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3. 3.Beijing Medical Beauty Commerce Co . 4. Safety of LVD and EMC Operation instructions 1. Treatment theory Applications Features Parameters and specification Taboo(forbidden to use ) Operation Security Instruction 1. 2. Treatment of important notice Simple repair and maintenance 1. 5. www. 2. Cavitation explode Monopolar rf for dissolving fat cell Tripolar RF skin tightening Vacuum liposuction system Clinic experiece Tel: 0086-13161280838 Catalogue Introduction of MB 09 Equipment 1. Normal problems 2.Ltd . 4. Security introduction 2. Treatment course 2..rf-laser. Daily maintenance Contact Us 2 .

fat burning .. 2) Monopolar RF(lipolysis RF) head for body shaping. The move produces controllable heat and results in contraction of collagen and generation of new collagen and dermal remodeling . so it will give a positive pressure on liquid molecule through the expansion cycle on body .then make the lipocyte dissolving quickly . Applications 1) Ultrasonic cavitation head(cavitation explode) for burning fat cell .slimming. Controlled energy is delivered via three or more electrodes .com Tel: 0086-13161280838 I.It has an effective treatment result for weight losing. burning fat cell . wrinkle reduce gradually .Vacuum liposuction and RF together. Tripolar rf integrated preset parameters allow operator to choose between body and facial treatments.Its effect will last for a long time . Also we use 1 MHz radio frequency to alternate the electric field in the skin from positive to negative.Beijing Medical Beauty Commerce Co . Subsequent neocollagenesis then further tightens the dermal tissue and make the skin tightened. centered between them. Tripolar RF energy is transmitted to the place between three as to achieve an high energy state . www. fat &cellulite reduction .it will give you slimming body .wrinkle removal on face and body with big and small 3 . explode fat cell etc . It combines the advantage of Ultracavitation.As It will bring the gas and vapour on the between skin and treatment head. The Ultracavitation uses ultrasonic cavitation effect to cause the air bubbles around lipocyte membranes to break up.rf-laser. wrinkle removal etc Vacuum fat-liposuction system can promote tissue metabolism .strengthen the skin elasticity etc. at the same time. This focused delivery results in improved treatment efficacy that provides immediate visible results from the first treatment. It will produce heat under dermis then the initial collagen denaturation.tighten the flabby skin . It will produce the equal and cycle energy between three electrodes . the treatment results is much better than monopole RF and bipolar RF 2. The treatment is painless and pleasant because of the relatively low power needed. Targeted facial treatment regenerates collagen fibers in the dermis layer. Targeted body treatments shrink fat cells in the hypodermis layer and accelerate collagen regeneration. The theory of newest tripolar rf Tripolar rf technology painlessly delivers focused and optimal RF energy to the skin surface and to subcutaneous fat layers. Treatment theory of Ultracavitation+Monopolar RF+Tripolar RF+Vacuum liposuction system Ultracavitation+Monopolar RF+Tripolar RF+Vacuum liposuction system is the most advanced technology .because of that . The Tripolar RF is the latest technology which is very comfortable for patient during the treatment . and limited only to the treatment area. Introduction of MB 09 Equipment 1. The explosion effects inside and outside the cells will increase the molecular movements .Ltd . explode fat a result. it will get good result on skin lifting . smooth and fresh. and the energy output is more evenly . and then the broken lipocyte will be absorbed and metabolized out of human body by lymphatic system. The energy of tripolar rf permeates epidermis and take effect on the collagen-rich dermal tissue directly which makes water molecules in the skin move. the current permeates target tissue and generate heat.repel the cellulite .surplus fat . the skin looks tighter.The patient will feel more comfortable during treatment . 3) Tri-polar RF head for skin tightening . skin lifting . it can enhance the muscle elasticity and improve the cell metabolism . tightening slack skin .

