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October 1

October 1

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Published by: gulya22 on Oct 08, 2010
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October 1, 2010 7:27 pm Today is the feastday of St. Therese.

I couldn t help but kneel down in prayer in front of her statue. I asked her to intercede for our family, for the strength of my vocation to the priesthood. I couldn t help also but remember her holy words before she entered the monastery. She said, My love for Jesus is so great that I would want to enter the monastery. Indeed, she gave all her life for the souls. In secret, she devoted a lot of sacrifices for the conversion of sinners. In silence, she prayed for priests all over the world. In solitude, she whispered her sincere love to Jesus. In extraordinary ways, she was a saint, a missionary inside a cell whose effective prayers and examples touched the lives of so many people. She may not have studied in great universities nor she took up doctorate, but she became a noble Doctor of the Church, a title her heavenly wisdom deserved. She endured all her pains. She embraced every single moment of sacrifice. She turned her back from all her possessions. Only to show Jesus how much she loved Him. Only to save souls through her sacrifices and prayers. Only to shower blessings to people she knew need spiritual benefits. I am most fortunate to have known her. I am most thankful for her prayers and intercession. I am most blessed to experience her miracles. I knelt down in prayer before her because I know that she truly fulfill her promise of showering petals of blessing from heaven. Today, I know, in a most unfathomable way, she knows me and she tells the content of my lips to her long beloved Friend, Jesus. I thank her for I know, although I received no rose today, she has already given me more than beautiful roses I have seen from others. She has already given me seeds of rose in my heart and she would always tend them until one day I can also let the fragrance of these flowers be smelled by other people. St. Therese of the Child Jesus, please pray for us and continue to shower blessings upon us. Amen. Extend my Hello! to your sweet Friend. Tell Him that I also love Him, that I also aspire to offer my life to Him despite the difficulties I encounter. Whisper to His ever-listening ears my aspiration to become a simple and holy priest. October 3, 2010 10:16 pm Marita was a babysitter of an angelic baby boy. One time, she laid the baby in his cradle. She went to sleep feeling so confident that the baby boy would also go on his way to sleep. And so, they both slept. When Marita awoke from her short yet relaxing sleep, she was surprised to see the baby boy crawling in the floor. Ita! Ita! The baby boy alas recognized her. In her surprise, she could not believe why it happened. How did the baby boy got lost from the crib? Was someone around? But only the surprised Marita and the innocent baby boy were around. Soon, Marita found out that while she locked the right part of the crib, she nevertheless, forgot to lock the left part. She just postulated that the baby boy might have touched the lock and accidentally unlocked it. But what made Marita very much surprised was the miracle that the baby boy did not get any injury from getting out of the crib. No single and slight injury appeared in his soft and gentle skin. Another thing was that if the baby boy was hurt, then he should have resorted to crying. But then, it was not the cry of the baby boy that awoke Marita but a scratchy sound. The truth was that the baby boy was smiling as if he was playing with someone else. Marita undoubtedly deemed this experience to be a work of miracle. When the baby boy grew up, Marita and the baby boy s mother told it to him. Do you know who that angelic and innocent baby boy is? That angelic and innocent baby boy is me. Ate Ita was my babysitter. I used to believe that it was my guardian angel who safely took me out from my crib in order to play with me.

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