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Published by: sudhir5441 on Oct 10, 2010
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200 Rs. 375/-

Description : The book covers Acetylene Gas Oxygen Gas (Integrated Unit), Activated Carbon From Coconut Shell, Automobile Polish, Bleaching Powder (Stable), Barium Carbonate, Calcium Carbonate (Precipitated & Activated), Chemicals From Prawn Fish Head, Detergent Cake & Powder, Dry Distemper, Dead Burnt Dolomite, Gas Filling of L.P.G. Cylinder, Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), Hydrogenation of Non-Edible Oils, H-Acid, Hydrogen Gas Plant, Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), Integrated Complex of Esters and Allied Products , Mini Sugar Plant, Menthol Crystals From Menthol Oil, Organic Manure, Potassium Iodate, PVC Stabilizers, Phenyl (Black & White), Sodium Meta Silicate, Silicone Emulsion, Textile Auxiliaries, Unsaturated Polyester Resin, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Plant & Machinery, Financial Institutions in India, All India Trade & Industry Organization etc. INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS TECHNOLOGY HAND BOOK ISBN- 81-86732-78-0 Pages-543 Rs. 1100/-

The Book covers Acetylene (C2H2), Acetaldehyde (CH2CHO) , Acetic Acid (CH3COOH), Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulphate, Ammonium Phosphate, Alkyd Resins and Plastics, Alcohol Beverages, Alum, Anionic Detergents, Adhesives, Alumina (Aluminium Oxide), Aluminium Sulphate from Bauxite, Aluminium Chloride, Bio Gas Or Gobar Gas, Bleaching Powder, Barium and Its Compounds, Caffeine (C8H10N4O2H2O) , Ceramics, Cement, Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), Cationic Detergents, Calcium Carbide, Copper Sulphate, Citric Acid (CH2COOH HO-C-COOH CH2COOH), Carbon Black, Dicalcium Phosphate, Ethyl Alcohol, Ethanol or C2H5OH or Industrial Alcohol, Fuels, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hydrochloric Acid, Magnesium Sulphate (MgSO47H2O), Nitric Acid, Oxalic Acid, Paraffin Wax, Phosphoric Acid, Phenol (C5H5OH), Preparation of MgO from Dolomite, Potassium Permanganate, Stearic Acid (CC17H35COOH), Sulphuric Acid, Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid, Soda Ash, Sodium Hypochlorite, Sodium Chlorate, Sodium Chromate, Sodium Phosphates, Sodium Chloride (Common Salt), Sodium Thiosulphate (HYPO), Sodium Silicate, Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) , Superphosphate, Some Small Scale Units, Tartaric Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Tri-Sodium Phosphate, Ultramarine Blue, Zinc Oxide, Plant Economics of Acetylene Gas and Oxygen Gas (Integrated Unit), Plant Economics of Ammonium Nitrate, Plant Economics of Ammonium Sulphate, Plant Economics of Alkyd Resins, Plant Economics of Alcoholic Beverages and Vinegar from Coconut Water, Plant Economics of Adhesive (Fevicol Type), Plant Economics of Aluminium Chloride, Plant Economics of Alumina Ceramics, Plant Economics of Activated Carbon from Rice Husk, Plant Economics of Beer Industry & Alcoholic Beverages, Plant Economics of Bleaching Powder, Plant Economics of Barium Compounds, Plant Economics of Caffeine from Tea Waste, Plant Economics of Ceramic Glazed Tiles, Plant Economics of Caustic Soda by Soda Lime Process, Plant Economics of Calcium Carbonate (Precipitated), Plant Economics of Detergent (Anionic), Plant Economics of Dicalcium Phosphate from Rock Phosphate, Plant Economics of Ethyl Alcohol from Molasses, Plant Economics of Ethanol (Biofuel) from Molasses, Plant Economics of Flavoured Alcoholic Drinks, Plant Economics of Ferric Alum Various Grades, Plant Economics of Glacial Acetic Acid, Plant Economics of Glue & Adhesive, Plant Economics of Leather Adhesives, Plant Economics of Mini Cement Plant, Plant Economics of Non Ferric Alum, Plant Economics of Refractories with Ceramics, Plant Economics of Starch & Dextrin Based Adhesive, Plant Economics of Sulphuric Acid, Plant Economics of Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate), Plant Economics of Sodium Silicate By Soda Ash & Silica Sand, Plant Economics of Zinc Oxide, Suppliers of Plant and Machineries, Suppliers of Raw Materials.


Rs. 1400/-

The book covers Ammonia, Aluminium, Chlorine and Sodium Hydroxide, Cosmetics and Perfumes, Dyes, Enamels, Explosives, Glass and Alkali Silicates, Gypsum, Glass Fibres, Optical Fibres and Mineral Fibres, Industrial Chemicals from Benzene, Industrial Chemicals from Toluene, Industrial Chemicals from Xylenes, Industrial Chemicals from Methene, Industrial Gases, Lime, Mineral Fertilizers, Preparation of Methanol, Magnesium, Nickel, Organic Dyes, Oils, Fats and Waxes, Petable Water, Pigments, Pesticides, Rubber, Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate, Silicones , Uranium, Zeolites, Zinc, Aluminium Ingots from Aluminium Scrap, Cosmetics Industry (Modern), Fibre Glass Sheets, Herbal Cosmetics, Hydrated Lime, Latex Rubber Condomes, Magnesium Carbonate, Magnesium Metal and Calcium, Mineral Water and Soda Water, N.P.K. Fertilizer, Nickel Sulphate, Oxgen Gas Plaster of Paris, Refined Oils, Cotton Seed Oil, Groundnut Oil, Sunflower and Safflower Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) from Soda Ash, Single Super Phosphate, Toluene and SBP From Crude Naphtha, Zeolite-A Manufacturing (Detergent Grade), Zinc Oxide, Zinc Metal From Zinc Ash. HAND BOOK OF ELECTROPLATING ANODIZING & SURFACE FINISHING TECHNOLOGY ISBN- 81-86732-33-0 Rs. 750/Pages -415 The book covers Principles of Electroplating, Technology of Cleaning, Pickling & Dipping, Electrolytic & Chemical Processes for the Polishing of Metals, Nickel Plating, Chromium Plating, Hard Chromium Plating , Copper Plating, Electroforming, Brass Plating, Silver Plating, Gold Plating (Gilding), Cadmium Plating, Zinc Plating, Tin & Tin Alloy Plating, Plating for Electronics , The Plating of Plastics & Other Non Metallic Materials, Anodic Oxidation of Aluminium, Phosphating Processes, Manufacturers & Suppliers of Machinery & Equipments, Suppliers of Electroplating Chemicals & Materials. HAND BOOK OF AGRO CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (INSECTICIDES & PESTICIDES) ISBN- 817632-46-2 Pages-480

Rs. 900/-

The book covers Agrochemical Industries, Introduction of Pesticide, Insecticides, Fungicides, Nematicides, Rodenticides, Molluscicides, Fumigants, Acaricides, Herbicides, Plant Growth Regulators, Repellents, Attractants, Pheromones, Synergists, Synthetic Inhibitors and Proinsecticides, Toxicology and Safe Use of Pesticides, Insecticide Act, Pesticide Formulations, Pesticide Mixtures, Modern Equipment for A Pesticide Formulation Laboratory and Pilot Plant, Aerosol Formulations, Advances in Pesticides Formulations Packaging, Aerosol Packaging Technology, Packaging in Pesticides Industry, Emulsifier for Pesticides, Pesticides, Pesticide Preparation Using Neem Fruits and Seeds (Margosa), Insecticides for Rats, Termites, Rodents, Mouses, Cockroahes, Monthicide, Mosquito Larva Destroyer, Pesticides, Mosquito Coils and Mats, Insecticides from Neem Seeds, Neem Oils & Neem Leaves, Air Fresher (Odonil Type), Phenyl (Black and White), Benzene Hexachloride, Aerosol & Mosquito Repellant Spray (Baygon, Hit, Mortein Type), Mosquito Repellant Agarbatti (Incense Sticks), Allethrin Mosquito Repellant Oil, Aerosol Insecticide Spray (Baygon, HIT, Mortein, Hesit Type), Recent Development In Pesticide Formulations, Classification of pesticides, Bio Protection in Fields, Extracts from Novel Pesticides, Suppliers of Plant and Equipments, Suppliers of Raw Materials, Packaging Materials.

TECHNOLOGY OF SYNTHETIC DYES, PIGMENTS & INTERMEDIATES ISBN-81-86732-51-9 Rs. 1100/Pages- 620 The Book covers Dyes, Azo Dyes, Azoic Dyes, Acid Dyes, Basic Dyes, Disperse Dyes, Vat Dyes, Anthrimides and Carbazoies, Vat Dyes & Vat Pastes, Indigold and Thioindigold Dyes, Indigosol, Fluorination of Dyes, Sulphur Dyes, Reactive Dyes, Intermediates for Dyes and Pigments, Fluorescent Brightners and Optical Whitening Agents, Typical Commercial Brand Names of Textile Colorants, Accessory Products etc. , Classification of Pigments and Extenders, Inorganic Pigments, Azo Pigments, High Grade Organic Pigments, Phthalocyanines, Fluorescent Pigments, Quality Control and Evaluation of Pigments, Pigments for Textiles, Pigments for Paints, Pigments for Printing Inks, Pigments for Plastics, Rubber and Cosmetics, Chemical Plant Data for Dyes and Pigments, Plant Economics of Dye & Dye Intermediate, Plant Economics of Methyle Blue, Plant Economics of Acid Block Dye, Plant Economics of Green oxide and Blue oxide, Plant Economics of Azo Dye (Rhodamine-B), Plant Economics of Dyes (Anthraquinone, B-Naphthol etc.) Suppliers of Plants, Machinery and Equipments. TECHNOLOGY OF PETROCHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS, GREASES AND PETROLEUM REFINING ISBN- 81-86732-58-6 Rs. 900/Pages-444 The book covers Petroleum Refinery and Petrochemicals, Hydrocarbons from Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Industrial Organic Synthesis, Lubricants, Manufacture of Oils and Greases, Distillation of Crude Petroleum, Petroleum Products, Purification of Petroleum Products, Refining of Petroleum , Testing of Petroleum, Application of Lubricating Agents, Formulating and Compounding of Lubricants, Reclamation of Used Lubricating Oil, Re-Refining of Used Lube Oil, Formulating of Greases, Lubricants and Their Manufacture, Various Formulations of Lubricants and Greases, Acetic Acid from Ethanol, Coolant (Engine), Cutting Oil, Ethanol (Biofuel) from Molasses, Formaldehyde, Food Grade Grease or Lubricant, Gas filling of L.P.G. Cylinder, Grease (Lithium Based), Lube Oil from CNSL to Reduce Friction, Lube Oil and Grease, Petroleum Jelly, Reclamation of used Engine Oil, Rust Prevention Lube Oil, Silicon Grease, Wire Drawing Lubricants, Suppliers of Plant & Machineries, Suppliers of Raw Materials, List of Present Manufacturers. HAND BOOK OF LUBRICANTS, GREASES AND PETROCHEMICALS TECHNOLOGY ISBN – 978-81-89765-21-7 Rs. 750/Pages-251 The Book Cover Product Introduction, Lubricating Base Stocks, Oxidative Degradation and Stabilisation of Mineral Oil Based Lubricants, Lubricating Oils Classification, Synthetic Fluids, Specialty Oils, Miscellaneous Additives and Vegetable Oils , Various Formulations of Lubricants and Grease, Asphalt Technology, Speciality Products, Treatment of Lubes, The Formulation of Automotive Lubricant, Industrial Lubricants, Lubricating Greases, Manufacture of Lubricating Greases, Lubricant and Their Environmental Impact, Jatropha (Bio Diesel) Cultivation & Extraction, Crude Oil Bleaching for Petroleum Jelly, Soluble Cutting Oil, Emulsifiers for Cutting Oils, Petroleum Jelly, Toluene and SBP From Crude Naphtha, White Oil from Kerosene Oil, Transformer Oil, Biodiesel Project Report.

Thermoplastic Rubber Based Adhesives. Anaerobic Adhesives. Carboxylic Polymenrs in Adhesive. Epoxide Adhesive. Dextrin Based Adhesives. Adhesive Materials. Solvent And Latex. ADHESIVE TECHNOLOGY AND FORMULATIONS HAND BOOK (HAND BOOK OF ADHESIVES) ISBN. Rubber Based Adhesives. Suppliers of Raw Materials. ADHESIVES AND SEALANTS WITH FORMULATIONS ISBN. Neoprene (Polychloroprene) Based Solvent and Latex Adhesives. Filicone Adhesives. Polyisocyanate/ Polyurethane Adhesive. Natural Resin Based Adhesives. Epoxy Resin Adhesives. Polyurethane Dispersions . Fish Glues. Resorcinolic Adhesives.81-86732-80-2 Pages-472 Rs.TECHNOLOGY OF GUMS. 950/Pages-507 The covers Introduction. Board & Packaging Adhesives. Silicone Adhesives. Animal Glue. Selecting An Adhesive why & how.81-86732-73-X Rs. Emulsion and Dispersion Adhesives. Blood Albumen Glues. Aerobic Acrylic Adhesive. Natural Rubber and Reclaimed Rubber Adhesives. Cyanoacrylate Adhesives. Casein Glues. Nitrile Rubber Adhesives. Acrylic Adhesives. HAND BOOK OF ADHESIVES WITH THEIR FORMULAES ISBN 81-86732-34-9 Pages-325 Rs. Thermoplastic Resin Adhesives. Pressure Sensitive Tapes & Labels. Mechanism of Adhesive bonding. Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. Phenolic Resin Adhesives. Suppliers of Plant & Machineries. Polyester Adhesives. 975/- The book covers Introduction. End Users of Adhesive. Styrene Butadine Rubber Adhesives. Phenolic Resin Adhesive. Gum Arabic. Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymers. Starch Based Adhesives. Rubber Adhesives. Polyester Adhesives. Vinyl Acetate Ethylene Copolymer Emulsion Adhesives. Starch Adhesives. Polysulfide Sealants and Adhesives. Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. Various Other Types Of Adhesives. Cyanoacrylate Adhesives. Soyabean Adhesives. Rosin Adhesives. Nitrile Rubber Adhesives. Polyvinal Acetal Adhesives. Casein and Mixed Protein Adhesives. Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsions and Polyvinyl Alcohol for Adhesives. Polyvinyal Acetate/Alcohol Based Adhesives. Paper. Soybean Adhesives. Epoxy Polyurethane Adhesives. Polythyleneimine in Adhesives. Polychloroprene Adhesives. Adhesive and Bonding of Substrates. Equipments & Machinery Suppliers Materials. Animal Glues and Adhesives. Casein Glues and Adhesives . Testing of Adhesives. Test Methods & Standards. Testing of Adhesives. Guargum. Polyvinyl Acetal Adhesives. Butyl & Poly Isobutylene Rubber Adhesives. Animal Glues. Expxy Resin Adhesives. Polysulphide Sealants & Adhesive. Acid Modified or Thin-Boiling Starch Adhesive. Animal Glues. Acrylic Adhesives. EVA Emulsion Adhesives. SBR Adhesives. Acrylic Adhesive and Sealants. Amino Resin Adhesive. Formulations & Applications. Present Manufacturers/Dealers/Suppliers of Adhesives & Glues. Polyurethane Adhesives. Remoistenable Adhesives. Blood Albumen Glues. Performance & Application of Adhesives. Cellulose Derivative Adhesives. Resin for Rubber based Adhesive. Suppliers of Raw Materials. High-Temperature . 650/- The Books covers Adhesives Concept & Terminology. Footwear Applications of Adhesives. Amino (Urea & Melamine) Formaldehyde Adhesives. Adhesives. Polychloroprene Adhesives. Historical Development of Adhesives and Adhesive Bonding. Polyamide Adhesives. Protein Adhesives for Wood . Bonding of Plastics (Adhesive for Plastics). Hot Melt Adhesives. Hot-Melt Adhesives. Gum Arabic etc. Butyl Rubber and Polyisobutylene Adhesives. Types of Adhesives. Polyurethane Adhesives. Plant. Water Based Adhesives. Furane Adhesives.

Common Sense with Candies. Helping Hands to your success. START YOUR OWN SMALL BUSINESS & INDUSTRY ISBN-81-86732-74-8 Pages-136 Rs. . Submitting Documents to Bank of Purchase/Collection/Negotiation under L/C. Coloured Candles Manufacture. Urea Formaldehyde Adhesives. Candle Making Processes. Magic Candles (Coloured Flame Candles). Special Care for Negotiating Documents under L/C. Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. Registration of Exporters. The Definition Phase. Leather Based Adhesive. 2002-07. Suppliers of Machinery. Office Paste. Adhesive (Different Type). Adhesive Industries (Laminated. Rules for Successful Exporting. Reactive Acrylic Adhesives. Adhesive (Polyvinyl Butyral Based). Project Conception And Start-UP. Printing Gums (Guar Gum Based). Preparing Export Documents. Addresses of Small Industries Service Institutes & Branch Sisis etc. CANDLE MAKING PROCESSES AND FORMULATIONS HAND BOOK ISBN-81-86732-62-4 Pages-151 Rs. Dispensing of Adhesives. Medicated Candles Mosquito Repellent Candles. Facilities of Foreign Exchange. Insuring Goods Against Marine Risks. Procuring/Manufacturing Goods for Export and their Inspection by Government Authorities. Magic Candle. Melamine formaldehyde Adhesives. Brief Details for Starting Export Business. Raw Materials. Industrial Adhesive Based on Starch Gum.Adhesives. Candle Making Plant. Technology of Cyanoacrylate Adhesives for Industrial Assembly. Availing Facilities Under Export Import Policy. Suppliers of Raw Materials. Phenolic Resin Adhesives. Epoxy Resin Adhesives. Polyurethane Adhesives. Silicone Adhesives and Sealannts. Some Courses for Self Employment. Chemicals Colours Used in Candles. Suppliers of Plant and Machineries. How to Manufacture. Novelty Candles. Moulds and Machines. Vulcanizing Rubber Solution/Cement for Automobile Tyres. Gifts. START YOUR OWN EXPORT BUSINESS (HOW TO EXPORT) ISBN-81-86732-57-8 Pages-211 Rs. Suppliers of Raw Materials. Project Profiles. Faults. Adhesive for Corrugation dry Powder and Paste. Launching & Executing the Project. Blue & Green Flame). Latex Rubber Based Adhesive. Repaired Goods etc. Natural Rubber based Adhesives. Excise Procedure. Availing Financial Incentives. Institutional Support for Exporters. 380/- Description :The book covers Introduction. Appointing Overseas Agents. Rubber Adhesive. Candle Making Unit (Semi Automatic). Adhesive Based on Vinyl Acetate. Ester Gums (Food Grade). Secrets of Success. Polysulfied Sealants and Adhesives. Obtaining an Export Licence. 350/- Description : The book covers Introduction. Spares. Goods Falling in More than One chapters of ITC(HS) Classification. Imported Machinery for Candle Making. Wax Melting. Sticker DDL and Other Types of Adhesive). packaging. Shipping and Customs Clearance of the Goods. Starch And Dextrin Based Adhesive. Finance Arrangement for Exports. Candle Power. Coloured Flame Candles (Red. 350/- Description : The Book covers Introduction. Fevicol. Mosquito Repellent Candle. Export of Samples. Planning the Project. Candle Coating. Waxes Used in Candles. Selected Formulations. Unsaturated Polyester Adhesives. Surface Techniques. Replacement. Packing and Marking Goods for Export. Candle Making (NonDrip). Moulded Candles. Dextrine Silicate. Appendix. Self Adhesive Labels. Labeling. Smokeless Candle. Understanding Foreign Exchange Rates and Protection against their Adverse Movement. Equipment and Materials. Perfumed Candles. Obtaining Export Credit Insurance. Adhesives in the Automotive Industry.

