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Rehabilitating the Door Latch Assembly on an Old Kitchen Aid (Hobart) KDC-20A War Horse Dishwasher

Rehabilitating the Door Latch Assembly on an Old Kitchen Aid (Hobart) KDC-20A War Horse Dishwasher

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Published by: Samurai Appliance Repair Man on Oct 10, 2010
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Rehabilitating the Door Latch Assembly on an Old Kitchenaid (Hobart) KDC-20A War Horse Dishwasher

I managed to repair the faulty latch, as follows: 1. The problem is the arm (5/16 shaft, with arm on the end) is missing its roll pins (must have fallen out):

2. Shaft was loose & could be easily rotated & shifted, independent of the latch (zamac part). 3. Measured the shaft as .3115" (just under 5/16" dia), and removed the shaft (in photo below, has a plastic knob on the left) with a 5/16" drift, measured the holes with a set of number drill blanks, & found the best fit as #43 (.089"). The closest roll pin size is 3/32" diameter (.0938), the length to pass through the zamac (a recessed hole) and the shaft, required a length of about 1/2". I had sprirolox light duty spring pins of this size, but only in 'light' duty (i would have preferred to use 'heavy' duty, but did not have this size), which are shown below:

4. Using tweezers to hold the pin in place, prior to driving in:

5. Put a steel plate to protect the protruding zamac latch (otherwise you'll whack, & possibly

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break the zamac):

6. Use a wide diameter pin punch to start the pin in the hole:

Use a smaller (3/32" dia) pin punch, to recess the roll pin, so it is centered on shaft (ends protrude from zamac of equal length, & do'nt stick out, to interfere with the latch body):

I managed to put the arm on the wrong side (backward assembly), so remove the pin: place a vee block beneath the latch body, press it out with a 3/32" pin punch, & start over:

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5/16" diameter drift I used to remove shaft:

Shaft is now on the correct side:

Use #43 drill blank in the other hole, to align the shaft. Insert roll pin in the other hole, lightly press in with oversize punch, to set it:

Tools you'll use for this repair: steel plate, pin punches, numbered drill blanks"

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After installing both pins, with correct shaft orientation, mounted repaired shaft on machine (I also lubricated the wearing areas of shaft with a light machine oil (ballistol)):

It works! After I replaced the now repaired latch, I started cleaning the machine, and found one roll pin. It was 3/32" dia x .500" long. I did not find any other pins in the machine.


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