Project: MARBLE MOUNTAIN BEACH RESORT Date Ref : 19 Aug 2010 : Rampart No.

: AB-CTC-SHOP-ARA-38rev01

Item description

Rampart Typical details of brick facing

Approval required by date: Date: 22 Aug 2010

Item Drawings Samples Catalogues Other Key: A B C


Approval status

   

Approved Approved subject to comments Not approved, resubmit

Clients/consultants comments

Signed for on behalf of consultant/Client

Signed for on behalf of Coteccons

Name : Date :

Name : Tran Thanh Hai Date : 19/8/10

194/2 Nguyễn Trọng Tuyển, Ward 8, District Phú Nhuận, HCMC, Vietnam Tel: 848-9307119 Fax: 84-9300248 Email: Web: Page 1 of 1 G018 Rev 02.04.09

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