Thanks and again thanks to Allah Almighty, who pulled us through the times when every stone was turned against us. He and only He dawned new horizons for us when the darkest fog made us blind, who is really the Best Manager of the entire universe. Without His consent, nothing is possible. Thank You Allah Almighty. Thanks from the recesses of our hearts to our to the Most Respected Teacher, Professor Naveed Iqbal Chaudary for his Untiring efforts, His Valuable Guidance and Precious Advices are rare Assets for Us. We would also like to pay a very special Thanks to Mr. Malik Javed (Finance Manager) and Mr. Saqib Hassan (relationship officer) for giving us some moments from their busy routines and providing us such valuable information.


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Our Honorable Teachers & Loving Parents Whose, Love, Affection, Motivation, Patience, Support & Spiritual Inspirations Give us Encouragement, To all those People who have quenched for Knowledge, To all those who have dedicated their lives to others, To all of those who have served and sacrificed for Sake of Freedom To all of those people, who may be gone now, But they will never be Forgotten....


Purpose of the Study:
“Practice makes the man perfect” is a proved saying. So, the purpose of this project is to get the know how about the working procedure of H.R.Department. It is purely study base project, which we have accomplished by the grace of ALLAH. We learned lot of experience and so more.


Allied Bank was the first Muslim bank to have been established in Pakistan. Established in December 1942 as the Australasia Bank in Lahore with a paid-up share capital of Rs. 0.12 million under the Chairmanship of Khawaja Bashir Bux, the Bank attracted deposits equivalent to Rs. 0.431 million in its first eighteen months of business. At the time, the Bank’s total assets amounted to Rs. 0.572 million. Today, Allied Bank's paid up Capital & Reserves amount to Rs. 10.5 billion, deposits exceed Rs. 143 billion and total assets equal Rs. 170 billion.


COMPANY PROFILE Type Founded Pakistan Headquarters Industry Products Revenue Website Public as "Australasia Bank". 1942 Lahore. Lahore. Pakistan Finance and Insurance Financial Services PKR (▲) (2004) 5 .

assets and deposit base. the Bank’s ownership was transferred to a consortium comprising Ibrahim Leasing Limited and Ibrahim Group. the Bank has built itself a foundation with a strong equity. Today.INTRODUCTION Allied Bank Limited was the first bank to be established in Pakistan. It started out in Lahore by the name Australasia Bank before independence in 1942. It offers universal banking services. was renamed Allied Bank of Pakistan Limited in 1974 and then Allied Bank Limited in 2005. In August 2004. with its existence of over 60 years. 6 . The Bank also has the largest network of over 700 online branches in Pakistan and offers various technology-based products and services to its diverse clientele. because of capital reconstruction. while placing major emphasis on retail banking.

efficiency and diversity for all stakeholders To provide a challenging work environment. and reward dedicated team members To play a proactive role in contributing towards the society VISION To become a dynamic and efficient bank providing integrated solutions and the first choice of bank for all customers. VALUES • • • • Integrity Excellence in Service High Performance Innovation and Growt 7 .MISSION • • • • • To provide value-added services to our customers To provide high-tech innovative solutions to meet customer requirements To create sustainable value through growth.

5 million by the end of the first year of operation. Jariwalla (sitting in the center) A legendary figure in the history of the Bank. Since the late 1880s.12 million. which was to become Pakistan in December 1942. in particular. commitment.673 million and deposits raised to Rs 7. 1947. 0. which was raised to Rs. Mr. Banking.R. was the exclusive forte of Hindus and it was popularly and wrongly believed that Muslims were temperamentally unsuited for this profession. S. leading to its immense growth and stability. It was particularly upsetting for Khawaja Bashir Bux to hear that “Muslims could not be successful bankers”. trade and commerce and were especially dominating in the Sub-continent area. He decided to step-up to that challenge and take the lead in establishing this first Muslim bank by the name Australasia Bank Limited in Punjab. A view of the building in Lahore that once housed the Australasia Bank branch. 0. the Muslim community was beginning to realize the need for its active participation in the fields of trade and industry. 8 . The initial equity of the Bank amounted to Rs 0. The Pre Independence History (1947 to 1974) Australasia Bank was the only fully operational Muslim bank in Pakistan on August 14th. and by the end of 30th June 1947 capital increased to Rs. It is these factors that have made it a Bank the rest look up to. The Pre Independence History (1942 to 1947) In the early 1940s. Hindus had established a commanding presence in the areas of industry.History The Bank’s journey has been about dedication.728 million. professionalism and adapting to environmental changes.

