Republic of the Philippines

National Police Commission Philippine National Police Dagupan Police Station Dagupan City

TPS CERTIFICATION TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This is to certify that ADORA BORDADORA 40 years old married and resident of 280 Amado St., Dagupan City reported at this office an snatching incident that happened on August 6, 2010 at about 2:00 in the afternoon at Nepo Mall. The report stated that a certain Mando Rukot grabbed her cellular phone while she was using it to talk to her son in Manila. A security guard on watch was alerted when above named victim cried for help and suspect was collared at the main entrance of the mall after giving a brief chase. Accused was caught red handed with cell phone on his right hand and was later brought to this office for investigation. That this report of ADORA BORDADORA was entered in our Police Blotter under entry No. 15392, Page 0074 and dated August 6, 2010. This certification is issued upon of the above named person for all legal intent and purpose. Issued this 12th day of September 2010 at Dagupan City, Philippines

Huano Kurimbanting Police Chief Inspector Chief of Police Certification paid under OR No. 676767 Amount Paid: P50.00 Place: Dagupan City