Database Consultant. BOPP Adhesive Tape. Water Proof Ink. Carbon Paper. Refill and Ink . 325/Pages-199 Description : The book covers Colour Matching. Toner Ink for Automatic Machine. Wedding Consultant. Aduit Day Services Provider. Professional Women’s Clothing Retailer. Water Conditioning Dealer. Medicinal Transcriptionist. Fountain pen Nib. File Covers and Diary Covers. Raw Materials. Labels and Scals. 49 Fantastic Money Spinning Opportunities @ebiz. Videographer. Stencil Paper. Tour Operator. Desktop Publisher. Testing of Finished Inks. Career Counselor. Formulae. Screen Printing Inks. Juice and Smoothie Bars Owner. One Time Carbon. PROFITABLE BUSINESSES TO START FOR ENTREPRENEURS ISBN-81-86732-77-2 Pages-267 Rs. Gummed Tape. Board and Boxes. Computer Continuous Stationery. Janitorial Service. Florist. Maid Service. Greeting Card by Offset Printing. PVC Insulation Tape. Stamp Pad Inks. Office Paste (Starch Based). Screen Printing on Paper/Cards. Turnkey Office. Telemarketer. Auto Dealer. 400/- Description : The book covers what it takes to succeed as an Independent Entrepreneur. 400/Pages-360 Description : The book covers Ammonia Paper. Artist Colours. Printing Inks (Flexographic Ink) Duplicating Ink. Vocational School Operator. Strappings. Supplementary Education and Coaching. Drycleaner. Offset Printing Ink (Coloured). Photogravure Indks for Three and Four Colour Reproduction. Home Decorating Retailer. Laminations. Printing Inks. Take-out Restaurateur. Plastic Ink (Flexographic & Rotogravure Ink) and Golden Silver Paste. Formulations. Corrugated Sheet. Ambulatory Care Center Provider. Exercise Note Book and Register. Playgym. Suppliers of Raw Materials. Ball Point Pen Inks. Screen Process Inks. Typographic Inks. Real Estate Agent. Lead Pencil. MODERN INKS FORMULATES AND MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES ISBN -81-86732-17-9 Rs. Conference Bags. Staple. Computer Trainer. Folders.HAND BOOK OF STATIONERY. Directory Section. Temporary Help Service Professional. Web Services. Rubber Stamp Pad & Ink. Beauty Saloon Provider. Plastic Ink. Carpet Cleaner. Duplicating Ink. Polythene Bags with Printing. Gourmet Food Store Provider. Caterer. Suppliers of Plant and Machineries. Fountain Pen. Franchising Abroad Regulations On Indian Master Franchisor. Computer Ribbons. Ball Pen Refill Ink. Ball Point Pen. Recycler. Offset Printing Inks. Rubber Stamp Designer. Mailing List Broker. Wax Crayon. Party Planner. Sealing Wax. Wrap Restaurateur. Sticker Making Plant. Metal Clips and Hooks. Xerox Paper. Tracing Paper. Aerobics/Exercise Instructor. Daycare Center. Flexographic and Rotogravure Ink. Soft Skills Employee Trainer. Why These Are the Best Businesses. Rubber Eraser (School Rubber). Computer Consultant. Geometry Box (Mathematical Instruments). Children’s Clothing Boutique Retailer. Table Offset and Desk Top Publishing. Gourmet Food Products Producer. Tags. Waxes and Additives. . Ball Point Pen Refills Ink. Internet Marketing Consultant. Business Plant Writer. Computer Repair. Pizza Parlor Owner. Book Packager. Paper Cones and Tubes. Paper Bags for General Use. Kitchen and Bath Designer. Seminar Producer. Trade Show Organizer. Paper Envelopes. Ball Point Pen Refill. Business Broker. Public Relations. Gem Clips and Paper Pins. Diet Clinic Provider. PAPER CONVERTING AND PACKAGING INDUSTRIES ISBN-81-86732-09-8 Rs. Floppy Disks.

Repacking of Medicines.). Toffee etc. Fruits & Vegetables Juice With Other Products. Aonla Products. Canning of fruits (Pine Apples Slices. Distilled Water. Supari (Betel Nut). Liquid Toilet Cleaner (Harpic Type). Paneer and Casein. Shampoo Industry. Supplier of Plant & Machineries. Processing of Cereals and Pulses Industry. Cheese. Casein from Milk. Cleaning Powder (Vim Type). Spray (Perfume). Bread Manufacturing. Cake. Apple. Automatic Bread & Biscuit Unit. Ice cream & Ice Candy. Acid Slurry (L. Mango Processing & Canning (Mango Pulp). Lactose and By products Processing from Milk. Chocolate. Bakery Unit (Pastries. Butter. Plastic Injection Moulding Products. Chanachur & Bhujia Namkeen Industry. Soya Milk & Paneer. Mini Flour Mill (Atta). Paint Industry. Jellies. Buns. Buns. Jellies. Detergent and Agarbatti etc. Milk Powder & Ghee. Jam. Automatic Book Binding Unit. Automatic Biscuit making Plant. Dal Moth. Bread. Cane and Bamboo Industry. Silver Extraction from Waste Hypo Solution X-ray Film. Frozen Meat. Potato Chips/Waffers. pan Masala. Suppliers of Raw Materials. Bakery Unit (Pastries. Yoghurt and Ice Cream. Pine Apple. Potato Chips/Waffers. Ayurvedic Churns. Bread. Confectionery Industry Semi Automatic Plant. Herbals Cosmetics. Aerosol Spray. Paper Clips & Staples. Flavoured Milk. Dairy Farm (Bufaloe). Tissue Paper/Toilet Roll Paper.A. Snack Food. Dairy Farm to produce Milk (Jersey Cow). Flavoured Milk. Ball pen. Guava. Processed Food. Strawberries in Syrups). Cherries. Coolent (Engine). Tomato Products Manufacturing. TINY AND HOME INDUSTRIES ISBN-81-86732-79-9 Rs. Ice Cream & Ice-Candy. Paper Envelopes (including Self Sealing Type). Pickles and Squashes. Suppliers of Raw Materials. Perfume for Soap. PVC Pipe & Fittings. Gem Clips. Steps in Setting Up a Small Scale Industry. Cashew Fruit Juice. Phenyl (Black & White). Scents and Perfumes. Frozen Foods. Dhania. Drying of Red Chillies. Colour Paper Bleach and Cinema Film by Chemical Process. Agarbatti Industry. Note Book. Steps in Setting up a Small Scale Industries. Readymade Garments. Socks Knitting. Shoe Polish. Tooth Brush. Haldi. 650/Pages-366 Description : The book covers Setting of Home Scale Industries. Pea and Green Peas. Squash. Ilaichi etc.). . Dry Cleaning. Aromatic Perfumery Compound. Leather Garments. Paper Carry bags. Corrugated Sheet Board and Boxes. COTTAGE. Mustard Oil (Edible Oil). Supari. Pickles & Squashes. Pouch Filling for Saunf. PROFITABLE SMALL. Small Industries Development Organisation and Its Small Industries Service Industries. Detergent Powder. Suppliers of Plant & Machineries. Lemon Juice Squash (Lime. Register & Files. Cosmetics Industry (Modren). PVC Granules from PVC Scraps. Menthol Crystals. Litchi. Dhoop Batti Sticks. Adhesive (Polyvinyl Butyral based). Mango. An-Ionic and Non-Ionic).MODERN SMALL AND COTTAGE SCALE INDUSTRIES ISBN81-86732-76-4 Pages-350 Rs. Pickles. Automatic Candle Making Plant. Toned Milk. Rice Puff. Rice Puff. Pappad and Bariyan Plant. Jam and Jelly. Dehydration of Fruits & Vegetables (Freeze Drying Method). 650/- The book covers Salient Features of Small Scale Industries. Automatic Plant for Toffee & Candy. Processed Cheese. Fruit Juice Making & Packaging in Plastic Containers & Pouches (Fruit Juice. Cake & Toffee etc. Adhesive Based on Vinyl (Fevicol). Mineral Water. Mini Flour Mill (Atta). Litchi). Jam. Pet Bottles From Pre-Form (Capsules). Dairy Farm. Masala (Spices). Polythene Bags. Dairy Products & Milk Packaging in Pouches Ghee. Shaving Cream Softeners (Cationic. Food Supply/Catering Business. Pappad Plant (Automatic). Bread Manufacturing. Yara Yara.B. Butter Milk.). Cordials.

Plant Economics of Ceramic Tile Printing Medium for Screen Printing. Silk Screen Process (The Printing Unit). Flock Printing on Plastic and Metallic Items. Roto Gravure Printing. Camera. Suppliers of Raw Materials. Organization of Printing Services. INKJET & DIGITAL) ISBN-81-86732-75-6 Rs.81-86732-82-9 Pages-273 Rs. Plant Economics of Offset Printing Press. Holograms. Offset Plate Making. Photo Polymer Plate. Web Offset. Plant Economics of heat Transfer Label by Screen Printing Process. Proof Reading. Screen Printing on Paper/Cards. Letterpress. Presses. Flexo And Anilox. Letterpress. 500/- The book covers Composing The Type. Over Printing by Flexography. HAND BOOK OF PRINTING TECHNOLOGY (OFFSET. Computer Continuous Stationery (Forms). Flexo And Anilox. Photographing Line & Continuous Tone Copy. Flexographic Printing. Offset. Proof And Proofing Techniques. 375/Pages-236 The book covers Automatic Blank Die Cut Stickers with Flat Dies. Pre-Press Processes. Typographic Technology. Plant Economics of Offset Printing Press. Plant Economics of Offset Security Printing Press. Textiles and Other Printing Substrates. Flexo & Roto Gravure Printing. Newspaper Production Technology. Specifications for Offset Publications. Letter Press Printing. Plant Economics of Polythene Bags & Automatic Printing. Table Offset & Desk Top Publishing. PrePress Processes. Supliers of Plant & Machineries. Screen Process Stencils. Offset Press. Offset Plate Making. FLEXO. Plant Economics of Screen Printing Cotton Cloth. The Postscript Language. Plant Economics of DTP and Printing Unit. Tin Printing. Web Offset. Technologies. Screen Printing. Proof and Proofing Techniques. . Plant Economics of Paper Transfer Ink Labels (Like Tattoo). Suppliers of Raw Materials. Composing the Type. Photographing Line & Continuous Tone Copy. Newspaper Printing. Plant Economics of Hand Block Printing. Offset Printing Press (Publishing & Printing Unit). Plant Economics of Screen Printing on Paper/Cards. Screen Printing On Paper.). Security Printing. Scren Printing on Textiles. Sheet Fed Printing. Modern Printing Process Ink Jet. Newspaper Printing. Bar Coding. Scanning. Gravure Printing. Specifications for Offset Publications. Newspaper Production Technology. Presses. Plant Economics of Offset Security printing Press. Desktop Publishing (Software). Screen Printing. Choosing A Printing Process. Scanning. Greeting Cards by offset Printing. Camera.HAND BOOK OF PRINTING PROCESSES TECHNOLOGIES AND INDUSTRIES ISBN NO-81-86732-07-1 Rs. 975/Pages-532 The book covers Printing Technology. Plant Economics of Roto Gravure Printing (For Flexible Packaging). Offset Press. GRAVURE. Hand Block Printing on Textiles. Plant Economics of DTP and Printing Unit. Machineries Raw Materials. Offset Security Printing Press (for Lottery Tickets & Important Documents like MICR Cheques etc. Suppliers of Plant & Machineries. HAND BOOK OF OFFSET PRINTING TECHNOLOGY ISBN. Plant Economics of Textile Printing (Job Work). Flexography & Packaging Printing Plates. Desktop Publishing (Software). Offset. Gravure & Packaging. Desk Top Publishing & Offset Printing Unit. Plant economics of Computer Continuous Stationery. Digital Printing. Digital Printing. Screen Printing Automatic press. Newspaper Technology. SCREEN. The Postscript Language. Plant Economics of Cloth Printing (Job Work). Proof Reading. Ink-Jet Printing. Plant Economics of Flexo Graphic & Roto Gravure Printing.

Plant Economics of Screen Printing On Paper/Cards. Screen Printing Accessories. Silk Screen Photo Stencil Preparation. Plant Economics of Screen Printing. Choosing A Printing Process. Aseptic Packaging. Drums oil Drums. Folding Board Cartons and Coated Cartons. Export Packaging. Rigid and Ancillary Materials and Export Packaging. Surface Design and Sales Appeal. Laminated Tubes. Flexible Packaging Laminates & Coating Applications. Packaging of Textiles. Packaging of Fruit Juices. Packaging of Fertilizers. Plant Economics of Screen Printing on Cotton Cloth. 600/The book covers Criticality of shelf life for packaging commodity. Inks for Screen Printing. Labels and Labelling. Basic Concepts. Typography. Testing Methods for Evaluation of Transport Packages. Plastic Woven Sacks. Speciality Papers for Packaging. Adhesives. Packaging of Biscuits. Multi Wall Paper Sacks. Packaging Aspects of Sugar & Chocolate . Automatic Screen Printing Machine. Plastics. Shrink and Stretch Wrapping. Screen Printing Automatic Press. Packaging of Cosmetic Products. Packaging of Soaps & Detergents. Suppliers of Raw Materials. Manufacture of Black Plate and Tin Plate. Cartonboard Folding Cartons For Food Packaging. Aluminium Foil. Plant Economics of Screen Printing on Cotton. Eco Friendly Packaging for Exports. Co-Extrusion. packaging of Pesticides Industry. SNACK FOODS. Packaging of Ready to Eat Foods. Expanded Polyethylene. G. Packaging of Pharmaceutical Products Injectables. Printing. Packaging of Pharmaceutical Products Orders. Plant Economics of Heat Transfer Label By Screen Printing Process. Packaging of Meat. SPICES & ALLIED FOOD PRODUCTS ISBN-81-86732-28-4 Pages. Closures. HAND BOOK OF PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY ISBN NO-81-86732-67-5 Pages -455 Rs. HAND BOOK OF PREPRESS ISBN 978-81-89765-27-9 Pages-238 Rs. Standards . Text Handling. Packaging for Biscuits. Expanded Polystyrene. Graphic/Surface Design. Screen Process Stencils. Proofing. Packaging in Glass Containers. Planning and Assembly. Adhesive Tapes. Microwave overable Packages & Retortable Packages. Packaging of Hazardous Chemicals. 800/- The book covers of Role of Prepress. Screen Pinting Inks. Working and Imposition Methods. Computer to Print. 350/Pages-135 The book covers Screen Printing. Plant Economics of Screen Printing Inks. Thermoforming in Packaging. Wooden Containers. Plant Economics of Cloth Printing. shelf life assessment of processed foods. Packaging of Horticultural Crops. factors influencing shelflife of fruits & vegetables. Polyester & Acrylic. Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Films. Developments in Modified Atmosphere packaging of meat poultry & fish. Chemicals Used and Formulations. Bread and Confectionery. Stencils. Screen Printing on Paper Textiles and Other Printing Substrates. Packaging of Dairy Products. Printing Unit. Print Specifications and Standardisation. Packaging Materials. Systems Packaging. Aerosol Packaging Technology. Corrugated Board. Fish & Poultry. Make up. Colour Combination. Screen Printing on Different Surfaces. Form Fill Seal Machine ( Systems). Systems Approach to Packaging. PVC in Packaging. 900/- Packaging A total concept. MODERN PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY FOR PROCESSED FOOD. Packaging of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables International Practices. Supplier of Plant & Machinery. Food Products Processed and Dehydrated.HAND BOOK OF SCREEN PRINTING WITH PROCESSES AND TECHNOLOGY ISBN-81-86732-63-2 Rs. BAKERY. Vacuum Packaging. Common Faults in Screen Printing. Strip Packaging. Images and Graphics Handling.400 Rs. Test Procedure for Packaging Materials & Packaged Products. Screen Printing on Glass. Packaging of Handicrafts for Export.I. Output Media and Preparation of Printing Surfaces.