the network spread to Multan and Quetta as well. But the Bank did well despite losing a lot of its assets and by the end of 1973 had 186 branches in West Pakistan. 22 billion during this period. Investments rose by 72 percent and advances exceeded Rs. it was severely hit by the riots in East Punjab. The Bank financed trade in cloth and food grains thus. It also opened three branches in the U. 116 new branches were opened during 1974 and the Bank started participating in the Government’s spot procurement agriculture program. 50. Allied Bank (1974 to 1991) In 1974. The Bank was identified with the Pakistan Movement. the Bank’s ownership was transferred to a consortium comprising Ibrahim Leasing Limited and Ibrahim Group. assets and deposits base offering universal banking services with higher focus on retail banking. deposits rose by over 50 percent and approached Rs.34 billion to Rs. By the end of 1970 it had 101 branches. Australasia Bank made a profit of Rs. 1. Sialkot. Today the Bank stands on a solid foundation of over 63 years of its existence having a strong equity.K. 1080 million for the first time in the banking history. At the time of independence all the branches in India. Jalandhar.000 during 1947-48. Rawalpindi. Jhang. Delhi and Angra (Agra)) were closed down. Peshawar. Those seventeen years saw a rapid growth for the Bank. New branches were opened in Karachi. Deposits rose from Rs. it lost 51 branches in the separation of East Pakistan. Batala. (Amritsar. 10 million. Ludhiana. and Advances & Investments from Rs. 1.46 billion. 1460 million. profit exceeded Rs. Despite the difficult conditions prevailing and the substantial set back in the Bank’s business in India. The bank has the largest network of on-line branches in Pakistan and offers various technology based products and services to its diversified clientele through its network of more than 700 branches. the Board of Directors of Australasia Bank was dissolved and was renamed Allied Bank. Sargodha. In August 2004 as a result of capital reconstruction. Unfortunately. Later. Gujranwala and Kasur. 9 . played an important role in maintaining consumer supplies during the early months of 1948 affected by riots. Branches increased from 353 in 1974 to 748 in 1991.However. The first year was highly successful.

76. Lahore Allied Bank’s capital and reserves were Rs. giving it a strong equity. the Bank stands on a solid foundation built over 63 years of hard work and dedication. its assets amounted to Rs. A view of Allied Bank. Allied Bank (1991 to 2004) As a result of privatization in September 1991. as a result of capital reconstruction.525 billion. Allied Bank enjoyed an enviable position in Pakistan’s financial sector and was recognized as one of the best amongst the major banks of the country. Karachi.536 billion and deposits to Rs. The Bank has the largest network of online branches in Pakistan and offers various technologybased products and services to its diverse clientele through its network of more than 700 branches. ALL the shareholders were issued ABL shares instead of the all shares held by them. In 1993 the “First Allied Bank Modaraba” (FABM) was floated. After privatization. 1. 87. and became the world’s first bank to be owned and managed by its employees. the Bank’s ownership was transferred to a consortium comprising Ibrahim Leasing Limited and Ibrahim Group. an asset and deposit base and the ability to offer customers universal banking services with more focus on retail banking. Allied Bank became one of the premier financial institutions of Pakistan. In August 2004.A view of Allied Bank's FTC branch.038 billion. (2005 To date) In May 2005. Today. Head Office. Ibrahim Leasing Limited dissolved and the company was vested into Allied Bank Limited. Allied Bank entered a new phase. An application for the listing of ABL shares in all the Stock Exchange Companies of Pakistan 10 .

all Allied Bank Limited shareholders can trade in the Bank’s shares at their will. 11 . ABL was formally listed and the Bank’s share trading began on the following dates: Islamabad Stock Exchange 8th August 2005 Lahore Stock Exchange 10th August 2005 Karachi Stock Exchange 17th August 2005 Today.was made.

