep a copy in case
another letter is needed.

Made by Sarah Nguyen c/o 2010

Student Student Information Worksheet
When requesting a letter of Name _____________________________________________ Date ___________
recommendation, be sure to:
Address ___________________________________________ Phone_________________
Fill out the student information
worksheet Letter to be addressed to: _____________________________________________________
Future Goals: ________________________________________________________________
Attach your resume ___________________________________________________________________________
College Plans: ________________________________________________________________
Think of a person who knows you well.
Ask that person to write a letter of ___________________________________________________________________________

recommendation for you. ___________________________________________________________________________

Awards, Honors: _____________________________________________________________

Plan ahead to meet your timeline, allow 2
weeks for the completion of the letter.
DO NOT assume the letter will be Special Interests, Hobbies, Talents: _____________________________________________
completed if you leave the request in ___________________________________________________________________________
his/her mailbox; make sure you make ___________________________________________________________________________
personal contact with the person you
Clubs/Student Government, Athletic Teams: _______________________________________
are asking.
Be sure to give an addressed, stamped __________________________________________________________________________
envelope and your completed Non-school Activities (Church, Community, Employment etc.): __________________________
information worksheet to your
Write a short “thank you” to the Describe yourself, include your strengths, skills: ____________________________________
person/person’s who has written a
recommendation for you.