Pigmentation. Packaging of Snack foods. Machinery & Equipments and Other Important Relevant Addresses. Vanaspati and Ghee. Jumbo Bags for Food and Tea . Cellulose Ester and Ether Produc ts. PAINT PIGMENT VARNISH & LACQUER MANUFACTURING WITH DIRECTORY OF MACHINERY & RAW MATERIAL SUPPLIERS ISBN-81-86732-16-0 Rs. Cartonboard. Metal Containers for Food Packaging. Long Life Milk. Synthetic Resins. Insulating Varnish. Packaging of value Added fish Products. PAINT VARNISH SOLVENTS & COATING TECHNOLOGY ISBN-81-86732-44-6 Pages-380 Rs. More Other Important Details on Solvents and plasticizers. HAND BOOK OF FOOD PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY ISBN – 81-86732-90-X Pages-413 Rs. Aseptic Packaging. Pigments and Extenders. The state of the Art in cartooning Technology. Flexible Retortable Packaging/Post packaging Pasteurisation. Powder Coating & many others. Present Manufacturers. Details of Plant Equipment & Machineries. Miscellaneous Coatings and Ancillary Materials. Packaging of Cashew Nuts. In line UV Flexo Printing Presses. Packaging of Drinking Water. Distempers. Suppliers of Raw Materials. Packaging Laws and Regulations. Vanaspati & Ghee. Intelligent Packaging. Testing & Evaluation of Paints. Suppliers of Packaging Materials. Equipments & Machineries. Optimized Mapackaging of Fish for Retailing. General Pigments Physical Properties. Thermoformed and Blow Moulded containers for Food Packaging Applications. Packaging of Edible Oils. Powder Coating Production. Trends in Packaging of Carbonated and Still. Biodegradable Packaging for Food Industry. Paints (Decorative & Building). Synthetic Enamel Paints. Industrial Paints & Coatings. Acrylic Emulsion Paints.Confectionery. Packaging in the confectionery Industry. Beverages. Ecofriendly and Safe Packaging of Sea Foods for Exports. Packaging of Cereals and Cereal Products. Packaging of Malted milk Foods. Trends in Liquor Packaging. Thinners. Nitrocellulose Lacquers. Quality and Trade. Important Formulations of Ready Mixed & Stiff Paints. Miscellaneous Formulae. International Standards Related to Food Safety. Solvents and Plasticisers. Suppliers of Plant. Post Harvest Technologies and Packages of Banana for Export Marketing. Plasticizers and Solvents. Cement Paints. Packaging of Spices & Spice Products. Requirements for Preservation. Packaging Material Addresses and many other details. Trends in Packaging of spices and Spice Products. Paints Formulaes. Forlding Cartons for Food Packaging. Varnishes. Suppliers of Plant and Machinery. Fod Packaging. Packaging of Snack Foods. Coatings. Packaging for Biscuits. Project Profiles. Packaging of Fish. Varnishes. from Raw Milk to consumer. . FFS Machines for Packaging of Food products. Pigments Processing. 750/- Introduction. Industrial Finishes. Suppliers of Raw Materials. Packaging of Milk and Milk Products in India. 450/Pages-468 The book covers Paints and Enamels. Project Profiles of Aluminium Paints. Preservation of fresh foods. 900/- The book covers Packaging of coffee Tea and Spices. National Stadards of Packaging Code for Foodstuffs and Perishables. Testing and Evaluation. Emulsions Paints. Varnishes Formulae. Bituminous Paints. Packaging of Edible Oils. Distribution and Transportation of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Storage. Blow Moulded containers for Food packaging. Shelf life assessment of processed foods. Retortable Pouches. Insulating Varnishes and Wire Enamels. Packaging of frozen seafood’s.

Putty. Usage of Vegetable Oils in Green Inks. 495/- The book covers Moulds. Development of Interpenetrating Network of Urethane/acrylic Emulsion for High Performance Coatings.based Ketonic Resins Suitable for Ink Application. Classification of Mould. High Performance Coatings.CNSL. How to Formulate a Paint. Anionic Bitumen Emulsions. Paint Mixing and Grinding. Utilization of Cost Effective.146 Rs. Adhesion of UV Curable Inks and Varnishes. Silica Gels. Acrylics. Organic Pigments. Compression and Transfer Mould-Pot Calculations. Antifouling Coatings. Radiation Curing and Film Properties of Modified Epoxy Resins. Properties of Plastics. Industrial Finishes. Paint Driers. Caprolactone Modification of Polyester Resins. Inorganic Pigments. Opaque Polymers in Latex Paints. Epoxy Flooring Compounds. Steel for Injection Mould. Blow Mould Design Aspects. Standard Mould Parts. Pigments Dispersions. Trouble Shooting Tips. Pigments for Paints Inks and Plastics. Advances in Minimizing Dirt Pickup on Exterior Latex Paints. Polyurethane Coatings. Compounds and Sealants.Epoxy Blends. Painting of Aircraft.borne and Solventborne Coil Coatings. 975/Pages-535 Introduction. COATING. Production Schedule of Plastic Injection Mould. Emulsion Paints. Glaxing. Carbon Blacks in Conventional and Water-soluble Paint Systems. Cyclohexanone. Polyester. PIGMENT SOLVENT. Using Melamine Crosslinkers in Developing HighPerformance Coatings. Colour of Pigments. UV Curable Powder Coatings. 900/Pages. Extender Pigments. RESINS. Architectural Paints. Pigments Formulae. Paints for Ships. Equipment used in Inks Industry. Paint and Varnish Removers. Developments in Resins for Powder Coatings. Varnish and Enamel Removers. Bio-Diesel Opportunities for the Coating Industry. PUTTY. Emulsions. Rheology Modifiers in Waterborne Paints. Calcium Aluminium Silicate and Magnesium Aluminium Silicate. Paint Bases.339 The book covers Thinners. MOULDS DESIGN AND PROCESSING HAND BOOK ISBN 81-86732-23-3 Pages. Injection Mould Design. Accelerated Tests for Anticorrosive Coatings. Flame Retardant Smoke Suppressant Coatings for PVC Sheathed Electrical Cables. Vent in the Mould . Solvents. Zinc Dust Pigment. Paint Stainers. TECHNOLOGY OF COATING. Alkyd Manufacturing Process using Designed Experiments. Additives in Paints. MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY & FORMULATIONS HAND BOOK ON THINNERS.PAINT. Additives for Powder Coatings. UV Curable Coatings. EMULSION. Paint Additives. Ejection Mechanism. Calcium Carbonate Extenders for Powder Coating Systems. Drying and Curing Additives. WALL & INDUSTRIAL FINISHES AND SYNTHETIC RESINS ISBN978-81-89765-32-3 Rs.375 The book covers Paint Additives. Inhibitive Primers for Metal. Luminescent Benzanthrone Colourants. Road Marking Paints. Liquid Crystalline Polymers for Surface Coatings. Protection of Concrete Substrates using Protective Coatings. Polymer Modified Waterproofing System. Foam Control Additives. PIGMENTS AND INKS INDUSTRIES ISBN: 81-86732-64-0 Rs. Powder Coatings. Synthetic Organic Pigments. Conversion Table. Paint. Pigments. Energy Conservation and Related Paints. 900/Pages. . Compounds Caulking. PAINT ADDITIVES AND FORMULATIONS ISBN-978-81-89765-15-6 Rs. Superior Coatings from Cyclohexanone Formaldehyde. Perylene Pigments. Design of Paint Formulations on the Basis of Solubility Parameters of Resins Pigments and Solvents. Non-traditional Materials in Formulation of Protective Coatings. Titanium Dioxide Pigments. Polyurethane Coating.based Water. Light Stabilizers. Spray Painting. Polyester Resin etc.

750 The book covers Introduction. Plant Economics of Polyester Resins. Stretch Films and Laminates . 238 Rs. Identification of Plastics. Poly (Vinyl Chloride). Factors Affecting Recycling Process. Polyamides. Epoxy Resins. Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE). Polyvinylidene Fluride. 750/Pages 231 The book covers Introduction of Plastic Materials. Speciality Thermoplastics. Reclaiming Polyamide Spin Fibres. Recovery of Chemicals from Plastic Waste.L. Surface Treatments of Plastic Films. Identification of Film Materials (Without Spectro Scopy). Recycling Techniques The Next Generation. Identification of Plastics. Plastic Granules. Copolymers of Ethylene. Technology of Commercial Shrink Films. Additives for Plastics. Recycling of PVC. Plant Economics of Poly Amide Resin. EPS-Recycling from Post-Consumer Expanded Polystyrene. Pet Bottle Recycling. Temperature Control in Dies. Materials of Construction for Dies.PLASTIC WASTE RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY ISBN – 978-81-89765-30-9 Page No. Nylon Granules from Nylon Waste. Coumarone-Indene Resins. Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics. Polyurethanes. Recycling Polyester Resins. Quality Control Tests. Automatic Scrap Recycling. Plastic Granules from Fresh Resin . Oriented Packaging Films. Detailed Drawings of 100 MM Mandrel Type Dies. Recycling An Industrial Approach. Get Virgin Quality from Reprocessed. Plant Economics of Phenol Formaldehyde Resin. Theoritical Aspect of Die Design. Phenolic Resins.E. Acrylic Plastics. Polystyrene. Nylon. Water cooled Polypropylene Film. Polyol from Propylene Oxide. Polyolefin Plastics. Recycling of Thermosets. Plant Economics of urea Formaldehyde Resin. Phenolic Resin. Types of Plastics. . Polyacetals and Polyethers (Acetal Resins). Rubber Reinforced Polypropylene. Household Plastic Products. Poly (Methyl Methacrylate). Properties of Heat Shrinkable Films. 650/- The book covers Introduction. Internal Cooling of Blow Films. Co-Extruded Multilayer Film and Laminated Multilayer Film. Acrylic Fibres. Epoxy Resin/Power. Amino Acid by Protein Hydrolysis. Polyurethane Waste Recycling. Polyimides. Polycarbonates. Thermoplastic Polyetherester. Coextrusion Dies for Manufacturing Flat Films in the Field of Packaging. HAND BOOK OF PLASTIC MATERIALS AND PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY ISBN 978-81-89765-26-2 Rs. Recycling Commodities Plastics. Environmental Health and Future Prospects. Plastic Films and Sheets with Printing (Flexo and Roto) LDPE/HDPE/PP/HM/PVC. Plant Economics of Polycarbonate Resin (All Fig. Polyesters. Plastic Processing Technology. Film Extrusion. Different Types of Die. in Lacs). New Development in Die Designs. Orientation Techniques. Plant Economics of Acrylic Copolymer Emulsion. Plastic Packaging Films. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Silicones. Polypropylene.D. Polyethersulphone. Production of Blow Films. Technological aspects of polytefin films for agricultural applications. Recycling of Plastic Waste. Action Plan for Blown Film Dies Faults Corrections. Polyphenylene Sulphide. Die Maintenance & Care. Side Fed Co-Extrusion Film Dies. Poly (Vinyl Acetate). Recycling and Government Policies. Amino Resins. Coextrusion. L. Unsaturated Polyester Resin. Polythylene Film Manufacture and Control. Cellulose Plastics. Details of Polymers . TECHNOLOGY OF PLASTIC FILMS ISBN 978-81-89765-28-6 Pages 165 Rs. Polyurethane Plastics. Chilli Roll Casting of Film. Chemical Recycling. Polybutylene Terephthalate. Polyethylene. Poly Vinyl Acetate Emulsion. Styrene Plastics. Orientation of Film. New Patented Processes. Plastics and the Environment.P.

Rotational Moulding Process. Materials that can be Roto moulded. Plastic Processing. Plastic Bottles & Containers. PVC Leather Cloth. Other Processes. Extrusion. Multi Layer Co Extrusion (3 layer Film with Lamination & Printing) Pet Bottles & Containers. polyvinyl alcohol. HDPE Containers. Polyurethanes. CAE and CAD Technology in Moulds Making. Rigid PVC Pipes & Fittings. phenol formaldehyde resin. PVC Insulation Tape. PVC Wire & Cables. pvc resin and plastisol. Moulds Fabrication for Roto moulding. PP/HDPE Box Strappings. Plastic Injection Moulding Items (like Bucket.ROTATIONAL MOULDING TECHNOLOGY HAND BOOK ISBN.R. Plastic Collapsible Tubes. Pin-holes and Bubbles in Roto moulded Products. Troubleshooting in Injection Moulding. Injection Moulding process.212 Rs. Fibre Corrugated Sheet.V.978-81-89765-25-5 Pages. Bathing Tube). Manufacturers and Suppliers of Plant and Machineries (Indian and Overseas). Plastic Buttons from Polyester Sheets and Roads. Plastic I. Computer Controlled Automatic Injection Moulding Machine. 750/- The book covers Innovative Rotomoulding. polyester resin. Plastic Chairs. Design for Injection Moulds. HDPE/PO Woven Sacks (Bags). Glasses Etc. PVC water tubing. Mouldflow. Roto moulding Technology Details. Rotational Moulding of Nylons. Blow Moulding. PVC Flexible and Transparent Blown Films. Polypropylene TQ Blown Film. Reprocessed Polythene Dana. Compounding of PVC. Polythene Bags with Printing. Effect of Processing on Mechanical Properties. Powdering Thermoplastic and Quality Consideration. polyvinyl acetate. Disposable Plastic Syringes. acrylics. PLASTIC PROCESSING AND PACKAGING INDUSTRIES ISBN 81-86732-11-X Pages – 457 Rs. Polyurethane Foam. Plastic Injection Moulding Products. INJECTION MOULDING OF PLASTICS ISBN 978-81-89765-20-0 Pages-319 Rs. Injection Moulded Thermo Plastic Products. Plastic Water Storage Tanks (HDPE). LDPE/HDPE Carry Bags from Dana. Improving moulding Through Melt-Flow oscillation. Technology of Rotational Moulding. HMHDPE Film & Bags. alkyd resins. PVC Flexible Pipes. Sintex Type. Injection Moulded Plastic Components. Processing of PVC. Conference Bags. Rotational Moulding of Liquid Polymers. Specialised Injection Moulding Process. melamine formaldehyde resin. Injection Moulding Machine. Disposable Plastic Cup. Thermocole Sheets. HDPE/LDPE Pipes Fittings. SYNTHETIC RESINS TECHNOLOGY WITH FORMULATIONS ISBN: 8186732403 Rs. Suppliers of Plant and Machinery of Roto Moulding and Moulds. PVC Helical Pipes. Plastic Moulded Furniture. PVC Compound for Blown Films . Bopp Film. Reprocessed High Density Polyethylene Dana from Waste. Roto moulds for Cast Aluminium. Bottles. 750/- The book covers Injection Moulding. Laminations. Injection Moulding of Thermosets. Roto moulding Machines. Bopp Adhesive Tape. Design Consideration for Roto mould Containers. Setting-up-Mould and Machine. 450/- The book covers Introduction. Injection Moulding. Poly Jars. Plastic Moulded Toys. . Folders & Diary. Applications of PVC. Rotational Moulding Process Control. 800/Pages-365 Book covers latest technology to manufacture various Synthetic Resins with formulae including epoxy resin. ion-exchange resin.Plastic products. Roto Moulding Products. Designing Moulds for Thermoset Processing. Polymides To Extend High wear Applications To replace mental. F. Maintenance of Injection Moulding Machine. PVC Footwear. Technical Specifications. Injection Moulded Plastic Components. Blow Moulded Plastic Containers.

Pet Bottles From Pre Form (Capsules). Suppliers of Raw Materials. Colour Master Batch for Various Plastics Compact Disk. Epoxy Resins. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Sheet and Sole. Egg Trays from Plastics. Aminoplasts. Pet Pre-Form Pet Resin. Semiconductive Compounds and Master Batches. Suppliers of Plant & Machineries. Stabilisers. Post Extrusion Process. Vacuum Metaillizing. 750/Pages. Get Virgin Quality From Reprocessed. High Performance Thermoplastics. Compounding of PVC Pastes. Thermoforming. Additives. Expanded Polyethylene. Thermocole Based Disposable Glass Cups and Plastics. TECHNOLOGY OF PVC COMPOUNDING AND ITS APPLICATIONS ISBN 81-86732-88-8 Pages 411 Rs. Polyesters. PET AND OTHER PLASTIC PROCESSING INDUSTRIES ISBN 81-86732-49-7 Rs. Speciality Plastic Compounds and Masterbatches. Polyvinyl Chloride. Additives for Polymers. Present Manufacturers. Automobile Injection Moulded Plastic Components. Specialty Plastic Compounds & Master batches. Compounding of PVC. Plastic Injection Moulding Products. PET Bottles from Pre Form PET. Suppliers of Raw Materials. Plastic Films and Sheets with Printing (Flexo and Roto) LDPE/HDPE/PP/HM/PVC. Fillers. Applications of PVC. PVC compounds. and Related Additives. Natural and Modified Rubbers. for PVC. Masterbatches. Suppliers of Plants & Machineries. 950/- The book covers Basic Concept of High Polymer Systems. Polypropylene Multifilament Spinning Yarn. Typical Processing Equipments. Extrusion. Rotational Moulding. PET Peform and Bottle Blowing. Plasticisers. Suppliers of Machinery and Raw Materials are also included. Pet Machinery & Raw Material Suppliers. Polyvinyls. PVC Compound . PVC Extrusion Profiles. HDPE/PP Woven Sacks (Bags). urea formaldehyde resins etc. Extrusion. Physical and Chemical Testing of Plastics. Polyolefins. Thermoplastic Rubber (Elastomer) Compound. Xlpe Cable compound.390 The book covers Polyethylene. XLPE Cable Compound. Acrylic Polymers. Injection Moulding. Processing of PVC. MASTERBATCHES. Jelly filled Telecommunication Cable Compound & Sheating Compound. Testing of Resins and Compounds. Polymer Alloys. Injection Molding and Blow Molding. Plastic Sutli or Polypropylene Sutli. Blends & Composites. HAND BOOK OF POLYMER AND PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY ISBN 81-86732-92-6 Pages -479 Rs. Speciality Additives and Masterbatches. Jelly Filled Telecommunication Cable Compound and Sheating Compound. Plastic Water Storage Tanks (HDPE) (Sintex Type). PET Pre Form PET Resin. PVC Compounding . Compouter Ribbon Carrtridges. Powder Coating. Polyamides. Suppliers of Dies & Moulds. Raw Materials. Recycling of PVC. Disposable Plastic Syringes (Sterilized). Recycling an Industrial Approach .Compounding of PVC Pastes. and Special Additives. Project Profile for Pet Strech Blow Moulding Machine. Expanded Polystyrene. Plastic Granules from Fresh resin.Extruded Multilayer Film and Laminated Multilayer Film. Phenoplasts. Plant Economics of PET Bottles from Pre Form PET. Miscellaneous Processing Techniques. Blow Moulding. Identification of Plastic Materials. Colorants. Polyurethanes. 900/- The book covers PVC Resins Manufacturing & Properties. Polyesterterephthalate (Pet). PVC Pipes & Fittings. Silicones. PET Bottle Recycling. Compounding. Production and Filling Process of a PET Bottle.silicones. Co. Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) Compound for XLPE Cables. PLASTIC COMPOUNDING. Plastic Granules from fresh Resin. Plastic Mat. Plastic Granules. .