BOARD Mohammad Aftab Manzoor Mohammad Naeem Mukhtar Pervaiz Iqbal Butt Farrakh Qayyum Abdul Aziz Khan Sheikh Jalees Ahmed Mohammad Waseem Mukhtar Sheikh Mukhtar Ahmed Mubashir A. Akhtar OF DIRECTORS (CEO) (Chairman) (Director) (Director) (Director) (Director) (Director) (Director) (Director) 12 .

a big customer base and the Consumer Personal Banking Group (CPBG). a superior technology platform. call centers and service quality departments. Furthermore. benefits and savings with your Allied Visa Credit Card. to achieve this objective. professionals from across the industry have been recruited into areas of product development. together with our largest network of online branches. auto loans. convenience and most important-Affordability! With your Allied Visa Credit Card you can enjoy a variety of state-ofthe-art features and unmatched value by spending at over 49. Features Buy Now. personal loans and mortgages will be established phase by phase. comprising the debit card.000 merchants across Pakistan and 27 million merchant outlets worldwide! And what more. convenience and security.Pay Later 13 . credit policy. However. substantial ground work has been done to establish a strong consumer banking business. credit cards. sales. In order to cater to your growing financial needs we are proud to introduce Allied Visa Credit Card with The Lowest Service Charge ever! So now you can save money where it counts and spend lavishly at your favorite places with greater flexibility. CONSUMER ALLIED VISA CREDIT CARD Welcome to the world of privileges. The consumer portfolio. will take the Bank’s profitability to new heights. we are confident that our strengths. you can also use your credit card at over 1 million ATMs internationally! Allied Visa Gold Credit Card With your Allied Visa Gold Credit Card every Pakistani can now enjoy the benefits of a Gold Card internationally with unmatched savings greater flexibility. research.In line with the Bank’s aim to provide a host of products and services to its customers. consumer analytics.

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In recent years. Each region is responsible for providing a quality service to its own customer-base. and contributing to the steady growth of the financial industry. The Group launched effective campaigns and showed 13 percent growth in Current Accounts & Saving Accounts (CASA). During 2007. The Group’s main focus has been on introducing various financing and investment products for its valuable clientele. Besides an addition of senior level resources to the team. and has installed more ATMs to its already strong and largest ATM network. CRBG consists of 4 geographic groups and is further divided across 27 regions in Pakistan. more Management Trainee Officers were also hired into the Group to bring in more quality and skill. CRBG is consistent in lifting the Bank’s brand image by emphasizing on good customer services and developing commercial assets and a cost effective deposit base • • • • • • • • Deposits Accounts SME Agriculture Internet Banking Online Banking Corporate Banking ATM Networks Unclaimed Deposits Services Allied Bank offers the following services to its customers: • • • • Home Remittances Remittances Hajj Services Utility Bills 18 . the Group has been working to find alternate ways to bank for customers.COMMERCIAL The Commercial & Retail Banking Group (CRBG) offers a variety of asset and liability-based retail products to its customers. CRBG also saw a phenomenal growth of 28 percent in liabilities.

Remote Balance Enquiry and Statement of Account. corporate finance products and customer services on all bank related matters. The Bank has played a key role in the country’s economic growth by providing a vast amount of funds to large industrial and corporate sectors of the economy. corporate advisory. trade products. Corporate Banking • • • • Project Finance Long Term Financing Short Term Financing Trade Finance Investment Banking • Project Finance 19 . underwriting. cash management. The following facilities are available: • • • • Cash Deposit for immediate credit to remote branch. Remote Cheque Encashment from any online branch. the quality of services and network remains pathetic. The Bank has to do a lot in terms of improving its customer management. Instant Funds Transfer between any 2 online branches. These services include. providing and arranging tenured financing. And because it has played a big part in major investment and corporate banking transactions. Internet Banking Online Banking facilities are available to customers maintaining accounts at all online branches across the country. Allied Bank is considered one of the top investment banks in the country today. It offers a wide range of financial services to medium and large sized public and private sector entities.• • Lockers Commodity Operation However. CORPORATE The Corporate Investment Banking Group (CIBG) holds the Bank’s loan portfolio and enjoys a leading position in corporate lending in the country.

