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Published by allyourbase50
An Edited Version Of My Sunny Zombie Romp Book. Still Incomplete
An Edited Version Of My Sunny Zombie Romp Book. Still Incomplete

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Published by: allyourbase50 on Jul 10, 2008
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Ten zombies fell in and
landed on or around
Sarah. I yelled as I drew
my bat and swung it with
all of my might at the
zombies. I saw flashes of
gunfire from under the pile
of Sarah and the undead. I
brought my bat down on a
zombie and shoved it off.
Seven of the zombies got
up and attacked. I
smashed a zombie in the


head and its jaw fell off. I
hit it again and its head
cracked open. The zombie
collapsed. Dane fired his
shotgun and hit a zombie
in the face. The remaining
undead were handled by
the rest of my friends. And
it was over. Sarah was ok.
She checked herself for
bites. Her clothes were a
bit torn, but she had no
bites. “Knock first before
opening suddenly.” I
declared. We walked
through the back door. We
heard the front bars
smash and we closed the
back door. We then ran


toward the bus out front
where a few zombies
waited for us. We fired a
volley of shots which killed
the zombies. Shawn fired
two shots at one of the
zombie’s legs. The zombie
fell. Shawn then walked up
to it and stepped on it’s
head which splattered him
again with zombie gore.
We walked in and
dispatched the group of
zombies that stood inside
unaware. The zombies
turned toward us and
stumbled in our direction.
We all fought the small
horde with every weapon


we had. I threw my knife
which hit a zombie in its
left eye. I yanked it out
and fired a shotgun round
at another zombie four
feet away. We used some
weapons from the shop to
help us with that small
battle. Then we decided to
burn the shop down to
burn all of the bodies. I
made a few fire bombs and
threw them into the shop.
We left a little bit of ammo
in there to speed up the
demolition process. We
got into the bus and drove
away from the burning
shop. We all debated


about which Mega Mart
was the closest and more
strategically defensive. We
decided to drive north.
There was a huge
Mart there. We drove
quickly through the
wrecked streets covered in
destroyed cars and some
bodies. Then, just as we
were going to drive across
an intersection, we heard
loud country music and
yelling, “YEEHAW RAM
THEM VARMINTS!” as a big
red pickup truck hit our
bus and skidded away. Our
bus swerved into a
building and landed on it’s


side. “Damn you
rednecks!” That’s the last
thing I yelled before I hit
my head on a window and
blacked out, until I woke
up and found that we were
all inside of the building
that we just hit. My friends
all sat there bandaging
their cuts and grimly
looking at a newspaper
that said,
“No survivors
listed from the San Diego
outbreak. Military units
dispatched to incident
location. Quarantine
measures are in order.” I
sat up and felt the back of
my head which had a cut


that had a small stream of
blood trickling out. I felt
dizzy and my vision was
blurry. I got up and
grabbed a nearby desk to
stabilize myself and to
numb the sense of vertigo.
“What happened?” I
asked. Shawn looked up
and said, “ The army is
coming to blow up the
city.” I looked at the hole
that we made in the
building. The front
entrance was blocked. But
from the back of the
building we could hear
loud knocks on the other
doors. We all decided to go


to an upper level. By the
looks of it, we were in an
office building. We took all
of the food and
ammunition and carried it
to the floor right under the
roof level. We all rested
from the long climb. We
managed to destroy the
staircase, and barricade it
too. A few minutes later
we heard a loud whirring.
“It’s a helicopter!” Troy
yelled. We all ran up the
stairs to the roof. We saw
a helicopter hover by our
building. I pulled out a
flare gun we got from the
gun shop and fired it. The


flare flew past the
helicopter. The pilot looked
at us and talked into his
walkie-talkie. He then
hovered over the roof and
landed on an open space
on the roof. The pilot came
out holding an M-16
carbine assault rifle. “You
guys are some of the only
survivors we’ve seen in
this god forsaken place.
We followed him to his
chopper and entered it. A
scruffy looking man sat
next to the pilot. His face
was pale. And he was
asleep. But at the moment
I didn’t remember that one


of the symptoms of the
zombie virus was a coma
and skin discoloration,
death, then reanimation.
We took off from the
building and headed east.
The pilot talked to us and
told us about how he had
watched the soldiers have
small encounters with the
undead. He said that many
soldiers died, because
they had been surrounded
and ambushed at some
points. The pilot also told
that many more zombies
roamed the streets, And
that we were lucky we
didn’t get surrounded.