Polyester Resins. Fibre Glass. Almonds. Peqas. Chocolate Bars and Covered Confectionery. Toffees. FRP Products. Cocoa For Drinking. Bubble Gum Plant. DIETARY FOOD. Tablets. Epoxy Resins. Present Manufacturers/ Suppliers of Confectionery. Cakes and Other Flour Confectionery. Designing in Fibre Reinforced Plastics. 350/- The book covers Bakery Raw Materials. Packaging of Cereals and Cereal Products. BREAKFAST. Confectionery Manufacturing Process. Ilaichi Etc. Product Introduction. Curing Agents for Epoxide resins. Supari. Nougat. Processing of Maize. Drinking Chocolates. Flour Milling. Fibre Glass Sheet . Cachous. Caramels. Breakfast Cereals. Nutrient Composition of Cereal Grains. Manufacturers & Suppliers of Raw Materials. Candy. Fibre Glass Wire. Manufacture of Baked Products. Dietary Foods and Ingredients. Pies & Puff Pastries. Chewing Gum & Bubble Gum. Packaging. Automatic Plant for Toffee and Candy Manufacture. Snack Foods. Catalysts. 1150/Pages-501 The book covers Introduction to Cereals. . Cakes and Allied Products. Baked Products from Soft wheat. Commercial Baking Technology. Chewing Gum. Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastic Pipe. Crème and Lozenge Pastes. Details of Plant & Machineries. Manufacturers/Suppliers of Packaging Machineries. Oats. Candy Plant. 450/- The book covers Reinforced Plastics and Composites. Manufacturers/ Suppliers of Raw Materials. Fermented Cereal Products. Chocolate. Supari (Betel Nut). Pasta. Instant Cocoas. Multiple Confectionery Bars. Bread Making. Reinforcement Agents in Polymers. Sugar Coated Cashew Nuts. Project Profiles. Processing of Sorghum. Details of Moulds. Macaroni Products. Accelerators and Inhibitors for unsaturated Polyester Resins. Chewing Gum. Miscellaneous formulaes. Bakery Machinery. Dough Molding Compound (DMC) Bulk Moulding Compound (BMC Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC). Bakery Adjuncts. Cereal and Lequme Based Foods Raw Materials. Sponge. Formulations & The Procedures for Chemically Leavened Bakery Products. Manufacturing Cocoa. Biscuits. Manufacturers of Plant & Machineries with Packaging Machines. PASTA & CEREAL PRODUCTS TECHNOLOGY ISBN – 978-81-89765-10-1 Rs. Butterscotch. Manufacturers/ Suppliers of Packaging Materials. Chocolate Manufacture.) Icing Sugar. Chocolate and Confectionery Spreads Chocolate Syrups. Automatic Toffee Plant . Special. Milk Toffee. Fudge. Cookies. Processing and Parboiling of Rice. Processes of Moulding. Pet Foods. Manufacturers & Suppliers of Plant & Machineries. Pasta Technology. Structure of Cereal Grains. 600/- The book covers Confectionery Processes and Formulations. Candy (Hard Boiled). Processing of Barley. Packaging Aspects of Sugar and Chocolate Confectionery. Nougatine).HAND BOOK OF FIBRE GLASS MOULDING ISBN 81-86732-94-2 Pages 183 Rs. Semi Automatic Plant (Toffee. Bubble Gum etc. Soft Nougat (Montelimart. HAND BOOK OF BAKERY INDUSTRIES ISBN 81-86732-18-7 Pages 348 Rs. Milling of Wheat. Cookies & Crackers. Processing of Oats. Types and Grades of Flour. Sweet Yeast Dough Products. Fibre Reinforced Plastics. Bath Tub (Acrylic). Packaging for Biscuits. Preparation. Acrylic Sheet and Moulded Products. Confectionery Industry. HAND BOOK OF CONFECTIONERY WITH FORMULATIONS ISBN 81-86732-35-7 Pages 273 Rs. Pouch Filling for Saunf..

List of Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers. Chicken Patties. Formulae of Fermented Products. Fermented Cereal Products. Anticoccidials Preventive. Suppliers of Plant & Equipments for Poultry. List of Common Vaccines used for Poultry Available in Market. Production of Puff Pastry. Quaii and Turkey). MODERN BAKERY TECHNOLOGY & FERMENTED CEREAL PRODUCTS WITH FORMULAE ISBN. Manufacturing of ioing and Decoration. Health Breads. Housing and Equipment. Raw Material. Fermulations of Cake. List of Anticoccidials. Bakery Premixes. Plant Economics of Chicken Farming (Hatchery). Bread Faults. 1250/Pages. Processing of Cake. How to Judge the Quality of Bread. Bakery Machinery Suppliers. Fermented Products. Buns. General Anatomy of Poultry. Cake Ingredients. Automatic Biscuit Making Plant. Roller Flour Mill.HAND BOOK OF MODERN BAKERY PRODUCTS ISBN -81-86732-61-6 Pages 358 Rs. Biscuits Manufacture. Plant Economics of Poultry Feeds. Staleness in Bread. Balancing of Cake Formula. Baking Powder. Cookies. Packaging for Biscuits.978-81-89765-33-0 Rs. Economic Raising of Poultry (Broiler. Manufacture Manufacturing of Pastry. Management Practices for Hogs. External and Internal Bread Faults. Breeds and Breeding of Pigs. Planning of Bakery Unit. Fried Nuts and Dal. Cakes. Bombay Mix. Bread Improvers. Ingredients Leavening Agents and Ovens. Investment Planning . List of Antiparasitic Formulations. Manufacturing Process of Bread. Processing . Feed Formulations. Bread Diseases. Preliminary Informations Regarding Poultry Farming. List of Poultry Feed Manufacturers. Biscuits. Icings Breads & Pizzas. Automatic Pineapple Biscuit Making Plant. Macaronic Products. Distributor and Suppliers. Bakery Gel (Translucent Semi Solid Paste). Bread. Oven. Cake. Plant Economics of Poultry Farming. Health and Hygiene For Hogs. Vaccine and Nutrient Manufacturers. Cookies. List of Medicine. Pastry. Biscuits. HAND BOOK OF POULTRY FARMING AND FEED FORMULATIONS ISBN 81-86732-83-7 Pages 195 Rs. bakery Unit (Pastries. Suppliers Addresses. Automatic Bread and Biscuit Unit. Poultry Breeding. Plant Economics of Pig Farming. Feeds and Feeding of Pigs. Chapatis and Cookies Made from Wheat Flour. Pies. Buns. Bread. Plant Economics of Animal Feed. Swine Rearing in India. Plant Economics of Poultry & Broiler (Hatchery) Farming. Sea. Cookies and Pastries. Ingredients of Production of Bread. 400/- The book covers Pigs. Rusk). HAND BOOK OF PIG FARMING ISBN 81-86732-85-3 Pages-194 Rs. Poultry Brooding. Buns. 750/- The book covers Baking.457 The book covers Bakery Ingredients. Noodles. Cakes. Economics of Pig Farming. Commercial Pig Farming. Plant Economics of Poultry & Broiler Farming. Packaging of Bakery. 450/- The book covers Why Poultry Farming. Crackers. Housing Requirements. Modern Bread and bakery Unit (EOU) (Bread. Chapati Making Unit. Fried Snack Foods. Health Breads. Bread and Bun Compressed Baker’s Yeast. Layer. Manufacturing of Caks. Pork and Pork Products. Details of Plant & Machinery. Characteristics of Soybean and Its utilization of Preparation of bread and biscuits. Disease Prevention. Plant . Equipments Needed. Asian Noodle Technology. Cake Manufacturing. List of Important Hatcheries. Ducks. Cake-Making Ingredients. Toffee etc). Cookies. Machinery Used in Bakery Unit. Breads and Rolls. Mini Flour Mill (Atta). Characteriestics of Cakes. Bread Manufacturing. Plant Economics of Bio Fertilisers from Waste. Bread Making Methods. List of Some Important Formulation of Poultry Farmers use Antibacterial Drugs. Cake Faults and Remedies. Bhujia.

Floriculture Exporters.. Poplar Tree Plantation. Piggery Farming. Bee Keeping. Plant Economics Rice. Plant Economics of Modern Rice Mill. Cut Flowers Carnation. Marketing of Basmati Rice . Feeds and Feeding of Goats. Polishing and Packing. Plant Economics of Modern Rice Mill. Processing of Rice. Introductory. Quality of Honey. Hard Cider Formulae. Poultry Farm. Plant Econ omics Honey Processing & Packing. Rabbit Farm. Honey Based Formulations. Properties of Parboiled Rice. Directory of Basmati Rice Exporters/Importers. MODERN BEE KEEPING AND HONEY PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY ISBN. Chilli. Management of Bee Colonies.171 Rs. 475/- The book covers Banana Cultivation. Herbs Cultivation. Sheep Farming. 375/Pages – 122 The book covers Honey. Life of the Honey Bee. Rice Cultivation. TECHNOLOGY OF MODERN RICE MILLING AND BASMATI RICE ISBN 81-86732-69-1 Pages 236 Rs.Economics of Pig Farming. 450/- The book covers Advantages of Goat Farming in India. Breeds and Breeding of Goats. Plant Economics of Rice Puff. Suppliers of Agricultural Fertilizer. Goat Products. Goat Farming. Chemicals Etc. Suppliers of Plant and Machineries. Suppliers of Plant and Equipments. Bee-Pasturage. Manufacturers/Suppliers of Agricultural Equipments & Implements. Equipments. Establishing An Orchard. Trips and WTO. Teak Tree Plantation. Plant Economics of Been Keeping. Honey a Miraculous Food. Management of Goats. Hard Honey Cider. Technology of Basmati Rice Processing. Modern Conventional Milling. Important Details. Bee Keeping. Food Gathering by Bees. Eucalyptus Tree Plantation/ Cultivation. Mushroom Cultivation/Growing. 600/- The book covers Botany of the Rice Plant. Economics of Bee-Keeping. Health Care for Goats. Site Selection and Arrangement of Apiary. Plant Economics of Rice Sorting/ Grading Plant. Technical Terms Related to Goat Husbandry. Honey Extraction. Plant Economics of Goat and Sheep Farming. Extraction of Honey & Processing. AGRO BASED HANDBOOK OF CULTIVATION PLANTATION & FARMING ISBN 81-86732-29-2 Rs. Rice Milling. Dairy Farming. Plant Economcis of Basmati Rice Trading. Tea Plantation/Cultivation. Directory of Agricultural Equipment & Implements. Details of Technology and Technology Providers. AGRO BASED PLANTATION CULTIVATION & FARMING HAND BOOK ISBN 81-86732-14-4 Pages 378 Rs. Economics of Goat Farming. HAND BOOK OF GOAT FARMING ISBN 81-86732-99-3 Pages. Plant Economics of Piggery Meat Processing. Huller use for Milling Parboiled Rice is the Chief Obstacle. Flavour Formulationsbased on Honey. Floriculture (Cut-Flowers). Fish Farming. Mango . Beehive. Plant Economics’ of Modern Rice Mill. Species of bee Keeping. Speciality Rice. Plant Economics of Rice Bran Oil. 500/Pages 276 The book covers Aonla. Plant Economics of Modern Rice Mill. Pest Management and Diseases. Seeds. Ginger Cultivation. Suppliers of Packaging Materials. Neem Cultivation. Tissue Culture. Papaya Cultivation.978-81-89765-14-9 Rs. Coconut Plantation/Cultivation. .

375/- The book covers Dairy Farming. Livestock Records Maintenance. Ice cream mix calculations. Lactose and By Products Processing from Milk. Tea complete. Carnation. Cultured Milk Products in Human nutrition. Anthurium. HAND BOOK OF DAIRY FARMING ISBN: 81-86732-66-7 Pages 176 Rs. Seeds. Casein from Milk. Orchids. Distribution of Milk. Cheese. Soya Milk and Paneer. Amaryllis & Hippeastrum. Care for Dry Cows. Clean Milk Production. Packaging of Milk and Milk Products in India. Milk Based Soft Drink with Longer Shelf Life. Packaging of Ice cream. Milk Storage. Dairy Farm. Manufacturing Process. Ration for Cattle’s. Plant Economics. Yoghurt. HAND BOOK OF ICE CREAM TECHNOLOGY AND FORMULAE ISBN 81-86732-70-5 Pages 207 Rs. Lotus. Details of Machineries Used in Dairy Farm & Products. Packaging of Milk. Gerbera. Dried Milk/Milk Powder. Lilium. Chrysanthemum. Statistical. Tuberose. 1000/- The book covers Antirrhinum. Bird of Paradise. Suppliers of Plant & Machineries. Housing for Dairy Animals.FLORICULTURE HAND BOOK ISBN 81-86732-72-1 Pages-575 Rs. Ice Cream Freezing. Packaging of Milk. Livestock Management. Dahlia. 375/Pages 269 The book covers Introduction. Losses and Their Possible Management in Dairy Industry. Diseases of Animals. Other Flowers. Ice Cream. China Aster. Some Dried Dairy Products. Figures & Formulations of Various Milk & Milk Based Products. Butter milk. 750/- The book covers Known Indian Milk Products. Manufacturing. Manufacturing Process. Evaporated and Condensed Milks. Plant Economics of Dairy Farm (Buffalo). Packaging. Market Dahi and Pure Culture Dahi. Production of Yoghurt. Raw Materials Used to Produce Ice Cream. Dairy Products & Milk Packaging in Pouches. Cheese from Buffalo Milk. Marigold. MILK PROCESSING & DAIRY PRODUCTS INDUSTRIES ISBN 81-86732-47-0 Pages – 375 Rs. Composition and Properties of Ice Cream Mixes. Jasmine. Suppliers of Equipments. Nutritional Value and Classification of Ice Cream. Coffee Complete. Ice Cream & Ice-Candy. Condensed Milk (Sweetened). Freeze Dried Starter Cultures in Fermented Dairy Products Manufacture. Products Diversification in Dairy Industry. Toned Milk. Technologies. HAND BOOK OF DAIRY FORMULATIONS PROCESSES AND MILK PROCESSING INDUSTRIES ISBN 81-86732-10-1 Rs. Flavoured Milk. Butter. Dairy Products. Paneer. Drugs. Milk Powder & Ghee. Suppliers of Packaging Materials. Packaging Trends for Cheese and Other Dairy Products. Gloriosa. Dairy Farm to Produce Milk. Whey Protein Concentrate. Suppliers of Plant and Equipments. Frozen Dairy products and . Soymilk and Tofu. 525/- The book covers Introduction. Gladiolus. Plant Economics of Dairy Farm to Produce Milk (Cow). Rose. Directory Section. Fermented Milk Products Flavour and Biotechnology. Etc. Project Profiles on Dairy & Milk Products.

) Stapt ex Bor). Cultured/Fermented Products. Ices and Sherbets. Japani Podina (Mentha Arvensis). Ativisha (Aconitum Hetrophylum Wall). Citrenella (Cymbopogon Winterianus Jowitt). Packaging. Pyrethrum. New Delhi). DAIRY PRODUCTS AND PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY ISBN 81-86732-96-9 Rs.). HAND BOOK OF MEDICINAL & AROMATIC PLANTS CULTIVATION (IN HINDI) ISBN – 81-86732-86-1 Pages. Ice Cream Varieties. Bel (Aegle Marmelos Corr. Kooth (Saussurea Costus). Sweet Flag. National Medicinal Plants Board. P. Fat Rich Products. Belladonna. Shankh Puspi (Evolvulus Alsinoides). Kutki (Picrorhiza Kurroa Royle ex Benth). Sataver (Asparagus Racemous Willd. Rutin Bearing Eucalyptus. Bhui Aomla (Phyllanthus Niruri L. Pippli (Piper Longum). Metha Zahar (Aconitum Atrox). asperulatus). Rauvolfia. Pamaroja or Rosha Ghass (Cymbopogon Martini (Roxb. German Chameli (Matricaria Chamomilla Linn). Steroid Bearing Solanum. Adusa (Adhatoda Vasica). Manufacturers/ Suppliers of Agricultural Equipments & Implements. Roselle. Plant Economics of Ice Cream of Different Flavours. Details of Plant and Equipments. Dioscorea. Safed Musli (Chlorophytum borivillianum Sant. Plant Economics of Ice Cold Flavour Tea. Lahsun (Allium Sativum). Japani Podina (Mentha sp. Primrose. Neem. . Lemongross (Cymbopogon Flexuosus Nees). Chriyta (Swertia Chirata Buch.Ham). Duboisa. Honey Plant. Milk Its Composition and Processing Characteristics. Plant Economics of Ice Cream Stabilizer.). Tuberrose. Shatawar (Asperagus Racemosus). Tulsi. Semal Musli (Bombax Ceiba). Hop. Novelties and Specials .R. Jatamansi (Nardostachys Jatamansi DC). & Fernandez). Medicinal Plant Extract.Formulations. Milk and Milk Products. Milk Based Products (Desiccated). Coleus. Boj).. Cowhedge. Ashwagandh (Withania somnifera Dunal). Liquorice.). Kaykand (Costus Speciousus). 650/Pages 342 The book covers Aloe vera. Costus. Geranium. Herbs Drying. Valerian. Buckwheat. Dhatura (Datura Innoxia). Jedtropha or Ratan Jyoti (Jetropha Curcas Linn). Gulab (Rosa sps. Kalmegh (Andrographis penniculata nees). Kali Musli (Curculigo Orchioides).N-5 (Cymbopogon Nardus (L) Rendle Var. Herbs Cultivation. Babchi. Spikenard (Jatamansi). 800/- The book covers Glorosa superba Linn. Cost and Merchandising. Daru Haldi or Rasaot (Berberis aristata DC). Foxglove. Ashwagandha. Plant Economics of Cone for Softy ice cream . MEDICINAL AND AROMATIC PLANTS CULTIVATION ISBN – 81-86732-36-5 Rs. Laboratory Tests. R. Ginger (Zigiber Officinale).). HAND BOOK OF HERBS. Atees (Aconitum Heterophyllum).). 975/Pages 510 The book covers Technological Innovations in Indian Dairy Products. Sinduri (Bixa Orellana Linn. Guggal. HAND BOOK OF MILK PROCESSING. Bhui Aola or Bhuamalki (Phyllanthus Amarus Schumothon). Sweet Worm Wood. Khas (Vetiveria Zizanioides). Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum Linn. Galoy (Tinospora Cordifolia).L. Global Export Potential. Plant Economics of Instant Ice Cream Mix. Heat Acid Coagulated Products.f. Senna. Jasmine. Parrot Tree. Gemeran Chameli (Matricaria Chamomilla). Ghrat Kumari (Aloe Vera).376 Rs. Long Pepper. Gudmar(Gymnema Sylvestre R. Digitals. Kukum (Kesar) (Crocus Sativus Linn). Techniques of Products and Process.). Suppliers of Raw Materials. Rajnigandha(Polianthes Tuberosa). Gogul (Commiphora Mukul). .Br. Beladona (Atropa Acuminata). Lemon Grass. Henna. Plan for Product Manufacturing.) Wats). Plant Economics of Ice Cream & Ice Candy. Mehendi (Lawsonia Inermis). Vidhara or Ghav Ka Patta (Argyrela Nervosa (Burm. Confertiliorus (Steud. Suppliers of Plant & Machineries. National Horticulture Board. Periwinkle. Milk Based Puddings/Dessers. Dairy Products Ingredients. Kalmegh. Isbgol (Plantago Ovata). Processing of Milk and Milk Products.SR. Isabgol. Datura.

