Cedars West Study

• Is it possible to celebrate an area’s history while at the same time embracing its future potential?

Main Issues
1. Free Market…….

2. Relocation…………

3. Height Equality…...

Current view from Cadiz

4 businesses along stretch

The Future of Recycle Island
• What is an area without character? • Should generations of this city’s industrial pioneers be ignored? • Is it possible to celebrate an area’s history while at the same time embracing its future potential?

Toronto’s Redpath Sugar Plant

• “Condos immediately surrounding this plant are amongst the highest price per foot in the city due to the unique character of the area created by the Industrial sugar plant.” • “The most boring waterfronts in the world are the ones that have been sort of sterilized and sanitized.”-John Campbell, President and CEO
of Waterfront Toronto

• On the Pier 27 Condo project that shares a property line with the Redpath Sugar Co., 70% of the condos were pre-sold months in advance of breaking ground. • “Units were selling this fall desite the economic downturn”-Joseph
Cordiano, former Ontario minister of economic development and trade

• “Potential buyers expect a certain level of water traffic… It won’t be much more intrusive than the clatter of streetcars elsewhere.”-Joseph Cordiano

Current Gateway


Envisioned Gateway to the “Old Industrial District”

Vacant Land… “Old Industrial Park”

“Old Industrial Park” Options

Envisioned “Old Industrial Park”

Current Median

Median Options

Resident Sculptor

Envisioned Median

Current Okon Metals

Okon Metals Options…

Okon Metals, Inc’s Potential

Industrial Electric…Now and Some Options

Relevant Murals

Industrial Electric…After

Orr Reed…Authentic and Relevant

Orr Reed’s Potential

Club 1919 Embraces Its Inner Recycler

Club 1919’s Potential

What it is now…

And With A Vision And Theme…

What It Is Now…

And What It Could Be…

Relocation Options

Now that we have explored the “golden ticket”, lets look into relocation options.


Big City Crushed Concrete

City of Dallas Central Wastewater Treatment Plant City of Dallas McCommas Bluff Landfill

What About Metal Recycling?