Then there was silence
except for the sound of the
helicopter. The man that
was sitting next to the
pilot slowly stirred,
groaned, and grabbed the
pilot. The new born zombie
next to the pilot bit his
neck and tore off chunks.
Blood splattered all over
the window and the
helicopter began to
descend quickly. The pilot
slumped in his seat and
the zombie tried to stand.
I grabbed my shotgun and
fired a round. Parts of the
spray of steel pellets went
into the zombie’s head but


didn’t penetrate the brain.
So I ran up to it and
bashed the zombie against
the door with my gun. The
door opened and the
zombie moaned as it fell
out. I quickly shut the
door. I was going to take
the controls but by the
time I got to them the
helicopter crashed into the

We were all lucky
the helicopter didn’t
explode until we all
recovered and got out of
the helicopter. We took the
pilot’s gun and ammo.
“What are we going to


do?” cried Sarah. “Yeah,
we have to get out of San
Diego.” Jay pronounced. I
pulled out a gauze pad and
bandaged a big cut from
the crash. Before I could
say anything, we heard
moans coming from
nearby. The surrounding
zombies must’ve been
attracted by the crash. We
started jogging away from
the crash site with what
little supplies we could
carry. Up ahead we saw a
Mega Mart. The store
seemed like it was open.
Because every time the
flock of crows walked


around to eat a human
corpse on the ground in
front of the doors, the
doors would slide open.
We walked in and saw the
store almost unaffected by
the zombie outbreak. The
store had a scarce amount
of blood splattered. There
was almost no sign of
looting, and even the store
background music was on.
So we got a bunch of
heavy vending machines
and barricaded all of the
entrances. There was
everything we needed.
Food, water, weapons, and
entertainment. I went up a


working that went to an
upper level. And there was
a second level of clothes,
electronics, and
miscellaneous things. I
turned and walked down a
hallway next to the clothes
section. Then I walked up
a flight of stairs. At the
end there was a door. I
slowly opened the door
and peered through. I
realized it was the roof. It
gave a good view of the
city except for a tall
building right next to our
building. It was what
looked like a skyscraper. I
was about to go back into


the store when I heard a
Whoosh and a loud Thud. I
turned around and found a
zombie on the roof. It was
laying there. I looked up
the side of the tall building
and saw a large broken
window a long way up. The
supposedly dead zombie
had large shards of glass
stuck in it. The zombie
probably fell through the
large window and landed
on our roof. I shrugged
and walked back into the
store. We all started
eating some of the food
we found in the store.


We had a good
time. When it became
night time a bunch of us
went to sleep while Dane
and Shawn stayed on
guard. When we woke up
Dane said, “While you
guys were napping, there
were a lot of loud thumps
on the roof. We didn’t
bother to check what it
was because we guessed it
was just the wind blowing
rubble around or
something.” I told it was
just zombies splattering
from the fall that they had
from the broken window.
We all had breakfast and


played games in the home
entertainment area. We
were having a great time
when we heard a loud
crash from the front
entrance. I told everyone
to wait as I grabbed my
shotgun and ran
downstairs towards the
entrance. The vending
machines were on their
sides and the doors were
wide open. A very large
group of zombies had
pushed the vending
machines down and
opened the doors. I called
to everyone who came
down in a flash and


started firing. The zombies
slowly advanced. For every
one zombie that was
killed, two more were
there to replace it. We
eventually started walking
backwards to try to go up
the escalator and exit
through the top door. The
zombies kept on going.
There was still a few dozen
zombies walking towards
us and some crawling at
us. We all ran to the door
and I opened it. A zombie
stood there groaning and
tried to grab me but I shut
the door on the zombie. I
noticed a lot more zombies


were standing behind him.
The zombies probably got
up a while after they fell
and just stood there and
didn’t know where to go.
We started to run and
dodge the zombies. We hid
in the immense number of
isles. I ran to the frozen
food department. There, a
lone zombie stumbled at
me and tried to grab me. I
opened a freezer door and
pushed the zombie in. I
shot the zombie and I shut
the door.