UTILIZATION & EXTRACTION PROCESSES) ISBN – 81-86732-68-3 Rs. Annatto-The Natural Colour. Camphor. Geranium. Shelf-Life of Selected Medicinal Plants. Cultivationof Ammi majus Linn. Khus. Kokum. Patchouli. Biodiesel Project Report. Nomenclatural Ambiguity of Medicinal Plants used in Indigenous Systems of Medicine. Cinchona. Turmeric. Kuth. Ajmalicine (Raubasine) A Medicinally Important. Improvement on Medicinal Plants Cultivation. 1100/Pages. Aloe. Annatto. Mint Oil. Cedarwood. Fennel. Gudmar. Neem (Azadirachta Indica A. Kesar. ?Resources for Vermicompost. Jasmine.396 The book covers Medicinal Plants-Priorities in Indian Medicines Diverse Studies and Implications. Onion. Rosemary. Mustard. Safed Musli. Citronella. Garlic. In India. Black Pepper. Bio-Gas Plant. Blending of Esters and Diesel. Ajowan.HAND BOOK OF AROMATIC & MEDICINAL PLANTS AND BIODIESEL (JATROPHA) ISBN -978-81-89765-12-5 Rs. Jamarosa. Cultivation of Dioscorea Composita Hemsl A Potential Source of Diosgenin. Citronella. Clocimum. Yew (Taxus spp. Mushrooms. Studies on Commercial Indian Aconites. Production of Ergot Alkaloids by Submerged Fermentation. Daruhaldi. Nagar Mutha. Ginger. Davana. Handling of Biodiesel. Alkaloids from Catharanthus roseus (Vinca rosea). Bellary Leaf. Tamarind. HAND BOOK OF MEDICINAL AND AROMATIC PLANTS (CULTIVATION.472 The book covers Production and Management of Medical Plants on Farms. Distribution and Agrotechnology . Production of Biodiesel. Mulethi. Vanilla. Basil. Atis . Dill. Cultivation of Jatropha Curcas. 875/Pages. Dioscorea deltoidea Hook. Lemon Grass. Agencies/Individuals Working on Organic Farming in India. Lavender. Thyme. Cassia. Senna. Patchouli. Kewda. Kewda. Stevia. Spirulina. Ambrette. Technology of Podophyllotoxins. Chiraita. Safed Musli. Jatamansi. Turpentine. Sandalwood. Storage of Biodiesel. E-Mail and Postal Office Addresses related to Medicinal Plants. Addresses of Eco-friendly Farming. Ylang Ylang. Some Endangered Medicinal Plants. Glory Lily. Ashok. Opium Poppy. Lemon Grass. Kutki. Types of Lands where it can grow with Advantage and Potential of Plantation. French Basil. Pippali. Kalmegh. Properties of Biodiesel. Harvest Technology and Value-Addition of Medicinal Plants. Agarwood. Aniseed Oil. Matricaria Chamomilla. Sandal Wood. Camphor Basil. Lemon Scented Gum. Ashwagandha. Dillseed Oil. Ginseng. Celery. Cinnamom. Marigold Tagetes Oil. Caraway. Production of Colchicine from Gloriosa Superba Seeds. Clove. Chandan. Chamomile. Analysis of Technologies with Reference to Indian Resources and Requirements. . Atees. Juss). Saffron. Cultivation of Rutin Bearing Eucalyptus Species. Glycerine. Fennel. Ipecac. Amla. Cardamom. Bael. Cumin. Holy Thistle. Eucalyptus. Brahmi.) (Barhmi). Vatsnabh. Palmarosa. Kalihari. Biotechnology and Genetic Improvement of Medicinal Plants. Shatavari. State Medicinal Plants Board. Seet Marjoram. Sacred Basil. Bursera. Tulsi. Henbane.

Mango Kernel Seed Powder (Starch). Jams & Jellies. Dehydration of Fruits & Vegetables. Equipments & Machineries. Chutney. Chocolate Candy. Jam. Fruit Beverages. Packaging of Food and Allied. Dehydration Fruits and Vegetables by Vacuum Drying Method. Mango Processing & Canning. Pickles. Quality Control. Spoilage in Canned Foods. Increasing in Milk Protein by Feeding. Cakes. Fruit Juices Squashes & Cordials. Jams. Mango Pappad (Aam Pappad). Ples and Puff Pastries. FOOD PROCESSING AND AGRO BASED INDUSTRIES ISBN 81-86732-12-8 Pages -443 Rs. Processed Food . Drying of Fruits and Vegetables. Syrups & Brines for Canning. Other Candies Including hard Candles. Mango Powder. 650/- The book covers Preservation Principles. Lemon Juice Squash. Co-Operative Role in Dairy Development. Aseptic Packaging of Food and beverages. Cocoa-Butter. Manufacturers/Suppliers of Plant. Canned Products Processing. Canning in Commercial Scale.FRUITS & VEGETABLES PROCESSING HAND BOOK ISBN – 81-86732-32-2 Pages-357 Rs. Details of Plant & Machineries. Technology/Processing of Dairy and Milk Products. Other Desserts. Project Profiles.) Varieties for Wine making. Standards for Grades of Dried Apricots. Fruit Juices Making & Packaging in Plastic Containers & Pouches. Canning of Fruits. Mango Products. Pulps and Nectars.). FRUIT BEVERAGES AND PROCESSING WITH MANGO PRODUCTS ISBN -978-81-89765-24-8 Rs. Mango (Mangifera indica L. Manufacture of Pectin. Chewing Gum. Juices. Mango Processing Unit Mango Juice in Bags “Hot Fill. Jelly. Directory Section. Canning of Vegetables . Mango Pulp Processing and Canning. Value Addition to Fruits and Vegetables by Mechanical Washing. Guava Jam & Jelly. Cashew Fruit Juice From Cashew Fruit Apple. Pickles and Squashes. Membrane Technology in Fruit and Vegetable Processing. Fruits in Syrup. Drying/Dehydration of Fruits and Vegetables. Jellies and Marmalades. Canned Fruits & Vegetables. Honey. Extruded Sugar Products. Frozen Desserts. Fruit Juices. Tomato Products. Fruit Drink Rasna Type Mango and Pineapple Pulp and Concentrates. Process Techniques of Mango Beverages. Packaging of Dairy and Milk Products. Jams. Procedure. Indian Buffaloes. Bread Making. Sauces and Pickles. Chutney. . Tomato Products Manufacturing . Pickles. Present Manufacturers of Fruits & Vegetables Processed Products. Packing Containers. Frozen Foods. Developments in Packaging of Liquid Foods. Canning of Fruits. Jam. Biscuits. Recipe Guidelines: Dried Fruit and Vegetables. Jellies. Fruit and Vegetable Processing Flow Sheets(Simple Processing). Squashes and Cordials. Sauces. Fruits/Vegetables Processing (Drying/Dehydration). 750/Pages-284 The book covers Mango. Packaging of Fruit Juices. Ready to Serve (RTS) Beverage based on Pomegranate and Mango. Method of Preparation and keeping Quality of Reconstituted Skim Milk based Mango Beverage. Cookies and Crackers. Sauces & Chutneys. Milk. Fruits & Vegetables Juice with Other Products. Frozen Meat. Pickles & Squashes. Preservation Technologies. 450/- The Book covers New Developments in Technologies for Food Processing. Sweet Yeast Dough Products (Buns etc. Flexible Packages for Fruit and Vegetable Pulps. Tomato Products.

Fruits and Vegetables Dryng/Dehydration Land Concentration. Peas. Dehydration of Eggs. Fruits and Vegetables Other products. Vinegar. Dehydration of Meat. Instant Noodles. Panjeeri Etc. Suppliers of Raw Material. Details of Plant. Snack Foods. Manufacturers/Suppliers of Packaging Machineries. Dehydration of Miscellaneous foods. PRESERVATION & CANNING OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ISBN – 81-86732-50-0 Rs. Jelly and Marmalade. Manufacturers/Suppliers of Plant & Machineries of Pappad Plant. Fish Beef Blood and Gelatin. Present Manufacturers of Potato Chips/Wafers & Namkeens. Packaging.MANUFACTURE OF SNACKS FOOD.81-86732-60-8 Rs.V. Food Standards. Manufacturers/Suppliers of Plant & Machineries of Namkeen. Sauces Dressings and Pickles. Methods of Preservation. Fenugreesleaves and Other vegetables. Potato Chips (Automatic Plant). Potato. PAPPAD & POTATO PRODUCTS ISBN-81-86732-37-3 Rs. Mustard Powder. Tomato Powder. Syrups and Beverages. Manufacturers/Suppliers of Plant & Machineries of Potato Chips/Wafers. Sauces/Ketchups & Chutney. Food Colours. Namkeen and Sweets. Snack Food Preservation and Packaging. Pappad & Barian Plant. Rice Puff. Packaging. Fruit Juice Powder. Plant & Machinery Suppliers. Dehydrated Onions & Onion Powder. Health Food Snacks. Dehydration of Fruits and Vegetables by Freeze Drying Method. Dehydration of Figs by Sun Drying Method. Dehydration of Vegetables. Food Dehydration. Flavours. Ginger Drying. . Nutritive Value of Dried and Dehydrated Foods. Milk. Potato Based Textured Snacks. Chnachur & Bhujia). Manufacturers/Suppliers of Packaging Materials. Machinery & Equipments for Snacks Food. Potato Powder. Mango Kernel Seed Powder (Starch). Potato Processing.). Processing of Mushroom. Grape Powder. Pack House and Cold Storage. Frezing of Fruits and Vegetables. Packaging and Storage. Institutes Offering Food Science and Technology.O. NAMKEEN. Manufacturers/Suppliers of Raw Materials. Turmeric Powder (Edible Grade). Cereal & Legume Based Foods-Raw Material. Desiccated Coconut Powder from Coconuts. Milk Powder. Vacuum Fried Fruits and Vegetables. Manufacture/Suppliers of Plant . Papaya Pulp. Canning and Bottling of Fruits and Vegetables. Jam. Quality Control in Food Processing Industry. Tomato Processing. Equipments Commonly used in preservation of fruits & vegetables. Present Manufacturers of Snack food. Manufacturers/Suppliers of Plant & Machinery of Snacks Food. Food Additives. Mango Pulp/Juice. Egg Powder.308 The book covers Extruded Snacks. Processed Products from Potato. Canned Goods. Tomato Paste/Puree. Fruit Beverages. Equipments & Machineries Manufacture/ Suppliers of Packaging Materials. Food Additives and Bromi-Nated Vegetable Oil (B. Plant Sanitation. Rice Flakes. Packaging of Snack Foods. Garlic Powder. 650/Pages. 900/Pages-440 The book covers Product Introduction. Herbal Extracts (Dry). Preparation. Manufacturers/Suppliers of Raw Materials. Egg Powder. Sun-Drying and Dehydration of Fruits. Guava Juice And other Fruit Products. Namkeen Industry (Dalmoth. Ready to Eat Processed Cooked Food. Pickles. Corn Flakes & Wheat Flakes. Potato Powder (Automatic Plant). Banana Powder. Skimmed Milk Powder. Tamarind Seed Powder. Potato Chips/Wafers. Dehydrated Vegetables onion. Distribution Centre for fresh fruits and vegetables. Butter and Chees. HAND BOOK OF FOOD DEHYDRATION AND DRYING ISBN. 650/Pages-284 The book covers Fruits and Vegetables Drying/Dehydration and Concentration. Other Paste and Concentrates. Present Manufacturers of Pappads. Dehydration of Jack Fruit. Potato Chips/Finger Chips. with Imported Machinery. Ready to Eat Moong Halwa.

Packaging and Packing Materials. Milk and Milk Products. Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables. Technology of Aroma Recovery for Fruit Juices. Use of Antimicrobials in Food Preservation. Coconut Products and Technological Innovations. Quality Aspects of Poultry Meat and its Products. Chicken/Mutton (Sheep Meat) Processing. Processing of Foods Using High Hydrostatic Pressure. Milled Products of Wheat. Sausages. Post Harvest Technology of Prawn. 900/Pages -425 The book covers Preservation of Meat. Beverages. Spoilage of Foods. Processing of Hot Serve Cereals. Cold Storage. AGRO BASED AND PROCESSED FOOD PRODUCTS ISBN – 81-86732-89-6 Pages-552 Rs. Food Grades. Vegetables and Vegetable Products. Poultry. Fruit Concentrates. Raw Materials. Food Poisoning. Vegetables and Vegetable Products. Livestock Feed Technology. Suppliers of Raw Materials. Brewing and Distilling . Methods for Tenderization of Meats. Evaluation and Assurance. Chicken Meat Processing. Food Standards and Labeling. Sea Foods. Standards. Sausage Formulations. Milk and Milk Products. Post Harvest Food Conservation. Use of Spices in Processed Meats. Chicken Sausages & Chicken Hamburger. Commercial Canning. Fish and Eggs. Curing. Fruit and Vegetable Preservation. Raw Materials. Fermented Beverages. Restructured Meat Products. Coconut Processing. Fermented Meat products. Canned Meat Formulations. Meat and Meat Products. Meat and Meat Products. Extenders and Additives. Sanitation and Cleaning Requirements for Food Processing Plants. Cold Storage. 1100/- The book covers Roller Flour Mills. Reduced and Low Fat Meat products. Preservation by Drying. Protein Foods From Oil Seeds. Pickles. Fermented Non-alcoholic and Alcoholic Beverages. Ready to Serve Curried Vegetables. Traditional Wheat Products. Developments in Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Meat Poultry and Fish. Flour Mix for Bakery Products. Methods of Product Development and Marketing Techniques. Preservation by Concentration. Preservation by Using Chemicals. Laws and Regulations. Special Dietary Foods and Ingredients. Introduction to Quality Control. Fruits and Fruits Products. Cooked Meat Product Recipes. Cured and /or Smoked Meats. Manufacture and Quality of Tea. Plant Economics of Bakery Unit. TECHNOLOGY OF FOOD PRESERVATION AND PROCESSING ISBN-81-7445-338-5 Rs. Frozen Meat . Casings. Preservation by Fermentation. Tomato Products. Technology of Fruit Juice And Pulp Concentrates. Suppliers of Plant and Machineries. Preservation by Salting. 950/Pages-494 The book covers Food Preservation and Processing. Preservation by Sugar. Preservation by Antibiotics and Irradiation. Pulse Production Technology. Nutritional Value of Some Processed Meats. Food Preservation Principles and Methods. Meat Cookery and Cooked Meat Products. Plant Economics of Aquaculture Prawn Farming. Piggery Meat Processing.MEAT PROCESSING AND MEAT PRODUCTS HAND BOOK ISBN – 81-86732-65-9 Rs. Candied Foods. Technology of Basmati Rice Processing. Preservation by Cold. Fruits and Fruit Products. Confectionery. Smoking. Methods for Prolonging Shelf-Life of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Fruits and Vegetables. Poultry. Food Additives. Developments in Pasta and Special Food Products. Buffalow Meat processing. Fermented Soya Products. Sugars and Sweeteners. Food Additives. . By-product Utilization. Equipments Commonly used in Preservation of Fruits & Vegetables. Sectioned and Formed Meat Formulations. Sea Foods. The Canning Process. Meat and Meat Products. Broiler Chicken. Palm Oil. Candied Foods. Eggs and Egg Products. Coffee and Tea. Technology for Pellet Based Snacks. Plant Economics of Alcoholic Beverages and Vinegar from Coconut Water. Eggs and Egg Products. Preservation by Use of Heat. Sugars and Sweeteners. Suppliers of Plant and Machineries. Cereals and Baked Products. Fruit Beverages. Cocoa. Spirulina: A classical Health Food. Role of Antioxidants in Food Preservation.

Corn Milling. Plant Economics of Chewing Gum. Present Manufacturers/Exporters/Suppliers of Maize and Maize Products. Manufacturing Corn Chips. POTATO AND POTATO PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY ISBN. Plant Economics of Indian Made Foreign Liquor. Types of Corn. Ketchup Jelly Canning of Fruits. TECHNOLOGY OF MAIZE AND ALLIED CORN PRODUCTS ISBN – 978-81-89765-17-0 Rs. Dehydration of Vegetables. Carbohydrates and Related Compounds. Plant Economics of Processed Food (Fruit Juice. Plant Economics of Roller Flour Mill. Plant Economics of Egg Powder. Plant Economics of Feed Mill for Mixed Feed (Poultry & Cattle). Plant Economics of Fruit Juice Making & Packing in Plastic Containers. Grading of Potatoes. Plant Economics of Food Dehydration. Plant Economics of Corn Flakes. Baby Corn. Quality Requirements. Corn Flakes. Plant Economics of Modern Rice Mill. Cake.Eat Breakfast Cereals. Potato Chips (Automatic Plant) with Imported Machinery. Plant Economics of Vermicelli. Plant Economics of Coir Pith.978-81-89765-29-3 Rs. Seed Production. Potato Storage. Maize/Corn Oil. Quality Factors. Plant Economics of Meat. Plant Economics of Dairy products & Milk Packaging in Pouches. Snack Food. Description of Plant and Flower Parts. Suppliers of Maize/Corn Processing Machineries. Cultivation Practices. Plant Economics of Instant Noodles with Taste Maker Spice. Areas Suitable for Producing Processing Potatoes. Plant Economics of Macaroni. Malto Dextrin from Maize. Yeast Dry Powder from Maize. 750/Pages-264 The book covers Introduction. Potato Based Textured Snacks. Plant Economics of Wheat Porridge (Dalia). Agro-Techniques.Buns. Plant Economics of Sugar Plant. Extruded Snacks. Packing of Potatoes. Packaging of Snack Foods. Pickles etc. Areas Suitable for Producing Seed Potatoes. Plant Economics of Soya Milk & Soya Paneer. Traditional Food Products from Corn. Weed Management. Plant Economics of Poultry & Broiler (Hatchery) Farming. Plant Economics of Palm Oil. Nutritive Value. Popcorn. Plant Economics of Protein and Protein Based Products. Potato Chips/Wafers. Botany of Corn. Handling of Post Harvest Potato. Plant Economics of Dall Mill. Sweet Corn. Plant Economics of Tea Processing and Packaging.). Maize Starch. Plant Economics of Snack Food (Crax Size) (Roll & Ball Type). Quality Parameters that influence Export Quality of Potatoes. Plant Economics of Soybean Products. Origin. 650/Pages-258 The book covers Corn. Plant Economics of Beer Industry (Export Oriented). Liquid Glucose. Plant Economics of Bread Plant. . Plant Economics of Non Roasted Corn Flakes (POHA). Prospects for Potato Exports. Maize Products. Processing Ready-to. Plant Economics of Confectionery Industry. Growth and Development. Potato processing . Plant Economics of Cattle Feed. Starch from Maize. Products and their Uses. Formulated Puffed Snacks. Suppliers of Plant and Machinery. Management of Water. Toffee. Plant Economics of Desiccated Coconut Powder from Coconut.

