 Medicinal preparations made from plants, animals or minerals.

 Egyptians treated constipation with senna pods and caster oil.  Plants containing digital like compounds (cardiac stimulants) used to treat various ailments.

BENGAL CHEMICALS AND PHARMA WORKS (CALCUTTA) licenses 1902 :. 1901 :.Pure Food and Drug Act of was passed. Urbanization Population Growth Mass Production Advertising and mass marketing.EVOLUTION OF PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY in medical science and Advance technology.government first required to secure 1906 :. .

Estimated market value of about US $8 billion. Growing at an average rate of 7. 4th rank in terms of total pharmaceutical production.2 %.Two percent of the world's pharmaceutical market. 13th in terms of value. Expected to grow to US $ 12 billion by 2010. Introduction to Indian pharmaceutical industry .

INDIAN PHARMACEUTICAL MARKET DOMESTIC MARKET  Ethical drugs  Over the counter (OTC) drugs  Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) market OVERSEAS MARKET The Export generic drugs and APIs Contracted Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) .

KEY CHARACTERISTICS OF INDIAN PHARMA SECTOR Pharmaceutical Regulatory Bodies in India National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) Central Drugs Standard and Control Organization (CDSCO) Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals (DCP) .

52 crore) .Major Players  Ranbaxy Laboratories   (Rs 25.59 crore) Lupin Labs (Rs 2.215.25 crore) Cipla (Rs 3.196.48 crore) Dr Reddy’s Laboratories (Rs 4.463.162.763.72 crore)   Sun Pharma Industries (Rs 2.


CURRENT SCENARIO THE GROWTH SCENARIO FACTORS LEADING TO THE GROWTH OF PHARAMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY Economic Growth Population growth Increase in chronic diseases Healthcare infrastructure growth Growth of health insurance Low manufacturing costs .

Role of Pharmaceutical Industry in India GDP Facts Pharmaceutical Industry in India-Growth Role of Pharmaceutical Industry in India GDP-India Advantage .



Investment in the sector .

FDI Inflow in the sector .

Exports in financial years .


career in the pharmaceutical industry as evergreen. fastest growing manufacturing industries .Effect of recession Recession Proof Business.

WHAT INDIA CAN OFFER TO WORLD MARKET Contract manufacturing for Global Supply of APIs Quality Generic Products Process Technologies Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment Alternate Medicines .Ayurvedic & Herbal .

CHALLENGES AND OUTLOOK • Government policies regarding range of price increase • Increase in prices of raw materials • Increasing competition .

Sons and Co(Druggist)Ltd Axicorp GmbH Jamnes Robinson Dowpharma Jet Generici Srl DRAXIS Health Alcon BASF’s Pharamectical COUNTRY US UK Germany UK UK US Canada US US TARGET ACQUIRER Plethico Pharma Marksans Pharma Ltd Biocon Vivemed Laboratories Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd Jubilant Organosys Novartis AG Dr.TARGET COMPANY Natrol Bell. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. Dr.5 mn US$255 mn US$11 bn US$40mn . Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd PRICE IN CRORES US $ 80.7mn US$ 20-30 mn Euro 30mn US$ 30 mn US $ 30 mn Euro 1.

SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGHTS •Cost Competitiveness •Strong manufacturing base •Established network of laboratories and R&D infrastructure •Highly trained scientists •Strong marketing and distribution network •Rich biodiversity •Largest number of US FDA approved plants WEAKNESSES •Low investments in innovative R&D •Lack of resources to compete with MNCs •Inadequate regulatory standards •Production of spurious and low quality drugs spoils the image of the industry in international arena Opportunities •Significant export potential •Licensing deals with MNCs •Marketing alliances to sell MNC products in Indian market •Contract manufacturing agreements with the MNCs •Potential for developing India as a centre for international clinical trials Threats •Product patent regime poses serious challenge unless it invests in R&D •DPCO puts unrealistic ceilings on product prices & profitability & prevents in generating investible surpluses •Export effort hampered by procedural hurdles & non tariff barriers imposed abroad •Lowering of tariff protection .


. Drugs for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are expected to see the fastest growth among all therapy areas during 2007-2011. Future will see strong growth in the specialty branded generics and patented drug segments. Ranbaxy and GlaxoSmithKline are controlling the top three positions in the Indian pharmaceutical market. Cipla.FINDINGS AND CONCLUSION Between 2007-08 and 2011-12 expected CAGR might be 16%. Vast opportunity exists for the organized market. Export market is growing much faster than the domestic market.

. 2009. Sept 2 – RANBAXY gets TAMIFLU nod. says GLENMARK chief. 2009. REDDY. launches STARLIX CLONE. Sept 11 – Is GLAXO circling Dr. 118 Crore. 2009. 2009.June 30 – APOLLO HOSPITALS het rises 16% to Rs. 2009. Sept 8 – SUVEN gets MILESTONE PAYMENT from ELI LILLY. 2009.PHARMA DIARY…. Sept 11 – OGLEMILAST is not dead. Sept 14 – REDDY’S gets US FDA nod. not yet. Sept 14 – WOCKHARDT offers 65% haircut to FCCB HOLDERS. 2009.. 2009. Aug 26 – FORTIS took over WOCKHARDT.

Sept 18 .Continued…. Sept 18 – GLAXO seen in talks to pick up 5% in Dr. Sept 20 . REDDY.SUN PHARMA to file 30 applications for generic drugs in US • .NATCO PHARMA launches anti-swine flu drug NATFLU • 2009.. • 2009. • 2009.