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Description of the Learner: (Since the patient is only 10 months old, the mother shall be designated as the learner). The mother is a graduate of intermediate
education who studied Education (Secondary) major in Filipino language. She is currently a teacher at Bolosan high school teaching Filipino. The learner also
employs Ilocano and Pangasinan as main modes of communication.

Goal: The patient will be able to practice wound care.

Learning Objective Learning Content Teaching Strategy Resources Evaluation
After 30 minutes of Health
Teaching the learner will be
able to:
Normal wound healing and
infection (signs include
redness, warmth,
Met if there is instant oral
a. describe signs and malalignment of the wound, Lecture-discussion with
Developed handout. feedback inquired by the
symptoms of wound infection pus formation, fever and question-and-answer.
student nurse.
body weakness for systemic

Cleansing equipment
includes a mild cleansing
solution (prescribed by the
physician such as clean
water with mild soap or
b. identify items needed for Lecture-discussion with Met if there is instant oral
antimicrobial agent); Developed handout.
wound care question-and-answer. feedback.
bandaging equipment
includes clean gauze,
adhesive tape, antiseptic
dressing if available.

Demonstration of wound care

c. demonstrate wound Demonstration and return Met if learner can return
with bandaging Items required.
cleansing and bandaging demonstration. demonstrate the procedure.
Follow-up schedule, person
d. statement of the time and Provision of written Met if learner is able to state
to be contacted and where Written instruction
date for suture removal instruction. required information.