Remote Cheque Encashment from any online branch. account holders of all online branches can obtain the Allied Cash+Shop Visa Debit Card for use at ATMs as well as at POS terminals. bonuses and promotions are based solely on individual skills. Increments. can take their responsibilities seriously and handle a constantly changing and highpressure work environment. Everyone at Allied Bank has a common corporate vision and values. To locate a branch simply select the city. qualities. provides opportunities to learn and offers many career opportunities. which displays respect for all walks of life and different ways of thinking. Our complex and relatively changing environment teaches flexibility. abilities and attitude. to come work with us. are also considered important for employee growth. all employees are encouraged to grow as individuals and collaborate in teams. The following facilities are available: • • • • Cash Deposit for immediate credit to a remote branch.• • Syndication Advisory Financial Institution • • Cash Management Home Remittances BRANCHES & ATMS Online Banking facilities are available to customers maintaining accounts at all online branches across the country. We encourage people who like challenges. Instant Funds Transfer between any 2 online branches. Training programmes. both local and foreign. WORKING ENVIRONMENT Allied Bank boasts of a work culture. 20 . It is our aim to provide innumerable opportunities for all those employees who show aptitude and the will to keep learning. However. Remote Balance Inquiry and Statement of Account Additionally.

AREA OF OPERATIONS Allied Bank has operating branches in four provinces. 21 . throughout the 38 districts of the country including Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Citibank N. Allied Bank Limited Askari Commercial Bank Limited Habib Bank Limited Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited KASB Bank Limited MCB Bank Limited Mybank Limited Soneri Bank Limited SaudiPak Commercial Bank Limited United Bank Limited PUBLIC SECTOR BANKS: 1. 7. ABN Amro Bank 2. 5. National Bank of Pakistan MULTINATIONAL BANKS: 1. 2.THE SHAREHOLDERS Fourteen commercial banks. 10. 8. 3. 9. 4. Standard Chartered 22 . 6.A. including three multinational banks are the bank's shareholders: PRIVATE SECTOR BANKS 1. 3.

in Gujranwala departments.Departments At Gujranwala Branch Gujranwala branch of Allied bank limited is covering 8 regions comprising: • Hafizabad • Sheikhupura • Kamomke • Wazirabad • Gujrat • Sadhoke • Narowal • Sialkot Currently. which are: branch. there are three main • Accounts & Finance Department • Sales operation department • Credit department 23 .

This department plays a vital role in this branch. Here. “Credit Department” Credit department of Allied bank is dealing with all those activities which are purely relating to the credit.“Accounts & Finance Department” This department deals with all those matters that are relating to the finance. medical claims. • Daily reporting relating to finance matters • Weekly reporting to concerned head. imprest account. all those 24 . • HR reporting comprises attendance. the next step is group formation. as it deals with all those activities that are purely related with the sales operation. The first step includes area identification. Here the area of the purpose of sale is being identified by conducting surveys and also by the union council analysis. disbursement account and Collection account. Fortnightly reporting including recovery reports and cash balance. After identifying the area.e. several key steps are being followed. resource. • Monthly reports relating to Human Administration and finance & accounts. deductions from salary if any and many other issues relating to HR. It manages: • Branch Account handings i. Sales Operation Department “Sales operation Department manages all activities that are concerned with Sales” In this department.

After selection from the head offices. the major task is to review the credit cases. they appointed at different localities that suits the employee. and checking the credit validity. And after moving from this whole process. The HR department of Allied bank is located in Islamabad. loan is being sanctioned to the interested party. All the employees are being selected from the head office. the next step is to verify the personal guarantee. After reviewing the documentation. Here. 25 . to review the documentation.cases are reviewed that have applied for the micro financing in Allied bank In this department. Lets have an overview of HR department and what functions it is actually performing in Allied bank. Allied bank is currently facing the problem of understaffing but the HR department has not yet taken certain measure to tackle the situation. Gujranwala branch of Allied bank is only operating with three departments.