rf-laser. 100 J (Maximum output power) 1000kpa 5 pieces : 1). Parameters and specification TFT LCD Display Technology : Cavitation frequency Tripolar RF Monopolar RF Vacuum Pressure 8 inch color touch screen Ultrasonic Cavitation+Vacuum +(monopolar RF+tripolar RF ) 40KHz 1MHz. an abdominal operation within 3 months. high blood pressure. 100 Watts (Maximum output power) 1MHz. It don’t need recover time. 4.Beijing Medical Beauty Commerce Co . diabetes 2) Pregnant women. painless. 2. serious Tel: 0086-13161280838 treatment head 4) Vacuum liposuction head for slimming . High fat. non-surgical with safe fast and effective result. gastric ulcer. metal pieces in body (such as heart jumping devices etc) 3) Do not do treatment around testis 4) Food of High-calorie. Use mult-handpieces for body &face treatment. lactating women. duodenal ulcer.Ltd .remove surplus fat cell . such as heart disease. Vacuum liposuction head Voltage Size Weight 220V AC / 110V AC 55cm×55cm×55cm(L×W×H) 35KG 5.. Ultrasonic cavitation head 4). must be 1 hour later dinning 4 . 1. one small ) 3). better to light food 5) Taking other diet medicine. we suggest that stop taking those diet medicines and do ultrasonic treatment 1-2 months later. Features: Simple and easy operation. 3. immediate result will be seen after one session. Tripolar RF head (one big. 6) Can not do ultrasonic treatment under empty stomach. 5. and High protein. 3. Comfortable. www. Monopolar RF head Handpieces: 2). or prolong treatment period.totally 5 handpieces. 10 MHz (output frequency ) . Taboo(forbidden to use ) 1) Serious disease. 10 MHz (output frequency) . menstrual period. Adopt the newest cavitation lipolysis and tripolar rf technology. 4.

The operator should ask the patient whether it is very hot or not on the treatment skin. any others have no right to examine and repair theFG660 structure. For the safe and effective use. Security introduction of the machine MB09 This fat reduction system is high-tech medical beauty equipment with safety and reliability. Maintenance must be done after turning off the machine and drawing out the power line.treatment head etc .in fact the patient will feel very comfortable for tripolar RF treatment .com Tel: 0086-13161280838 II.wrinkle removal and improving skin elasticity. Operators: The operator should ask the patient whether it is hot or not (a little not is normal ). 5. Safety of LVD and EMC 5 . Cultural quality of life of patients is also very important. Patients should be protected effectively when treatment. 4. keep the treatment head clean after treatment . electrode cathode and patient’s heart in the same level 【Alarm】 i. treatment head should be hung up when don’t use it . they should understand the principles of treatment.Beijing Medical Beauty Commerce Co . etc. operators and assistants must know below It will generate the hot during ultrasonic cavitation and tri-polar RF operation.rf-laser.Ltd . 【MAIN ALARM】 For safe using. ii. burning surplus fat. The operator should pay more attention to the treatment situation during treatment Don’t make the tripolar and ultrasonic treatment head close to metal and conductor..RF system . mainly for removing surplus fat. Or it’s most possible to hurt people and damage the equipment. Lymphatic Treatment. Notice the dangerous high pressure inside. The treatment head should be point at treatment area when using it 2. especially inner structure inside of machine that including electrical source. skin tightening . 2. Don’t place treatment head.(220V/110V AC) 3. www. It is normal that the patient will feel a little hot with ultrasonic cavitation and tri-polar RF . Make sure whether the voltage of the system is accordant with your local voltage or not. Patients: The Safety of patients mainly rely on well-trained physicians as well as the layout of the appropriate treatment room. Operation Security Instruction 1. should carefully read the alarm notice: 1. Except the authorized mechanic.