Manufacturing of Medicated Soaps. Liquid Shoe Polish Puff. Detergent Cakes & Bars. Project Profiles.MANUFACTURE OF HOUSEHOLD SOAPS. Zeolite-A Manufacturing (Detergent Grade).B. Non Ionic Liquid Detergents. Laundry & Drycleaner. Detergent Washing Powder (Surf Excel Type). 750/Pages. Liquid Detergents for Wool. Packaging.A. Soap from Non-Edible Oils. Purification of Fatty Acids and Production of Soap Base. Toilet (Bath) Soap Finishing Line. Suppliers of Raw Materials. .). Manufacturing of Spray-Dried Powder. Toilet Soap. Toilet Soap Manufacture. Recovery and Refining of Glycerin. Present Manufacturers. Miscellaneous Formulae. Soap from Mixed Fatty Acid. Suppliers/Manufacturers of Plant & Machinery for Soap & Detergents. Testing & Analysis. Detergent Cake (Nirma Type). Equipment & Machinery for Small Scale Soap Manufacture. Raw Materials for Soap Industry.457 The book covers Groups of Synthetic Detergents. Plant & Machinery for Small Scale Detergents Cakes Manufacture. Soap Industry (Soap From Soap Stock). Laundry Soap Manufacturing Plant. Acid Slurry (L. Detergent Washing Powder (Ariel Type). Acid Slurry by Manual Process . Laundry Soap Manufacturing. Equipments for Tiny/Cottage Scale Soap Industry. Manufacturing of Herbal Synthetic Detergents. Soap from Crude Soap Stock. Cleaning Powder. Acid Slurry (L. Manufacture of Finished Detergents. Complete Plant Suppliers. Cleanining Powder (Vim Type). Zeolite-A (For Detergent). Scouring Bar. Fats and Their Pretreatment. TOILET SOAPS AND OTHER SOAPS WITH FORMULATIONS ISBN -81-86732-53-5 Rs. Nero laundry Soap. Present Manufacturers. Laundry & Dry Cleaners. Oils. Detergent Cake Manufacturing Plants. Laundry for Clothers Washing. 375/Pages-294 The book covers Soap Industries Raw Materials. Manufacturing of Transparent Soaps. Detergent Powder (Nirma Type). Perfuming of Soaps and Detergents. HAND BOOK OF SYNTHETIC DETERGENTS WITH FORMULATIONS ISBN-81-86732-43-8 Rs.B. Soap Stone Powder from Raw Soap Stone. Manufacturing of Liquid & Paste Detergents.379 The book covers Soap Base Manufacture. Formulation and Application of Detergents. Soaps Manufacturing in Medium & Large Scale Sector. Liquid Toilet Cleaner (Harpic Type). Manufacturing of Shaving Soaps. Manufacturing of Shaving Creams. Suppliers of Plant & Machinery. Toilet & herbal Soap. Detergent Paste (Textile Grade). Synthetic Detergent Powders. Nerol Laundry Soap. Flavours. Detergent Washing Powder (Arial Type). Detergent Paste (Concentrate). suppliers and Manufacturers of Raw Materials.). Suppliers of Soaps Manufacturing Chemicals. Determination of Physical Characteristics of Detergents. Manufacture. Spray Dried Detergent Powder. Testing of Soaps and Detergents. PROFITABLE SMALL SCALE MANUFACTURE OF SOAPS & DETERGENTS ISBN – 81-86732-25-X Rs. 900/Pages. Nerol Laundry Soap. Detergent Powder Plants-Dry Mix Process. Testing of Soaps and Detergents. Manufacturing of Soft Soaps. Detergent Cake & Powder.S. Detergent Cake & Powder. Perfumes for Soaps. Liquid Detergents for Wood. Enzyme Detergents Manufacturing. Synthetic Detergent (Blue Powder). synthesis of Detergents. Household and Toilet Soaps Manufacture. Soap Manufacturing From Fatty Acids. Toilet Soap Manufacturing. Manufacturing Process and Formulations of Various Soaps. Soaps Manufacture on Tiny Scale. Detergents (Anionic). Laundry Soap.A. Liquid Soap. Manufacturing of Liquid Soaps. Perfuming of Soaps and Detergents. Nirma Type Detergent Powder. Washing & Laundry Soap. Suppliers of Fragrances. Laundry Soap Manufacturing & Technology. Liquid Soap. Detergent Paste (Textile Grade). Herbal Liquid and paste Detergents. Detergent Cake & Powder. Solid. Detergents Bars.

Preparation of Neem Products and their Uses. Plant Economics of After Shave Lotion. Suntan and Anti-Sunburn Products. Patents on Neem. Biogas Generation & Organic Farming. Preparing your pond. Neem. Plant Economics of Herbal Hair Oil (Ayurvedic). Smoked and Marinated Fishery Products. Inlets To Let Water Into the Pond . Soil Environment and Plant Growth. Bringing Water to your ponds. Neem as a Fertilizer. Organic Farming Principles and Concepts. Hari Setting Lotions and Conditioners. Plant Economics of Fish Canning and Pouching. Plant Economics of Talcum Powder. Plant ecnomics of Lipisticks. Details of Plant. Neem in Medicine. Shampoos. Ecological Pest Management. Plant Economics on Cosmetics and Plastic Packaging Materials Mfg. Dentifrices (Tooth Paste & Tooth Powders). Minimum Inspection Requirements and Precautionary Measures under the Inspection of certificatation system. Fishery Products. Testing of Cosmetics. Mouthwashes. Plant Economics of Nail Polish & Nail Polish Remover. Waste Water Treatment & Organic Farming. Herbal Cosmetics. Permitted Substances for the production of organic foods. Plant Economics of Shampoo. Specifications of Organic Food. Hair Colourants. Suppliers of Raw Materials. 900/Pages. Synonyms and Properties of Neem. Plant Economics on Herbal Cosmetics. Hair Strengtheners and Straighteners. Certification of Organic Food. Vermi Composting. Machinery & Equipments. Utilization of Neem. Principles of Organic Production. Soil Organic Matter and Humus. Plant Economics on Herbal Shampoo and Creams. Plant Economics of Baby Oil. Plant Economics of Antiseptic Cream.HAND BOOK OF ORGANIC FARMING & ORGANIC FOODS WITH VERMI-COMPOSTING AND NEEM PRODUCTS ISBN-81-89765-05-1 Rs. 1100/Pages-553 The book covers Introduction. Plant Economics on Modern Cosmetics. Depilatiories. Locating Your Fish Farm. Preparations of Foot Cosmetics. Deodorants and Antiperspirants Preparations. Plant Economics of Antiseptic Cream Plant Economics of Nail Enamel. Plant Economics of Car Shampoo. Astringents and Skin Tonics. Sunscreen. Suppliers of Plant. Machinery and Equipments. Stocking your pond with baby fish. Raw Materials used in cosmetics. Packaging. Taking care of your pond. 650/Pages-271 The book covers Introduction. Cycle for Survival. Plant Economics of Developing Trout Fish Preservation & Storage & Marketing Infrastructure. Skin Products for Babies and Youth. . Taking care of your fish. Adoption and Success. Skin Creams. Plant Economics of Toilet Soap and Herbal Soap. Packaging Materials. Controlling the water in the pond. Plant Economics of Kesh Kala Tel. Plant Economics of Fish Farming. Beginning Again. Packaging of Cosmetics Products. Nail and Manicure Products. Skin lighteners or Bleaches. Soil for Cultivation. Organic Food & Organic Farming. Organic Farming. Plant Economics of Tooth Paste (Gel Type). Harvesting your pond. Plant Economics on Hair oil and Formulation. Quality control of Cosmetics. Outlets to letwater out of the pond. Permanent Waving. ExSitu Manuring. Plant Economics of Trout Fish Farming Canning and Preservation. Coloured Make up Preparations. Shaving Preparations. Improving farm management. Management Techniques. Plnat Economics of Aquaculture Shrimp Farming. COSMETICS PROCESSES & FORMULATIONS HAND BOOK ISBN – 81-86732-41-1 Rs. Plant Economics of Kali Mehandi. Production of Compost. Economics and Marketing. . Neem in Pest Control. Oral Hygiene Preparations. Economics of Freshwater Fish Culture.477 The book covers Equipment used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Face Powders and Make up . Constructing Fish Ponds. Producing Fish in pens. Bath Products Preparations. In Situ Manuring. HAND BOOK OF FISH FARMING AND FISHERY PRODUCTS ISBN-81-89765-03-5 Rs.

1100/Pages-422 The book covers Herbal Cosmetics. Machinery & Equipments. Shaving Gel. Afro Products. Packaging of Herbal Cosmetics. After Shave Lotion. Shaving Soaps and Creams. Tooth Paste (Get Type). Plant Economics of Baby Oil. Plant Economics of Antiseptic Cream. Indigenous Materials & Technologies for herbal Cosmetics. Plant & Equipment for Herbal Cosmetics Manufacture. Face Pack (Anti-Wrinkle). Establishment of a Herbal Beauty Parlour. Testing of Cosmetics. Packing Materials. A list of common Cosmetic Herbs Their Active Constituents and Cosmetic Applications. Suppliers of Plant. Moisturizer with Aloe vera and Coconut Oil. Face Wash. Herbal Cold Cream. Present Manufacturing of Cosmetics Products. Plant and Equipment for herbal Cosmetics Manufacture. Hair Conditioning. Equipment Used in the Manufacture of Cosmetics. List of Herbs Suppliers . Nail Lacquers and Removers. Preservation of Cosmetics. Regulatory Provisions Relating to Manufacture of Cosmetics. Glow Pack (All Purpose Face Mask). Suppliers of Raw Materials. Herbal Brahmi Amla Hair Oil. herbal Henna Powder. Plant Economics of Kesh Kala Tel.HERBAL COSMETICS & BEAUTY PRODUCTS WITH FORMULATIONS ISBN-81-86732-45-4 Rs. Permanent hair Waving Preparations and Hair Straightness. Depilatories. Ayurvedic hair Oil (Like Banphool). Moisturizing Cream with Aloe Vera. Hair Oils & Hair Lotions. Aromatic & Toiler Waters with Cosmetics for Makeup. Acne-No Pimple Cream Kali Mehandi (Herbal Hair Dye Powder Black). Raw Materials and Chemicals Manufactuers/Suppliers. Manufacturers/Raw Materials Suppliers of Herbs/Plants and their Extracts. Hair Structure and Its Chemistry. Mouthwashes. Plant Economics on Hair Oil and Formulation. Nail polish Remover. Suntan and Anti Sunburn Preparations. Most Commonly Used Cosmetics Raw Materials. Peppermint Mouth Wash. Face Powders & Talcum Powders. Hair Tonics and Conditioners. Lacquers and Rinses. Skin Purification. Body Powders (Talcum Powders). Plant Economics on Herbal Shampoo and Creams . 750/Pages -364 The book covers Useful Cosmetic Herbs. Herbal Cosmetics for Beauty Parlours. Baby Care. Mosquito Repellent Cream. Mud Pack (Face Pack). Face Powders and Other Coloured Make-up Preparations.496 The book covers Drugs and Cosmetics Acts and Rules. Antiperspirants and Deodorants. Packaging of Cosmetics Products. Fairness Vanishing Cream. Hair Styling Gel. PROFITABLE SMALL SCALE MANUFACTURE OF COSMETICS (SYNTHETIC & HERBAL) ISBN-81-86732-81-0 Rs. TECHNOLOGY OF HERBAL COSMETICS AND TOILETRIES PRODUCTS WITH FORMULAE ISBN. Cosmetics . Pomades & Beauty Masks. Toothpastes. Astringents and Skin Tonics. Suppliers of Plant and Equipments. Haldi (Turmeric) Chandan (Sandal) Fairness Cream. Plant Economics of Herbal Hair Oil (Ayurvedic). Herbal cream (All Purpose). Skin Creams & Lotions. Ultra Violet Protection Sunscreen Cream. Aromatherapy Liquid Soap. Quality Control of Cosmetics. Plant Economics on Herbal Cosmetics. 950/Pages. Plant Economics of Kali Mehandi. Herbal Fairness Cream hair Removing Cream (Depllatories). Herbal Beauty Products Manufacturers. Important Details for Setting up. Henna Conditioning Shampoo. Skin Creams and Lotions. Face Packs and Masks. Hair Washes & Shampoos. Herbal Cosmetics. Herbal Shampoo. Regulatory Provisions Relating to . Jojoba Body Scrub. Cucumber Lemon Face pack. Herbal Extraction. Liquid Bindi (Kum Kum) or Body Spot. Herbal Hair Vitaliser (Anti Dandruff). Hair Grooming Preparations. Hair Bleachers and Hair Colourants. Hair Oils & Hair Lotions. Miscellaneous Formulae. Machinery and Equipments. Packaging of Herbal Cosmetics. Natural Perfumes. Herbal Shaving Cream.978-81-89765-13-2 Rs. Eye Liner (Liquid). Herbal Amla Hair Oil. Nail Polish (Nail Enamel). Tooth Powders. Plant Economics of Toilet Soap and herbal Soap. Preservation of Cosmetics. Rouges and Eye Cosmetics. Nail Polish or Nail Enamel with Pearlescent Pigments. Skin Bleach Creams. Amla Shikakai Reetha herbal Shampoo. Hair Shampoos. Hair Wave Sets. Details of Plant.

Rose Plantation & Rose Oil Extraction.414 The book covers Production Problems & Recommendation. Palm oil Crushing Unit. Anti Dandruff Preparations. Mascara Eyebrow Pencils Eye Shadows. Mentha cultivation. Cosmetics for the Nails. 575/Pages. Kewda Flower distillation. Cultivation of Matricaria Chamomilla. Tagetes Minuta (Wild Marigold). Tooth Pastes or Dental Creams. Toilet Powders. Jasmine. Lipsticks. Damask Rose (Rosa Damascena Mill) Cultivation & Processing. Rose & Lily Oil Extraction Plant. Essential Oil Industry Waste Utilisation. Suppliers of Raw Materials. Clove Oil. Shaving Cream. Essential Oils. Cultivation of Davana for Essential Oil. Facial Masks. Hand Lotions. Production Technology of Jasmine for Essential Oil. Face Powder. Cosmetics for Babies. Cosmetics for the Eyes. Pesticidal properties of sub-critically extracted plant essential oils against storage pest (Herbst). Oral Herbal Preparations. ESSENTIAL OILS PROCESSES & FORMULATIONS HAND BOOK ISBN -81-86732-39-X Rs. Distillation of essential oils. Essential Oil of Hyptis Suaveolens Point. Rose Oil Distillation Methods. Effect of organic amendments on the yield of palmarosa motia and chemical . Distillation of Eucalyptus hybrid oil. Optimising yield and quality of oil. Colorings and Dye Removers. . Insect and pest control activity of essential oils. Composition of essential oil from the flowers of Kewda. Requirements of Factory Premises for Manufacture of Cosmetics.Manufacture of Cosmetics. HAND BOOK OF ESSENTIAL OILS MANUFACTURING & AROMATIC PLANTS ISBN. Suppliers of Plant and Machineries. Deodorants. Herbal Preparations for Body. Herbs & Spices. Chemical composition of the essential oil from the leaves and rhizomes of ginger. Project Profiles. GC-MS studies on the essential oil from the roots of Valeriana wallichil DC. Foundation Creams. Variations of Face Powders. 650/Pages-249 The book covers Essential Oils by Steam Distillation. Baby Preparations. Herbal Cosmetics for the Skin. Ginger Oil. Super-Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) Technology-for Spice Extraction. Manufacturers & Exporters of Essential Oils & Aromatic Chemicals.Process of Manufacture. Composition of essential oil from bottle brush by capillary gas chromatography. Depilatories. Fractionation of Essential Oils in Perfumery & Turpentine Industry. Spice Oils or Oleoresins. Essential Oil Bearing Plants Status. Demand for Essential Oil. Essential oil of . Insect Repelling Preparations. Mentha Oil & Crystals. Machineries and Packaging Materials. Shampoos. Home Made Cosmetics. Packaging Criteria For Cosmetics. After Shaving Lotions. Composition of essential oil from flowers of Keora.81-86732-21-7 Rs. Extraction of Essential Oils by Super Critical Fluid (Carbon Dioxide) Method from Flowers. Citronella Oil. Quality evaluation of sandalwood. Bleaches. Seasonal Variation in the Composition of the Essential Oil of Cinnamon leaves. Herbal Preparations for Feet And Hands. Cultivation & Improvement of Sweet Marjoram. Cosmetics and Drugs. Govt. Tooth Powder. 650/Pages – 307 The book covers Trends in Trade of Essential Oils. Mouth Washes. Eucalyptus Oil. Regulations and Acts on Drugs and Cosmetics. Creams. Lemon Grass Oil. Essential Chemical Constitutents Profile in Tree Spices. Essential Oil of Lemon Basil (Ocimum basilicum). Hair Strengtheners. Skin Cleansing. Efficiency of steam distillation system for herbs. Extraction of Essential Oil. Hair Shampoos and Setting. Essential oil from Cinnamomum glanduliferum. Pan Masala (Gutkha). HAND BOOK OF SYNTHETIC & HERBAL COSMETICS ISBN. Hair Dyes. Jasmine Flower Oil. GC MS investigations on the essential oil from coleus forskohill. Chemicstry of Rose Oil. Medicinal Uses of Indigenous Aromatic Plants. Suppliers of Raw Materials. Promising Aromatic Plants of Industrial Value. Hair Shampoos. Processing of Fresh Ginger (Zingiber Officinale Roscoe). Plant & Equipments Suppliers. Vanishing Creams.81-86732-27-6 Rs. bath Preparations. How to Lay out a Cosmetic Factory. International Importers & Exporters.