office boys etc. Job Analysis 26 .“HR Department” At Islamabad “HR Department is that department that manages Human resource of the company. drivers. The HR department of Allied bank undertook various initiatives to improve and streamline induction of manpower. guard. These are: • Outsourcing i.” In managing the human resource. • Regular Staff by giving the advertisement in the newspaper. Following are some activities of HR Department: • Job Analysis • Recruitment • Testing • Interviews • Compensation • Performance appraisal etc. hiring of the contractual staff like. career planning.e. management practices and general procedures across the organization that enabled it to fully support the company’s operations.R. there are two sources of hiring the employees. not only H. In Allied bank. Department involves but also participate other personnel and management of the company.

responsibilities. and supervisory responsibilities. job analysis consists of: • Job Description • Job Specification Job description is a list of a job’s duties. Job specification is a list of a job’s “human requirements”: the requisite education. job context. performance standards. skills. human behaviors. equipment.Job analysis is the procedure for determining the duties and skill requirements of a job and the kind of person who should be hired for the job by collecting the following types of information: work activities. machines. Simply we may say. tools. working conditions. and work aids. While. 27 . personality. and so on – another product of a job analysis. reporting relationships. and human requirements. Uses of Job Analysis: Following are some uses of the Job analysis: • Recruitment and selection • Compensation • Performance appraisal • Training • Discovering unassigned duties.

or symbolic data • Maintains manual support files. • Verifies eligibility or specific master file records for purging. character certificate.Job Specification in outsourcing Here. you can have the glance of the job description that is used by Allied bank in outsourcing: Performs work of moderate difficulty in the supervision and participation of data entry and record maintenance utilizing data entry terminal. physically fit and medically fit for the job. Other requirements: A hand written job application along with a passport size photograph. Example of Duties: • Enters alphabetic. organizes and directs the work of data entry personnel. Job Specification in regular Staffing 28 . • Plans. • Operates various types of office equipment. copy of National identity Card. Job Description in outsourcing Here. Age: 20 – 25 years Work experience: not required but preferably 1 year. • Receives and processes requests. Personality: smart. Qualification certificates. driving license in some cases and references if any. intelligent with good communication skills. you can have the glance of the job specification that is used by Allied bank in outsourcing: Job Title: “Data entry operator” Qualification: intermediate with at least second division. numeric. Abilities: reasonable. performs other work as assign or required.

implementing and monitoring compliance with corporate standards and procedures. checking accounts and initiating action if they are overdrawn without arrangement or are in excess of agreed arrangements. Interview: HR department. Islamabad. processing data to produce accurate facts.V. you can have the glance of the job description that is used by Allied bank while recruiting the regular staff: here are some exemplary responsibilities: • • • • • • • implementing the delivery of sales strategies and targets and motivating employees to meet these. Other requirements: A job application along with a C. physically fit and medically fit for the job. you can have the glance of the job specification that is used by Allied bank while recruiting the regular staff: Minimum Qualification: Masters degree within required discipline Work experience: not required but preferably 1 year. Job Description in outsourcing Here.Here. Entry Test: IBA Karachi. Networking with appropriate professionals. Personality: smart. figures and reports. Representing the bank within the wider community. communicating. Abilities: Good command on English language with Computer knowledge. Establishing and maintaining effective relationships with new and existing customers. Recruitment and Selection Process 29 .

which are given below: • Employees with the right skills and attributes will perform more effectively.Recruitment process: Recruiting is a more complex activity than most managers think it is. Both types of sources of employment are being practiced in this bank. • Executive recruiters. 30 . depending on who you are recruiting for and what your resources are. • Succession planning etc. Selection process After building a pool of candidates. the next step is to screen out the best candidates according to your requirement by using various testing tools and techniques. • Advertisement • Employment agenciesExternal Sources. In Allied bank: In Allied bank the major source of recruiting employees is “advertisement in the newspapers”. • Rehiring. There are several internal and external sources of recruiting the right candidate for the organization. like: • Finding internal candidates. Careful selection of employees is an important issue because of three main reasons. Some recruiting methods are superior to others. • Referrals etc. Recruitment efforts should make sense in terms of the company’s strategic plans. Internal Sources. The success you have with your recruiting actually depends on non-recruitment HR issues and policies.

