I am writing in response to Mr. Martin’s opinion regarding the tea party attending the last City Council meeting.

Yes there were many tea partiers there, but also many citizens of Arnold. Those in the Tea Party simply voiced what many Arnoldians have said, but their pleas have gone ignored by the City Council. As citizens of Arnold, of Missouri and of the United States, we need to realize the Tea Party is not an actual political party and will not have anyone representing them on the ballot in November. They are a political movement and they have proven to be very efficient in stirring the hearts and minds of those in this country otherwise willing to live with the status quo. And whether they are speaking out in Arnold or St. Louis City or Washington, I for one, appreciate what they have done and continue to do to rouse the sleeping giant of the silent majority. However, I’m afraid the ideals that inspired the birth of the Tea Party will soon be aborted for the same rhetoric of the Republican Party. They are fearful. Americans don’t vote for someone these days. We vote against someone. You hoped the tea partiers could “morph” into something more than a shooting star. You want an “in-touch, feet-on-the-ground political party”. And there is a solution. The Constitution Party is that political party. And I hear the criticism. They can’t possibly win. That is only true if we continue to follow in the same footsteps, if we continue to vote for the same two parties. We have to step out on faith, choose the best person for the job, not the lesser of two evils. The men and women running for offices throughout this country under the Constitution Party stand under a banner of “Principles over Politics”. They can win. And some will. The Constitution Party aligns itself with the Constitution, nothing else. Those in the Tea Party align themselves with the Constitution. The solution is right there in black and white. The CP is of the people, by the people and for the people. They will fight to regain liberties lost, and assure the American people our country will stand for greatness once again.