Chemical Investigation of Essential Oils of Artemisia species. Zingiberaceous Plants. Germination and Flowering of Ocimum Selloil Benth. Rose Scented Geranium.81-86732-71-3 Pages-465 Rs. Plant Economics of Palm Oil. Kewda Essential Oil and Attar. Palmarosa Oil . Leaf Oil of Piper Betle Linn. Plant Economics of Aromatic Perfumery Compound. Plant Economics of Menthol & Dementholised Oil. Profile of Essential Chemical Constituents in Tree Spices. Plant Economics of Peppermint Oil. . Pest Control Through Essential Oils. Plant Economics of Citronella Oil Extraction. Bio-Chemical Studies on The Essential Oil of Blumea Laciniata Roxb. 850/- The book covers Global Viewpoints on The Trade of Essential Oils. Mint (Mentha Species) Oil. Productionof Essential Oils and Oleoresins. Distillation. Plant Economics of Yara Yara. Chemical composition of the essential oil of Cinnamon leaves. Turmeric leaf oil a new essential oil for perfumery industry. Plant Economics of Jasmine and Lily Flower Oil. Correlation Studies in Dill. Plant Economics of Non-Alcoholic Flavours. Status of Jamrosa. Chemical Composition of Lemongrass Varieties. Plant Economics of Herbal Extracts (Dry). Palma Rosa Oil. The Essential Oil of Abution Indium. Cultural Practices of Lemongrass. Accumulation of menthol in. Davana. Plant Economics of Ginger Processing. Traditional Uses of Selected Aromatic Plants. Natural Essences. Manufacturers/Exporters/Importers & Traders of Essential oil and Aromatic Chemicals with Machinery Suppliers. Present Agro Production Technology status of Celery. High Production Technology for Tropical Essential Oils.. Essential Oils and Flavours. Vodka.properties of sodic soil. Plant Economics of Scent and Perfumes. Lemongrass Oil. Free and Glycosidically Bound Volatiles of Clove. Composition of curry leaf oil. Plant Economics of Eucalyptus Oil. Plant Economics of Agarbatti Synthetic Perfumery Compound. Plant Economics of Menthol Crystals. Essential Oils Technology. Plant Economics of Clove Oil. Role of Perfumer. Java Citronella. Plant Economics of Ginger Oil. By Product From Turmeric and Ginger Rhizomes. Lemongrass . The Sensory Quality of Essential Oils. Patchouli Oil. storage and marketing of mint. Grape. Plant Economics of Rose Oil. Suppliers of Plant & Machineries. Butter-Scotch & Rum). Vanillin From Saw Dust. Standardization of Essential Oils. Inducing high oil containing plant types in lemongrass. Sandalwood . Plant Economics of Neem Oil From Seeds. Essential Oil of Marjorana Hortensis. Production and volatile oil of new four cultivars or basil . Palmarosa Oil. Cultivation of Ocimum Gratissimum Linn. Plant Economics of Fruit Flavours (Whisky. Essential Oil of Macropanax Undulatum . Plant Economics of Lemon Grass Oil. Sandalwood Oil. Plant Economics of Geranlol Citronellal & Hydroxy Citronellal. Plant Economics of Ajowan Extraction from Ajowan Seeds. Musk. MODERN TECHNOLOGY OF ESSENTIAL OILS ISBN. Basil Oil. Cultivation and Utilization of Kaempferia. Essential oil composition of ajowan seeds. Herb and Oil Yield in Different Ocimum Species. Influence of fertigation with major and micro nutrients on growth and yield of geranium. Studies on essential oils chemical constituents of oil of Medicago hispida. Essential Oils of Leaves of Cinnamomum. Evolved Methyl Cinnamate Rich Strain of Ocimum Canum Sims. Plant Economics of Rose Crystals. Traditional Aromatic Incense and Insect Repellent Plants.

Manufacturer/Exporters/ Suppliers of Perfumes. Quality Control in Aromatic Plants. Essences and Offos Preparation of Essences. 1400/Pages-624 The book covers Flavours and Its study. Super Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) Technology –For Spice Extraction. Citronella Oil. Raw Materials of Perfumes (Synthetic Origin). Basil Oil.348 Rs. Palmarosa Oils. Testing of Perfumes. HAND BOOK OF PERFUMES WITH FORMULATIONS ISBN-81-86732-42-X Rs. Manufacturing of Artificial Essences. Lemongrass Oil. Packaging of Perfumes. Rose Scented Geranium. Clover Oil. Food Colourants. Suppliers of Plant & Equipments. Suppliers of Packaging Materials. Preparation of Ottos. Essential Oils and Flavours. Present Manufacturers/Suppliers/Exporters . Suppliers of Raw Materials. Composition of Essential Oil from Flowers of Keora . Sophisticated/Fantasy Perfumes and their Formulation. Production Technology of Jasmine for Essential Oil. Aromatic Perfumery Compounds. Scents and Perfumes. Oifaction and Gustation: The Sense of Smell and Taste. 750/Pages. Suppliers of Raw Materials. Grape Butter Scotch and Rum). Detergent and Agarbatti etc Yara Yara. Method from Flowers. Spray (Perfume). 1175/Pages-502 The book covers Creating Perfume. Perfumery Compounds. Lemon Grass Oil. Eucalyptus Oil. Flower Perfumes and their Formulation. Chemicals etc from all types of Flowers. Turpentine Oil. Packaging of Perfumes. Essential Oils by Steam Distillation. Herbs and Spices. Production Technology of Jasmine for Essential Oil. HAND BOOK OF FLAVOURS & FOOD COLOURANTS TECHNOLOGY ISBN. Flavouring Material of Natural Origin. Palm Oil Crushing Unit. Turmeric Leaf Oil. Terpeneless Menthol Crystals. Classification of Odours and Odourants. Sandalwood. Project Profiles. Natural Flavouring Materials. Scents and Perfumes. Technology of Essential Oils. Palmarosa Oil. Formulary of Flavours. Manufacturing Technology of Flavours. Demand for Essential Oils. Chemical Specifications for Perfume & Flavour Components. Plant & Equipment Suppliers. Patchouli Oil.TECHNOLOGY OF PERFUMES. Formulary of Perfumes. Toilet Water. Ginger Oil. Spray (Perfumes). Role of Perfumer. Extraction of Essential Oils by Super Critical Fluid (Carbon Dioxide). Intimale Scent. Trends in Trade of Essential Oils. Distillation of Eucalyptus hybrid oil. Aerosol Spray. Jasmine Flower Oil. Flavouring Materials Made by Processing. Technology of Palmarosa Oil. Hydro distillation VS extraction. Sophisticated/Fantasy Perfumes and their Formulations. Aromatic Perfumery Compounds. FLAVOURS AND ESSENTIAL OILS ISBN-978-81-89765-22-4 Rs. Floral Oils. Perfumes for Men. Flavours Fruit (Whiskey. Manufacturing Processes of Flavours. Vodka. Kewda Essential Oil and Attar. Changes in Food Flavour Due to Processing .324 The book covers Creating Perfume. Flower Perfumes and Their Formulations. Chemical Composition of Lemongrass Varieties. Raw Materials of Perfumes (Natural Origin). Rose and Keora Water. Perfumes for Soap. Applications of Perfumes. Aerosol Spray. HAND BOOK OF PERFUMES & FLAVOURS ISBN-81-86732-30-6 Pages.978-81-89765-11-8 Rs. Essential Off Constituents Oil. Technology of Flavours. Testing of Perfume. Colognes. Non-Alcoholic Flavours. Natural Essences. 600/- The book covers Perfumes.

Coconut Oils. Plant Economics of Fish Oil. Packaging of Edible Oils. Plant Economics of Jatroba Bio Diesel Oil Extraction. Plant Economics of Refined Cotton Seed Oil. Packaging Machinery for Edible Oils. Waterproofing by Polymer Modified Cementitious Composites Coating. Plant Economics of Castor Oil. Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics Water Storage Tanks. Plant Economics of Neem Oil from Seeds. Packaged Oil for Consumer Safety. Fibreglass Products. Aluminium Corrugated Sheets. Plant Economics of Nilgiri Oil. Use of 53 Grade Cement for Production of High Quality concrete. Precast Hollow Core Slabs. Historical Oil Bearing Materials. Plant Economics of Oil Extraction from Oil Cake. Plant Economics of Hydrogenated Castor Oil. Drying. Manufacturing Processes of Flavours. Fats and Oils Hydrogenation. Flexible Packaging Options and Selection Criteria for Edible Oils. Precast Concrete Stone Masonry Blocks. Ghani Oil Industry. Oilseeds with Unusual Lipid Associates. Sand Lime/Calcium Silicate Bricks.81-86732-54-3 Rs. Terpeneless Menthol Crystals. Fatty Acids. Ready Mixed Concrete. Application of Flavourings in Food Processing. Margarines and Butter. FATS & DERIVATIVES WITH REFINING AND PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY ISBN. Plant Materials Used in Flavourings. New Trends in Waterproofing. Oilseeds from Shrubs. Plant Economics of Seeds Cleaning. Vodka. Rigid PVC Foam Sheets. Clay Flooring Tiles. Oils and Fats Extraction. Plant Economics of Maize/Corn Oil. Preservation. Plant Economics of Sunflower Oil. Use of Phosphogypsum Anhydrite in Construction Works. Plant Economics of Synthetic Almond Oil. Production of Calcium Silicate Bricks. Oilseeds Carrying Soap Making Oils. Reinforced Flyash Brickwork. Butter Scotch And Rum. Masonry Cement from Industrial Wastes. Suppliers of Plant and Machineries. Suppliers of Packaging Machinery. Groundnut Oil.81-86732-56-X Rs. Plant Economics of Castor Oil Derivative. Burnt Clay Flat Terracing Tiles. Asphaltic Roofing Sheets. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks. Plant Economics of Clove Oil. HAND BOOK OF OILS. Elastomeric Polyurethane Waterproofing. Non-Alcoholic Flavours. Concrete Block from Bricks. Light Weight Building Materials. Calcium Silicate Bricks. Plant Economics of Ginger Oil. Plant Economics of Soya bean Oil. Plant Economics of Edible Oil in Pouches . FRP Pre-Fabricated Cabins and Shelters. Super Plasticizers in Concrete. Shortening. Oils from Vegetables. Plant Economics of Castor Oil Derivative Oleoresin. Filling Apparatus. Production of Glycerine. Oleochemicals. Oilseeds from Fruits. Mineral Admixtures. Plant Economics of Vanaspati Ghee. Flooring Tiles. Precast Solid Cement Concrete Blocks. Off-Flavours in Foods. Flyash Lime Bricks. Plant Economics of Edible & Non Edible Oil and Cakes. Compressive Strength of Brick Masonry. Water Proofing by Water Dispersible Polyurethane Coatings. Quality Control. Chemistry of Flavours. Protein Meals and Concentrates. Principal Essential Oils Used in Flavourings. Grape. Polymer-based Tile Adhesives. 950/Pages 451 The book covers Details of Construction Chemicals. Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics. Plant Economics of Refined Mustard Oil.HAND BOOK OF FLAVOURS TECHNOLOGY ISBN. Flavours fruit (Whiskey. Assessment of Flyash-Lime-Soil Mixtures for Utilization in Manufacture of Bricks and Construction Material. Clay-Flyash Bricks. Oilseeds from Trees Yielding other commercial Products.Hollow or Solid Lightweight Concrete Masonry Units. Extruded Clay Products. Newer Oil Bearing Materials. FRP Rooflight Sheets for Daylighting. Oil Bearing Materials Derivated as Byproducts of Cultivated Crops. 750/- The book covers Flavour Analysis. Present Manufacturers. Timber Substitutes. Reinstatement of Industrial Floors. Vanaspati and Ghee. Plant Economics of Coconut Oil and Cake. Plant Economics of Menthol & Dementholised Oil. Fibrous Gypsum Plaster Boards. Fats and Oils Refining. Flyash Lime Bricks.81-86732-98-5 Pages-253 Rs. Fat Splitting. Clay-Flyash Bricks. Plant Economics of Refined Oil. Waterproofing Materials and Methods. Seed production of Oil Crops. Blocks and Tiles. Red Mud Plastic Corrugated Roofing Sheets. 950/Pages 475 The book covers Product Introduction. Water Proofing by Ferrocement. . TECHNOLOGY OF BUILDING MATERIALS AND CHEMICALS WITH PROCESSES ISBN.

Properties of Polyester of Rotor and Dref3 Spun Yarns. Re-rolling of Sariya (Tor) Suppliers of Plant and Machinery. F R P Products. Enterlocking Tiles. . High Alumina Ceramics. DYEING. Details of Machineries. Textile Dyeing. Integrated Complex. Classification of Yarn. Polymeric Roofing Felt. Suppliers of Cotton Cloth. PRINTING AND FINISHING OF TEXTILES ISBN – 978-81-89765-16-3 Rs. Cement Grills Etc. Rotary Printing & Dyeing on Cotton/ synthetic Textile.Reinforced Concrete Door and Window Frames. Pre-stressed Concrete Railway Sleepers. DYEING. Pretreatment & Dyeing of Fibre Blends with Elastane. Mechanical Structure Problems of Staple Yarns. Hollow Concrete Blocks (Bricks). TECHNOLOGY OF TEXTILES SPINNING & WEAVING. Rcc Pipe. Building Hardwares of Aluminium . Spinning of Ultra-Fine Fibers. 900/Pages. Bricks From Fly Ash. Ferrocement Door Shutters. Antibacterial Fabrics. Precast Ferrocement Water Tanks. Interoduction. The ABC of Denim Production. Fabric Manufacture. Aquatex. Computerised Hot Mix Concrete Plant. Refractory. Advantage Multi Phase Weaving. Briefs. Spinning Fundamentals. Processing of Lyocell Fibres. Nonwovens Spinning. Hosiery Products like Vests. Processing Technology for Cotton Garments. Crockery. Powerloom Fabrics. Glazed Ceramic Tiles. Suitability for Automated Garment Manufacturing Mill VS. Hosiery and Textile Cloth Processing and Hosiery Garments Manufacturing (Composite Mill). Suppliers of Textile Chemicals. Sulzer M8300. Sfrc Precast Slabs.505 The book covers Construction of Fabric. Development of Yarn Integrated Index. Refractories with Ceramics (Ceramics Tiles (Glazed). Precast Concrete Manhole Covers and Frames. Mini Cement Plant . Textile Machinery and Parts Addresses. Bleaching of Textile. Ultrasonic Dyeing of Cotton with reactive Dyes. The Ultimate in Finishing of Upholstery. Rotary Printing and Dyeing on Cotton/Synthetic Textile. Readymade Garments. 750/Pages-331 The book covers The Natural Fibres. Textile Products. Ceramic Glazed Wall and Floor Tiles (Third Firing Glossy Technology). Socks Knitting. Making Silk Fabric Wrinkle Free. Readymade Garments. Dyeing. Bleaching. MODERN TECHNOLOGY OF BLEACHING. and Socks (Hosiery & Sock Nylon) Cotton Knitting. Weaving. Suppliers of Textile Dyes. Textile Dyeing and Printing (Job Work). Textile Dyeing and Printing (Job Work). Suppliers of Textile Machinery. Mini Cement Plant. T-Shirts. Trends in Knits Processing. improving Dye Uptake of Natural Fibres. DRYING. Suppliers of Raw Materials. Fire Bricks). Scouring. Printing of Textiles. Common Problems & Solution in Enzyme/Garment Washing. Textile Printing. Sanitary Wares and Wall Tile/Floor Tile. Cement Tiles. Man Hole Cover. Yarn (Principles and Manufacture). Modern Developments in Knitting Technology. Non-Apparel Applications of Weft Knitted Fabrics. Printing and Finishing. PRINTING AND BLEACHING ISBN – 81-86732-48-9 Rs. Automatic brick Plant. Embroidery Yarn (Viscose Based Yarn). Super Absorbent Polymers:Properties and Applications. SCOURING. Dyring of Fabric. Textile Fibres Properties. Power Looms. Manufacturing of Mosaic Tiles. High Alumina Cement.

337 The book covers Fabric objective Measurement for Garment Industries. Asafoetida. Pepper Black. Cumin Black. Present Manufacturers/Suppliers of Plant & Equipments for Spices. Drying of Red Chillies. Refrigerated Cold Storage Equipments and Allied.s. START YOUR OWN COLD STORAGE UNIT ISBN -81-86732-20-9 Pages-176 Rs. Figure Irregularitties. Qualities of A Well Finsihed Garment. Plant Economics of Readymade Salwar Suit. Capsicums or Chillies. Packaging of Spices/Masala. Quotation for 1. 750/- The book covers Special Features of Cold Storage Project. Mustard Powder. White & Green. 900/Pages. Principles of Fresh Food Storage. Fenugreek. Plant Economics of Readymade Garments.000 Bags Cold Storage Plant. Preparation of Fabrics for Garment making. Process of Manufacture & Formulaes. Plant Economics of Hosiery Products. Disinfection and Storage of Clothes. Present Manufacturers of Spices. Celery Seed. Ajowan or Bishops Weed. Fabric Embellishment.HAND BOOK OF GARMENTS MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY ISBN-81-89765-02-7 Rs. Laundry Equipment. Refrigerated Cold Storage Design. Aniseed. B. Cumin Seed. Ajowan Extraction from Ajowan Seeds. Chilli Powder. Care of Clothing. Project Profiles. Technology of Laundering. Black Pepper. Details of Plant Equipments and Machineries. Asafoetida (Hing).000 Bags Cold Storage Plant. Agamark-Symbol of Quality & Purity. Special Laundry Treatments. Selection of Household Linen. Dhania. Sewing Equipment. Quotation for 1. Turmeric Powder. Turmeric. Spices Board. Haldi. Garment Construction. Importers of Spices. Fennel. Plant Economics of Readymade Garments. . Plant Economics of Readymade Garments.50. Clove. Caraway. Brief About Refrigerated Cold Storage. Sewing Techniques. Dehydrated Onions & Onion Powder. Kurta Luggage. Garlic Powder. 750/Pages-280 The book covers Introduction. Specification.00. Cinnamon. Pea & Green Peas. Quotation for 50. Tamarind Seed Powder.000 Bags Cold Storage Plant. Plant Economics of Readymade Salwar Suit. Exporters of Spices. Equipments Suppliers. HAND BOOK OF SPICES & PACKAGING WITH FORMULAES ISBN-81-86732-31-4 Rs. Common Problems & Solution in Enzyme/Garment Washing. Nutmeg. Plant Economics of Bra and Panty (Ladies Under Garments). Principles of Dress Designing. Production Details and Process of Manufacture. Coriander. Operating Conditions. Spices Research Centres in India. Garlic Ginger. Plant Economics of Laundry and Dry Cleaning. Selection of Family Clothing. Method of Test for Spices & Condimenis. National Standards on Packaging Code for Spices & Condiments.I. Plant & Machinery used . Refrigeration. Amchur. Body Measurement. Cardamom (Greater Cardamom & Lesser Cardamom. Selection of the Location for the Cold Storage. Plant Economics of Readymade Garments (100% EOU). Cassia. Dry Ginger from Green Giner. Oleoresins from Chilli & Ginger (Extraction). Main Features of Ammonia Compressors. Renovation of Garments. Technical and Design Section. Tamarind.