Math.• The cost of making a wrong hire can become exorbitant considering the time and money invested in the selection and training process. General/Computer Knowledge and Intelligence part based on multiple choice questions pattern. with negative marking in case of wrong answer. • Achievement tests etc. the next step is interviewing of those candidates that have passed the IBA written test. IBA written test consist of English. IBA test is conducted of all those employees who have appeared in recruitment process to screen out the best candidates. 31 . Testing in Allied bank: In Allied bank. After testing of the candidates. • The legal implications of incompetent or negligent hiring. • Measuring personality and interests. Here are some testing tools & techniques that are used in the selection process: • Test of cognitive abilities • Test of motor and physical abilities.

who have cleared this interview are then posted to the vacancies they have applied for or that meet the skills and abilities of the selected candidates. 32 . the next step involves conducting interviews of the best candidates. Managers use several types of interviews in the work settings. interview by the panel of specialist is conducted. Managers use various techniques for conducting the selection interview. Here. There are basically three main types of interviews. After selecting the candidates by using various testing and interviewing techniques. appraisal interview and exit interview. Interviewing in Allied bank: In Allied bank. from the pool of the candidates. such as: • Structured or unstructured interviews • Stress interview • Panel interview • Computerized interview • Mass interview etc. who have appeared and cleared IBA written. All those candidates. panel interview is conducted to screen out the best candidates for the job.Interviewing Candidates: After testing the candidates. selection interview. An interview is the procedure designed to obtain information from a person through oral to oral inquiries. the next step is to train those candidates who are selected in this process.

There are two types of training approaches.“Training. problem solving in structured or unstructured situation. It provides or improves specific skills for the current job. A manager may be trained in communication skill to improve reading. But in Allied bank they conduct seminars for this purpose. Retraining and Development approach” Training: Training is a job-oriented activity. • Off-job training approaches • On-job training approaches 33 . writing. It makes a person fit for the present work through updating or upgrading of skills. While in Allied bank training period is for 6months. It provides conceptual skill to employees. A technician may be placed in a factory to acquire jobrelevant skills in a computerized machine. Retraining: For the improvement of employees due to advancement of technology. listening and speaking. Development: Development is a concept-oriented preparation for human relation. Retraining is only possible when workforce possesses a sound general education and has already been trained of broad line skill.

The individual would opt for training programs in the respective skills. then it is only the induction training provided through apprenticeship. 1. 3. Vestibule training An employee may not be placed on actual workbench because of the pressure of work. Such a person may be provided desirable job-oriented skill training by a school. If trainee has already initial training. 2. The training school may be in public or private sector. “On job training approaches” 1. Coaching A coaching is an instructor of skills. Occupational Training schools There may be an individual who is aware of his insufficient skills. Apprenticeship A group of potential employees is inducted to hob-specific training under the guidance of matured and skilled personnel. If it is provided first time to a trainee. It may be an in-service training school established by the organization. 2. lodging and daily needs. it is initial training that includes induction training as well. Cooperative Education A cooperative education programs are a feasible vehicle of creating and sustaining liaison between the institution and the entrepreneur. as compared with those required by the work place. It is an equally useful training method for managers 34 . The apprentice is paid subsistence money to manage boarding.Off-job training approaches There are further types of off-job training approaches. College provides conceptual framework while the enterprise engages the strident with work experiences. A separate simulated workplace is identified to house the learners. Coaching teaches skills on the basis of one-to-one personal contact between the trainee and the trainer. at hand. efficiency of the already trained manpower and quality controls.

e. education and government. 3. The trainee studies these documents and learns about that level of management. Allied bank includes training after 6 month probation for final evaluation of candidate. of various levels. Job Rotation An employee is shifted from one position to another. In-Basket Training The trainee is attached with a senior person. reports. The similarity of elements in the previous and new jobs helps the trainee in acquiring the new skills. 35 . etc. The trainer provides the trainee a basket containing official documents. 5.and non-managers in business. Mentoring A mentor means an experienced and trusted adviser. i. 4. In Allied bank this situation is already existing. Mentoring is an advanced form of coaching designed for potential managers. letters. candidate goes to Islamabad (national institute of business and finance) for one week training then he is employed. memos. In Allied bank for this purpose seminars are conducted. preferably. industry. in conceptual skills. at lateral level from one job to a similar of differentiated and diversified work. in one’s own discipline.

