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Hobby Lobby 2010 Markers Sharon Harnist 1

Hobby Lobby 2010 Markers Sharon Harnist 1

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Published by Adele Robbetze

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Published by: Adele Robbetze on Oct 08, 2010
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0-Colorless Blender 100-Black 110-Special Black C1-Cool Gray C3-Cool Gray C5-Cool Gray C7-Cool Gray W1-Warm Gray W3-Warm Gray W5-Warm Gray W7-Warm Gray B000-Pale Porcelain Blue B02-Robin's Egg Blue B05-Process Blue B21-Baby Blue B24-Sky B29-Ultramarine B32-Pale Blue B34-Manganese Blue B39-Prussian Blue B93-Light Crockery Blue B95-Light Grayish Cobalt B99-Agate BG02-New Blue BG05-Holiday Blue BG09-Blue Green BG10-Cool Shadow BG13-Mint Green BG18-Teal Blue BG45-Nile Blue BG49-Duck Blue BG72-Ice Ocean BG75-Abyss Green BG78-Bronze BV00-Mauve Shadow BV02-Prune BV04-Blue Berry BV08-Blue Violet BV11-Soft Violet BV13-Hydrangea Blue BV17-Deep Redish Blue BV20-Dull Lavender BV23-Grayish Lavender BV25-Grayish Violet E000-Pale Fruit Pink E00-Skin White E02-Fruit Pink E04-Lipstick Natural E09-Burnt Sienna E11-Bareley Beige E13-Light Suntan E15-Dark Suntan E18-Copper E29-Burnt Umber E31-Brick Beige E33-Sand E37-Sepia E49-Dark Bark E50-Egg Shell E51-Milky White E53-Raw Silk E57-Light Walnut G00-Jade Green G02-Spectrum Green G07-Nile Green G09-Veronese Green G12-Sea Green G14-Apple Green G17-Forest Green G21-Lime Green G24-Willow G28-Ocean Green G82-Spring Dim Green G85-Verdigris R00-Pinkish White R02-Flesh R05-Salmon Red R08-Vermillion R20-Blush R22-Light Prawn R24-Prawn R27-Cadmium Red R29-Lipstick Red R32-Peach R35-Coral R39-Garnet R59-Cardinal R81-Rose Pink R83-Rose Mist R85-Rose Red R89-Dark Red RV00-Water Lily RV02-Sugared Almond Pink RV04-Shock Pink RV06-Cerise RV09-Fuchsia RV11-Pink RV14-Begonia Pink RV19-Red Violet RV34-Dark Pink RV42-Salmon Pink RV91-Grayish Cherry RV93-Smokey Purple RV95-Baby Blossoms V000-Pale Heath V01-Heath V04-Lilac V06-Lavender V09-Violet V12-Pale Lilac V15-Mallow V17-Amethyst V91-Pale Grape V93-Early Grape V95-Light Grape V99-Aubergine Y000-Pale Lemon Y02-Canary Yellow Y04-Acacia Y08-Acid Yellow Y11-Pale Yellow Y15-Cadmium Yellow Y17-Golden Yellow Y21-Buttercup Yellow Y26-Mustard Y28-Lionet Gold Y32-Cashmere Y35-Maize Y38-Honey YG03-Yellow Green YG06-Yellowish Green YG09-Lettuce Green YG63-Pea Green YG67-Moss YG95-Pale Olive YG97-Spanish Olive YR00-Powder Pink YR04-Chrome Orange YR09-Chinese Orange YR14-Caramel YR18-Sanguine YR61-Yellowish Skin Pink YR65-Atoll YR68-Orange

Chart created by Sharon Harnist and available for download from www.PaperFections.com

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