Liquidorals. PHARMACEUTICALS AND DRUGS TECHNOLOGY WITH FORMULATIONS ISBN. Paper Bags and Envelopes. Plant Economics of Hard Board from Rice Husk. Poly Vinyl Acetate Emulsion. Paper Draperies. Capsules and Dry Syrups. Anionic Surfactants. Toilet Paper Plant. Equipment Used in Paper Making Laboratory. Coated Paper. Plant Economics of Saline & Dextrose Saline & PVC Containers. Miscellaneous Important Compounds. An-Ionic and Non-Ionic). Finishing and Converting. Plant Economics of Repacking of Medicines. Pigments Binders for Textile Printing. Transfer Paper. Plant Economics of paper Waste Recycling Plant. Textile Printing Paste. Textile Auxilliaries.81-86732-52-7 Rs. Alkaline Pulping Recovery Units. Plant Economics of pharmaceutical unit tablet. Eye And Ear Preparations. Plant Economics of Ayurvedic Pain Balm Ointment (Yellow) & Pain Balmointment (White) (Zandu Type). Paper Board Making Plant. Grey Board. Paper Machine. 1150/Pages-513 The book covers Pulpwood Technology. Plant Economics of Gelatin and empty gelatin Capsules Manufacturing from Bones (Integrated Complex. Board and Hand Made Paper. Injectables. Suppliers of Plant & Machineries. Bleaching Alkaline Extraction. Manufacturing Processes of Textile Auxiliaries. Corrugated Board and Boxes. Commercial Textile Auxiliaries. Peroxide Bleaching. Textile and Finishing Agents. Paper Machine-Dryer Section. Detergent Paste (Textile Grade). Hydrosulfite Bleaching.484 The book covers Classifications and Chemistry. Register and File. Plant Economics of Egg Tray from Pulp. External Preparations. Wet Strength in Paper and Paperboard. Plant Economics of Paper Hand Carrier Bags. Details of Raw Materials. Topical Preparations. Paper Testing. Lotion etc. Syrups. Paper Machine Wires. Levelling and Dispersing Agent. Plant Economics of Surgical Cotton and Bandages. Oral Preparations. Pigment Emulsion for Textiles. PAPER BOARD AND PAPER-BASED TECHNOLOGY ISBN. Teletape Rolls. Straw Board (Manual Process). Rosin Sizing Agent. Paper Machine Press Section. Varieties of Paper Grades and their Properties. Dyeing of Paper. Plant Economics of Diagnostic Centre. Textile Chemicals. Straw Board (Automatic Process). Corrugated Containers. Dispersant for Textiles. Plant Economics of Injectables for Pharmaceuticals. Forming Section. Plant Economics of Exercise Note Book and Register. Silicone Emulsion. Bleaching Hypochlorite Stage. Playing Cards. Cationic Surfactants.HAND BOOK OF PULP & PAPER. Plant Economics of Carbon Paper. Note Book. Drinking Straws. Formulations of Textile Auxiliaries. TEXTILE AUXILIARIES AND CHEMICALS WITH PROCESSES & FORMULATIONS ISBN-81-86732-93-4 Rs. 950/Pages-509 The book covers Tablets and Capsules. Wax Coated paper. Plant Economics of Paper Cones and Tubes. . Consistency Control. Card Board. Boxboard. Plant Economics of Corrugated Sheet Board and Boxes. Napkins and Facial Tissues. Kraft Bag Making Plant. Suppliers of Packaging Materials. Plant Economics of Hand Made Paper. Tablets. Classification of Surfactants. Plant Economics of Coated paper and Board Plant. Formulation. Paper Machine-Automation. Suppliers of Pharmaceutical Chemicals. Beating and Refining Action Upon Fibres. Paper Cups for Ice-cream. Nonionic Surfactants. Softeners (Cationic. Paper and Board Properties. Sizing of Paper. Plant Economics of Bulk Drugs. Bleaching Chlorination Stage.978-81-89765-09-5 Rs. Calendering. Paper Cones and Tubes. Silk Sizing Liquid (Water Soluble). Packaging. Antibiotics. Felts. Xerographic Paper. 950/Pages. Preparations for the eye. Wall Paper. Egg Tray from Waste Paper. Plant Economics of Distilled Water. Capsules. Non-Ionic Surfactants Wetting Agents.

Geriatric Tonic. Packaging Materials. Upholestry Leather. Plant Economics of Floriculture (Cut Flower Rose with Green House Technology. Compound for Chronic Bronchitis. Physical Testing of Leathers. Indian and Overseas Trade Directory of Leather & Leather Products.U. Biotechnology Forestry. Machinery and Equipments. Tonic For Non-Specific Leucorrhoea-A. Industrial Hand Gloves. Plant Economics of Organic Manure. Spermatic Tonic .Ayurvedic/Herbal Pharmacy. Galactagogue Tonic. Herbs for Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. PVC Footwear. Canvas Shoes. Biotechnology Biomass Energy. Compound for Diabetes. Herbal Teas and Tisanes. Emmenagogue CompoundA. Plant Economics of Ethanol (Biofuel) from Molasses. Shower Proof Garment Leather. Vegetable Tannins. Ayurvedic Churns .HAND BOOK OF LEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS TECHNOLOGY ISBN – 81-86732-87-X Pages-358 Rs. Leather Waist Belt. Leather Garments. Transgenic Plants. Biotechnology Methods of Crop Improvement. Plant Economics of Vermi Composting. Vegetable Dyes. Tonic for Non-Specific Leucorrhoea-B.Compound for Rheumatoid Arthritis.Emmenagogue Compound-B. Post Parturition Tonic. Anti-Ulcerogenic Tonic. . Ayurvedic Tablets (Hajmola Type). Synthetic Seeds. HAND BOOK OF BIOTECHNOLOGY ISBN-81-86732-84-5 Pages-438 Rs. Leather Manufacture. Chyavanprasha Capsules. F. Leather Cappals. hepatoprotective Tonic. Plant Economics of Protein And Protein Based Products.Bengalnsis Bark-A New Hypoglycaemic Drug. Drying And Finishing. Compounds for Migraine. 850/- The book covers Leather processing. Leather Travelling Bag. Foods and Beverages. Shoe Upper Leather . Plant Economics of Biotechnology Institute. Garlic in Ancient Indian Medical Texts. Hypolipidemic Herbal Compound. Biotechnology Agro Industrial Development. HAND BOOK OF AYURVEDIC AND HERBAL MEDICINES WITH FORMULAES ISBN-81-86732-38-1 Rs. Cannabis in Ancient Medical Texts. Plant Economics of Hybrid Seeds. Climacteric Tonic. 900/- The book covers Biotechnology: An overview. Recombinant Dna Technology. Manufacturing of Batting Gloves. Suppliers of Plant and Machineries. 750/Pages. Antidepressive Herbs. Suppliers of Plant. Fundamental Principles.O.U. Sole. Herbal Tonic. Biotechnology Crop Improvement in India. Ayurvedic Pain Balm Ointment(Yellow) & Pain Balm Ointment (White) (Zandu Type). Alfalfa Tonic . Drugs. Compound for Rheumatoid Arthritis-B. Enzyme Technology. Compound for Benign Ulcerative Colitis. Suede Leather. Plant Economics of Biofertilizers from Waste. Plant Economics of Biofertilizers from Garbage (MSW). Machinery & Equipments Tablet Section. Principles and Methodology. Formulations of Ayurvedic & Herbal Medicines and Products. Chemicals and Machineries. Manufacturers/Dealers of Herbs (Raw Materials) & Allied Herbal Products (Indian and Foreign).363 The book covers Introduction. Compound for Haemorrhoids. Formaldehyde Free Finishing Recipe for Glazed Kid Leather. Details of Plant. Manufacture of Exotic Leather From Ray Fish. Leather Sandal with P. Plant Economics of Tissue Culture(100% E. Plant Tissue Culture. Cricket Ball (Leather). Football (Leather). Herbal Compounds for Promoting Fertility.). Raw Materials for Leather processing. Plant Economics of Jatropha (Bio-Diesel Cultivation & Extraction. fuel Biotechnology. School Bags. Preparation of Chrome Liquor. Herbal Vaginal Pessary. Plant Economics of Biofertilizers from Cowdung.

Pravahi Avaieha (Syrups). 900/- The book covers Natural Rubber. Rubber Moulded Article. Parpati. Herbs. Recycling of Wastes from Rubbers and Plastics. Rubber Blowing Agents. Foam Products Manufacturing Technology. . Various Other Important Formulations. Quality Control in Rubber Industry.HAND BOOK OF AYURVEDIC MEDICINES WITH FORMULATIONS ISBN. Other Preparations Kshara-Lepa Guti Manjana Modaka. Seals and Washers. General Directions for The Preparation and Use of Herbs. Latex Product Manufacturing Technology. Latex Processing and Applications. Basic Concepts of Synthetic Rubber. Nitrile Rubbers. Sealing Technology. TECHNOLOGY OF RUBBER AND RUBBER GOODS INDUSTRIES ISBN 81-86732-59-4 Pages. Butyl and Halobutyl Rubbers. Acrylonitrile butadiene Rubber. Polychloroprene and Polyisoprene Rubbers.428 Rs. Hose Technology. Butyl Rubber. Plasticisers. Rubber Footwear. Tonic Herbs. Test Methods in Rubber Industry. Nitrile and Polyacrylic Rubber. Compounding Ingredients and Compound Design. Moulding and Finishing of Rubber Components. Rubber beltings. Latex Based Adhesive & Rubber Solution. Rubber-Resin Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Technology. Footwear Technology. Testing. RUBBER CHEMICALS AND PROCESSING INDUSTRIES ISBN-81-86732-15-2 Pages-309 Rs. Physical Aspects of Rubber Technology. Latex and Foam Rubber. Malahara (Ointment). Mishra Churna. Latex Dipped Goods. Rubber-To-Metal Bonding Components. Silicone Rubbers. Neoprene (Polychloroprene) and Hypalon Rubber . uses and Manufacture. Pishti Fine Processed Powder. Herbs Used to Treat Disease. Butyl and Nitrile Rubber. Miscellaneous Rubbers. Elastomeric composites with Reference to Tyre Technology. Latex Foam Products. Polybutadiene. Processing Methods. Conveyor Belt Technology. Factice and Blowing Agents. Siddha Talla (Medicated Oils). Urethane Rubbers. Taila. Chemical Aspects of Rubber Technology. V-Belt and Fan Belt Manufacturing Technology. Suppliers of Plant and Equipments. asava Medicated Wine. Details of Rubber Processing Equipments and Machineries. Useful Information. Guti Vati Rasa Mercurial and Other Tablets. Reclaimed Rubber. Polymers Related to Rubbers. Styrene Butadiene Rubber. Recycling of Wastes from Rub. Rubber Sports Goods Manufacturing Technology. Rubber Reclamation. MODERN RUBBER CHEMICALS. Cable Technology. Kuplpakwa Rasayana. Suppliers of Plant and Machineries for Rubber and Allied Products. Compounding. Sattva. Bhasma (Calx). COMPOUNDS AND RUBBER GOODS TECHNOLOGY ISBN-978-81-89765-19-4 Rs. 1500/Pages-607 The book covers Natural Rubber. Suppliers of Rubber Raw Materials and Chemicals. 900/Pages-431 The book covers Herbal Medicine. Churna-Powder. Acrylic Rubber. 400/- The book covers Natural Rubber .81-86732-95-0 Rs. Rubber Gaskets. Guti Vati Tablets. Vulcanisation. Classification. Project Profiles. Nitrile Rubber and Its Application in Construction Industry. RubberCovered Rolls. Rubber Rollers. Tyres & Tubes. Rubber Powder. Synthetic Polyisoprene Rubber. Synthetic Rubber. Parpati Vati Parpati Tablets. Ghana Avaleha and Paka. Ghrita-Ghee Medicated Ghee. Upanahs-Varti. Manufacturing Techniques of Rubber Products. properties. Pigments and Colours. Guti Vati Suvarnyukta Tablets Cotnaining Gold Bhasma. Putapaka. Silicone Rubber. Styrene Butadiene Rubber. Trade Names and Chemical Compositions. Rubber Auto parts. Quatha Decoction.

C. Plant Economics of Vermi Composting. Iron Oxide for Making Perrites. Application of Vermiculture biotechnology. Design and Construction Aspects of Mini Coal Flotation Plant. Smokeless Coal. Extraction of Manganese From Ferro Manganese Slag. Barytes. Fine Particle Processing. Fire bricks. Limestone. Plant Economics of Agrofertilizer from Leaves. Autoclave Technology for Mineral Processing. Composting of Agricultural and Industrial Wastes. Minerological Aspects of Lead sintering. Bone Mills. Dolomite. Biological Fertilizers. Introduction. Graphite. 975/- The book covers Role of Mineralogy. Refractories for the aluminium industry. Control of Pollution Created by suspended particulate Matters (SPM) from Small and Medium Scale Iron and Steel and Refractory Industries the Dry & Wet Options. HAND BOOK OF BIOFERTILIZERS & VERMICULTURE ISBN-81-89765-01-9 Pages – 345 Rs. Recovery of Gold from Plant/Dump Liquors. Extraction & Refinining of Gold. Ilmenite & Rutile. Computer Aided Design & Optimization of Mineral Processing Plants by a State of the art simulator. Sponge Iron From Iron Ore. The Cyclic System of Nutrient Management. Oil Cakes. Activated Fullers Earth. Mining Iron Ore And Sponge Iron Plant. Vermiculture. Beneficiation of Iron Ore Fines from Large Deposits of Waste Dumps. Bricks from Fly Ash. Flotation of Barite From Complex Iron Ore. Calcination of Bauxite to produce High Grade Alumina.81-86732-97-7 Pages-477 Rs. Ferro Manganese. Plant Economics of Biofertilizers from Chicken Refuges. Plant Economics of Sea Weed Liquid Fertilizer.HAND BOOK OF MINERALS AND MINERALS BASED INDUSTRIES ISBN. Wet Ground Mica. Bauxite. utilization of Waste. Utilisation of Iron Ore Fines in Alternative Iron Making Process.C. Microbal Inocultants for Nitrogen Fixation. Refractories. Bentonite Powder. Baryte Powder. Activated Earth Project. Typsum. Lime Stone Crushing. Mechanism and Estimation of Nitrogen Fixation. Plant Economics of biofertilizers from Cowdung & Other wastage. Utilisation of Iron Oxide Wase Through Cold Bonded Pelletisaion. Mining. Recovery of Coal Fines from Rejects by Column Flotation. R. Beneficiation of Low Grade Graphite Ore. 900/- The book covers The living Soil. Asbestos Cement Pressure Pipes and Fittings. Organic Sources and Dynamics. Perspectives. Mineral Chemistry & Geochemistry in Mineral processing. . Processing of Fine Size Minerals. Biological Mobilization of Phosphorus. New Reagent for Fine Gold ecovery During Copper Ores Processing . Benefication of Chromite or Processing Charge Chrome. Waste Reduction at the sources and Waste Recycle Through Briquetting of the Reduction Charge in the Black-ash process. Asbestos. Plant Economics of Organic Manure. Recycling an Treatment of Settling Pond Fines. Gypsum Plaster Boards. Mica. bricks. Plant Economics of Biofertilizers (Organic Fertilizers) from Garbage (MSW). Plaster of Paris. Resinous Concrete Products. Plant Economics Mining & Grading of Sand and Aggregate Bajri. List of Bio Fertilizers Units in India and Abroad. Bentonite & Fullers Earth. Processing of Kaolin. Recovery of Iron Values from Slimes & Dewatering of the concentrate. Grinding and Pulverising. Research and Development in Mineral Processing.

Mushroom Preservation and Processing. Rose Oil. Commercialisation and Neem Based Products Preparations. Apple. Plant Economics of Mushrooms. Guava. Delicious Recipes of Mushroom. Neem Oil from Seeds. Litchi. Israeli Babul. Poplar Plantation. Eucalyptus Oil. Mulberry. Neem. Cost Estimation on Coconut Plantation. Teak. Common Edible Mushrooms of India. Rubber Plantation. Cultivation of White Button Mushroom (Agaricus Bisporus). 550/- The book covers Introduction. Processing & Preservation. Amla Plantation. Floriculture (Cut Flower Rose) with Green House Technology. Bael (Bel). Babul. Jatropha Plantation. Siris. Cashew Nut Shell Liquid and Kernel Processing. Grading and Packing. Tad. Coconut Products & Bye Products Processing Comples (Wet Fresh). Cultivation of Oyster Mushroom. PROCESSING AND PACKAGING ISBN-81-89765-00-0 Pages-223 Rs. Khejri. Floriculture (Cut Flower Rose) With Green House Technology. Casuarina. Environmental Factors Conditioning Mushroom Growth. Plant economics of Oyster Mushrooms. Aonla. 800/- The book covers Planting and Management of Trees. Eucalyptus. Insects and Pests. Sandal. Banana Powder. Picking. Marketing of Mushrooms. Mango. HAND BOOK OF TREE FARMING ISBN-978-81-89765-18-7 Pages-370 Rs. Teak Plantation. Banana Cultivation. Cashew. Poplar Tree. Food Value of Mushrooms. Plant Economics of Mushrooms & Processed Food. . Requirements of a Project on Mushroom for Export. Cultivation of Pleurotus. Coconut. Plant Economics of Mushrooms Growing & Processing by Deep Freezing Method. Subabul.Bamboo. Eucalyptus Tree Plantation. Laboratory Aspects (Pure Culture and Spawn Preparation). Sugar Cane Plantation. Cultivation of Paddy Straw Mushroom (Volvariella ). Plant Economics of Mushrooms Cultivation and Processing Unit. Rosewood. Uses of Mushrooms. Tamirind. Cultivation of Agaricus Bitorquis. FloricultureGladilus with Green House Technology. Cultivation of Paddy Straw Mushroom. Biology of the Mushroom. banana Plantation. Drumstick . Mahua. Neem Plantation. Karanj. Shisham/Sissoo.HAND BOOK OF MUSHROOM CULTIVATION. Rubber.

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