Compensation Management contributes to the overall success of the organization in several ways. and bonuses etc Indirect payments. incentives. Components of compensation management:                Salary Probation period Promotion criteria Rent or residence facility Medical care Transportation Pension Vacation criteria Transfer Career management Education of children Insurance Health and safety program Performance appraisal Flaws in practice A salary is a form of periodic payment from an employer to an employee.Compensation Management To attract and retain the best talent. Wages. companies require compensation and benefits structures that are both enticing and consistent with market standards. salaries. It is an integral part of the management of the organization. which is specified in an employment contract. Employee compensation is also a way to contribute in success of the organization. it refers to all forms of pay or rewards going to employees and arising from their employment. It is • Salary: 36 . commissions. Pay in the form of financial benefits such as insurance. It has two main components: Direct financial payments.

which usually mean more pay.contrasted with piece wages. • Rent or residence facility: Traditionally residential facilities are obtained by employees from their employers or organizations in which they work. Most working people look forward to promotions. The services of a probationer may be terminated at any time by the competent authority with out notice or pay or he/ she may resign with out giving any notice or pay in lieu there of. where each job. and to fill open positions with tested and loyal employees. Job knowledge 3. In Allied bank • Probation period: In Allied bank there is 6 months probation period used to check the performance of new employees whether it is upto the mark or not. hour or other unit is paid separately. Performance If an employee is fulfilling all above requirements then he will be promoted after 6 months. Experience 4. It is a time to check the performance of an employee who is provisionally employed to fill a vacant newly created post. For employers. In Allied bank: Salary structure in KB is competitive as compare to other banks. If no 37 . responsibility and often job satisfaction. rather than on a periodic basis. promotions can provide opportunities to reward exceptional performance. BPS starts from 12000 for a new trainee or employee. Allied bank: Following is the main criteria for promotion of an employee in KB: 1. Education 2. If performance is not satisfactory then new employee will be dismissing from job and performance is above par then employee can gain permanent job with the bank. • Promotions: Promotions traditionally refer to advancements to positions of increased responsibility.

residential facility is provided then employers paid the rent of such accommodation in which employees are living. So. Any employee of the Allied bank can claim to pay hospitalization charges of his family members. After this employees can enjoy this facility. In recent time only government sector give pensions to their workers and not private sector. • Medical care: Some time medical allowances are given to employees by their employers while on the other hand if allowances are not given then charges incurred on hospitalization are paid by organizations. In Allied bank: No rent or residential facility provided by KB to their valuable employees. The claim is approved by R&D department. Usually well reputed or public organizations give this facility to their employees. • Transportation: Transportation means conveyance facility to workers of any organization. Some well reputed organizations give allowance to meet their transportation charges or in other way companies provide its own transportation to workers in order to enhance their efficiency and motivational level. for approval purpose certain type of documentation is necessary which should be fulfill by employees. In Allied bank: Employees of KB are enjoying medical care facility. • Pension: It is a plan that provides a fix sum when employees reach a predetermined retirement age or when they can no longer work due to disability. 38 . in this way medical care facility is provided to personals. In Allied bank: There is no transportation facility provided to male employees only for females transportation is provided on local basis.

• Vacation criteria: Every organization whether public or private has its own vacation plan which is abided by employees. More interesting job 3. No efficient performance of employee 4. 3 seasonal leaves etc. annual leaves etc. Out of thirty 2 weeks are mandatory leaves 3. sick leaves. No particular tenure system Employees seek transfer for: 1. 12 casual leaves 2. Entitlement of 30 leaves in 1 year per employee 2. mandatory leaves. In Allied bank: KB has its own vacation criteria including: 1. Remaining leaves can be enjoyed by employee at their will Above mentioned is revising policy but before this there were: 1.In Allied bank: In KB there is no pension plan for employees but gratuity is given to workers. There are many types of leaves given to workers like casual leaves. In Allied bank: In Allied bank transfers depend upon following issues with reference to employer: 1. Usually a transfer is a move from one job to another with no change in salary or grade .Every organization has its own policies or criteria for transfer of employees. Personal enrichment 2. Business accidences like overstaffing or understaffing 2. Experience 3. Better working hours Career management: Career means the occupational position a person has had over many years while career management is a process for enabling 39 . 1 sick leave 3. • Transfer: Reassignments to similar positions in other parts of the firm are called transfers.

