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Perishing Proposals

Perishing Proposals

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Published by Brian Oji
The rat race for commercial platforms for a beginner's ideas
The rat race for commercial platforms for a beginner's ideas

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Published by: Brian Oji on Oct 08, 2010
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PERISHING PROPOSALS The 1000th well thought out, well articulated and packaged burst of inspiration that holds

the keys to mighty aspirations, renown and great accomplishment for one and many has just been thrown to the stockpile of ‘received letters’. The presenter rests uneasy, hoping for correspondence which, if he only knew, the paper shredder cannot give. Unconsidered, the proposal sees its end but the presenter would not give up. One more try, another corporate sponsor, another long shot, just another… the rat race continues. For the most part, the idea is good, the procedure for implementation has been thought out and the executors are ready for work, yet, as excellently as their skills complement, as honest as their intentions are, they must wait till the day that some grace lifts their proposals from the perishing lot. And, when this day comes, would they have the force of zeal to accept and accomplish or would their imagination and inventiveness have been dulled by the phenomenon of perishing proposals? Would they have anymore zest to keep trying in hope or have lost their sight by the day opportunity comes striding idly by? For many, all they needed was a platform, ten years ago. Some …longer ago. The game seems to have ended for some and for many more the rat race is becoming unbearably disappointing. BUT… There is heat only in the rat race and there are no hold ups on the extra mile. Your aspirations in far away corporate organizations can be achieved more definitely if you would start with what you have right there where you are. You may not take the one super step to success and it achieve all in double quick time. Still in meeting more people and feeling underutilized and overstressed at different times lies a good sign. Yes, that is how you pay your dues and train yourself to know more, be more and do more. If you want to change the nation, start today by doing something positive for your street, if you want to fight for international women’s rights then make the girl next door feel special today. Many people are planners very few are doers: there is little or no competition among the doers. Be a doer today. Stop waiting in hope for a chance, advance with patience and create chances from everything. Many people are holding up perishing proposals today, how obvious you would be when you project a doing arm. Take charge of your life today by that I mean: Get Busy.

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