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Thermoset Resins; Market Report

Thermoset Resins; Market Report

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Market report about thermoset resin. Great for people, who work in industry
Market report about thermoset resin. Great for people, who work in industry

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Published by: kmohsen on Oct 09, 2010
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Abrasive wheels are made by bonding cutting material such as bauxite with phenolic or modified
phenolic resins. As many as three different resins may be used to obtain the correct wetting of the
grinding medium, the correct processing properties and the final performance, (hardness,
temperature resistance) of the finished wheel. Cut-off wheels may contain reinforcement, in the
form of open weave glass cloth, to reinforce the finished product and prevent centrifugal

Abrasive papers have the abrasive materials bonded to the backing paper or cloth with urea resins
for commodity papers and phenolic resins or, sometimes, epoxy resins for heavier use industrial
grades and ‘wet and dry’ applications. The production of industrial grade papers usually involves
two resins, one as a base coat on the paper or cloth and the other as a coating resin.

Thermoset Resins Market Report


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