About 1-3 minutes running automatically. If necessary.Ltd . and then do observe in person.Beijing Medical Beauty Commerce Co . It’s possible to deposit electricity in some 3. High pressure inside equipment. please use soap or water. 5. Keep close both panels and cover board 2. When listerizing the treatment head or other parts by ethanol. 6 . it will be inspecting automatically. So it’s not allowed to disconnect equipment beyond the factory’s authorization. 3. 【AUTOMATICALLY INSPECTION】 After turning on the machine.rf-laser. then it enters into the next step. Do not use ethanol. In maintenance. please wait till dry. The temperature will rise after absorbing wave energy. Parts even after switching off. 4. acetone or other flammable things on skin before treatment. 2. Ground line connect 【PREVENT FIRE】 1. please turn off machine and disconnect power supply firstly.. www. so please take actions to reduce the flammable risk on treatment parts or around Tel: 0086-13161280838 1.

and LCD display as following: Ultracavitation menu Monopolar RF menu Tripollar RF menu Vacuum menu Fan Vacuum connector 7 Air pump for vacuum Electrode connector Monopolar rf connector Tripolar connector Cavitation connector . www..Ltd . Operation instructions I.rf-laser. welcome LCD display Turn on Tel: 0086-13161280838 III.Beijing Medical Beauty Commerce Co .

com Tel: 0086-13161280838 Treatment head Small tripolar rf head Big tripolar rf head Soft patch Electrode Monopolar rf head Cavitation head Vacuum head 8 .rf-laser.Beijing Medical Beauty Commerce Co ..Ltd . www.

adjust the output intensity 1 to 2 level (5w/cm²~ 25w/cm²) 3. don’t keep treatment head electrode cathode and patient’s heart in the same level 3. Can not operate in the back of body. thighs) . or the patient may feel electric shock more or less. Put some cooling gel on the skin before treatment (such as: the abdomen. The detials operation process : 1) Cavitation explode 1. Adjust energy from low to higher step by step. 4. clean skin and treatment head with hot towel.. please release pedal firstly and then move probe. Set working hours (about 10 to 15minutes). buttocks. 2. The machine will stop automatically after the setting time is over. or small painful. the machine will automatically work.Beijing Medical Beauty Commerce Co .Ltd . touch "Start" Tel: 0086-13161280838 SOME NOTICES : 1. You can also press the stop to make the machine stop. we must avoid the bone bits 6. 7.and make slow circular motion or a straight line go and back movement. is more convenient for the operator to move the treatment head easily . 2. Beautician grip the treatment head touch the skin closely . If want to stop treatment. 2) Monopolar rf for dissolving fat cell (lipolysis RF) 9 . don’t stop the treatment on the same place 5.

machine start to Tel: 0086-13161280838 1.Ltd . PS “T” mean the output energy time (recommendation from 1-2).All of them are pulsed or continuous wave output mode.Beijing Medical Beauty Commerce Co . 5..face etc) 1. PS “T” mean the output energy time (recommendation from 1-2). “D” mean the pluse interval (0. Select pulse or continuous mode. 3. 2. adjust the output intensity (10J/cm2 ~ 30J/cm2) set the working hours (each session about 15 minutes). The machine will stop automatically after the setting time is over. please put about 3mm cooling gel on the skin before operation. The machine will stop automatically after the setting time is over. please put about 3mm cooling gel on the skin before operation . “D” mean the pluse interval (0. 5. Touch “Start” .and make slow circular motion or a straight line go and back movement. please make sure that the electrode pad is touched the skin tightly. set the working hours (about 15 minutes). 2. thigh . adjust the output intensity (10J/cm ~ 30J/cm). the machine set up 10 working models . please connect the electrode pad with the machine .machine start to work. www. Beautician grip the treatment head touch the skin closely . don’t stop the treatment on the same place if choosing continuous mode .5-1) 4) Vacuum liposuction system : 10 . and then place the electrode pad on the back of the patient . clean skin and treatment head with hot towel. choose big or small tripolar treatment head. according to different face or body teatement. Touch "Start" button. 3. 4.rf-laser. clean skin and treatment head with hot towel. 4. and then put the monopolar rf head on the body of the patient. Choice of work mode.buttocks.5-1) 3) Tripolar RF skin tightening (abdomen .