In order to 40 .employees to better understand and develop their career skills and interests and to use these skills and interests more effectively. In Allied bank: The series of activities that contribute to career of employees of KB include: 1. • Insurance: Almost all companies are providing insurance facility to their personals. Companies usually give this facility to their permanent workers or employees. • Health and safety program: Health and safety programs include medical care and establishment of safe environment for employees. If an employee will expire after duty hours then his successors will receive half or fifty percent of the full amount. Probationers are not come under this head. In order to achieve this task they can give allowances or cash or direct payment of fees. Some time workers welfare schools are established for the convenience of employees. Seminars 3. Workshops 2. If an employee will expired during duty hours then his family will receive full amount as said six million. In Allied bank: In Allied bank there is no any facility is given to employees in terms of education of children. On the job training 4. They insured by “ALLICO” insurance company upto 6 million or six lakh. Training by National Institute of Business and Finance • Education of children: Some big organizations give education facility for the children of employees. In Allied bank: All employees of Allied bank are insured except from probationers or temporary employees.

In Allied bank: The bank is providing proper health awareness by recommending different tests for employees from time to time without any cost and in order to regulate safety measures KB has insured it’s all assets including human resource staff. In Allied bank: Employee level: In KB following parameters are used to evaluate performance of an individual employee as well as performance of management level: 1. vehicles. Identify employee training needs. equipments. Facilitate communication between employee and administrator.regulate these programs firms maintain their own policies to ensure employees that they are safe and company consider them as a valuable asset for their organization. furniture. etc. Form a basis for personnel decisions-salary (merit) increases. Validate selection techniques and human resource policies to meet federal Equal Employment Opportunity requirements. cash etc. Job knowledge 41 . Provide the opportunity for organizational diagnosis and development. the aims of a scheme are: • • • • • • • Give feedback on performance to employees. Performance appraisal means evaluating an employee’s current and/or past performance relative to his or her performance standards set by organization for that particular job. Generally. • Performance appraisal: Virtually all companies have some formal or informal means of appraising their employees’ performance. Document criteria used to allocate organizational rewards. disciplinary actions. Performance appraisals are a regular review of employee performance within organizations.promotions.

Work habbits 12. Team work 9. Adoptability of new things 5. Productivity 10. 5. Communication 3. Time management 11. Motivation 6. Customer focus 7. Interpersonal relationship 4. accomplishment of task Management level: assigned 1. Initiative to work 8. 6.2. 2. 3. 4. Leadership Planning and organizing Problem solving and decision making Development of subordinates Consensus building to take new task Creativity 42 .

Flaws in practice In every organization there may be possibility of flaws in regulation of policies or poor policies regarding human resources. 43 . which means that all employees are selected by centralized corporate office Islamabad so there should be decentralization because branch wise selection can reduce many problems. In Allied bank: In Allied bank following are draw backs: Centralization: The most important draw back of HR policies OF KB is centralization. In KB there is two time appraisal in one year so there is need to make regular appraisal system. due to deprivation of incentives their level of motivation goes down which finally leads to high turnover and job rotation. No regular appraisal system: There should be proper and regular appraisal system in order to enhance employees’ efficiency and capabilities and productivity. Hiring of outsource staff: Hiring of most outsource staff can create problem for such employees because they feel insecurity.similarly there are also some flaws n KB bank regarding HR policies.

They proved to be not only the bank but more than a bank.R.Department. Allied bank has a strong H.R. • Selection procedure duration should be short. • Need to decentralize the decision making.Department personnel should corporate to externals. • Need to make enough training durations. as it is also a source for goodwill. CONCLUSIONS In despite of all things and discussions. The environment of Allied bank is very informal and more friendly. • Need to close the gap between employees and management.g. 44 . well trained staff and financial).Department has strong management and enough resources (e. It has been a really good experience. Allied bank H.RECOMMENDATIONS • H.R.

REFERENCES • Human resource management ( • Dessler) • Human resource management (Sherman) • Job advertisements of Allied bank • Allied bank’s annual reports • Gujranwala branch of Allied bank • 45 .pk • official web site of Allied bank

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