I ran and called
out to my friends and told
them to meet me at the


cash registers. I waited
and shot a few zombies
that came walking at me.
All of my friends
eventually arrived but
Oscar was nowhere to be
seen. I told everyone to
wait and ran toward the
towering isles ahead. I ran
a couple of minutes and I
then heard load grunts
and curses and I ran
towards them. I found
Oscar basically fighting
hand to hand with a large
zombie. I ran to the
zombie and pulled him off.
I pulled out a double sided
survival knife and stabbed


it in the head. The zombie
was about to sink it’s
teeth into my hand but it
died. I kicked it away from
me and it tumbled. I got
up and me and Oscar ran
towards the gunfire. We
saw our friends viciously
fighting the undead. The
zombies at some points
got so dangerously close
that my friends had to
bash them away before
they were grabbed. Sarah
fired a shot which sent a
zombie tumbling and it
stopped six yards away.
We decided to use hit and
run tactics on the zombies.


We ran circles around
large groups of zombies
and fired randomly. Then
we started firing at the
scattered individual
zombies. But eventually
some more stray zombies
near the store walked in.
So we did something about
the big entrance. We put a
lot of vending machines in
front of the doors and dug
trenches with shovels
around them and put
spikes in the trenches.
Then we doused the
trenches with oil and lit
them on fire. The zombies
inside the store were



But we still had to
worry about the falling
zombies on the roof. We
decided to kill the zombies
on the roof and take a lot
of large metal stakes used
to keep tents in the
ground and weld them to
the roof. And we would put
a lot. So if any zombie fell
in, it would almost be
guaranteed that most of
the zombies that fell in
would smash their head
onto a spike. We opened
the door and immediately
fired our guns. The
zombies closest to the


door tumbled away from
the intense force of the
bullets. The tumbled
zombies hit other zombies
which started a scattered
domino effect. A bunch of
zombies near the roof’s
edge fell off. We kept
firing and fending off the
oncoming zombies. I
lobbed a Molotov fire
bomb and it hit a group of
four zombies. The zombies
mindlessly wandered
around towards the other
scattered pockets of
zombies. Then, most of the
other zombies caught on
fire too. We shot the


zombies down. Then we
kicked their flaming bodies
into the streets under us.
The zombies fell onto a
large crowd of zombies
outside of our store like
large fire projectiles. We
got a fire extinguisher and
put some fires on the roof
out. We sent Oscar and Jay
downstairs to watch all of
the entrances. We started
welding spikes onto the
metallic roof. A couple of
us looked up and shot at
some falling zombies that
eventually jumped off of
the skyscraper and landed
on the roof.


Then, after a few
grueling hours of fortifying
the roof, we were done.
We walked back into the
store. And then we all
went to sleep. Troy and Jay
were supposed to be on
guard that night. I woke
up because I heard a thud
and found that Troy and
Jay had a bunch of bags
packed full of food and a
few supplies. I cocked my
shotgun and aimed it at
Troy. Jay and Troy aimed
their weapons at me
likewise. “What are you
doing?” I asked harshly. “
We are leaving. It appears


that we are in a tight
situation and we don’t
want to end up dead like
you guys.” said Troy. I
called to Shawn who got
up, yawned and walked to
us. “Shawn, these guys
are going to leave us and
go solo.” I said. Shawn
chuckled and shook his
head. “We aren’t joking.”
Troy snapped. Shawn
quickly stopped laughing.
“Well then how are you
going to get out of here?
The doors are all blocked.”
Troy walked to a back door
and we followed him. He
shot the barricade and a


large group of zombies
poured in. “Haha good
luck surviving!” Laughed
Troy and Jay as they
sneaked past the zombies
and exited through the
door. The rest of our group
immediately came. There
were too many zombies to
hold back with guns. But
then we got a great idea.
A couple of us ran back to
the other entrance and
pulled a whole bunch of
shopping carts. We pushed
the slow treading zombies
into the streets outside.
We shut the doors as fast
as we could. Then we put


all of the available
barricades we could
around that door. The
group had just lost some
friends. They weren’t
going to last that long out
there alone. But we
needed to fend for
ourselves. We all sighed
and shook our heads. As
much as I hated them at
the moment for how they
just betrayed us and left
like that, I couldn’t help
but feel a little sad
knowing the horrible death
they were going to go


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