2.Ltd . and orderly slow-moving. Beautician hold the treatment head touch the skin closely . the operator should adjust the intensity of suction pressure according to the guests endurance .Start with cavitation treatment head for explode and breaking fat cell (each session 10 minutes) 2. Clean the skin again. put some essential oil on the skin and massage the fat body . Select negative pressure(Vacuum) and strong sound wave Tel: 0086-13161280838 1. www.rf-laser. It can also do breast enhance . set working hours (about 5-10 minutes each sessions ). Recommended operating procedures and parameters setting 1. the treatment head will suck the skin.Beijing Medical Beauty Commerce Co . you can choose tripolar rf head (about 15 minutes ) For face lifting . Monopolar RF for dissolving fat and lipolysis .vertically forward move(go-return) for fat dissolving . the suction pressure makes dissolving fat cell molecules in the body move unitl out of body via lymphatic drainage system . the movement should be coherent or pull up. the vacuum liposuction head can also give body a massage .imporve the lymphatic drainage system and slimming care (about 5 to 10 minutes). it can also get a result of massage via suction pressure(negative pressure ). (about 10 minutes) For little fat patient . 3. It is very convenient for operator to sli p the treatment head. Cavitation explode : 20-35 W/CM2 treatment around 10 minutes for treatment parts of the body Lipolysis RF : 15-30W/CM2 give a treatment around 10 minutes for treatment parts of the body Tripolar rf : 20-30J give a treatment around 10 minutes for treatment parts of the body Vacuum Liposuction : T mean the time for controlling of discharge air D mean time for controlling of the absorption air Operator can set the T and D according to the patient’s feel 11 . please take shower before treatment (clean the skin ) For surplus fat patient .please choose the small tripolar rf head for 5 to 10 minutes. 3. adjust negative pressure suction and strong output intensity of sound waves. put some essential or slimming oil on the skin. wrinkle removal .

com Tel: 0086-13161280838 Ⅳ. 5. If you want to leave the skin. 6. or it may burn the skin. cavitatioin head can’t be used on the dorsum and bone parts. www. d. make sure that it touch the skin tightly. forbidden to stay in the bone position. and this is normal. 4. 1-2 week for one session b) Extreme fat person 4—10 times is one course . e. and then leave the monopolar rf head from the body . The energy must be started from low to high. please use the electrode patches when you only use the monopolar rf . 2. 3. Notes 1. please don’t keep the cavitation head on the working situation for a long time without touch skin . it will recover a few days later. the patients should eat less. And then start the monopolar rf treatment .Beijing Medical Beauty Commerce Co . b. health for individual. don’t keep the monopolar rf head leave the skin during treatment . it may be showing signs of redness or measles disease after treatment. Clinical experiece Treament course a) little fat person 3—6 times is one course. c.Please place the electrode patches on the back of patient first.. f.1 week for one session Treatment of important notice a. due to the different skin.rf-laser.Ltd . you have to stop the machine first. please make sure of the enough coupling gel when you use cavitation explode . 12 . or they eat food which contains less fat and high kcal Doing more exercise. monopolar rf lipolysis head and tripolar rf head. please keep it stop situation when you don’t use it . cavitation head against for a long time in one position without moving. Every treatment time must be less than two weeks The patients should drink some water before treatment During treatment. In case of the burnt broken parts .

it is on.Beijing Medical Beauty Commerce Co . No lipolgysis output 1) Check lipolysis wire. 2) Check the power switch whether is on or off. Simple repair and maintenance I. if it is connected. 3) check the power line broken or not. the indicator light should be on. 2) open the handpiece and see whether it is connected 4.Ltd . No ultrasonic cavitation output 1) Check ultrasonic wire. the indicator light should be on. www. if it is connected. Common problems 1. 2) open the handpiece and see whether it is connected 13 . or it is off. the indicator light should be on. 2) open the handpiece and see whether it is connected Tel: 0086-13161280838 Ⅴ.rf-laser. if it is connected well. if it is bounced up.. and whether there is short circuit 4) check the insurance wire which is behind the power 5) check the plug of power 2. No power in the machine Solution: 1) Check the emergency button. No tripolar output 1) Check tripolar wire.

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