Runners Map

Lenox Ave

H ar lem

W 111th St
Manhattan Ave

E 111th St

Central Park North

2 3

L an e

W 109th St
W 108th St
t Dri ve

E 110th St
E 109th St

P ar k

D r i ve

P ar k D

Harlem Meer

E 108th St E 107th St

1.15 miles
(1850 meters)

W 107th St W 106th St
W 105th St

We s

Lasker Pool/Rink

E 106th St

Central Park West

Great Hill
i ve Pa rk Dr

Conservatory Garden

0.25 miles
(402 meters)
Madison Ave

5th Ave

E 105th St

W 104th St
Manhattan Ave

E 104th St

0.27 miles
(434 meters)

W 103rd St W 102nd St
W 101st St

E 103rd St
E 102nd St
The Pool


0.77 miles
(1239 meters)

E 101st St

W 100th St

P ar k D


E 99th St
W 98th St

E 98th St
E 97th St
E 96th St

1.71 miles
(2752 meters)

W 97th St

W 96th St

W 95th St W 94th St
E 95th St E 94th St

Reservoir Path 1.58 miles
(2543 meters)

W 93rd St W 92nd St
5th Ave

E 93rd St E 92nd St
E 91st St

Central Park West

W 91st St
W 90th St

Madison Ave

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

E 90th St

W 89th St
W 88th St

E 89th St
E 88th St
Pa rk Dr i ve

0.99 miles
(1593 meters)

W 87th St

E 87th St E 86th St
P ar k e D riv

W 86th St

W 85th St

E 85th St
E 84th St

W 84th St
W 83rd St

E 83rd St

W 82nd St
W 81st St

Great Lawn

Metropolitan Museum Of Art

E 82nd St E 81st St E 80th St

0.55 miles
(885 meters)

e D riv
Turtle Pond

P ar k

E 79th St

E 78th St

W 77th St
W 76th St

Central Park West

E 77th St
5th Ave

E 76th St E 75th St

Outer Park Drive Loop 6.03 miles
(9704 meters)

Madison Ave

W 75th St
W 74th St

West Drive

The Lake

Conservatory Water

Loeb Boathouse

E 74th St
E 73rd St

W 73rd St

W 72nd St

E 72nd St

W 71st St
W 70th St
W 69th St W 68th St
E 71st St

0.31 miles
(499 meters)

E 70th St


r i ve

P ar

E 69th St E 68th St
E 67th St

1.41 miles
(2269 meters)

The Mall

W 67th St W 66th St W 65th St W 64th St
Central Park West
The Dairy Tavern On the Green

E 66th St E 65th St E 64th St

Pedestrian Paths and Areas Bridle Path Reservoir Path Drinking Fountains Public Washrooms Call Boxes Public Telephones
The periphery of Central Park (Central Park West, Central Park South, 5th Ave. and 110th St.) is 6.1 miles
Madison Ave

Park Drive

W 63rd St
W 62nd St
W 61st St

Park D

The Zoo

E 63rd St
5th Ave

E 62nd St
E 61st St

Cob Cot

A C B D 1 2 3
7th Ave

8th Ave

6th Ave

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Bro ad w ay

C en

ter D

The Pond

E 60th St
E 59th St

Central Park South

r i ve

W 58th St


5th Ave

W 57th St

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